Laptop hinge broken !

My laptop's (lenovo c100) both hinges (metallic) are broken one by one. i am using it by placing something behind the display. Any alternative?

Question by gopalkalna 9 years ago

skull hinge thingie

Hey y'all, gotta question: I have a plastic human skull and I want to make it into a jewelry box/something creepy.  But anyway, the top half of the skull came off easy and I put a small hinge at the back of the skull... now my problem.  I want to have something that will keep the top open until I'm ready to close it... thoughts?  Any and all help will be greatly appreciated be safe be inspired

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Two-way hinges

My wife and I bought an 80s designed house that's not that well designed. We keep one of the litter boxes for our cats in the garage, which is accessed from the inside through the laundry room; and we want to install cat doors so our aging felines can pass through the doors easily to get to it, while keeping the draft from the garage out of the family room. The interior door (between family and laundry rooms) is a standard hollow core and the exterior door (between laundry and garage) is fire code rated solid wood door.  We tried a standard top-hinged door with the cats already, at our old apartment, and the cats didn't take to it, so we we're hoping to do french doors, since they know how to get through normal doors pretty well. But we're kinda stuck on our lack of knowledge about hinge designs; we need hinges that swing both ways. Has anyone out there successfully completed such a design/installation and would be willing to share pics and secrets? 

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Book cover Hinge

Hey all. First time poster here (second attempt, since Instructables stopped responding the first time) so hopefully I am posting in the appropriate place. I have in mind a leather-book-style cover for my tablet that I'm very excited to work on. However, I would like to use friction or torque hinges to position the cover at any angle  from the spine in a 180 degree radius and have it stay there, similar to the screen of a laptop rotating around the hinge. I've included a picture that shows the basic design that I'm aiming for, though the hinge itself doesn't need to be ornate. Unfortunately, I don't really know where to find such a thing. I've looked on various furniture hardware sites and taken a trip to the local hardware/home improvement stores, but I haven't found anything that matches what I'm looking for. Common small brass butt hinges would be ideal if they had friction/torque properties to them, but I can't seem to find anything like that. I've never looked for specific hinges before though, so for all I know they've been right in front of my and I didn't realize what they were. Does anyone know where I can find such hinges, or can someone offer up an alternative solution? Perhaps there is a way to add friction to simple hinges bought from a hardware store. Thanks in advance for pointers/advice.

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Speed Limiting hinge? Answered

Ok, I'm building a motorized projector screen, almost exactly like this: , except on a much larger scale. The actual screen will be made out of blackout cloth (what the back of curtains are made out of), and the screens construction will be similar to this: . The screen's size will be somewhere around 20x20 (feet), because it will be used in a fairly large auditorium. The screen will hinge up and reside (when not in use) above the stage. The top of the screen will have some hinges attached, so the screen can "fold up" into the ceiling. Toward the bottom, on the back of the screen, there will be a steel cable attached to the frame. This steel cable will be fed into an electric winch, which will be mounted on the ceiling. So, when the electric winch is activated, the screen will either hinge out, or it will hinge up into the ceiling. I know its hard to understand, I've done all the explaining I can. Ask questions if you have to. Anyway, the problem is this: What if this steel cable broke/got frayed and snapped/got chewed up by a darn rat, etc? The projector screen would come hurtling forward, knocking out anyone in its way. So, I need something that limits the speed that the screen can be lowered. I need some kind of hinge that limits how fast the screen can be lowered, so if the cable does snap among other things, the projector screen will make a graceful descent and people will have enough time to get the hell off the stage. Now, Do I think the steel cable is going to snap? Hell no. In fact, the steel cable I'm planning on using will handle over 1000 lbs. The total weight of the projector screen? Maybe 70 Pounds, at the most. These speed limiting hinges are just for that "extra" step of safety. So, does anyone have any suggestions?

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my laptop hinge breaks to fix it?

My lenovo Y510 laptop's right hand side hinge breaked.................... how to fix it fair that i open the case and try to fix service provider asks RS5000(1$=45RS) for fixing it............what shoud i do now???????????

Question by rachit59 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

What type of hinge is this and where can I find it?

I'm looking for a very specific hinge. I want it to match this photo as closely as possible.  I've found some that look like an almost perfect match but the requirement to buy is 1000 pieces. Does anyone know the name or type of this hinge so I can locate it and buy just a few of them? The link shows the hinge type I'm looking for.  This photo shows the hinge I'm trying to replicate.

