Grappling hook gun

I want to know how to make the smallest grappling hook gun and the mot powerful

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Tile coat hook

Hi, I bought a small tile from a thrift store the other day and want to make it into a coat hook. Something similar to the attached image. Not sure how/where to start. Can anybody help? :_( z

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Knex Grappling Hook

I had an Idea. Basically, you have a lame set of grappling hook arms that dont Do anything, well change it so that when the hook hits the object, it closes the arms....block trigger perhaps. I know I Am Canadian, Shadowman ect would be able to design and build this in like 30 minutes, but i was thinking someone could give it a working on it too! Thanks in advance Hedzup456

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making a grappling hook ?

I know there are already instructables on grappling hooks but none are quite what i want . criteria are :strong,cheap, a good weight heavy enough to get distance on a throw but not so much that it feels like carrying round a rock , adaptable from tasks like getting up a tree to using as an anchor from a boat(which i plan to make at some point) to dragging logs around etc. i have an idea of welding together some heavy duty nails or screws.   or possibly putting some screws into wood but im worried that the former would be quite difficult for me to make with m lack of experience and the latter to be to weak .so please could anyone reading this put there ideas forward ,  thanks wood wizard

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Hook a generator to the house

What is needed to hook a generator up to the house and basicall only have to buy what energy the genrator does not create? I have a free fuel source from time to time and was wanting to take advantage of it.?

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Simple Hook-up?

Does anyone know a super simple game console hook-up? I don't really know much about circuit boards, and electronics, but I'd like to learn. What I mean by simple is: a power supply plug for it, AV cable plugin, an on/off switch, controller ports, and game cartridge port. To be specific, I'd like to be able to build a smaller, simpler version of a Sega Genesis, or N64, or whatever.                                                             --- Thanks!!

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Boot lacing hooks?

Im trying to find hooks that are used most commonly on boots. These boots are a good example: looked all over the web, but can't seem to find anything even similar. I don't make shoes, so I really don't know where to start to find them, I may not even have the right name. I need them to make a type of corset. If anyone knows what Im talking about and could help I'd appreciate it alot! I just am completely clueless! Please help!!

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Best way to mount video game controllers to a shelf?

I don't know if this is the right place. The forum structure is confusing. Anyways, I'm building a shelf (well, it's a bit more than just a shelf) to hold all of my video game consoles. I'm planning to make an instructable for the shelf as well, but I've hit a roadblock. I want to mount all of my controllers to the shelves in front of their respective consoles. The shelves themselves are 5/8 inches thick, so I may have to be a bit conservative with drilling and the like. Anyways, the hooks have to be different for each console, since the controllers are all different shapes and sizes. Also, I want it to cost effective. I'm not planning on spending $45 just to mount controllers to a shelf. I was thinking of using some sort of wire that isn't malleable enough to bend under the weight. I could form them to the shape I need and it'd probably work pretty well. I just need some way of mounting them. I could maybe drill holes of the same size and put the wire in there, but who knows what that would do to the shelf integrity. Basically, I'm either asking for some ideas for mounting the wires to the shelf, or other ways of mounting the controllers themselves to the shelf. Any and all help is welcome. I apologize if this is in the wrong forum.

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Hooking up ipod to a TV Answered

I have a device that you can stick your ipod in and play music on your TV.  It is like those chargers at hotels that the ipod stands up on, only much smaller.  It is hooked up into the TV.  I have been told that you can have your games that you play on your ipod on the big screen as well.  It doesn't work, though.  Is this true?  And if so, how do you do it?

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Special hook for survival equipment


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Hooking up an FM antenna?

I recently got a new power amplifier/tuner from my dad's buddy. On the back, where you hook up the antennas, there are 4 terminals: 2 for FM and 2 For AM. One on the AM side is for the antenna, and the other is ground. This make sense to me, because an AM loop antenna has two wires which need to be hooked up. On the FM side though, it also has a terminal for ground... From what I understand, FM antennas are composed of a single "wire", like those coming out of radios or the ones on cars. What's the ground on the FM side for?

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Ipod hook up to speakers?

I recently purchased an RCA mp3/mp4,etc player with intent to hook up to speakers.   I am going the "ipod" route only because of capacity with desire to have simple way ot storing huge amount of audio which I want to play thru speakers.   Today I purch a $10 stereo ipod dock thinking I could simply plug my RCA device in from the earphone jack.  When I do that I get a humming sound but no music.  Am I way off in thinking that this should work.  If this is wrong, how does an ipod get connected to an ipod dock?

