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does anyone know how to make a cheap train horn?

 I really want a LOUD horn. I got a face full of airbag this spring and I think a louder horn may have helped. and not only then either. a beep beep just dont convey the feelings I feel some times<:(

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ecoblast air horn

Can someone do a hommaed one, that cost less?

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Motion Triggered Horns

I'm starting this one over, I made a mess of the last topic. Essentially what I'm starting with is a driveway wireless alert system (  and a car horn. The car horn is wired to a push button switch. ( What I'm trying to do is replace the [S] (switch) with this wireless trigger. The alarm speaker outputs at a very low voltage, ~0.08v: The alarm LED's output 1.75v (measured from + on the one LED and - on the other, there are three total, in series) What would be the best place to tap in to get voltage from to trigger the relay? I think from the previous post I'll need a transistor switch of some sort? This is the part I need help with. Usage: Tractor pulling hayrack riders over a bridge, I'll place the sensors ahead of the horns so by the time the tractor is at the sensor the hayrack is right at the horns. Hope I posted in the right spot. Thanks

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Can I replace a stock horn with a small air horn on a 2009 Silverado with out causing any computer or other problems?

This model of Silverado has only 1 horn and is not very loud .

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How to wire in an extra car horn with a switch on the dash?

Hello! I have an extra car horn and I need to install it into my car alongside my other horn, and I have no idea how to wire it! Here is what I have: a Car horn with two wires (black and red, and red) 16G wire, a switch, and a inline fuse. I need to know how to wire it to the battery, and how to ground it. Does anyone have any experience with this? Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

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how can i build a notification sound on my son's toy car, while it hittingsome where(with Jerking IC)

Hi, well, i would like to make a special kind of horn, for just making a notification while jerking the toy car of my son. now a days, he is hitting his toy car while driving his from Indore. so, i though that, if i am assembling a toy horn, with a jerking IC or a motion IC, it will be nice to him. but, i am not aware of, what and what needed for to make this. what i need to make is, if i am attaching this,under the toy car of my son, and while riding, if he hits some where, the body of the car will get a little shake, this point, the device should work as a notification horn. i am sure that, this will make more fun for him. be kind to guide waiting to get yours aithfully shinu

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How to make a mp3 car horn?

I have only seen one consumer product on the market and it retails about $200. I'm not up for spending that much for what seems like such a simple goal. Is there some kind of  MP3 chipset/micro-controller with a USB input where you can load a .mp3 onto a flash drive (or onboard memory) and then wire it up to a speaker/horn? This all seems really simple in writing but is this something one could actually do?

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Who plays Baritone/Euphonium/Baritone Horn?

Who plays baritone? And whoever does, do you have the sheet music for: "Peer Gynt, In The Home Of The Mountain King"? If so, please post.

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Does anyone know how to remove the electronic hum from a paging speaker?

I've got a 12 watt pager speaker. I took this really old black G3 Western electric Telephone. I've wired them to a 1.8 watt dc power supply for the moment. Does anyone know how to remove the eletronic hum from my PA system? Plan on getting a better power supply soon.

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Novelty Car Horn - Help!

I bought an Ooga horn, and a button wiring kit, but i'm having some trouble...First off, there's no relay, should there be? Also, do i need to buy an additional toggle switch? I don't want to replace my existing horn, simply add another horn. Do I need a new fuse, too? And...I don't really understand the diagram, so if anybody knows where to find better instructions, or can provide them, that would be greatly appreciated.Key to the diagram:1: Original Horn2: Existing Fuse3: Horn switch on steering wheel4: Fuse 10 Amp5: Selector SwitchMy HornThanks!

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Making an OWOOGA horn... How?

I need to know how to make a motor driven horn, the kind that goes OWOOOOOOGA! OWOOOOGA! Any tips? I know I need a motor of some sort, got one, unless it's not big enough(one of the little ones that can run off a D battery, even one AAAA drove it pretty good), I know I need some type of funnel(or do I?), but what can make it go OWOOGA! OWOOOOGA! By the way, I'm putting it on my bicycle. Yeah, I know. It's weird. But imagine it; You are walking in the street(not enough sidewalks around here) and OWOOOGA! OWOOOOGA! You turn around and a bicycle goes by you. No cars around. That would be different.

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Hat with plastic bull horns

I am trying to create an accessory for my robotics team (our theme is bulls) and I wanted to take regular red baseball caps and somehow make bull's horns to them.  Does anybody have any suggestions on how to do this?

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Can someone make the bone horn for iphone 4?