Question by gravityisweak 3 years ago  |  last reply 3 years ago

How to repair a broken left hinge on a HP Pavillion dv9008nr laptop computer?

I can not close the lid of the laptop because the left hinge has seperated from the plastic that frames the viewing screen and back of the lid. Is there a video or illustrated description of how to repair the broken hinge? I was told that the design placed a heat dissipator device too close to the left hinge and the heat caused the plastic to fail. Is this true?

Question by 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

How do I refit a door when the screw have become to big for holes in the wall?

My front door has come off it's hinges and out of the wall.Should I use dowel and then redrill it or is there a better way?

Question by affiliatepounce 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

Help - broken parts

I have a unibody macbook which I have recently broken and would be grateful for your help/advice. I dropped my macbook on the floor. As a result a piece of metal (I think it is aluminium but this is a guess) snapped off the screen (internally). This piece of metal was the piece that the hinge screwed into, connecting the screen and the keyboard and allowed the laptop to close. I have attempted to glue this piece back on with various strong adhesives but these have not been strong enough due to it being hinge. I am writing to ask if you think that a form of welding may be a possible solution. The piece is 1.75cm in length and about 3mm across. As you can see from the photos there are three holes which will hold the screws securing the hinge to the computer's base. The piece is attached to the laptop's screen. I have attached two professional photos which I hope show how the piece fits into the overall mechanism. Your input would be most appreciated. 

Topic by apa261 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

Acrylic on acrylic hinge - friction?

I'm building an articulated 'puppet' using 3mm acrylic sheet for the 'skeleton' My hinges will be simple sandwiches of two outer and one inner piece, held together with a snap-together nylon rivet. The flat contact area is about half a square inch (see attached image). The 'puppet' will be controlled by tendons attached to gloves, so will only have the force of single fingers to move them. I need to know how smooth a joint this will be, before I start ordering nylon washers. Anyone got experience of this sort of join? Will it be ok dry, or will a small amount of  lubrication help? (petroleum jelly? liquid silcone?). Or do I need to commit to washers. Needs to be as frictionless as possible!

Topic by Crispy75 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

How best to repair a plastic battery or CF cover door? Answered

I've got a common problem: a plastic cover on a device that has had one its tiny hinge pins sheared off.  I'm wondering what approaches to this problem people have used successfully? I'm considering the following: a) superglueing on bit of metal snipped from the end of a paperclip, or from a straight pin, or b) simply trying to build up a pin with JB Weld or other hardening material. Thoughts?  Comments?  Anecdotes? Thanks! -JD

Question by jdtwelve12 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

How to make a PVC hinge system for outdoor screen

I am building an outdoor movie screen based on the following pictures but I would like the screen to be able to fold back and rest on the back supports to minimize wind resistance or blowing over. my idea is to build them in two parts screen and base and attach them with some kind of hinge system. but i know nothing about hinges so i need help or if you have another idea tell me thanks

Question by gamer43 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

How can I add a hinge to a candy tin that doesn't have already one?

I've got a candy tin that comes as two separate pieces (top and bottom) and I'd like to add hinges to it kind of like how altoids tins have them. What would be the best way to go about it? I used altoids as an example but any hinge that's small enough to fit on the tin and joins the two pieces will get the job done. My tin's dimensions are: 4.6875" x 2". The bottom piece has a narrow part on the top that allows the top piece to fit onto it, those measurements are:4.5625" x 1.875". This narrow part reaches1/4th of an inch into the height of the bottom piece and has 4 bumps sticking out of it (2 on both of the long sides)  to keep the top in place similar to what's on altoids tins.