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Coil Gun / Grappling Hook.

Hey Everyone!  I am kind of an amatuer prop designer and I've recently been taken with pocket sized coil guns. My question is quite simple: I would like to know what disposable camera (brand) contains an LED indicator that flashes/turns on when the capacitor is fully charged? I've seen one such disposable camera used in this post: I would love to know the exact brand or alternatives.  I would really appreciate any and all help and would love to post the resulting product. 

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Fully-Function Retractable Grappling Hook Gun Vs Jetpack

 Hi. I'm new to this site that I discovered on my quest to create the above mentioned item. A fully-functional retractable grappling hook gun. Vs, however purchasing a jetpack. I need blue-print of how to make a strong enough retractor, I already have a grappling hooking in mind. Here goes.  Nothing like planning to dawn a cape, just like to keep up with the times. Been into mobility for awhile.Thank you.

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how would you hook up 4 12 volt batteries to keep it 12 volt?


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My HP laptop connected to my HDTV via VGA fine- but now it says NO SUPPORT. What do I do for this?!?

Laptop to TV was fine through the VGA hook-up, until recently. When I try to hook-up now, my TV says NO SUPPORT. What is causing this, and how do I remedy the situation?

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how do you make a nerf grappling hook(easy)? Answered

I'm using the nerf with the laser pointer thing on the front.I took that off cause that doesn't have a purpose in a grappling hook. below is the gun I am using

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How can I attach my iPod nano to myself?


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Help me thunderclap!

Hey Everybody,  I've been humbled and surprised by all the support I've gotten on my Gravity Hook project. I'm trying something new to spread the word and I'm asking for your help to share it.   Thunderclap is a website where people come together to get the word out. Here's how it works. You visit a project and support it by clicking on buttons marked "facebook", "twitter", or "tumblr". On a certain date (March 18th in this case) the post goes out all at once.     Help me spread the word by visiting the project at . Thanks! Brent  

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how to hook up phone jack?

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how to hook up ethernet splitter?

trying to run to dvd player

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to hook-up portable washer to sink

 when putting the adapter on do i hold in the red button or what.never did before.please help

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Can someone tell me if I'm crocheting correctly? Answered

So I'm trying to make some arm-warmers and I'm making my own pattern.  The pattern I have so far is: 43 ch 3 turning chain 42 dc 3 turning chain But when I'm doing it the pattern is curling on itself. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.  Also note that I'm really green to crocheting so I'm probably just doing something I'm not understanding. So if you don't know, then could you please give advice on the basics? or link to something similar? Thank you!

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Multi Hook Ups for DJ purposes

I do a alot of garage party djing with my old stereo system, with a plug in through the AUX ports, from my Ipod, and I was wondering, could I split this cord so i have to sets of banana plugs, so that I could plug it into my stereo system and my guitar amp? And would this affect the sound quality much? Thanks

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How Instructables Hooked Me Up

Has posting a project on Instructables and being a member of our community helped you nail an interview / get your dream job / propose to your partner /  get an A on a school project / muster up the courage to ask someone out?? We want to hear your stories! Please share them below

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Need help hooking up a speaker

I made a mistake when ordering some speakers for a project and ended up with specialty marine speakers. They only came with the speakers themselves and some red/black wires that plug into the back. They're still good so I'd like to get them set up but I have no idea how and no experience with wiring electronics. Can somebody help me figure out how to convert these into regular speakers with a wall plug and audio jack? As for the specs: 200w peak power and 4 ohm impedance. Any help appreciated.

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how do i hook this up? Answered

I am working on a wireless project, and i got a wireless r/c chip for the remote. it is a common sctx2b, in the 14 pin variety. so i looked up the datasheet, aand it was in chinese. i translated it and found what i needed: 1 RIGHTB this pin grounded, select the right function 2 TESTB test side 3 GND power supply negative 4 BACK WARDB this pin grounded, check back function 5 FORWARDB this pin grounded, check the forward function 6 TURBOB this pin grounded, check the flip function 7 SC with a carrier frequency of the encoded signal output 8 SO not the encoding signal with carrier frequency output 9 VDD Positive Power Supply 10 PC power supply control output 11 OSCO oscillator output 12 OSCI oscillator input 13 FOSC test side 14 LEFTB this pin grounded, check the left function so my question is, what do SC,SO,and Pc do? (7,8,10) which one is the antenna?

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What is this tool?