Can someone figure out a way to make the bone horn for iphone 4, for ipod 4 with a good material?  

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Looking for project parts

I need to attach an arm to the end of a stepper motor shaft that I will then use to rock a babies car seat. Finding an arm (or horn) is turning out to be more difficult than I thought. Does anyone know a place to pick up stuff like that. The shaft is 5mm Thanks

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Does any one have, or know where to find, how to build your own alphorn?

I've always wanted one, and sure as heck am not going to buy one. I don't have a lathe, so thats out as well. I've considered pvc, but i dont know.

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I need help to make a car air horn that plays the Imperial March?

 I don't want an electric mp3 horn, I want it to be similar to the horn on the General Lee.  Is there a way I can modify an already existing air horn set up?  Thanks in advance

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Installing twin air horns on motorcycle HELP!!!!

Hi  I own a Kawasaki ER5 and I am finding it difficult to have both horns working. I have used the original horn wiring 2 wires to a connector block with 4 wires coming out to each horn. Is this wrong? if so please give me some instructions (that I would understand) how to install correctly please  Thank you Darren

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Looking for advice on building a horn amplifier for a speaker.

I'm looking to build a backpack or box that will have an MP3 player, speaker and phonograph horn.  I want it to look steampunk/victorian style.  I'm planning on just building a good box, and I'm sure I can find a good speaker out there, but I'm not sure how to attach the horn to the speaker and the audio engineering aspects of that.  I'm considering incorporating a tube amp into the mix, and any advice would be appreciated.

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Turntable speaker with piezo speaker glued to make-shift horn? Answered

I'm wondering if I could take a piezo speaker, glue it to the bottom of a make-shift gramophone horn, and wire it directly to the RCA output cable of a turntable. Would this blow the piezo speaker? And I'm not sure if it's called a piezo speaker or not, but it's the small, flat circle, I think it may be called a piezo element.

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What to use for making a laser- or otherwise fascinating lightshow come out of an old (big) gramophone horn?

Hi there, I have an old gramophone horn, quite big, which I would like to use as a prop in a show. My initial idea was to have one of those laser-tunnel-effects come out of it (and I would still be interested in doing that) but so far anyone I spoke to said it was pretty much impossible, as it would have to be a wireless prop (so it can be moved around freely onstage) The other option would be to have a laserbeam coming out of both ends, but here the maker of the particular double head laser seemed dodgy and my guess would be that if you buy a laser you want to buy quality in order to not endanger someone. At the moment I am at a loss, so if anyone has an idea what to look for or what to research into I would be very grateful. The criteria for the... light would be: -wireless (battery powered) -somehow interesting effect (a laser pointer would not be enough, unless there is a way of turning it into something more exciting) -small enough to fit snugly into the inside of a gramophone horn (max. 10cm high and 10cm deep, or adaptable to that size) It also wouldn't necessarily have to be a laser, I am interested in any (light)effect that would be visible on a stage. Thank you very, very much for taking the time to read this and if you have any thoughts - I would love to hear them :)

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ooga horn?I have a ooga horn that my father (deceased) always had in his cars.How can I make it work using electicity?

I would like to use this horn in my backyard as a Get Out of Pool noise or backdoor door bell.My father would blow this horn to call my brothers and me home at night (no cell phones back then) just a funny redneck dad calling three kids home at night. I would really like to hear it again.

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How can I make the horns on my ram skull less dull in color? They're kind of gray/bland...? Answered

I have a ram skull which I found & defleshed. It's pretty incredible - the horns span almost 3 feet. But their sheen is pretty blah. When wet they have a gorgeous rich color - is it possible to make this color come out when dry?

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The Yacht Race Committee stater/timer/horn

Can I program any sequence? we need 10,9,6,5,3,0. 6 blasts with the push of one button.Please adviseThankspeter

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What would happen if you apply ultrasonic levitation to water ?

While tinkering with my latest creation, a 6L ultrasonic cleaner, I started to wonder...When using these actuators for cutting or welding purposes a horn is used to provide some amplification of the movement and to get the right shape for the tool.Oil seals, like used on drive shafts are no problem when attached to a node of the horn.And if you ever placed a small diameter horn into some water to test it you know the storm it creates.But what would happen if two horns are used on opposing sides of the container?At the correct distance the same static nodes like we see when levitating in air should appear.What would happen to the tiny cavition bubbles that shoot away from the horn?Am I correct to assume that, at least in theory, it should be possible to create a stable vacuum bubble between the horns?

