book holder?

Every morning I like to read my novel (while eating) and I don't like to squish the book flat down to read it.  It streches the pages and sometimes seperates the binding.  Can someone show me a stand up holder that can be used for any sizes of books or magazines that doesn't destroy both?

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CO2 Battery Holder

Can some one make an instructable on how to make a battery holder out of a couple CO2 cartridges? 

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business card holder?

I'm in a real estate associated business and am looking for some help in designing and then building a business card holder. The plastic ones that are ubiquitous in office supply stores are expensive and generic. I'm wanting it to consist of wood and basically "slide" together to hold the cards. It must be very simple to construct. Thanks so much.

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map holder for bike

Hello all, Im looking to make a map holder for my husbands mountain and road bike, I have access to a fab lab. Any help much appreciated Thanks

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mobile smartphone holder

I have been looking for a way to carry my HTC smartphone on my wrist so that I could see the screen.  As I ride a bike and go camping a lot I use my HTC built-in GPS. So today after some searching, I found page This is exactly what I want. Unfortunately it is not sold in our country and I dont want to spend money on transportation. So I thought that maybe this wrist holder can be selfmade out of socks, stockings, etc. Do you have any good ideas to make this and in what material? youtube:

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Bottle stem holder

I have a lot of bottles i want to turn into differnt glasses. I liked tkhe idea of these stem holders but dont want to buy them. I'm thinking if using cutting and using the bottle bottoms so i need a way to attach them. Is there a food safe glue/epoxy to do this. Can i weld or melt the glass together. Yes, i can just buy the item buts thats not the point.

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Become Record Holder

Present record of the smallest printing HOLY QURAN width 11mm height 8.5 mm length 14mm PRINTING AREA width 6mm lenth 11.5 mm height 8.5mm if u r interested contact at 03008127807

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Sticky Note Holder

I'm very intimidated to post on this forum with all you geniuses but here goes. This is an acrylic holder that you can get from any craft store. I always love this rubber stamping technique as it is so easy yet comes out so pretty every time.  All you do is dry emboss a background word stamp with white emboss on white watercolor paper then stamp your image over top.  I wet the ink and add a few different colors on top of each other so it looks like an actual watercolor painting.  You can fleck some wet ink for an artistic effect too.  The paper underneath just slides in. The pen is a Pentel pen so you can open it and put whatever paper you'd like inside. I used a small piece of clear velcro to hold the pen on. Embellish as you wish and voila a beautiful sticky note holder. This technique is great for cards and scrapbooking.

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Spoon knife holster/holder? Answered

For Christmas this year I got this rather terrific spoon knife but this poor little fellow has no holder of his own and has to sleep in bubble-wrap every night to avoid accidentally cutting people. So if anyone has any ideas how I can make (ideally)/ or where I can buy a holder for it, I would be most appreciative!  

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K'nex dvd/game holder

This is a dvd holder that i made out of k'nex. It was pretty simple and didnt take a long time. What do you guys think? I'll post an instructable if you want.

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iPad holder with Accelerometer Support

I got this idea while I was playing a racing game on my iPad. I would like to build an iPad holder which be tilted with a shaft or with something like a joystick. Thereby utilising the accelerometer capacity of racing and simulation games in a much more flashy way.  I don't know how to proceed with the materials and how am I going to achieve the movements when it gets connected the controller. I really need some help here. Please help me! Thanks in advance! PS: I will soon start to work a model of the project on 3Ds Max. I will post pictures if you guys need more detailed look of it.

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Ideas for a paint can holder?

These last couple of weeks I've been buying paint for various projects. When I buy many cans, I bring a cart, so that's ok. But when I buy 1 or 2, I tend to carry it. I am strong enough to carry 10 lbs each arm, but the handles on these cans are really terrible. It's just a metal wire. Anyone got any ideas to make a reusable grip to carry these cans? It's just so I can comfortably carry the cans 5-6 blocks home, or to the subway.

