Hey guys and gals blue prints for a hover or some thing that floats thanks much obileged

Question by tinker234 

Hover Technology

I have an idea for Hover Tech./Hover board. See if you used sound at a high enough decibel, but at a frequency humans and animals couldn't hear, it could work. Because sound is also a force, it can move things. Anyone agree or have some input?

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do hover shoes actually works ? Answered

This video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=40S8G2ZuRpE) teaches you how to make hover shoes. Do these realy work ?

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Hover shoes need your opinion

Do you think that hover shoes like the one in this video could be real if they are i might spend my christmas money on them i see many coments like this "i tried them and they work!!" but idk

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Hover Over Title Bug in steps

So i was browsing the health by design, specifically the one about the grill smoker thing and I noticed that when I hovered over a step it was giving me some strange feedback. Instead of the step title and a portion of the content it said "false false 0 Internet Explorer ..." So I think there's a problem with the javascript or the php backend

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Problems with new site and iPad!

The new web page format includes many dropdown boxes that do not work with the ipad. The ipad does not support a "hover" event so when you to select a dropdown item it doesn't work. Did not have this problem with previous website. I know that there is a limited app for the iphone but it does not appear appropriate for the ipad.  This makes it virtually impossible to navigate instructables on the ipad. 

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How does a hovercraft skirt work? Answered

I know that it traps the air underneath until the pressure is enough to lift. But does the lift engine push air into the skirt? and are there holes in the skirt on the inside for the air to be pushed out?

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Hoverbike takes off

Australian Christopher Malloy has built what seems to be a working hoverbike.  Built in his Sydney garage, with a custom carbon-fibre frame and a BMW engine, the machine is being touted as "Star Wars Speeder bike Mk1". Currently restricted to tethered flights of a few inches altitude, Malloy claims the bike feels stable, and is just waiting permission to undertake untethered tests. 'I am still ground testing at the moment only because I'm not 100 per cent sure what will happen so the straps are there to cover the unknown. I haven't had the pleasure of flying round the countryside yet. 'It is quite stable and doesn't want to tip over but if something unplanned happened during testing I wouldn't want to break the prototype. 'The Hoverbike was built with safety in mind so at least three components have to fail before you might have a serious airborne failure. 'There are also two explosive parachutes attached to the airframe and of course the rider could choose to wear their own parachute too. He predicts: 10,000ft altitude. 100mph 92 mile, 45 minute flight on one tank £45,000 pricetag The hoverbike should also have "ultralight" status - at only 270kg, under US regulations, no pilot's license would be required.  Since it has no driven wheels, it shouldn't require a road license either...!  Malloy is a former helicopter pilot, and says those skills are helpful when flying the hoverbike, but also says that the unique craft ultimately needs no more skill to fly than a motorbike, with speed and direction being controlled by a mixture of throttle and body-posture. As soon as I win the Lottery, I know who is going to get a knock at the door... Via Daily Mail

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Can I turn a Hover mower into a Dog Poo vacuum sucker upper ?

I have an old but working hover mower (Flymo). How could i turn this into a vaccum device to suck up dog poo in my garden ? This isnt the model I have, but it works in the same way.     I can get my hands on plastic pipe duct tape etc, and obviously it would work from mains power.

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XP Start Menu Hover Change?

So I've been messing with some different visual styles for xp and noticed that none of them  changed the hover color in the start menu. To me it drags the themes appeal way down. Is there a way to change it from the default highlight: img132.imageshack.us/img132/5029/whatitis.png To something like this:  img691.imageshack.us/img6911681/wanttobe.png While preserving my current theme setup? If so, How? -rx

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Is it possible to have two trust fans on a hovercraft ? Answered

I am designing a hovercraft similar to the instructable " 10hp hovercraft ", but competly from scratch. Finding a blade big enough is becoming a problem. I had the idea of useing the 13 horse motor and pullies to power two 20" fans from a box fan. The fans power is also cut 1/3 from trust to lift. So my question is it powerfull enough to lift 250 pounds.