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Brass/Sax Cheap Mic Setup

I have made a cheap setup that attaches to your instruments bell and provides a clearer sound then a mic mounted on a desk. Oh did I mention it cost me about $2.00- $2.50? Please let me know if anyone is interested in an Instructable on this?

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Need help installing dixie horn on Opel Corsa C

Hi everyone, I've bought this dixie horn set off ebay because I'm a fan of the dukes of hazzard show and I thought it be hilarious to catch my friends off guard with my cars new melody :) . this is the link to the ebay product page, I've just shortened it. I understand how all the tubing needs to be assembled, but I'm abit lost when it comes to wiring it safely. I know I need to purchase my own switch, fuse and wire but I'm not sure on what type of fuse or how to go about wiring it. I'm also abit lost on where to exactly mount all the horns plus air pump. I'm looking to install this as a secondary horn with its own switch. Any guidance will be much appreciated!

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I am looking for info on how to restore zinc aluminum car parts . like the automobile horns they tend to oxidize AND do not stand up to the Chemical's when re chroming. I be-leave that there is a process that will give them, a coating that can be used that will take the chroming posses   Regards John .

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How can I fit a Semi Truck horn onto a bike or a Vespa? Answered

Infmom on Lifehacker had an idea here - - and personally I think it might safe a few lives. I'd love to hear anyones' thoughts on this.

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Fishing the traditional way

A while ago I had a very bad day of fishing in terms of catching something for my frying pan or freezer.Same story for the old bloke sitting a few meters away from me.So we decided to pass some time with useless chats about our previous record fish we caught.While the old bloke changed bait I noticed that he did not have a hook at the end of the line.....What is that contraption and how do you catch fish with it?Old bloke laughed and said he goes hunting a lot too and always keeps the antlers from deer and such.Instead of a hook he used a round and pointy bar with a little notch slightly off the middle.Couldn't figure out how this possibly could hook a fish, so got a bigger laugh for it this time :("Make a loose fist, put it in and then pull on the line." he said and I was dumb enough to assume it would not work :(Figure it out by getting two bleeding pricks...Fish swallows the "stick" inside the bait and one there is some pull one pointy end will always get stuck.The other moves until there is no room to move anymore and the fish is spiked up for good.Only downside is that one you get a fish too big it might not grab - bad luck then LOLThis approach instead of steel hooks reminded me of the bamboo fishing poles my grandfather used to make.Be it for eel, trout, carp or even from the boat for pollock and sardine - he loved his bamboo.Even made me my fisrt fly fishing rod from a piece of bamboo :)The old guy however had more than hand made rods or horn needles as hooks.When his hands were still as good as his eyes he even made flies from these horn sticks!He explained the process to me but I never had the patience for normal flies and doing this with horn sticks and estimating how big the biggest fish might be while making sure it is neither too heavy nor fails to float...What I really liked about this otherwise wasted fishing day was the stories I got from the old man."You don't need fancy or oversensitive gear to fish, a safety pin and some packing coad do just fine if you are hungry!"Best story was how he caught a 2m gummy shark with a hand line meant to catch some sardines for bait.I could really his 3 hour struggle to get the thing on board LOLWhat are your most successfull old school or just plain weird catches with something a real sports fisherman would not even touch to cast?

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How to make a remote controlled air horn from an android phone?

Okay so my problem is as follows: my friend always needs a ride every week to dance so on my way I swing by and pick him up.  However he likes to take naps and is an incredibly deep sleeper so I thought it would be funny to install a remote controlled air horn to wake him up and relieve some of the irritation I get from him not being ready. So my question is what would be the best way to go about this? I have so far considered Bluetooth and even an arduino with a webserver but I kind of want to keep it as cheap as I can because its just to play a simple prank. So any ideas on how to go about this would be great.

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Matching speakers to amplifier

I have purchased 2 Maxamp20 amplifiers ( and i am trying to match speakers to them, i've searched audio forums for information (that i mostly don't understand) and tried asking questions (that have been mostly ignored) and i think i've found appropriate speakers but i want to get a second opinion before i purchase stuff i might not be able to return. i don't have the space for and can't afford the weight requirements of a large enclosure but i want fairly high volume and wide dispersion so im looking at getting 2 of these PA horns ( to mount on top of a shallow down firing enclosure for 2 of these subs ( i know the subs work with that amplifier because they are used in Boominators ( but i have no idea about the horns. also assuming this setup is okay do i need some kind of filter or crossover (not sure of the difference) to split the sound safely between the midrange and the sub speakers?

