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HOWTO edit a comment

I am a relatively new member. I just posted a comment on an Instructable.  After posting, I discovered that I had made an error of fact. My question is: Is there a way to edit (one's own) posted comments after the initial posting?

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howto hack school laptop

anybody noe how to do it

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Howto make a Cheap partybutton Answered

How to make a cheap party buttonThe stuff i have.Usb Game controller* Winamp / Windows media playerA laptopA Remote controlled power switch (2x)?

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Howto choose RGB leds ?

Hi, I need to buy some nice looking RGB leds. What I want is a led that can be turned pink, yellow, green, cyan, magenta... whatever. What I have received are leds that project three different beams, one red, one red, one blue, making three different colored spot, but do not look like one homogenly colored led. So my question is : -How to now from the spec if the led will look nice or will look like the one I already have ? -Where to buy 25-50 nive rgb leds for a fair price ? Regards, tReg.

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howto make 3d shutter glasses?

I cannot find any instructable on making something like shutter glasses. my idea is: the left-eye image gets a white 10x10px rectangle in the top-left corner of the computer screen, the right-eye image gets a black rectangle. the shutter glasses would have a photoresistor glued (or somehow placed) onto that 10x10px-area for timing. but i don't know how to use that (binary) signal to control the transparency of the 2 LCDs. i don't even know which LCDs to use or where to buy it.

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Howto: Make a DVD Burner into a High-Powered Laser

Check this out !Have fun :-P

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Open-source how-to framework

I remember reading about an open-source how-to framework that was being created by people with previous(?) ties to Instructables. Does anybody know what it's called? Basically it was a global, unified structure for how-to's should be written. 

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How to make Paper Mache...

I have spent   'more than a little time' over the last few days,  seeking...    I have not found what I am looking for.    I dont want 'this is how you can do this'...    I want to find,   'this is the different ways to make paper mache, this is how use the different types, and this is what the pros and cons are of these'... I looked in the likely places, and on the Instructables site, and didnt find it... help... regards... dnorm ps.    pls dont think me rude to  'cut you off'   ...   I am Not seeking a specific solution for a given application...    I am seeking a website which provides a very broad ,    and   in depth,   description and understanding of the versatility of the craft. in spite of that...    any response is most welcome, truly... d.

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Howto wire an AVR programmer to a microcontroller-socket? Answered

Hi, i'm bloody new into electronics and i want to make these "animatronic cat ears". I bought an avr-programmer with a usb-jack on the one hand and a 10pin-jack on the other hand, a chip and sort of a exchange-socket (dunno how it's called). Now i'd have to solder the socket (2x8 pins) onto a piece of breadboard and connect it to the 10pin-jack of the programmer  (otherwise i'd have to buy new programmer with socket for expensive 20 bucks). I can't really find the info howto wire things and i'm a lil bit afraid of frying things.

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howto take apart the r2d2 usb hub?

I own one of those cool CubeWorks R2D2 USB hubs. Now, the lights have gone out and I want to see if it is perhaps a matter of a loose wire... but I can't open the device... If anyone could explain how to do this without damaging everyone's favorite AstroMech Droid, I'd be very grateful!

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woofer connection in a car mp3 player. ? Dos & Donts

I have a car amp with 4 speaker outlets(2L & 2R) can i connect just one woofer to it? if yes then what is the max limit of woofer specification? thanks in advance

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does anyone know howto make a flash/have an arduino program?

###edit###hope this helps; i want an swf arduino program so it opens in adope flash player and i can edit the arduino code

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How can we convert a wifi card (intel pro wireless) to a usb wifi adapter.

I have a intel pro wireless intel pro wireless 3945abg.(Grabbed it from my old laptop) I want to convert it to a usb wifi adapter. I m taking some help from this article. Help Needed! Thanks in advance.

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Raspberry Pi PC temp checker

Hello forum, I'm planning on buying a raspberry Pi this week. I know a couple programming languages, but only the basics. I've had this idea for quite a while: Connect multiple thermal sensors to the Pi, and then connect the Pi to my old Android cellphone (Nexus 2), and mount the phone to my PC case, so I get read outs for the PC components (CPU, VGA, PSU, HDD, and so on). Can someone help me, and explain how I can do this? I see it as a fun hobby to get into programming, and also reuse a cell phone, so I don't throw it away.