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Coin cell battery holders? Answered

All right you geniuses - I have yet to find an easy and elegant way to make battery holders for coin cells. The little buggers just slide around in anything I've tried to rig up. I've also searched high and low for commercially made battery holders. Obviously I'm not being creative enough, and I'm looking for something more sophisticated than tape. Bring it on!

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I'm looking for cables holder Answered

I have cables for the computer lying on the floor.I would like to hang them unevenly at the bottom of the table so that they will not disturb the legs.

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Battery holder drop voltages?

Recently my wireless mouse stop working, so I open it to inspect around, and I found out that at the connecting terminal between the battery holder and the mouse PCB, the voltage is only 1V (unplugged from the mouse itself) , but when I take the battery out to measure, each of the battery got 1.5V. And when I measure on the 2 metal ends (of the holder), my multimeter read 1.7V. So, what's wrong with it? Can anyone help me with this? It's really the first time I have a situation like this

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Adorable & Unique Earrings Holders!

The perfect solution for keeping your earrings safe & organized!No more losing an earring or trying to find it somewhere...This is a 2 parts earrings hanger. a fine, strong plastic mesh inserted in a painted wood frame, standing on a stable two legs wood stand (the legs are coming apart on shipmentbut the assembling is very easy!)They come in 3 sizes which you can see on my Etsy shop: http://tammnoony.etsy.comA very practical & original gift, either for yourself or for someone you love!!

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coil gun ammo holder

I am currently creating a coil gun within a small nerf pistol. Everything is going well, it all fits within the gun quite nicely actually. But one problem I've realized is that there is nothing keeping the ammo within the barrel (a bic pen tube)  I would like to hear some ideas on how to keep the ammunition (which is currently undecided, if that helps. I'm considering either small steel balls or nails) within the barrel until the coil is activated. It is worth noting that because of the design of this particular gun, the trigger is not a lever, but instead a simple sliding mechanism that hits a button situated right behind it. One option I'm considering is using an electromagnet hooked up to a NC (normally closed) switch also hooked up to the trigger. The magnet would keep the ammunition in place, and pulling the trigger would turn it off. I have already added a sliding switch to turn on and off the gun, and I could wire the second magnet to that switch as well. The complication I foresee arising from that is that the electromagnet may still have residual magnetism for a few milliseconds, which could hold the ammunition in place for longer than it takes the capacitors to discharge. thoughts?

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Looking for suggestions for making a very slim battery holder

I use a PDA that, through some questionable wisdom, is powered by two standard AAA NiMH batteries, but are not easily replaceable. They are plastic-wrapped with a heat sensor and two soldered connections which then connects to a circuit board. . These can be replaced by replicating the set up with tape and soldering in the  new batteries, which works fine, but is a lot of hassle. What I would like to do is design and make a battery holder that will cut out at least some of the more tedious parts. Preferably I would like to find a way to just unhook the connector from the circuit board, and then easily extract the two batteries and replace them with no soldering required. The problems are that the space is quite tight, so any method I try will have to be barely bigger than the batteries themselves.

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How is this battery spring plate attached to the plastic casing? Answered

Hi, The picture is showing the battery compartment of my kitchen scale. I would like to use this principle in my design and wonder if anyone can tell me how the metal springs are attached to the plastic? Double molded, glued, clip-in...? My design does not have a PCB, which I suppose this scale has.  I am not an electrical engineer so sorry for a confusing question. Thanks!

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Project Cases,Boxes,Containers,Holder......

What ever you want to call it what else can you use. Sure there's Altoids tins and Tic Tac containers But what else do you use for a project housing ? And dose anybody know of any sites that sell components and allow Interac Online ?

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make water bottle holder for bicycle?

How to construct a water bottle holder for bicycle

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how to decorate metal card holders?

I want to decorate metal credit card holders, but I have no idea how to get started or what to use on them. Can anybody help please!