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How Do I get "Featured"?

How do I get an Instructable I built on the "featured" page?

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Not as cute as Womble...but he comes close!

*see here and here if you don't know your Instructables history* This is my family's new-old Cushman electric vehicle. Yes, it's the same sort of thing you see reading parking meters downtown. Yay for tiny awesome cars that don't use gas! Any ideas for fun modifications? Plans so far include having a silly little decal printed for each side with an amber light on top so we look official, and mounting some 12V air horns in there to rattle the hubcaps off the jerks that pull out in front of it (We already mounted an electric ooga horn in my mom's Xebra SD, but air horns are so much more fun). Cardboard rockets that fire off of compressed air have also been proposed. He also has no name yet...we'll be working on that...

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How to convert 12v dc to 24v ?

Is there easy way to convert 12v to 24v.Found some circuit diagrams to increase voltage but dont know they are working. I brought a snail horn for my motorbike but it's sound very low. i know my motorbike battery is the reason for this, I need to increase voltage to make my motorbike horn louder. i'm currently testing 555 timer voltage doubler circuit on 123d circuits.  You can simulate it here  555 timer voltage doubler Give me a straight answer for this.. 

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HELP PLZZZ....Why do i keep blowing my tweeters and horns?

Hello everyone i am kinda knew and would like to know what is going on with my setup. i got a pair of dual 18" speakers, each box has 4 tweeters and 1 horn and 2 18" speakers. when i first got these speakers none of the tweeters worked. i changed them and they popped again. These speakers are being pushed by an ep-4000 amp and they are bridged. Please help me with my problem. i don't want to change the tweeters and horn again and for them to pop. i am open to any suggestion. the speakers sounded beautifully until they all left one by one lol. Am i connecting something wrong? should i connect something to them? please help meeeee......................UPDATE:>>>>>.thanks to everyone for the responses....i believe that these speakers don't have a crossover in them..... but i put filters on each tweeter hoping that would solve my problem but that's when i was wrong and found out the hard way...........those are the speakers at the bottom........if i need a crossover what kind do i need???? what type of tweeters and horns do i need??? Filters??? capacitors??...what you guys recommend?? i want this to last a long time without blowing......Please guide me as i am a noob in this field...... thanks again *********************************************UPDATE 7-14-11************************************ so ive been messing around for a while and i havent had time to post anything up but i finally manged to make some is what i have done.....i went out and got myself two crossover for the tweeters on the top......i believe they were some eminence cross over rated at 3.5k and i got myself some selenium tweeters (4 to be exact) 2 on each the selenium tweeters are connected to the crossover (ONLY THE SELENIUM TWEETERS ARE CONNECTED.....SOUNDS REALLY LOUD WITH ONLY TWO SO OTHER TWEETERS AND HORN ARE DISCONNECTED) and the crossover is receiving the power from the same connection as the sub...but the sub woofers are just connected straight to the amp...........i was in a party and they were pumping beautifully :-) for a good 2 hrs.....then the fuse just blew away.....i dont know if it was because of the frequencies going in them from my drops.......i didnt even wanna use a mic so i wont blow them and they still of now i purchased the frequency controller i forgot the name.....but i can adjust the volume of the tweeters through there.....only thing is ive noticed that even while i have the volume on zero for the tweeters i still see the fuses lighting up like Christmas lights so im afraid their going to pop again.........if they do i was wondering if i can use those other fuse(GOLD FUSE) which is rated at 80amp a way higher rating power then those fuse that come with the crossover(DOUBLE SILVER FUSES CAME WITH THE EMINENCE CROSSOVER)......

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A Use for old Bell Satellite Dishes?

We have a few old but working Bell Satellite dishes with LNB with them. We are an amature Radio operator and wondering what we could do with them??

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Freudian Typo for Pro Bradges?

From the Go Pro page:I thought a Pro Badge seemed like too much tooting of my own horn, let alone a Pro Bradge.It's gotta be a typo, right? (...right?)

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Which Servo Should I Choose For My Nerf Gun?

I wanted to build a servo automated nerf gun ,however i am not sure what type of servo i should choose and how much torque i will require.The gun i want to trigger is a semi automatic nerf barricade rv-10 .Should i buy the small 9g hobby servos' or will my need be satisfied y the larger ones which provide torque.I am not using anything to amplify the pull of the trigger by the servo and i am connecting the servo horn directly to the trigger using a small metallic wire like piece .Please help me chose a servo. 

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small and quiet air compressor for a single pipe organ pipe?

