Earth Hour 2008

Check this out! Do you want to help stop climate change? Well join the millions who do by, at 8:00 pm turn off all your lights for 1 hour! Join the millions to help make the world a better place! Please send this to your friends! So everybody can join in on Earth Hour 2008.

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Engine Hour Meter

Hi, I'm trying to bodge up an engine hour meter for my motorbike (single cylinder) and I'm hoping to find a circuit diagram somewhere. I know you can buy these ready to go but apart from the fact that I have several motorbikes and they are about $NZ90 each, well it just isn't the point, is it? Why spend money when for the sake of a few hours cursing at dodgy connections and burning myself with asoldering iron I can play creator!! Any info would be appreciated, thanks. Nick

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An hour and a half gone.

I just lost an hour and a half of work, because I trusted this website a little too much.  I was starting up some directions for a project I want to do, and my computer lost the wireless connection. I clicked "save," and the page did two things. First, it completely crashed, saying it could not update. Two, this idiotic "Updating" frame came up, that BLOCKED me from being able to copy and paste the material that took all that time to put together. I know you guys can't control everything, and that it's not your fault my wireless router is stupid, but you really, REALLY need to get rid of that "Updating" splash that blocks us from being able to access what we just wrote.  I know now I'll get comments on here saying, "You should save more often, moron." Yes. I should have. I should have written it first in Word as well. In fact, there's a lot of things I should have done. I guess I'm spoiled by autosave utilities.

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I just got a comment on my instructable I posted not an hour ago that is apparently from 2 hours ago.

Here's a screenshot: This is the instructable:

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how do you get from Ampere to Ampere hours? Answered

I know, basically it's not too diffy. I checked wikipedia and in the end i get to Coulomb, but the information i need is: i wanna build these cat-ears: and as material one needs a LiPo battery - the guy says "anything that will be able to supply 3A worth of current" and links to a 800mAh-battery at hobbyking. I first bought a battery with 4000mAh, say a battery that gives 4A per hour, but the one i got is quite heavy and i doubt that it's a good idea to use it in this light-weighted project - so how the hell did that guy get from a 800mAH-battery to the 3A worth of current? How do i calculate this way?

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Amp hour draw question for LED setups

Hi, I have an led setup that is drawing .39A  @12v.  I am running it with a 4.5ah alarm panel battery. My questions are: Is there a way to calculate the how long this set up will run  knowing that leds stop working when the power dips under a certain amount?  I have been running this set up for about 4 hours at a time, about once a week without issues for several years.  I always top off the battery at a 2amp setting on the charger.  It always takes less than an hour to top off after 4 hours of use.  This is probably good for the battery cause it shows that it isn't being drawn down much during it's 4 hours of use.  I then put it on a float charger for storage till the following week.   Could this be run on a smaller battery without affecting the battery life?    I would like to run the smallest and lightest set up possible while maintaining the health of the sealed battery that probably doesn't like heavy recharge cycles. What is the smallest I should go while keeping the battery healthy?  Thanks for the info. 

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Black is the new Green

It seems today turned it's lights out. I though it was an early April Fools but apparently its time for Earth Hour (which everyone should participate). My physics teacher has a black desktop background on his laptop to save battery life. I always tell his it doesn't work and that it might even do the opposite. We all know that for backlit displays this does not save any energy but does it waste energy? Anyone care to comment.PS. I admire Google for its Community service. I wish government was more like it.

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Hours of sunlight in my yard?

I want to find out how many hours of sunlight various parts of my yard get. I'm envisioning a solar powered clock/timer that runs only when the sun shines on it. Then at the end of the day I can see the hours of sunshine, record the number and reset the timer for a different place in my yard.

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Just 24 more hours..

And this week is over.. I'm about to whine about life, so back out now if you like. What a hell of a week, I started going to UCF monday. Now, admittedly, I'm happy about that, even though it's terribly stressful. But that's not the problem, really. No, would you believe that monday I bit into a brownie at work and cracked a molar on a nut? So my first day of school was accompanied by horrible pain. Followed by a dental crown on tuesday. Yeah that's not that bad, so I'll add in that my wife's truck needed a new differential on thursday (somewhat more expensive than a calculus book). And today?The washing machine broke. Spent three hours tearing it down, it's a goner. Leaking pump, with horrible grinding noise, broken balance strut, and no power to the motor. Only six years old too. And worst of all i didn't win the explicative deleted bike. That's an almost $2500 outlay this week for broken things.. Oh yeah one more really irritating thing, I finished up my A.A. and received my diploma this week, in a big flat envelope stamped all over "Do not bend", which the mailman folded in half and stuffed in the mailbox. I'll probably read this in the morning and decide I'm a self absorbed SOB and delete it. ;-)

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Battery operated led with 6 hour run time per day.

