Computer monitor help!

The story is my 6 month old computer monitor is playing up and I need advice on what to do. The ploblem arised about a week ago and has persisted til today.  When I turn the computer monitor on, instead of the usual flash of the Acer logo it repeats 18 times!  This number remains constant and is bloody irritating.  Also when the computer is on it periodically flashes no signal (when there clearly is a signal) for about a minute and then refreshes the monitor and repeats.  Even whilst I am writing this it is there. What should I do? replace the screen or something else? HELP!?

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how do i fix a boat that has major cracks, and a 1x1 foot peice of the hull missing?

 Its primarily made up of foam in the core, and hard plastic as a coating outside. Please i need advice on how to fix it.

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There is no obvious BIOS button to press on start up. HELP!? Answered

I have an Advent T8 running windows XP media center. On start up there is no screen with the bios/boot screen instructions. HELP!!

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hlep! ebike question: how do you bolt the rear sprokect on the bike Answered

I am planing to use a 250watt motor to power my bike got it all figered out execpt how to bolt the rear sprokect?

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use 5V from stepdown from 12V power reciever FS-IA10B but it doesn't turn on

Hi all, Please hlep if you know why I use my 5v (get from step down 12V battery), my reciever doesn't turn on. But when I use a parkage of battery from my rc toy, it turn on i have checked cable, conections all good. Not sure why it doesn't turn on thank you

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Easily connect to wifi at home but at some wifi cafes wont connect

I have had no problem connecting to my home wifi but I am having problems at some wifi networks at cafes in my town. I have a Fujitsu Lifebook AH530 notebook. This problem has started up recently. it is unpredictable when I cannot connect to the wifi network at my favorite cafes. I have checked the passwords and they are all correct. I get this message: Connected to wifi network but above it says No connection to the internet. When I open up my browser...either chrome or firefox there is no connection. Can someone hlep me solve this problem.

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arduino wiring ( Help me please ) ? Answered

*Note : Thats not my own device , im copying it and this device copyrights still for ardumotive_com < other meaning im not stealing cuz i mentioned that .. Hi instructables !! My name is Yousif , I'm a 16 Y/O arduino lover .. well .. i've been watching this guide about ( CnC plotter device ) , and thanks to ardumotive_com ,, TBH I'm not a perfect arduino programmer , i know a lot of things but it could never be enough about arduino .. So im making the same device . Here I'm trying to make my own changes to the devices .. I almost completed the device , then i stopped making it cuz i have some trouble that stops me .. those are the changes that im gonna make and i need some hlep with'em :- i've changed the motors to 2.3Kg*cm Bipolar stepper motor .. . The motor driver : Ardumotive_com used a L293D motor driver to control both of the motors , the question is : can i use it with this new motors ( look above ) ? , gonna need for an external power source with a new board ? , and how could i connect it to this chip without destroying the chip .. I'm gonna change the pen to a dramel with extender ( avoiding high weight and size ) , so i decided to use this tool .. . I already have a lab power supplay with two wires( i mean red and black wires at the top , with adjustable voltage ( 12,14,16,18,20 ) ( thats all what i have ) .. how can i use it with the L293D chip ? At the end i could never do it without ardumotive_com , and please somenoe help me cuz i have less than a week to do it .. if u wanted anything about my device , u already can visit this link , becuase i almost used the same .. and thanks !! , gonna be waiting !

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