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how do I propel a hover craft go kart thing

I am in the proses of bilding a hover craft andI want to know how to go forwerd

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How much pressure is in Hovercraft skirt? Answered

I am working on building a 10 hp hovercraft similar to the one published on 10 hp hovercraft. But i wanted to build it from scratch. could I use 2 tractor tires cut and glued back together.

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lifter ?

Http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_-VUGAwpVEI&feature=fvwrel look help i need a power source for this that can be light as possbale i am atpmting a small plane with this pleasse help me with my project i alerday have 3 projects dealeyed on this one so help will be apred furrfer   thanks tinker 

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Will i have any problems building this HOVERCRAFT MODEL at 1/2 of his scale( aka use half the measurements he uses)? Answered

I really want to build a hovercraft model. Id design my own but i know id run into center of gravity issues. Id build this one www.model-hovercraft.com/2000tdx/2000tdx.html but it is too large for my likeing and storage. Would it work at 1/2 his measurements. I realize i would need to use a different size motor and prop for the duct. I would probably use the same size motor but half sized prop for propulsion because me gusta( i like) fast.

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Is it possible to make a plane that can hover (helicopter style) in the air using three downward facing turbofans? Answered

Would it be possible to make a plane that can hover (helicopter style) in the air using three turbo fans or turboprops (two big ones on the sides to lift the aircraft and one on the back to steer) I was just wondering if that would be possible, not that i even have the tools to try it out. I just have a hobby of speculating about these things. If it would really be tried in the near future, it would be a great alternative to an attack helicopter! See this link for a good example how it would be like: http://cnc.wikia.com/wiki/ORCA_Assault_Craft . Please do not take this question to seriously, I am just an ordinary knexer and so i'm not going to do anything with this. But I was just wondering...

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Wrong profile is displayed on commentator's profile hover display

While in the comments section of a post, the user's own profile is displayed when hovering over the profile picture of another user's comment. Precondition: logged-in Steps: 1- Select a post with comments. 2- Scroll down to the comment section. 3- On a comment, hover over the user's profile picture. Expectation: - Commentator's profile is displayed Result: - The user's own profile is displayed instead of the commentator's profile Extra Details: Browser: Google Chrome - Version 59.0.3071.115 (Official Build) (64-bit) Post used in pictures : https://www.instructables.com/id/Arrow-Through-Coke-Bottle/  

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Take apart vacuum, see powerful motor, wat do?

So I took apart my old vacuum today and took out the motor with the impeller and everything. I put it into a housing and made a little jet car by strapping it to a skate board, which worked pretty well. I got bored the second I figured out it couldn't push me though. XD Now, I'm just wondering what to do with it. I was thinking maybe a hovercraft, but I don't have a second motor to use for propulsion. (plus, I don't think it would be as fun as one without cords to have to drag around.) So my question is... what should I do with it now? As of now, it doesn't really have a use other than looking and sounding awesome.

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Anti Gravity Idea...

OK I had this idea. I was online and thought up this idea for an anti gravity machine. This is it: use extremely static negatively charged materials for anti gravity. It could work the same way lightning clouds do. The base of the cloud is negatively charged and the ground become positively charged. Now if the material of the anti gravity "thing" is charged with static electricity, wouldn't it repel the ground? Now I am by far no expert in any of this...I just thought it up. What do you guys think?

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CSS problems? a: hover broken on viewing multiline ible titles

When you go to a page that has 'ibles listed in the block formation (the 4x3 formation) then the orange links under each ible that become underlined when you hover on them, when you hover the last line of the ible title doesn't turn underlined. An example of this is on my user profile page: https://www.instructables.com/member/Jayefuu/?show=INSTRUCTABLES&sort;=VIEWS&limit;=12 I don't see this bug when I visit a page with ibles shown in the 5x4 format, like this page: https://www.instructables.com/tag/type-id/ I'm using Windows XP w/ SP3 w/ 1024x600 res and Firefox 3.5.6

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How do I fix a hand-top hover-copter?

I have one of those hand-top hover-copters that sense water and hover over your hand when hydrated. My friends' got confused with what and how sensitively to sense and just kept going up and flew away. Mine looks like there's something wrong with the propeller and keeps on leaning to one side. It maybe a weight problem because it's an astronaut with propellers. We think the reason is it reacts to any remote to turn it off and gets corrupted or we just drop it and wait for it to stop hopping and turns off. How do we fix something like that?