Trying to figure out how to make a circuit for a LED light that is run by two AA or two C batteries. I would like the light when turned on to run for 6 hours and then turn off. Then autmatically turn on the same time each day and run for 6 hours without having to manually reset the light. Having a hard time trying to figure out how to make this timer. It would also be a bonus if the the led flickered like a candle. Thanks for any help in the right direction.

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Maker Faire NYC Office Hours

Are you coming to Maker Faire NYC this weekend?  We are, and we'd love to meet you! While you're welcome to come by the booth at any time, we're scheduling Instructables Office Hours from 2:22 - 3:22 on both Saturday and Sunday, so you can maximize your chances of meeting people you know from the site. What happens at Office Hours? First off, everyone who works the booth will show up.  I'll be there, as will Eric, Randy, Dave, Billy, Bilal, Star, Zach, and more of your favorite Instructables authors!  Come say hi, and pick up a sticker. Comment below if you're planning to be there, so we know to look out for you!

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Print a working engine in under an hour

Hi, I've got a question to the forum: Does anyone want to functional engine parts and other parts in an hour?  I'm developing a desktop 3D printer that can make a 1 kg steel or aluminum part in under an hour. I'm making this for myself because I want to design/build/fire a working rocket engine in a day, but I'm curious to see what else people would use this printer for if they had it and why they would use it. Comment below if your interested in this printer and say why your interested in it and what you'd make with it:

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what is the peak sun-hours for detroit? Answered

I'm trying to determine return on investment for a PV system on my house in Ferndale, MI, a Detroit suburb. I need to better understand how much sunlight I can count on in a given year to determine if it's feasible to install a grid-tied PV system in place.

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Audio: 8 hours of Amory Lovins lectures

Video with slides audio only Lovins runs the Rocky Mountain Institute, working on cars made from thermoplastic/carbon re-formable body panels among other projects.He's a charismatic motivational speaker on the subject of energy solutions. Listen to this stuff to get enthused again after you get burned out by hearing about what our idiocracy is doing to us and the world. It's a really it's nice to hear him saying that thetechnology solutions exist and all our dreams will come true once we switch tothem. And this crisis is just the thing to get us off the dumb old methods thatare only used from habit.

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Little electromotor with 1 revolution per 12 hours?

I need a little weak motor which makes one revolution in twelve hours. Anyone knows how to get that?

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Re-Make: a 24 hour elecronics build party

The Alameda Computer Resource Center is throwing a 24 hour build party at their warehouse in Berkeley, CA this saturday April 29th. Check out the upcoming event listing for more info. Should be a good time - free food and drinks sponsored by Make Magazine and Digg.

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solar battery amp hours and panel which one ?

Hello, I am working on a project that is solar powered. I am not sure what kind of solar battery i should get and equivalent  solar panel to charge it.. and regulator --- The parameters are: The 'show' will take place every hour for eight hours during daylight hours.. Each hour every 10 mins the system will switch ON and power will be needed to operate 25 automatic car antennas that draw about 0.8amps for about 1 minute show time. So every hour I will be drawing 25*0.8*6 = 120  ? -- I am new to this so i figure my calculations are wrong as 120amps seems a lot -- the system will also be powering an Arduino board which will be controlling the overall timing and puppetering of the work ie some coil relays or transistors for lower power consumption. this project will be installed in Germany in the summer with average sunlight conditions .. From my reading up on the subject I understand that it is not good to drain a battery, ideally half drain is max...could someone please advise what values i need for battery and solar panel.. thanks in advance .. Cc

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New comment immediately shows as 8 hours old?

I just posted a comment on this page - and immediately it said the comment was 8 hours old? I'm on Windows 10, Google Chrome Version 45.0.2454.101 m My time zone is (UTC) Dublin, Edinburgh, Lisbon, London.

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Are some questions appearing on 'Answers' hours after they are submitted? Answered

I'm sure that some questions are appearing down the list which were not there earlier. I'm sorting by 'latest'.(And I wanted to see what the 'best answer' button looked like ;¬)

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Filming 1 drop every second for 24 hours

Hi there! I need to be able to control the dripping of water to around 1 drip every second or so. What are my possible solutions? Is it worth trying to go down the home made drip kit route? Or would it be better to try and get my hands on a medical IV drip and regulator? Any ideas? Thanks :D

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how do I programme a colour changing LED clock?