Anyone have any clue what this tool was used for or what it is called?  It was found in the dirt on a farm.  I will attempt to describe as best as I can hoping that this will help after you see the pictures.  It looks like the main piece is like a large needle with an eye at the one end and a point at the other.  Then there is a curved hook sideways to the main piece (see the shadow on my leg).  The hole/open portion in the middle appears to be some sort of clamp.  When you press on the tab piece that is closer to the eye, the hole opens up, releases the pressure on whatever may be inside the hole. 

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I need a velcro-receptive ("loop") that is adhesive on one side. What do I need to search for on eBay?

Hi everyone.I need a one side adhesive, velcro-receptive tape.That is, an adhesive tape that is sticky on one side and on the other it has a felt-like tissue.English is not my first language and I am not sure about what to search for on eBay or Aliexpress to buy.I need this for my project but all the tapes I could find have both sides (both hook and loop) and they are much costlier than what I'd expect just for a felt-like one-side adhesive tapes.Can you help me please?Thank you,Atkers

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Is it safe to use old ornament hooks for jewelry? Answered

I want to use some old, "giant staple-looking" ornament hooks to make beaded charms to hang off a choker, but I don't know what the hooks are made of. I don't really know anything about beading materials or jewelry-making in general. The packaging's long gone and they've been sitting in the toolbox for years. I made one charm and want to make more, but I don't know whether it's okay to keep using these hooks or use wire that's actually sold as wire for jewelry-making. Aside from "don't stab yourself, don't ingest the wire," I'd like to know whether this kind of metal can cause skin irritation or rashes or if that's an issue with any sort of metal (if the latter, is there anything I can do about it?). Unfortunately, I haven't tried wearing the charm I made because I have a bug bite on neck; the charm would brush right up against it. My fingers seem fine, though.

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Are you familiar with the Radio program "Off the Hook" ?

Off the Hook link

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how do you make a door hook? Answered

How do you make a door hook for my room 

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how to hook t v screen to computer?

I have an H D monitor that i want to use to view items from my desk top.

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Shading Rug hooking wool with Tide detergent?

Tide detergent:  I took a rug hooking class a number of years ago, and one session was all about dying.  The woman had a special technique for shading the wool using TIDE detergent (and it HAD to be tide).  She would have one color of a wool, and then soak it is tide, and then add more water and soak the next piece of wool to make a lighter shade.  I have lost the actual instructions.  Does anybody know about this?

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Paper Snowflakes for Sandy Hook Elementary School

UPDATE: They have plenty of snowflakes and can't take any more! "Millions of snowflakes were sent in from all over the world.  The school was a winter wonderland for the students of Sandy Hook Elementary School's first day back since the tragedy.  So many infact there was a 18 wheeler truck full of them and still more were coming to Newtown." full story here Last week's tragedy in Connecticut was devastating for parents, teachers, and students at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Those students will be returning to a new school after the winter break, which hasn't been used for a while. The children need your help in creating a winter wonderland when they get there! Newtown PTSA has asked the Instructables community for help. You can help by creating paper snowflakes to help decorate the new school, and sending it to them! Mail snowflakes (or any donations to): Connecticut PTSA 60 Connolly Parkway Building 12, Suite 103 Hamden, CT 06514 Phone: 203-281-6617 CT PTSA page for this Connecticut PTSA is deeply saddened by the tragedy that has struck our Newtown community. We have met with the PTA and community leaders in Newtown and Sandy Hook Elementary to offer our assistance at this very difficult time. They have asked us to spearhead the following efforts on their behalf: Snowflakes for Sandy Hook Please help the students of Sandy Hook have a winter wonderland at their new school! Get Creative!! No two snowflakes are alike. Make and send snowflakes to Connecticut PTSA, 60 Connolly Parkway, Building 12, Suite 103, Hamden, CT 06514, by January 12, 2013. Coins for Sandy Hook Students can collect spare change to support their peers at Sandy Hook. Other fundraising ideas include Walk- A -Thons, Spirit Days, Pajama Days, etc. Please send contributions to “Connecticut PTSA Sandy Hook Fund” by February 14, 2012. Ongoing Fundraising Efforts Donations are being accepted indefinitely to the: “Connecticut PTSA Sandy Hook Fund” to support the ongoing needs of the Sandy Hook Community. Send checks to “Connecticut PTSA, 60 Connolly Parkway, Building 12, Suite 103, Hamden, CT 06514. Mail snowflakes or donations to: Connecticut PTSA, 60 Connolly Parkway, Building 12, Suite 103, Hamden, CT 06514. Phone: 203-281-6617 For questions or to reach anyone at Sandy Hook PTA, please email us at The Newtown community has requested monetary contributions, but we do know there may be service and product donations that will be offered. For service or product inquiries, please contact