Question by Elixiate 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago


I am going to update this in about another day. To all the people out there, and there are literally millions, I have the very best fix for broken hinges on a lap top. My lap top is an HP Pavilion zv6000, but I understand this is very similar to many other models or makes. I have read many frustrating concerns about this INFERIOR hinge design and I agree the manufacturers should foot the bill to repair them. Of course they wont because it would cost them millions of dollars. I just wanted to let everyone know I will submit a full text explanation and some good pictures. The method requires the normal care as you are handling delicate electronics. The time to do the repair is no longer than 24 hours and most of this is to let things setup. The cost for me was $9 and if you do not have the little extras, I know it would never cost more than about $20. The thing I like about this repair, which I painstakingly studied, is that it preserves all of the components, you do not loose the screen or damage anything. I would even suggest you do this fix even if your hinges are good because it will prevent them from ever breaking. I promise you. So please stand by for the update. I am new at posting on the Internet and I would love the news to get out to all who need it. Cheers for now Andy (Delta, BC, Canada)

Topic by my_buddy 9 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

Jake the Peg Halloween prop

I'm looking to create a hinged leg to use in a "Jake the Peg" Halloween costume prop. If you've never heard of Jake the Peg, here's a link  to the famous Rolph Harris skit. I know he's using a false hand on the right side (his right) so that he can control the extra leg, but I'm unsure on how to create the hinged effect. (It's the bending of the leg that makes it so realistic!) I was thinking of using something like a bike handlebar end with a handbrake lever to pull a cable that would draw the leg up, but how would I get it to spring back to the straight position? (And when it's in that position, it would need to support some weight like a cane) What should the leg be made of? There has got to be a better way to do this. The illusion is fantastic, but there are no articles anywhere on how it is done. Thanks for any help anyone may have.

Topic by JimsShip 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Is there a hidden hinge that lifts a flush floor door?

Hinges for floor door/ trap door Is there a hidden hinge that lifts a flush floor door? As the door will be heavy, I'll use a gas piston to aid lifting and closing. I like the system used in but the hinges are visible. Thanks for looking!!! Miguel?

Question by greenroofer 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Broken Nintento DS fat BOTH hinges

I have a silver original DS fat and the right hinge (looking at it from a playing view) originally broke but I could deal with the odd angle. Now, the left hinge broke as well and the screen has the capability to completely twist around (see pic). The system turns on and the top screen still has power but it remains blank (see pic). If you have any idea on how to fix this and also a place to purchase a shell, which I am guessing it would require, that'd be great. Thank you!

Question by johnsmarts 8 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

Beer cap coffee table need hinges

So i want to make a coffee table/beer pong table.  like this So it is going to be 3' x 8' and i want to have 2 sets of legs underneath of it.  A short set for the coffee table and another set that are taller to use it as a beer pong table, or just a regular table for that matter.   So my main question is where can i find locking hinges for the Table legs?  I have found some, but don't seem to be very heavy duty.  I want them to be able to lock the legs in the horizontal position to hide them under the table while the other legs are locked in the vertical position. Also does anybody have any suggestions for cheap fiberglass or resin to coat the bottle caps.  Didn't realize how expensive the stuff is.  Cheaper is better.   

Topic by HICKFARM 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Hinged tray for kid's mobility scooter?

I want to add a tray with a lip on it to a kid's mobility scooter so that he can get his own lunch from teh cafeteria. Also needs to fold down to be out of the way after lunch. Any geniuses out there willing to help come up with a design? Thanks!

Question by melintx 10 years ago  |  last reply 10 years ago

Anyone know how to reinstall the hinge/springs in a 2000s Sony Walkman Personal CD Player?

I still use my beloved Sony Walkman (personal cd player ca. early-mid 2000s) with a cassette adapter in my 98 lumina, as well as w/ headphones on long family car trips. Sadly, this past weekend, I dropped it on hardfloor, and while it is otherwise unharmed, the lid and hinge-springs popped off. I was able to remount either just the springs or the lids, but not together. The lid will stay on and allow me to play, but I have to hold it open manually, which is going to be problematic later trying to keep it open to change CDs if driving alone. I know I should probably look at investing in an mp3 player instead, but I want to keep using my otherwise perfectly-good music player. Any suggestions for fixing the spring/hinge setup? Has anyone else ever had this happen?

Question by StoryAddict 6 years ago  |  last reply 5 years ago

How to convert an ordinary door into a sliding door? Answered

In this winterbreak I plan to reorganize my room because I'm bored of the old setup.Just wanted to know how can I convert an ordinary (hinged) door to a sliding one.I want to keep the original door because if I change it I will mess up the look of the house.I have a concept which involves some railings but I dont know how to pull out of the socket the side with the hinges.The rest of the build will be easy.That is the only problem I can't seem to be able to wrap my head around.Any suggestions will be good.Thx alot

Question by carfur 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

What hinges do you recommend for a barrel cabinet door? Answered

I restored an old wine barrel and will use it as a kitchen island. I cut a door out of it, but am now stuck on what hinges to buy for it. does anyone have any suggestions on what hinges, and how to mount? The best I can think of right now is to mount inside hinges that flex out allowing clearance for the doors edge. But that seems bulky. Keep in mind that the barrel is rounded and so just straight mounting two simple cabinet hinges won't allow for the curvature and clearance.  Any tips is really appreciated!  Thanks! 