Hi,  I would like to make a clock using RGB LEDs where the colour changes once every hour (12 colours, like an analog clock's numbers) with a 3 second fade between each change. With another set of LEDs changing every minuet, again with a 3 second fade between the colours, using 60 colours around the colour spectrum to represent the minuets.  This has to be able to work without wifi or usb, I want to be able to set the time on it with an hour button and a minuet button, and for it to work off mains voltage with one plug.  Any ideas? 

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Is there an equation to figure a set amount of PSI to a recognizable, or commonly used force measurement?

What is/is there an equation to figure the speed a projectile travels, based on the PSI or force applied? What would this force be? k/h | fps | m/h | m/min. | k/min.|

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How could I make a clock where the hour hand moves only once per hour, in one swift motion? Answered

I am a novice techie, very novice, but i have began to design a clock where the hour hand and minute hand need to move is one swift motion.  For example the minute hand moves just once every 60 seconds, and the hour hand moves just once at the top of the hour.  Im not sure if it would be called nonsweep or what.  I've seen those swiss clocks where I believe the minute hand does this, but I need the hour hand to do it too.  Im just so lost on this.  Dont know weather to go electronic or analog or what.  I need some real techie help here.  I would like to keep this as simple as possible...mostly for my own sake.  Im planning on making some clocks for christmas presents so hopefully you guys can help me solve this problem.  Thanks in advance guys!

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How Many Hours a Day do you Spend on Instructables

I was just wondering how many hours of your day youspend on instructables. I know I spend 6 hours of my day on instructables, and if I find a good instructable, that leads me to more great instructables which can lead me up to 7 or 8 hours a day.

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How to determine remaining hours/days for a AA battery source?

Hi guys, I am building a low battery indicator which lights up a red led when the voltage remaining is 2 days before the battery dies. The device draws about 1ma all along and 50ma for about 10 seconds every 6 hours. So how do I check when the battery would have enough voltage to last for 2 more days? i have attached the battery current performance 

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Two more hours left, before my Birthday is complete....

Yes, I turned 50 today. No whirlwind, no party, no production.....ate out at an Italian restaurant, but that was it. Oh, I took off work today until the end of the month....I go back next month :-)

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How to build a Countdown clock with days, hours, minutes, and seconds?

Hi guys,New to the forum here. I just got finished building the LED light bar from this instructable: It's very cool and easy to put together. I'm definitely going to build a couple more.I found that one on accident while I was here looking for another kind of project, and I'm hoping somebody with enough smarts can put a tutorial together for me and anybody else.I'm looking for a countdown clock that is programmable. It should be able to count down to a specific time, and include days, hours, minutes, and seconds in this format - ddd:hh:mm:ss. I found an example on google images: don't need it to be huge or anything. I've been looking for a how-to on building something like this for a while now. Any help would be greatly appreciated.Thanks!

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instructables killed hours of work when I clicked 'publish'

I just spent a large part of my day writing this instructable.  8 steps, lots of pictures, words, the whole bit.  I clicked 'publish' and ... all there is is the intro. AND It's not even the full intro. I'm so mad I could spit!  Why did you do this to me, instructables?! I clicked save a bunch. Viewed the preview. It all worked until 'publish' .  Now I'm going to give up and cry for a while.  Thanks, JR 

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Our pet dog gets up every 2 hours at night?

What can I do to determine if my pet dog, 6 pounds, has a kidney infection?

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How many milliamp/hours is a duracell 6 volt lantern battery? Answered

How many milliamp/hours is a duracell 6 volt lantern battery?  I can't find this info anywhere on the web.  Thanks.

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12v timer to run a 12v dehumidifier for a few hours per day

I have a 80 w  solar panel on my caravan, wired to a 12 v leisure battery 110 amp. my question is how do I get  a 12 v  dehumidifier  to run for 2 or 3  hours per day on a timer.  unable to run continuous as not enough solar power yet as it is still winter. I have a basic knowledge  in electronics. I have not got 240 v available any help would be welcome   thanks in anticipation.  

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Why is the Answers summary page still running an hour or more late?

It seems that the Summary page listing recent Questions/Answers is roughly an hour behind schedule. When I post an answer, or flag a Best Answer, the summary page remains indifferent (even after multiple reloads) for a substantial time.

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question? can I upgrade amp hour electric scooter battery

I have a taotao ATE 501 electric scooter that has 4 12v 10ah batteries. 500W motor. Can I upgrade to 12v 24ah batteries without harming the motor? Thank you very much

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I'll be gone Monday to Wednesday. 12 hour premature return FTW!