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"Normal 000"

"Normal 000" is appearing in step text when hovering over picture, sometimes 2 or 3 times. How do I get rid of it? Help, this is my first instructable, and it's been FEATURED with this weird text.

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electronic magnet that produces enough force to lift weight

you have an unlimited power source. now is it possible to create enough force at the right "degree" that would be repelled by the earth instead of attracted.. so like a floating magnet. but its strong enough to lift large objects..... like maybe a human?

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Hi, Years ago I saw a demo on Sesame Street of making a very small indoor rubber-band light plane which almost hovered ? Answered

Indoor Plane, very light, rubber band powered, slow flying/hovering

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Rate an Instructable? I've hovered, depressed, left clicked, right clicked, and double clicked.?

How do I rate an Instructable? I expect an answer that says first, second, then walk to the kitchen, get a drink, return to the computer, etc, sort of answer. I'm old. Thanks

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Best material for an rc car body? Answered

I bought a nice futaba controller set from Hobby Town USA and built a RC Hovercraft with it. It was a failure, so I took it apart. I now would like to tackle something easier, like an RC Car. There is less worry about weight on one of these, like there is on a hovercraft. What would be the best material to use to build the frame? I was thinking PVC, but I'm no expert. Thanks!

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I want to build my owen hover-kraft but i do not have the plans for this. can someboby to help me?

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If I'm viewing a slideshow and I hover over the See More, the slideshow is infront of the menu. Is it just me?

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What should I use for a hovercraft fan?

I have all the necessary building materials (wood, plastic tarp, foam, etc...) as well as a 22 hp engine and a weed whacker engine (both gasoline). I'm having trouble figuring out what i need in terms of a lifting fan. I've determined that i need something that can provide at least 4000cfm. I've looked at industrial shop fans 20+ inches in diameter which seem to provide enough airflow to work, but I've never seen them used in my research. Can anyone help?

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It would be nice...

It would be nice to see the full name of an instructable when you hover over it's title. Just an observation. Thank you.

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What is this light? Answered

Can this be done with lasers?   http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/worldnews/article-1234430/Mystery-spiral-blue-light-display-hovers-Norway.html >

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Uploaded picture thumbnail size: Microscopic!

Hi, first off, I am aware that I can hover the mouse over the picture to see it bigger. Would it wreck your servers to make the thumbnails bigger? I am doing an 'able right now that has over a hundred pictures. It is so frustrating to work with these tiny thumbnails! Even if I can see the bigger picture by hovering. There is a lag, and it's still confusing. I don't even think I can write this instructable like this.

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Real-life Back to the Future 2 hoverboard

French artist Nils Guadagnin has built his very own hoverboard based on the hoverboards in Back to the Future II. It's pink, it's a board, and it actually does hover when placed on its platform. Integrated into the board and the plinth is an electromagnetic system which levitates the board. A laser system stabilises the object in the air. The board is hovering with the help of two CLM-1+ levitation modules made by Crealev. Hoverboard Project via geekologie

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Can the DS Browser load...

Can it load the text on pictures that appears when you hover your mouse over it (like the yellow boxes on the pictures on here)? I know the way I said that sound stupid but anyway.

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Custom CSS to enhance instructable

Hi, I would like to use custom CSS to enhance my instructables. It's possible to use inline css but I don't like it because it is very limited and inefficient. Are we allowed to define custom classes or import a custom style sheet and how can we do this? I'm especially need this to have hover effects and set opacity etc. For example I want to have a hover effect on the very last (inline) image link of this instructable: https://www.instructables.com/id/3D-printed-anti-spy-camera-cover/ thanks for the help.

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Henry Hoover Storage

Hi has anybody muilt or found a cool way to store a henry hoover it takes up so much space dumped in the garage i want him to be happy in a hover paradise!

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how to get thumbnails on wii usb loader

My wii usb loader works fine but have to hover over the blank icon to id the game. Im using wbfs manager, how do i attatch a thumbnail

Topic by roobydoo 

what voltage do wired mice run at (the mice you use for your computer)?