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One year old dog will not accept my new three month old puppy?

I have a one year old female husky mix (Nova). I rescued her from the pound when she was six months old. Nova loves women and children but has been afraid of men since I have had her. Nova is usually dog aggressive.. but not always. I thought that she would do well with a puppy. Clearly, I was wrong! I picked up a three month old female husky mix (Luna) two days ago. I allowed Nova to sniff Luna's scent on a jacket. Nova seemed extremely curious and even wagged her tail. I was impressed. I held Nova by her harness while we brought Luna into our house. Nova became extremely excited! Once Nova was calm I allowed her to sniff Luna out. As soon as Luna moved her head, Nova snapped at her face? Nova will follow her around the house standing stiffly and walking tall. I am unsure if this is to show she is dominant? Probably. If Luna tries to go anywhere as in near the fire place(where Nova lays every now and then), near my children or myself, Nova steps in front of Luna being territorial. Nova has snapped at Luna multiple times and has made Luna yelp. A few times Nova attempted to play with Luna by pawing at her, but she accidently hurt Luna. All of this is still going on along with now Nova is growling at Luna. I am afraid to let them "sort it out". What can I do to help Nova accept Luna?

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what can i make with a couple hairdryers? Answered

I do maintenance and we are actually just trowing away 100+ working hair dryers such a waste but any ways any ideas on what to make with a couple of them?  and a link to how would be good thx

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How do i program picaxe?

Is there any cheap way to program a picaxe? How do you use the usb audiojack cable with the audio jack to program the PicAXE? pls help me... If you have any extra PICAXE can you send them to me please?? I live in singapore... so email me then i can tell you my address... The PICAXE here is ridiculously expensive so Im trying to find a reliable seller...

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3d Scanning Howto? best recommended? DYI vs purchased

Hey gang! So, I am in need of some help.   The end goal is to make some  1x1x1 or 2x2x2 inch figurines of my kids. (  Think DnD wizard with my sons face") as the end goal. Right now, I am wondering if anyone has any success with the Scanning side of things.  Can you recommend a DIY 3d scanning solution? On Friday, I took my Nikon DSRL and put a 2"x2"x2" clay figuring on a rotating table and took some pictures, and uploaded it to 123d Catch.  I took about 30 pictures and uploaded them.  some where ignored because of lighting maybe. I have search for 3d scanning on instructables, and found quite a few, but it would be too costly to try them all, so I though I would ask in public chat if anyone has good success.   (I know I can spend 1500 on the maker scanner, but thats crazy expensive for a toy) So putting this out there for anyone to help me out

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Helo people of Instructable . I want to ask how to Fix bent and wore off Dropout ??

My dropout bent because I accident step on it when the last paint job. I not realize the bent but until recently. I provide some pictures for you guys to see . 

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I want to design and build my own keyboard and mouse from scratch!

So i REALLY want to design and build my very own keyboard and mouse, I want to build it slim like apples or kind of that style.. So is this possible? Is there any guides out there for this? How much will it cost? Anythin will help, thank you in advance :)

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Anyone know where i can get a howto for call display programming?

I want to create a project that detects either a number on the call display is "Unknown Name", Unknown number, or "1-800" and then redirect the call to my answering machine that plays a message that the number is no long in service. Anyone know of a good tutorial on how to extract info from Call display?

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Music playback with breadboard.

Hello all. I want to create a simple music playback device. I wanted to be able to program a couple simple songs (MIDI format?) and when it receives an infrared signal, it begins to play through small speaker (small enough to hear about 10 ft. away). I was thinking this could be done through a breadboard. I am familiar with using breadboards but everything else I will need explained well. I appreciate any help I could get. Thanks.

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10% off featured Adafruit kits for pro members only! Extended to AUGUST!

UPDATE: 10% off featured Adafruit kits for pro members only! Extended to AUGUST! We (Adafruit industries) are tying an experiment with Instructables. If you're a pro member (you are if you're reading this) we are offering 10% off our 6 kits/projects that are featured here on Instructables. Here are the kits and below, how to get 10% off (just enter INST10 on checkout at Data logger: Tweet-a-watt - How to make a twittering power meter... TV-B-Gone Kit Proto Shield XBee adapter Drawdio! All you need to do is enter the code (INST10) on checkout at Adafruit - this code can be used once per pro member. If this works out well for pro members and for Adafruit we'll do more with more kits! if you have any questions post them up here and/or email

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Is it rude not to follow someone who followed you?