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how to build a shockmount for this mic holder??

i want to build a boom mic,i got everything BUT.....the mic always slide from the holder. i want to make it stay put with a mount but how? heres the holder

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Share Your Unusual Tool Holders!

About a month ago, I made an instructable on 9 Unusual Tool Storage Methods for Your Workshop which I think many people liked. I've decided to make a part-2 for this instructable, And I was wondering if anyone has an Unusual, Creative, Weird, Or Awesome tool holder of their own in their workshop... Share your pictures down below, And I might put them in the Instructable! I will credit you, And link back to your Instructables account in the Instructable :)

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Necklaces, Journals, Candle Holders and Paintings!

I make all kinds of fun stuff out of hemp, polymer clay, CD covers, etc! Check out my site for pics and descriptions ---> http://thickneckarts.etsy.comFree shipping on most items! Mention this ad and get 25% off!

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How to make a own 5 X AA battery holder?

Hi guys, I have tried looking around to buy a 5 x AA battery holder but unable to find one. As such, how can I make my own 5 X AA battery holder? I have a 4 x AA holder and a 2 x AA holder.. Is there any way to combine this two and make it a 5 x AA holder? Or can I use a 6 x AA holder and modify it to a 5 x AA holder? Thanks for your inputs.

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Knex video camera holder (TNKIT entry)

This is a knex video camera holder I threw together in like 5 minutes.  The original one failed and also used too many parts. This camera can be either used with a quad pod, or be mounted on most 5 layer thick knex guns with addons.  The camera is easy to put in and take out, but when its in, you can't make it fall out.  Surprisingly, it's very sturdy, and can be used as an FPS view in a knex war and an alternate scope. I was gonna add yellow  rods into the midsection like I did with the sides, but I ran out of red connectors, so I couldn't.  Just pretend they are there.

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Help finding instrcutable for Under cabinet book holder

Hi im trying to find and instructable i seen before but cannot seem to find now it was an instructable for builidng a  under the cabinet book holder and i would really love to make one but cannot find out how to anywhere, anyone have any help? Thanks! It looked kinda like this:

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Guitar Stand

Is it possible to make a stand for a guitar out of knex?

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Any ideas for a cheap DIY brochure holder? Answered

I need to re-use something as a brochure holder but I don't want it too pricey or cool so that it gets stolen! Any advice is welcome!

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Film holders are not recognized - Nikon Coolscan 9000 ED Answered

Nikon Coolscan 9000 ED I've been using for 6 years nearly every day now refuses to recognize the film holder._________It says, "No film holder detected. Try to clean the square holes at the front side of the film holder and if this doesn't work, try another holder." _____________ I tried all: cleaned all holders, opened the scanner and cleaned it from dust; restarted the computer; turned the scanner off/on/off/on with 5 min intervals. Nothing helped. ______ Then I tried another program - Viewscan. It also said, "Insert the film holder" while it was already inserted.______   Who knows what might it mean? That the scanner grew too old?

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How to make a magazine cum newspaper holder?

I need to know how to make a magazine cum newspaper holder with paper

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What can I use as a Domino Tile Holder that is cheaper than buying a domino tile holder? Answered

I have a troop of Cubscouts. We want to "make do" with something super-cheap or that we already own. We're trying to find a substitute for the wooden or plastic domino racks/holders that can be purchased. Thanks!

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Battery Holder From Dilated PVC Hose?

I'm trying to widen about 1 foot of PVC hose. Ie. I want to dilate the interior diameter so 4 AA batteries will fit inside end to end. I'm trying to make a battery holder for my helmet light. The PVC hose is like siphon tube and I want to use it as a battery holder but it's a little too narrow. I tried heating the hose up with steam and jamming a lubricated metal pipe inside. This worked for a few inches but then there was too much friction. I also tried a smaller metal pipe along with a chopstick but I ended up puncturing the hose. So the question is: What is a good way of getting this segment of siphon hose a little bit wider? Or what else would be a nice waterproof and discreet battery holder for a helmet?