I've got a 2m long pipe (that I can blow with my lungs). I want to make it into a doorbell but don't have a compressor. I tried a car horn compressor but it is so loud that it totally drowns out the pipe! Any other ideas?

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Spam/sponsored content

Where does the line between spam and sponsored content go? I'm specifically thinking about instructables like these: They are fairly informative, but also contain advertisement for a company. Where does the line go? I see a lot of these ibles.

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Ratio Hornblower

I'm attempting to make a stuffed Ratio Horn Blower from the Smile Time episode of Angel 5:14.   He looks kinda Grimace but I can't find a sewing patern for either.  Right now I'm working with a teddy bear pattern and putzing around with that any advice would be awwwesome.  A sample picture.  Thanks in advance Maxwell

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I can not upload images into comments

I want to upload an image in my comment at I choose Add Images, then Select files, uploader open the file dialog, I choose the file BUT THE FILE does not appears as ready for upload. The file is a jpg, it is attached in this bug report.

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Serial Controlled Arduino RC Car buggy please help? Answered

I have a RC Car that I have Converted to be controlled via Serial sent over Xbees to a custom board running a atmega8 My problem is that sometimes you power it on and it will wiz off by its self or do random stuff i have no idea whats causing it here is my code [code] char val; int forward = 8; int back =  7; int left= 6; int right= 5; int power = 13; int NEON = 9; int HORN = 10; void setup() {   pinMode(forward, OUTPUT);   pinMode(back, OUTPUT);   pinMode(left, OUTPUT);   pinMode(right, OUTPUT);   pinMode(power, OUTPUT);   pinMode(NEON, OUTPUT);   pinMode(HORN, OUTPUT);     digitalWrite(power, HIGH);   delay(500);   digitalWrite(power, LOW);   delay(500);    digitalWrite(power, HIGH);   delay(500);    digitalWrite(power, LOW);   delay(500);   digitalWrite(power, HIGH);   delay(500);   digitalWrite(power, LOW);   delay(500);    digitalWrite(power, HIGH);   delay(500);    digitalWrite(power, LOW);   Serial.begin(19200);   Serial.print("CAR AWAITING COMMANDS"); } void loop() {   if (Serial.available()>0)   {                                  val =;     if (val == 'A')     {       digitalWrite(forward, HIGH);       digitalWrite(back, LOW);     }     else if (val == 'B')     {       digitalWrite(forward, LOW);       digitalWrite(back, HIGH);     }     else if (val == 'H')     {       digitalWrite(NEON, HIGH);     }     else if (val == 'Z')     {       digitalWrite(NEON, LOW);     }        else if (val == 'Y')     {       digitalWrite(HORN, HIGH);     }     else if (val == 'X')     {       digitalWrite(HORN, LOW);     }            else if (val == 'L')     {                                   digitalWrite(right, LOW);       digitalWrite(left, HIGH);     }     else if (val == 'R')     {       digitalWrite(right, HIGH);       digitalWrite(left, LOW);     }     else if (val == 'C')     {                                  digitalWrite(left, LOW);     }     else if (val == 'E')     {       digitalWrite(right, LOW);     }     else if (val == 'Q')     {       digitalWrite(forward, LOW);     }     else if (val == 'W')     {       digitalWrite(back, LOW);     }     else if (val == 'S')     {       digitalWrite(forward, LOW);       digitalWrite(back, LOW);       digitalWrite(left, LOW);       digitalWrite(right, LOW);       digitalWrite(power,HIGH);       delay(500);       digitalWrite(power,LOW);     }   }   else   {     val = 'S';   } } [/code]

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How can I get rid of an owl in my yard?

See I have chickens and the past couple of weeks a Great Horned Owl swoops down and picks up one them, kills it, then it leaves for a week and come back to do it again. So if there is anyone that can give me any advice as to how i can get rid of it I would really appreciate it.

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Turn Signal Jacket, Soul Cycle Chopper, Ride in Style

  Turn Signal Jacket Soul Cycle Chopper Ride in Style Scraper Bike Wheels Reflector Bag Badge Bike Gear Belt Wobble Bike Bike Guide Granny Chopper Bicycle Car Horn DIY Bamboo Frame Change a Bike Tube Twisted Flower Spoke Bright Bike Mountain Bike Scooter  

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Fuzzy cat headphones so you look like a fuzzy cat

These headphones make you look like a cat and can be bought, but this looks like an easy product to make yourself and try your own variations. Or if you want something a little more tough you can try for some scary looking horns. It's up to you.Link via bbgadgets

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