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how do i fix my xbox?

Huys can anyone plz help me without my xbox im screwed. here r my problems 1 i did the hotswap succesfly and backed the c drive up like u said 2 Now i got a big problem. the installed installed ndure and on step 2 it wen t for a while but in 5min an error came up saying no space to copy file/harddisk is full 3 so i exited the installer i booted up my xbox and the blue X logo didnt come it was green but instead of going to the original dash it went to and uleash x dash without doing anything. 4 i checked for apps or games and there is nothing there options work. it says 0.00 mb free on C:  PLZZZZZZ Help me i dont want my xbox Screwed plzzzz my email: plzzz help

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Need help fixing original xbox dashboard

Alright, so a while ago I installed the unleashx dashboard to my original xbox, but forgot to make a backup of the MSdash. So meanwhile, I uninstalled the softmod completely and thats the situation I'm in now: My Xbox has error 14. It still runs Xbox games, but I have no dashboard. My question is, how would I be able to fix this via hotswap?

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Should there be any problem with soft-modding a Xbox with a vista computer?


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can you help with the "booting from cd" step?

I got to the part were I had to "hotswap" the Xbox, and when I type in "xbrowser" it said "lunex cd not found, please insert cd and try again" there is only 1 IDE slot on my computer's motherboard that has never been used and that's what I'm conneting to my xbox. is there some type of card or something that I can put in my computer to fix the IDE slot, if that's the problem?

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Is it Possible to Soft-Mod a xbox with a vista computer?

If so how? I have IDE and SATA drive slots, and the instructions on this website are pretty old.

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Can you Soft-mod a Xbox if you have SATA ports?

I do have an IDE slot but it's empty, so I don't know what to do!

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Is there a easy way to hotswap a x box i tried a couple of ways

I need a way to hot swap a xbox i tried the way it shows on this site but i get to the part where i have to update the script and when i save it to the folder it does not ask me if i want to overwrite just adds a new ndure in the folder along with the old one i tried like ten times help me plaese

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Xbox Modding v1.6

Well lets start with the Xbox its a v1.6 with k. 5383 and d. 5960 now my rig is a Compaq Pressario with sata going to the hdd and the dvd/cd one ribbon ide I hav been using Ndure and Xboxhdm i have tried hotswapping in error mode, playback and during game i believe its unlocked i dont get any errors when i choose option 1 or 2 on the Xboxhdm menu everything boots ok when i type in xbrowser i get 'cd-rom not found in dev/hda' and so on until hdt i believe then it say 'linux cd not found!' i am rackin my brain on how to solve this problem i have been goin at this for two weeks plz any sugestions or opions are gladly accepted thxs

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