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Useful knex office supplies

Recently I made some knex office supplies. They include: A knex inbox A knex pencil holder A letter holder A business card holder And a note book cover What do you think?? Killer~SafeCracker

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Will a torsion spring work with this broom/mop holder? Answered

I am in the late stages of working on a broom/mop holder.  The engineering is not original, however, I may be able to show how to make it fast and cheap!  The function of the device centers on a Cam which rotates up or down and then automatically returns to a "home position". As you slide a broom handle into the cam, the cam gently opens up and accomodates the handle.  But when you pull down or let the broom go, the cam rotates downward and holds the broom very steady.  To remove broom, just push it upward a bit... The design I currently have is using elastic - but I believe we could employ a torsion spring instead. Would using a torsion spring work? How would it work or be positioned on the device? Can I make a torsion spring?  (i'd really like to do this) Can I buy them at reasonable prices anywhere? I have included a few pictures to illustrate the question... Note:  I did later figure out how to properly spell "TORSION" Included is a shot of some example springs. Also in one of the shots, I attached the mechanism to a clear plastic OJ bottle. (thought it might be easier to see the mechanics this way) Thank you for any input you may have!

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how do you make a dice holder?

Just for regular dice, so they dont get lost

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trying to find battery holder with timer switch?

I've looked everywhere I can think of, online and off. I'm trying to find a battery holder (2 AA or 1 C) with an incorporated timer switch. I'm trying to make a flameless candle with a timer. This is what I'm looking for...someone obviously makes them or something similar. This one has a four hour switch. TIA

Topic by lorraineg57 

What do you use for battery holders?

I'm just wondering what people use to hold batteries in battery-powered projects. In my first attempt I used the holder from one of those bike lights that I'd accidentally broken the mounting piece off of, but I don't generally break them very frequently. I've also seen battery holders for sale at hardware stores, but I found them a bit pricey (converted, nearly USD 3,- for a piece of plastic). So what do you use if you need something to hold batteries that you have to be able to replace?

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Value of the resistor in Radio Shack Led holders?

I got this LED from radio shack and I want to recreate it with smaller LEDs. Does anyone know the specs of the resistor? I think it's 680 Ohms, but is it 1/4 or 1/2 watt? Thanks

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How would you make an holder for a broschure, made out of wire mesh? It will hang on a wall...

The broschure itself is A4, so actually the holder should be a bit bigger. I have the idea of just bending one side of the wire mesh. But do you have an idea, how you would do that? Thanks for helping! cheers :) anyone?

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How can I make a cardboard stand for my wii (to hold remotes, nunchucks, controllers, wheel, zapper)?

Want to hold two remotes, two nunchucks, a classic controller, a gamecube controller, a wii wheel, and a wii zapper.

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Need a DSLR Car mount

browsing for parts, thinking about resting it on the window itself. just looking to see if anyone has any type of ideas? This is pretty much my plan at the moment but I have to find parts for it. But with this plan I for see 2 issues 1. The arm would most likely swing from side to side when speeding up or slowing down 2. If you wanted to record the driver, the window has to be down for this plan so wind would seriously be an issue. You could solve the first issue by using 2 arms, but windows are curved so.. im not so sure about that.

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Candle Holders from Patching plasetr, Drywall compound

Every year we buy candles and it seems the candle holders we have are too big or too small to hold the candles securely enough. At this time last year, I was doing a lot of fixing up using various types of plasters.  So I just mixed up some of the compounds into big balls and stuck candles into them. I took out the the candles. And when they dried, I had candle holders that worked. I liked the concept but tlack the artistry to work this up into a simple, safe, pleasing project. 

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Holder for e-reader for people with arthritis and crampy hands?

Can anyone come up with a way of making it easier to hold an e-reader? After a while the hand I'm using starts to get cramps and I have to stop reading. Older people or those with arthritis will know what I mean.  My reader is a 7-inch Kogan (Australian brand).

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