Hey guys. coolcrafter101 here. This question has been bothering me, so I thought I'd ask y'all. Is it rude not to follow someone who followed you? As a general rule I follow anyone who follows me, and then some. But my friends have been talking about arguments they have been having with people who don't follow them back ect. So is it or isn't it? 

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Making a smartwatch

I want to build a touchscreen smartwatch which can use fitness apps and possibly pair with an iPhone 4s I need parts and a sort of howto guide to help. Many thanks for anything Andrew :)

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how to convert a sweater to a backpack?

I need to convert an old hoodie sweater into either a backpack, bag or babybjorn of some sort. Any suggestions on how to? Preferably without cutting alot, or adding to many new stiches/zippers

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Fogfree mirror

Hello Is there anyone that knows how to maka a fogfree shaving mirror. I would love to make one myself. I tried to find a howto here but struck out. EDIT: I would like to shave while IN the shower.

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Wiring up ID-12?

Hello guys, I am soon going to use the id-12 in a project but I'm a noob in this kind of stuff. I want to connect an external antenna (coil with a capacitor) Do I just wire that to pins 3 and 4? I also want to use a very 'barebones' circuit to actually make this thing work. I Posted another question and I think I can connect pins 8 and 9 to a serial-to-usb cable (not sure how to do that either). Can someone guide me onto wiring this thing?  Thanks

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One Terabyte Ipod!

I want to take a regular 3.5" hard drive and make a franken- pod of sorts using an ipod. basically, replace an ipod's hard drive with a terabyte hard drive. its a basic concept i know it can be done  here is a link to one that has been done. but im surprised across the whole internet i could only find one or two... i can get a new Western Digital terabyte hard drive here- this is an ebay link so i dont know if it will work very well...;=item3f04fe94de i know this franken-pod will be a bit of a brick, but im fine with that.  i plan on using this in my truck to play through the stereo, and having it portable for long trips/ other cars etc... QUESTIONS- -can it be done? -im sure the power from the ipod internal battery will be insufficient... what can i do about this? -when this franken-pod is wired up correctly, will it just be a matter of plugging it into itunes and formatting the drive? or do i need to use windows to format the drive to FAT32 or whatever the ipod drives are then letting itunes format it again and add the firmware? help me out please!

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Stepper Motor and an L298 Module? Answered

Hello, I bought those items: L298 Module Kit, PIC16F877A + KIT, a stepper motor my friend found in an old printer (with four wires (2 coils)), and the pic programmer. I am lost trying to find out how to wire this thing. Can someone tell me how to connect the L298 Module with the Pic kit and the basics of how to program it (not code just the concept). I already connected the stepper motor to the coil pins of the module. Thanks

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can anybody ansewer ?s about howto direct wire or bypass the microphone jack on a gaming headset

a friend of mine gave me a afterglow headset that has a plug in mic that is broken. they sell replacement mics for 10 $ a pop but that's not happening here(not cheap just poor!).i need to just bypass the jack and hardwire it directly, an i would be grateful of any help slung my way! the jack on the headset only has 2 wires going to it with 3 contact points the plug on the mic has been bent over so far it came off, where there are what looks like 4 different colored bundles of wire which are paired together in 2 strands! so i kinda need to know how 2 wires(the headset) connect in 3 places to 4 wires(the mic)? my cam aint workin or id supply pics

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How do you create a miniature emp generator (NOT FIRECRACKER) that disables electroinics?

I found some pages on emp's but I would like so clarification on them an some simpler instructions

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Vacuum tube clock kit

This lovely clock is made from a new kit from Adafruit Industries. Once they're back in stock you can get the whole kit for $65 or just the PCB for $15. If you truly want to do everything yourself you can make the whole thing yourself with instructions here.HOWTO make a vacuum fluorescent display clock

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HELP!!!: how to make a r/c camera

So, i want to make a miniature r/c camera that does video wirelessly, but i can't find anything on the subject anywhere. in my opinion, just the fact that it is small makes it very plausible to do, and therefore an appropriate question. if anyone knows anything, it would be cool if you could let me know! :)

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Is it possible to extract the chip (and its physical environment) of a moblie and insert it into Arduino Technology?