For reasons that I am to lazy to talk about, I won't be able to get on a computer from Monday to Wednesday.  I will return Thursday. That is all. Oh, and I still will be here for the remainder of Saturday and Sunday. EDIT:  I'm back, 12 hours early.

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Building a circuit to flash an LED for 30 seconds, once every hour

Hi, im trying to build an integrated circuit for a device that will flash an LED for 30 seconds and I want it to flash every hour. I'd prefer not to use a microcontroller if possible and just use integrated circuit components. I've looked at oscillators but found none that have such a small frequency. Any advice?

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Physics Question: If I'm on a hypothetical train going 100 miles an hour...

Royalesteel recently posted a question in the forums asking if it would be possible to use a K'Nex gun to shoot a GPS tracker onto a moving truck in front of his car. For a moment, I thought that this would be impossible, as you would need a gun that can shoot faster than the speed of the car, but this isn't the case, is it? Say you're on a hypothetical train that goes 100 miles an hour, and you have a hypothetical gun that shoots a bullet at 100 miles an hour. At first, I thought that this would mean that the bullet shot from the gun would be at a standstill (it would seem that way to you, I mean), but I think that it would really shoot away from you at 100 miles an hour. Total, it would be traveling at 200 mph, I guess.So, ignoring wind resistance, all you would need is a gun that can shoot for a distance longer than the distance that the cars would travel in the amount of time that the projectile would need to get to the forward car, right?

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Help finding a Clock that would record and playback custom audio on the hour?

My girlfriend is a big My Favorite Highway fan, so for a gift i wanted to give her custom clock that would play a snippit of one of their songs every hour, If anyone has any ideas on how to do this in a short amount of time (like before Christmas :) )

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I have had Five instructables being prepared for publication, Two of them were ready and a great long one with over 10 steps have disappeared. My .......... STEAM PUNK STORM GLASS ........... was to be published tomorrow Monday All that is left is the first page !!!  :( USING MAGNETS IN MY GEEK WORLD... lost all but the first page :( BALANCED COOLING SLAB ....................... lost all but the first page :( BED ROOM HANG CONTROL .....................  lost all but first the step :( GEODES REVEALED .................................. lost all after the third step :( I'm running Windows XP with Mozilla Firefox.. Do i need to change my password ? A great deal of months of work and almost every step is wiped, disappeared and found them goon. This happened last week and also about a year ago. Extremely Depressed........... What if anything can be done ?

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Launch It! Challenge is closed for entries. Just a few hours left to vote!

At 11:59 pm PDT on Sunday the Launch It! Challenge officially closed for entries, but it's not over yet! Six prizes will be awarded for the top-rated instructables and one will be awarded for the top pageviews and those numbers close on Thursday at noon PDT.Voting is done by giving an instructable a positive rating. And the rating buttons can be found to the right of the instructable's title.So if there's a Launch It! instructable that you like and haven't voted for, do it now! Go to the list of instructables and start clicking!

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Any advice on a battery to power a podium lectern for 1-2 hours? Answered

I recently bought an Amplivox Executive Column Lectern. Previous podiums I have used also had a battery option, but this one only has an AC cord with no battery option (I called their customer service with this question). My question to the group is what options do I have for a battery to run into the AC cord? The podium has a 150W amplifier. (link to site:

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Looking to buy 8-10 hour emergency candles anyone know where to buy some?

I am looking to buy some 8-10 hours emergency candles for a survival pack I'm putting together. Does anyone know where to buy some cheaply? I don't want to have to buy it off Amazon or eBay.

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A comment I made literally about 5 minutes ago says that it was posted 2 hours ago.

I just made a comment on this page, and it says it's from 2 hours ago.  Help?  Fix?

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I would like to purchase automatic button pusher machine with on the hour function; how much would it cost?

The b=automatic button pusher machine should be able to press a button every hour on the hour. It should be easy to set up.

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Led Clock, Need Help. Using Arduino

I want to make a clock where there is a led blue or clear marking each hour around a circle, the led is on for that hour and then moves to the next led in the circle for the next hour.  pretty simple.  it will look kind of like an analog clock except without the hands.  for the minutes, i want the same leds as the hours to light up but since there will only be twelve, it will only be accurate within 5 minutes.  the minutes need to light up less bright that the hours so that i can differentiate between the two.  I have an arduino uno, breadboard, resistors and leds.  Please Help!!!

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