Question by stunami 5 years ago  |  last reply 5 years ago

Two 6 in vs. four 4 in hinges? Answered

I’m working on a project, part of which connects two door-type panels to each other using hinges. The weight of the panels—even together—likely don’t add up to 176 lb, but I’m using double-acting hinges, the models of which are available only as follows: a) 2 pk of 6 in. hinges (total weight up to 176 lb) b) 4 pk of 4 in. hinges (total weight up to 176 lb) What are the benefits and downsides to using more [smaller] vs. fewer [larger] hinges? What would you recommend, AND WHY? Please only reply if you have a reason/backing for your opinion; I’m looking for facts and legitimate reasoning, not merely personal preferences. Thanks!!

Question by macgyverunigrad 1 year ago  |  last reply 1 year ago

Are K'NEX Hinges and Ball'n'Socket joints the same length? Answered

Well, that's my question. I would like to know because I see people make mag's with he hinges on the out side and the ball'n'socket joints on the inside of the sides of the mag, and It is useful info anyhow. Look a the pic...if they are the same length, how did Senior Waffleman make that mag?

Question by The Red Book of Westmarch 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

No Hinge Tortilla Press - (Rope, Screw, Hammer?)

I am looking for a highly interactive/artistic version of a Tortilla press. Has anybody seen a Tortilla press without a hinge? Maybe a Rope or Screw mechanism? Slide Hammer? Sledge Hammer?

Topic by Tolting 5 years ago

Is there a difference between a black hinge half and a green hinge half? Answered

Yesterday i ordered some KNEX online and i saw a green half of a hinge and a black half. I ordered the black one because the green was out of stock. I never see green hinges on instructables so i am wondering if there is a difference.

Question by NYPA 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

Embedded printing

Some time ago I made a short Instructable on some basics of integrating other things with a 3D print job.I found some more uses that are not always conventional so to say.For example using an acrylic plate as the "bottom" layer and printing the rest around and on top of it, like a box with a clear bottom.Another nice thing I found is that quite often overhanging parts like hook type hinges can be avoided.Especially if said part needs to be really sturdy one could print it turned by 90° and with some support like an undercut add it to the print.Works really nice too is you want to have movable parts within your printed creation.I might have to do some print jobs next month and was wondering if I should add some more for another Instructable with proper instructions and examples?Anyone done some embedded printing based on my last Ible about it?

Topic by Downunder35m 2 months ago

how do you adjust hinges on modern cupboards so that the door closes firmly?

How do you adjust hinges on modern cupboards so that the door closes firmly?

Question by 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

This is a grody white DSL with a broken top screen and cracked hinge?

Crack hinge and loose ds

Question by 10 years ago  |  last reply 10 years ago

How do you repair hinges and latches on ice chests (coolers)? Answered

Question by spiderdh 10 years ago  |  last reply 10 years ago

.I want to make a clock that opens for a safe place for valuables. How do I hide the hinges? Answered

If the hinges show then it won't be hard for a thief to figure out that it's a safe.

Question by BIVS2000 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

Door upcycle need help hiding hinge area

I am trying to make a desk out of a hollow core door. I want to fill in the hinge areas before painting or put something there after painting to make them look nice. any ideas? I haven't found any online and I've spent hours looking.

Topic by BrookeF 1 year ago  |  last reply 1 year ago

leather notepad case with spring close hinge... automatically closes when you let go of cover.

I have been looking for leather notepad case with spring close hinge. Has anyone seen such and animal or know of a small hinge that could be modded on to a leather notepad case/folder? I had thought these were called snap-cases but can't find anything like what I am describing above. The memory I have of my Grandfather's was a spring loaded piano hinge on a leather folder/case for letter size pad.  I would like to find one for a small notepad. The main point is that it should automatically close.  NOT automatically open. Thanks!