I have been wondering what voltage that mice run at so i can make a hover mouse

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My new maze game

Hey guys, I made a maze game for you all, and if you want to try it out, do so now! I made it on powerpoint with hover over action buttons. Happy halloween!

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So, i'm a star wars fan for some time now and I've always wanted to start on a dream project, i wanted to create a real life Star Wars Speeder, having the technology that we have right now i think it's possible, now the thing is, i need to find a motor(s) big enough to lift a 185lbs guy off the floor, i don't really want it to fly like an airplane but more like hover a few feet off the ground, maybe 2 or 3 feet and make it move forward... for forward movement i'm thinking of the concept of thrust vectoring. i'm still on the planning/drawing stages of it... any suggestions from the experts??? 

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Launch Stats appear to have stopped ?

My launch stats appear to have stopped working. All I get is a white rectangle with a spinner. Does any one else have this problem? Screen shot attached.If it helps there is no URL when you hover over the launch button.

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Skip suggesting "for easy printing"

When you hover over the PDF icon a bubble says "Download as PDF for easy printing and offline viewing".  I suggest you skip the "for easy printing" -- it suggests the reader waste paper for something that can easily be viewed online.

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Build a fish that swims in the air without any manual control? Answered

Hey there, My first post. While walking by the toy store, I saw that they had a giant dolphin(filled with air) that was swimming around in air just above the head..... so funny..a big fish swimming freely..giving you the impression that you are under water.. I could not even see if someone was controlling the motion...seemed to me that its 'altitude' and 'path' was kind of pre set and it would continue to hover until its battery ran out or something. Is there a way to build this? like fill up a ballon (shaped like dolphin) with air, and program it with some kind of bult in controller that makes it hover...? Thank you

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Harry Potter flying broom idea. Would it work? Answered

               Ok, so in the past few months I've came up with an idea for a maglev-esque flying broom design after re-watching Harry Potter. It would hover over a magnetic track using two electromagnets- one in the handle and one hidden in the broom straw. The power of the magnets could be controlled via a control panel/joystick on the handle of the broom, letting the rider control the height of the broom. I'm not sure how the speed would work, but if I understand magnetic propulsion right, it should move forward by itself. Is there any way i could get it to where the rider could control the speed? And also, I'm assuming this will cost way more than I can afford, so at the moment it is all hypothetical.

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Home page adjusted

Well, the last home page change wasn't quite as successful as we'd hoped.  We heard people saying that they didn't like the moving pictures, and wanted the titles visible, without having to hover.  So I've just pushed out some modifications that change those things.  We hope the current version is better!

Topic by rachel 

Category Bug - Refreshes Page *Ignore* Solved

If you go onto the home page, and hover over Explore, it will drop down a menu with the categories. When you click on one, it just refreshes the home page. This could be considered a fairly big bug, but not totally . Just thought I'd let y'all know.

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Disappearing Go g e?

You may have seen that Google has a crop-circle theme today, with a hovering UFO. The "l" is missing (even from the name of the image-file). A while ago, an "o" was kidnapped by a very similar UFO. Do the artists at Google know something we don't...? What letter is next?

Topic by Kiteman 

where can i find instructions on building a working hoverboard?

I dont mean a hovercraft, i mean a skateboard-like thing that actually hovers above the ground. i dont have a lot of money..... so i cant make one that is like a hundred bucks. i would also like for it to be simple and easy and compact.

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What is the scientific principle behind using s plasma globe to light up a matchstick?

Why does a matchstick light up when one places a coin on a plasma globe, uses a paper clip to hover around the coin while holding the matchstick alongside the paper clip? (note the video does not use a matchstick, but it still applies the same concept)

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Creating 'able. Filenames not the real filename?

I'm finishing my first 'able. I have a zip file on one step, which shows up at the bottom of the text displaying the correct filename but when I hover over it, it consists of a bunch of random letters. Is there a way to have the downloaded filename to be the real filename? Also is it possible to position the filename elsewhere in the text? Thanks, Michael

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