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how do hook up cable, right? Answered

I have the tv hooked into a black box that has chan3-4 on it, in order to watch dvds/vhs', but when i ran a cable cord through the back, and used a splitter, so i wouldn't lose the movie option, it now doesn't show the movies unless i unhook the cable and even then there is a noise you hear along with the movie. i tried seeing if it's the channel settings either on the tv or the black box, it is not.

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how to hook 2 Hard drives together?

Well I'm told old hard drive ( not sate) wont work on the new computers. Or will they?. I want to copy the contents off my old HD to a new one in the computer.

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Can you hook a blender to a dimmer switch?

HI,  i need to be able to vary the speed of a blender, it has to go MUCH slower then a standard setting. And it needs to be infinitly adjustable.  HOw can this be accomplished. Keep in mind i know NOTHING about electrical systems or motors.  Thanks!

Question by estuvam 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

How to hook up 2 batteries in parallel ?

I'm building a portable MP3 "boom box". I have two 12 V SLA batteries on hand, one is 12 V 4 AH and the other is 12 V 7 AH capacity. My question is: can these 2 batteries be connected, in parallel to power the amplifier I have ( 12 V) and 1) it would give me a ~ 11 AH battery? 2) could I charge them both, ( connected like that ) with a 12 V battery charger ( a automotive battery trickle charger) I have at hand?

Question by Phoghat 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

Is there a way to hook up a Ti-84 to my cell phone? Answered

I want to hook up a Ti-84 to my PPC-6700. i was wondering if first if this is possible and second if this is a "good" way to get programs on to it... don't ask me why i cant just hook them up to my computer... i will just say that i cant. the way it would most likely work is through both of the usb ports... (one on each device).

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Does anyone know how to hook up a motor to a rectifier and then hook up the rectifier to a capacitator and LED?

Hi Does anyone know how to hook up a motor to a rectifier to convert AC to DC. Then the current needs to be passed to a capacitator, and finally discharged to an LED. I am doing this for my science fair. Thank you!

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can you hook the neutral directly to the live wire? Answered

Can you hook the neutral directly to the hot  wire? safely?  if it is not safe, why is it safe to hook the hot and neutral to the primary of a transformer?

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Is there a way to hook a car sub up to my lappy?

Can i hook up a car sub to my laptop?

Question by Superbeast907 9 years ago

how do I hook it up to a power source? what outlet holes do I hook it up to?

I have a obit and need to know which input lead goes where.

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what is the best type of wire for coil guns?

I've been planning on making a coil gun for a while, I've got around 25 capacitors and the charger circuits, but i'm unsure as to what type of wire i should use, i know that the thinner the wire and the closer the winds are the stronger the electromagnetic pull but what is the best type of wire? any help would be appreciated p.s i plan to make a coil gun grappling hook launcher

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Can I safely attach strings for supporting morning glory vines to the aluminum siding ceiling/soffit of my balcony? Answered

My apartment building has aluminum siding, which extends to the underside of the roof over my balcony. I want to train morning glories to climb up strings leading up from their pots to the balcony's "ceiling," but I need to know if i can attach hooks to the aluminum "siding" that forms the soffit of the roof overhang. If so, does anyone know what kind of hooks (and where I might find them), and whether they could support the 10-20? pounds of tension that the strings & vines would put on them?(Apparently, I also need to know whether it's called a "ceiling" when it's outdoors, and what to call "siding when it's on an outdoor ceiling/soffit. :)

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off hook signal detector for land line phones.Does this exist?

 My grandfather leaves his cordless phone off the hook all the time. Since it is a multi phone cordless system it is frustrating to find it or go there and take care of it?  I would like to build a unit that will detect the sound/signal from the phone company to alert you that a phone is off the hook, and have it cycle the power on the base to reset the connection to the handsets.  Any ideas?

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I was working on an electronic igniter and i was wondering how to hook up headphone jacks and plugs correctly.

Topic by logan291sal 12 years ago

Can you hook up to the internet without an isp ?

I would like to know how to hook up on the internet without having to pay an isp for hookup..

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What can you use hook up wire for? Answered

And I'm not talking about things with cars I'm talking about the stuff you get at radio shack

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