hotmail is DOWN!!!

Hotmail does not work today. aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh. i cant check my email or receive robot comment notifications. its amazing how little you appreciat somthing till it breaks. hopefully hotmail will kick back in soon.

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Hotmail formatting problem - a question from my mother. Answered

My mother uses Hotmail (Windows, IE), and is having an issue with formatting.  Whilst typing an email, the formatting buttons (bold, underline etc) do not all work. They are visible, and if you hover the cursor over them they will tell you what they should do, but nothing actually happens. Worse (for her), the emoticon button isn't working either. Click on it, and the selection of emoticons appears, but none will work. Does anybody have a fix that can be described over the phone to a woman near the end of her seventh decade, who refers to the cursor as "the blinky thing", and who has to keep the instructions for cutting and pasting written down beside her computer?

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how to unlock Hotmail Ac? done simple obvious - p/wd request (Chinese)?can't remember Q, can't use same name!. help tks?

I am in australia, too exp. to call M'soft no., the office here 'doesn't handle hotmail' acs.. so I have lost the lot. have started otehr accounts, but would like some of the old info.. I am not that good on computer, so searched, rang, called the computer guy on radio, went to local - but i just don't believe I can't open it... tks I searched anything I could - maybe it's impossible, but I don't believe it...

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Hotmail refuses to allow me to whitelist reply emails from Instructables

I got a message to my powered USB hub Instructable, but Hotmail makes me "show content" each time I open the email claiming that the sender failed some kind of authentication test. I have never seen that message before from a sender I subscribe to. Maybe the web host here could contact and ask them what the issue is. I can still follow the links in the email to reply, but Hotmail doesn't seem to like something about the way you send email.

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Photo Contest on instructables Answered

For the photo contest, does the recognition email and winning email, etc, get sent to your instructables email or your hotmail, because my hotmail is not working right now.

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How do I make Windows Live Hotmail PLUS my default email. .

I sign on but then I get my email thru Windows Live Hotmail PLUS (pay for it).  I want to declare it to be my default email but no one (MS Tech/Live Tech/Hotmail Tech) seems to be able to tell me how.   If I am on a webpage and want to respond via its own email prompt, I can't.  If I try to send photos from MyPictures, I can't.  I'm taken to Outlook's email and I don't want to use that. 

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Newsletter not working...

I have 2 emails and I usually recieve my newsletter in my hotmail and I also have my gmail acct. Where I also would like to receive it. For the last month, every time i receive the newsletter in my hotmail I sign up on my gmail with a "Your email has been added!" confirmation message, but at the end nothing happens. After all this time I still receive the newsletter only on my hotmail only. I've tried everything I could think of: to change the subscription at the bottom of the newsletter I recieve in hotmail (but it lets you change everything but the email itself, so...), I changed the email associated to my Instructables acct. I checked for junk mail, but it's useless... Im not receiving the newsletter on my gmail at all. Can you please help me?

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Avoid your msn password from being stolen

If you have msn and you are worried about someone stealing your password, do the following things: >Don't give out your alternate email or its password >Don't give out your hotmail password (Duh) >Try not to let too many people know that you have a hotmail account >NEVER tick remember me on this computer when signing in >NEVER tick remember my password EVER (that's how most passwords get stolen) If you do happen to have your password stolen, send the hotmail administration email requesting your password.

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Recover folders on OUTLOOK? Answered

Dear All.. I've lost my some name of folders on Outlook (Hotmail email Mozilla Firefox) Please see photo . Could you help me to know how I can reset (recover ?) the name folder has been loss please (if possible give me a photo please). Many thank you

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Set up gmail on Nokia C6-01?

A new Nokia C6-01 phone, I have already succeeded stetting up yahoo and hotmail on it. But each time I put the configuration of gmail, it gives me the error message - can't communicate with the mail server. Anyone has any ideas how to debug this? Thanks!

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MagicJack notification. ?

I just installed Magic Jack. It works well, but I would like to have the answering machine/voice mail sent to two email addresses. I use AOL as my primary, and AOL won't auto-forward. I can set up a hotmail account, but how can I autoforward the message (with an attached wmv file) to two email accounts (mine and my wife's)? Seems like Magic Jack would have thought of this.

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Extra characters when sending a web link?

I use Vista on a desktop and Yahoo for my email and Firefox 9.1 for my browser. When I click on a web page to send the link, for example "", what it sends is "; ". I have tried using Hotmail and Internet Explorer browser and have the same problem. I realize something is substituting %3A%2F%2F for ://.  This seemed to have started about a year ago maybe when there was an upgrade to Foxfire.    I tried everything on the Foxfire help pages and that didn't help.  Does anyone know how to correct this.

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Strange Internet Problem (Udate: fixed.)