Question by Darth Sensate 8 years ago

Kitchen Cabinets

I have Grass hinges on my kitchen cabinets. the doors will not stay closed. Is there a way to tighen them without screwing up the hinge?

Topic by jeffhowesii 10 years ago  |  last reply 10 years ago

when making the knex circle ball machine by i_am_canadian, what does he mean by "hinges" in the parts list?

On the second step he sais you need hinges in misc, but i dont know what piece hes talking about. please, please, please help

Question by the poodleo 9 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

i broke the hinge of my DS phat and lost the piece that came off. i wanna fix it, but without buying a new shell.

Well, its an original DS.. thats pretty much it i guess.

Question by Obito 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

What kind of hinge do you think this chair would use?

Http://;=2053&HS;=1I'm not all that familiar with furniture design, but I'd like to make something like this folding chair. Anybody have an idea what the hinge might be made of or look like?

Topic by royalestel 11 years ago  |  last reply 11 years ago

How would I fix a cracked laptop lid?

Hello. I have a laptop that's several years old. During its service, the lid has cracked near the hinges. The hinges themselves are intact, but the bottom of the lid is almost completely cracked along the length. The question is: how would I fix it, without causing permanent damage, cheaply and make it last at least 2 years? I can work with wood, but not metal (no equipment for that). I'm on tight budget so I cannot afford to spend more than 10 GBP. I'm located in London. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Question by xc1024 7 years ago  |  last reply 4 years ago

Faux Metal Plating on Books?

I'm trying to turn this old text book into the Book of the Vishanti from Doctor Strange, which features a somewhat intricate pattern of metal design work on the front and spine, as well as some hinges. I was thinking that, for the metal, I would use some thermoplastic, but I still don't quite know about the hinges. Would thermoplastic work? Should I use real hinges or just fake them somehow? How could I work around the spine and still keep it flexible?   

Question by Numbuh1Nerd 2 years ago  |  last reply 2 years ago

My front door has ripped half way off it's hinge?

Just wondering if I am on the right track by drilling new holes and filling them with dowel(wood) and then re drilling?

Question by xsitepro 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

Are There Any Knex Break Action Guns That Use No Hinges Or Broken Parts?

Title thing

Question by SpeedStrikerXLR 8 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

I can install my ibook's hinge in reverse! (Video inside)

~~Im taking my ibook apart because the fan is just about pooched, and then I can put an external fan on the heatsink and disconnect the old internal one (the bearings are seized). I've seen it done on other laptops but I can't find anything on google about installing the hinge on an ibook in reverse so the the main part of it with the keyboard can fold up behind it.~~ ~~Is this at all possible???? Oh yeah and its a ibook g4, not a clamshell~~ Well guys, I've made it possible, the wires reach perfectly, and all I need to do now is enclose my ibook in a heavy duty metal case and install a touch screen thingy over top of the lcd (I don't want to replace the whole lcd). This is awesome guys, why isn't anyone commenting?

Topic by Punkguyta 10 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

is der anyting i cud do with a ds light with a broken touchscreen and a hinge? Answered

Oppps i kinda let my ds fall and my touchscreen and hinge snapped its da hindge withthe little charging lights on it i bought a new ds i instead sooo whoooooo

Question by trebornerdnoc 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

What is a good knex rifle to build even though I don't have a lot of pieces and no hinges?

I'm looking for a good knex gun to build but I have no hinges and no balljoint connectors and I don't have a whole lot of pieces but I could still build something, but what's worth building?

Question by slywolf28 9 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

Frigidare / Electrolux FRT04L5DB0 Refrigerator

Anyone know how to get the freezer door apart to switch the hinge on this unit?

Topic by Red Gym 1 year ago  |  last reply 1 year ago

What is the best way to make a small metal box? Answered

Im trying to make a metal box that can open on hinges. I'm on a budget, and i dont even know where to start. my plans are (LxWxH) 14"x14"x8". i want to have it open with hinges in the back, with the lid half 3.5 in. thick and the base half 4.5 in. thick. I have some means of welding and soldering. it doenst need to be sturdy, just for display. i also perfer that the metal being used is malleable so i can give it a curvy bowed look. list for me materials, prices, and instructions. thank you SO VERY MUCH. Chris

Question by gonzoman73 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago