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Household Hacker

There's a man on Youtube who is trying to convince everyone that you can do some ridiculous technological feats. His username is Household Hacker, and he has nearly 3 million views on just one video.*run a TV off of a AAA battery, *intercept cell phone calls with a universal remote*charge an ipod using only an onion and gatorade*make a hi-fi speaker out of a penny, a paper plate, and a sheet of tinfoil Although many of us realize that this is fake, a lot of people think it's true.'m sure some of you will find it funny, while others won't. I'm still trying to figure out which side I'm on with this.

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Household Hacker 2

Looks like we got another Household Hacker type site, only with a MacGyver spin. Check out these ridiculous tech videos:What Would MacGyverDo?

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Tooth Pick Bird?

I entered all of the information and pictures after every step and saved my work with your program. What happened to it or how can I find it?

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a resestor inside household items? Answered

Is there any resestors hidden inside any household items? i dont want to spend so much at my local Source-by curcit city

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homemade paperweight

I'd like to make a paperweight from things I have around the house. I don't possess great creativity so I'm having trouble finding things that are both heavy and small around the house. Any suggestions?

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Geared Motors in Household Items

There's only like 15 entries in the robot contest, and I think part of the reason (not all) is the parts that people have on hand. Does anybody know where to get a motor (with a geartrain head on) in a household device? I don't wanna go buy one

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Banking capacitor for household electricity

Anyone here knows how to make a banking capacitor for residential? what is the right capacitor and value for the electricity banking?

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household bottles to hold gasoline? Answered

I need a sealable bottole that i kind find around my house,water bottle,detergent bottle,etc that can safely hold gas for about a day

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Battery Powered Lightbulb

Is it possible to power a household size incandescent lightbulb with a battery? If so how?

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How to Clean a Glass Stove Top?

I have a glass stove top that I cannot get clean.  I have tried oven cleaner, Bon Ami, Ajax, Comet and the run of household cleaners.  I am not concerned about scratching at this point (I tried steel wool!), but want the black burn off!

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Robotics: The latest if not the greatest from G4TV

Recently viewed on Attack of the Show:     DIY robots, Cube Stormer, and Thespian robots Robotic Source Video

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all in one complete laundry sheets

I've been using those Purex all in one - detergent, fabric softener, dryer sheet - in my High efficiency front loader.  When those sheets come out of the dryer, they look like they could be reused.  Any ideas how to make my own "refill" products and how to do it? tHANKS!

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Anyone using 3D printing to fix everyday stuff?

Let's get this out of the way: 3D printing is amazing.  Prototyping and even generating human tissue are happening.  Right. Now. That said, let's find some everyday uses for this crazy technology. How are you using it to fix stuff around your house?  Doorstops, replacement parts, hacks, key hooks... all that stuff.  Dont' have access to a 3D printer?  Post your idea here and maybe we'll help you get it made...  ;)

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Repair Stuff

Could Instructables perhaps include the category of REPAIRS. It just occurred to me when saw His Highness, E.W. post the repair of his power saw that there is no place really for this topic. I routinely replace the power cords on all my power tools on purchase with a 5M cable. (the factory cables are always too short and sometimes the plug is just downright weird). Lately I have replaced the bearings in my planer (with 100% success). However I seriously battled with the removal of one of them and did need advice. As a farmer I am constantly repairing stuff and am currently busy vivesecting my old drill and need advice on how to check the various parts for continuity, since smoke came out of it! but don't have a clue where to post though except in offbeat.

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What is the best household tool to cut cardboard?

What is the best household tool to cut cardboard?

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Small Household Containers to hold gas? Answered

I need a small container to hold extra gas for my dirt bike.

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Household Appliance Efficiency (Slowing the meter)

Hello, Does anyone have an idea how I can build a device or circuit board that I can hook up a computer  to monitor the efficiency of Appliance and hopefully write a computer programe to maximize the efficiency of the appliance and minimize the power drawn from the power grid. Basically slowing down the meter while the appliances still operate at their full potential? Thanks 

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Stripping parts from household devices

Hi I want to build a lot of the things on this site but right now I cant just go and order the parts online as where I live I either get ripped of on the price of the components  or on the delivery costs the last time I ordered parts they came to just under a tenner but it still cost me nearly 50 quid to get them in my hand so I'm looking for some advice on what kind of devices I can get different parts from the ideal thing would be a site that has a vast list of devices and what kind of components would be inside but I think such a site is very unlikely so hopefully somebody here can help me with the ones I'm looking for now I want some servos and micro switches. I have striped two microwaves for the micro switches but they didn't have the kind I was looking for the activater (sorry can't spell) was a push button rather than the lever and striped a few things for the servos that I figured would have them but they were just normal motors with cogs set up to act as the gears what I'm looking for an actual servo. I have no RC cars left as they all had the set up I just said so any thing else that you can think of that would have them in a normal house with a crap load of kids toys Thanks in advance Pacina

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Where to find biconcave lens?

I want to make the google cardboard VR, but I cannot find biconcave lens. Is there any household thing that contains biconcave lenses with about 45 mm focal lengh and can the spectacle lenses be used for this project? Also buying online is not an option for me.

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Anyone using 3D printing to fix everyday stuff?

Let's get this out of the way: 3D printing is amazing.  Prototyping and even generating human tissue are happening.  Right. Now. That said, let's find some everyday uses for this crazy technology. How are you using it to fix stuff around your house?  Doorstops, replacement parts, hacks, key hooks... all that stuff.   Don't have access to a 3D printer?  Post your idea here and maybe we'll help you get it made...  ;)

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Need help about my new project. (help about info, suggestions, and tips)

I'm new here and I need some help regarding my project. I am aiming for building our house an emergency lighting system. I like electronic stuff, I do all electrical repairs and mod to our house, it's my hobby. But I didn't take electronics so I am a bit lacking with basic knowledge. I am planning of doing this by buying bright LEDs wire them in parallel so when the time comes, typhoon or something and the light goes out, we can have a bright well lit house, seeing our stuff will be enough although no electric fans and all, we just can't keep on buying candles which are very dangerous and cause fires. Things I am aiming for: LED's wired in parallel circuit On and off switch detachable battery plug (so we can remove and replace batteries) a 30,000mah portable power bank as a power source or bigger Rechargeable (30,000mah power bank used to charge my smartphone or I can buy bigger capacity batteries from our electronic store) Basic circuitry and system Here's where I need help, i don't know what LED I need to buy, I just want the small once that lasts long though depending on the battery capacity. I don't know their specs, I dont know which is best for this project, Our main area where I need to set this thing up is our sala. Our sala isn't very big, probably just 5 meters square I will hook the LEDs in a parallel circuit, stick them to the ceiling spanning all four sides of our sala. if I use the 30,000 mah power bank for cellphones as their power supply, how long will it lasts? what type of LED will be bright enough and consume low power for them to light for long hours? Does buying bigger battery means easy replacement? will it lasts longer? If I buy the large battery from the store, I need to recharge it, how can I build a charger, I saw they were just selling battery I don't know how I can recharge the things. Thanks guys!

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handmade git ideas for mums baday??

Its my mums birthday soon i have n money and i hae to make her some present out of household items please help!!

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How to make a simple robot with simple household items? Answered

Just want something to work with

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how to generate 2500watts 220volts 50/60hz using indoor hydro or wind generator?

A mini or portable hydro generator continuously generating 2500watts power at 220volts 50/60hz AC power, enough to run household equipments, also, ability to connect-in-series or parallel another portable generator for added power or backup unit.

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Make awesome jewelry out of household objects

If you want to make something cool for yourself, you can use some household items and your imagination to create some amazing things. Anni Albers did just that several decades ago and you can now get kits to recreate them. Or maybe just dig around in your drawers and see what you can make with what you already have. Make Like Anni Albers, Turn Household Objects into Dazzling Fashion Statements

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Can you make a household radiator yourself?

Is it simply a case of using piping and connecting it to your central heating? (I have visions of shaped copper piping with hot water running through it.)

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How to connect a normal household fan to a battery? Answered

Hi everyone I'm trying to connect a standard 230V- 50Hz 25W fan to a battery to make it mobile for a project I'm working on. I want the battery to be able to power the fan for at least an hour before recharging it.  What type of inverter will I need for this and what kind of battery? Thanks!

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Repurpose laptop to household touch screen calendar?

A few years ago I had come across instructions on how to repurpose an older laptop into a calendar for all in the household to use. The laptop would only run a calendar program (perhaps one or two more) where those in the house could post and update appointments or other commitments.  The original laptop screen was replaced by a touch screen while retaining a functioning keyboard.   I was certain that this had been an Instructable, but I have not found such a project on the site.  I have not found a hard copy in my file drawer or a soft copy on my backups.  Does such a project ring a bell to any of you?  If so, please let me know. 

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Would it be possible to "expand" a regular household printer?

Basically, what i'm talking about is taking apart a normal A4 printer and expading the paper feed and guide rails so it can accomodate paper of any size. The purely mechanical aspect certainly seems doable, although you'd run out of ink a lot faster, and I have no idea how to tackle the software issues. It seems theoretically possible, but i'm not sure about how you'd actually go about it - tips/help and any links would be appreciated.

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What are some new different ways to make household guns? Answered

Like a tooth pick gun or a marshmallow gun with out PVC

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Cheap Pcb? Answered

Is it possible to create a pcb with cheap common household items and if true what can i use? I already have blank pcb but i was wonder can i substitute the etcher and acetone with other materials. 

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Can I use (two) regular household fans for building an airhockey table?

I´m planning to build an airhockey table. Since the AIR source is from great importance, I would like to know whether I can use (two) regular household fans. If so, how powerful should they be (how many watts)? Thanks in advance

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how to make a wireless remote control if i don't have a money ?and materials is households? Answered

I use a household materials to make an wireless robo remote control

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home remedies to get rid of household spiders in the summer?

I recently am having spiders come down from the ceiling right in front of your face a few times a day. i am scared to death of spiders, no matter how big or small. the other night i had one on my arm when i woke up. these spiders are not little spiders either. i havent slept well since. just a few minutes ago while checking my facebook i had a spider come down and i didnt notice it untill it was about an inch from my nose. i about had a heart attack. needless to say.... all my kids are awake now because of the screem i let out...  please help me with some easy, cheap home remedies that really work well. PLEASE!!!!!!!!

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can i power a household fan with some sort of battery pack? Answered

I am working on a portable air conditioner for my house when in order to make it portable i would need to power with a battery pack of some sort.

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can you change household items that plug into the wall to battery powered?

I was wondering for a few reasons if this could be done and if someone with skills in this department to tell me n how to do saflety please i wud be really greatful for any comment......

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is there a way to make a desoldering wick/braid out of common household items? Answered

Is there a way to make a desoldering wick/braid out of common household items? i cant get to a Radio $hack and my local hardware store doesn't carry them. thanks for any contributing thoughts!

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what if i use household materials to "carry hydrogen and oxygen on its normal state? Answered

What if i instead of using expensive materials and building cryogenic systems to store oxygen and hydrogen...    I use electrolysis to separate oxygen (Negative) and hydrogen (positive) from water and store it in a water bottle so that i have a portable system of hydrogen and oxygen so that i can use it a few minutes after its "extraction".   

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smoke bomb ideas?

Does anybody know how to make a smoke bomb from household chemicals?

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smoke bomb ideas?

Does anybody know how to make a smoke bomb from household chemicals?

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Request: Convert UNder-car neon tubes to household plug-in

I have neon tubes that I use to use under my car. I want to find a way to use them around my desk, or to add more ambient lighting to my room or something. I tried to find something to do with this, but had no luck. I am a complete noob,so if someone could point me in the right direction that would be awesome.

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I want to hardwire an LED kit with switch to the household wiring?

I've found similar instructions online but not quite the same thing I'm wanting to do.  Essentially, I want another fixture in the bathroom without using the plugins. I have an LED kit with switch included.  (;=true&ref;_=ox_sc_act_title_1∣=A3QAWKW1O2SEC3) I want to put the LED strip lighting under the bathroom sink vanity for subtle lighting in the middle of the night.  I want to set up the on-off switch at floor level to be poked with a toe.  However, I do not want to have a wire running from under the cabinet, across the wall to the plugin. Is there a way to hardwire this LED kit into the house wiring that is already present?  NOT where an old fixture was, this will be all new wiring.  Thank you. Even sources that might help me would be appreciated.

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how can i clean my car engine with household items? water yes/no?

I want to make my car engine look a bit nicer, but i have no clue on where to start... i have read that you can use water at high pressure, but it doesn't seem too safe to me...

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