Am I missing something? Unusually, Instructables appears to be the only website working on the internet. Any other website I try to connect to except ibles just times out on me. BBC, Google (including groups and gmail), Notcot, Birdguides, Hotmail, XKCD, QuestionableContent... They all tell me that Firefox can't find the server.  I've tried reloads, restarts.  What next? Edit: as I've been typing this, ibles has been slow and won't upload a screenshot to go with this post. Edit: Trying with my laptop, I can't even get on ibles. (PC using Windows XP & Firefox, netbook using Linux and Firefox) Edit: multiple clearings of the cache and deletion of the entire browser history, plus a period of total shut-down of all associated hardware seems to have fixed the problem.

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A is for Amazon, B is for Best Buy

So while using the new "Google Instant," I noticed that just one letter would bring a suggestion up in grey in the text box. And so, I found that as of 9:24PM, Central Time USA, A is for Amazon B is for Best Buy C is for Craigslist D is for Dictionary E is for eBay F is for Facebook G is for Gmail H is for Hotmail I is for Ikea J is for James Avery K is for Kroger L is for Lowes M is for Myspace N is for Netflix O is for Office Depot P is for Pandora Q is for Quotes R is for Realtor S is for Skype T is for Target U is for UPS V is for Verizon W is for Wal-mart X is for Xbox Y is for Yahoo Z is for Zappos Fifteen of these are businesses. Oh no! over half of the alphabet is out to get your money. I can imagine some kid in school: Teacher: L is for lemon, M is for Moose, N is for - Kid: Netflix! Teacher: What? No! N is for -  Kid: Nissan! Teacher: NO!

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How can I make this page load without the check box marked by default? Answered

So, I use Hotmail. When I load it on my laptop, this is what I see. Is there a way to make it so that it is not checked by default when I load the page? It's frustrating to have to un-check it every time I check my e-mail. Piggyback question, while we're griping about Windows live... When I sign out of my e-mail, it redirects me to, where I'll type Instructables into the URL bar. Usually while I'm typing up there, the page steals the cursor and puts it on the Bing search bar. Suddenly I've got Bing searching for "tructables," and I'm wondering if Instructables has been deleted. AGGGH! I hate Bing! Is there some sort of Greasemonkey script I can use to keep it from pilfering my cursor?

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Another Update to Instructables and Tagline Change - The Word's Biggest Show & Tell

We released a few small changes and improvement to Instructables last night. Check out:- After you publish your Instructable, in the share section you now have the ability to import your address book from gmail/yahoo/aol/hotmail to more easily share your Instructable with friends- Searching with " now works- New Pulldown menu bar on Explore pages for easier category and double category browsing- Increased the number of related projects in right hand bar from 4 to 6.- New faster back-end upload process on /upload and /new Instructable. You will see a spot for Recent uploads, which is where your new uploads will show up instead of your library.- Contribute menu has been changed to Submit.We also changed the tagline to "The World's Biggest Show & Tell." I think this better represents what we're trying to do here on Instructables. Our in-person Show and Tells ( here and here, for example) are simply awesome; the Show and Tell idea is easy to understand, and promotes exactly the kind of positive interaction we love to see. This is one way we're trying to keep building on the passion and energy that comes from sharing.Instructables is much more than a "how to" site; we also want to entertain and inspire. When someone sees a great Instructable, I want them to be amazed and inspired to go start (or finish!) their own projects. The concept of a show and tell really captures the idea that sharing, learning, doing, and maybe even changing the world in the process, can be a lot of fun. Try everything out and tell us what you think!

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Setting up some kind of email system.

I recently got to a new computer. After transferring some of my email I kind of got fed up. So I want to create an email system for myself. ( No I do not want to write one. ) But I don't know much about email. Here is what I want. I don't want to store my email "inside" my client/MUA. I want it all in some folder on my computer that I will just "my pile of email" for now. That way I can try all sorts of clients and it's easier to switch if I find something better. Plus I get email from lots of different accounts. Old accounts I keep ( gmail, hotmail ), and yahoo gives me ten. I want "my pile of email" to be saved on a partition readable by both UNIX and Windows (XP), because I dual boot. i also want either to retrieve and send my email. I also want to process my email. Meaning that things with attachments have the attachments extracted. Various email groups, I want to be put into separate subfolders. I have a lot of other processing I want done. I figure the basic setup to consider is fetchmail to get the mail, sendmail to send the mail and procmail to process the mail. Where do I go from there though? ( If you have other suggestions, I am willing to listen. ) I can't decide which format to keep my pile of email in. To a degree it doesn't matter for now, but I want to make sure that I can convert to some other format when I become more knowledgeable. I can't decide whether on XP to use cygwin versions of programs, or just run linux in a VM for email stuff. lot's of other questions, but let's get to those when we flesh out my system.

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