I got no soldering/electronic skills, but would like to enhance clothes with Arduinos as next project. Arduino runs with 8/16Mhz and i thought, if the mobiles do have that tiny but fast chips, maybe theres a possibility to implant them on Arduino-Boards, but i dunno, if thats possible and howto.

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DIY: Lamp (golden or white) Caboche Sospensione. Any ideas how to build it yourself?

Hi all, l really like the style of this lamp i am thinking about rebuilding a lamp like this myself.Do you know a guide/howto of a similar lamp? What could be used for the inner ring and the many little bowls?Cheersjoern

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deleteing photos from library that is in use

Can I erase a photo in my library that is in use in an instuctable, without damaging said Instructable? In the 'Ible                       (sorry folks, haven't quite figured out the link thingie)                  the Author  fireballxl5  - certainly seemed to think so. I had wanted to de-clutter and was wondering......

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Search Bug

Bug while searching: When searching for something with not many results (ex: bertwert) the page will after the results, on a new section, 50 random instructables. Then it will reproduce the page after and after infinite times. This does not happen when there are no results but other then that it always happens. See images for details. System details: Windows 8.1 Chrome 39 Reproduction: Search a term and scroll down to the end. (ex: Thanks :-)

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ATX power supply to run a raspberry pi

Has anyone used a ATX power supply to run a raspberry pi with peripherals such as hdd's and dvd drives. If you have what considerations should I take into account, I found this howto here but it's for making a lab power supply so not exactly what I need. Thanks

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Can anybody help me with my motor controller? Answered

I need to control a 12V motor using relays and found this circuit using two dpdt relays the most suitable for me, The motor sucks in 25-30 amps and the current can peak to a max of 50 amps . Will this arrangement suffice for my motor and if not what to do? Can relays rated 50 A at 12V used for my motor? PS: I am a beginner in electronics

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Ideas: Is possible to use an old ipod touch for control something like a motor or lights?

I have my old ipod touch in the drawer. I think that is a good piece of hardware, and powefull CPU for control then the question is: can be used as a controller or brain of objects in the house?   (not only loading a simple freeapp , I mean, wired via USB and using wireless or bluetooth facilities for recibe orders from my iPhone or another device ) any ideas, things , howtos, and blueprint are welcome. thanks for advance.

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"Boy's Life" Archives I most remember "scouts in action" these were cautionary tales, as well as how to get yourself or a stranger out of a tight spot. They seem to be about page 45 to 65. Common topics: "trapped in quicksand" or " when the cave collapsed" or "the chemistry set explosive went off in his hand!!" But there was so much more, like how to make stuff with sticks, rope and knots. So much of my kidhood was howto based on scout stuff. I'm tryin to figure out how to paste  pics from the mag at the above link.

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Adafruit's biggest sale of the year - free stuff and discount!

Free stuff + 10% off, use code blackfriday free ups ground $75 or more free pcb ruler $99 or more free trinket 5v $250 or more free raspberry pi $350 ore more for bitcoin black friday ( also doing 10% off for bitcoin customers, code is bitcoinblackfriday cheers! adafruit!

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YouTube DIY Video Challenge

We just got news from our friends at YouTube saying that they are having a DIY Holiday Video Extravagazna right now. Todd Oldham has a video on the homepage requesting HowTo videos from the community. He's asking people to show him their favorite craft projects that can be given as gifts or make great decorations for the holidays. He's going to choose the most exciting 12 and put them on the home page when he's the guest editor in a couple of weeks.If anyone is interested in submitting a video, head on over to Todd's video announcement for the full details, and of course, make sure that you enter it into the Instructables Homemade Holidays 2007 Contest as well.

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i am trying to save up for a horse, but am not old enough to get a REAL job but am trying to make a lot of money, ideas?

I am a teenage girl, i am trying to earn more money to get my horse:)  i hove horses and have been saving ever since i was 9... but i still would like to have a few hundred $ in savings before i get my horse, any ideas howto earn money? i love working outside or inside it doesent matter. i am a hard worker and dont care if my hands get a little dirty.. Please help!

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Problem with number of views

Hello, I've a problem with the number of view on my Instructable : I looked for it by the regular way ("Let's make......." :, and on the page of results, it's written that it was seen near 600 times, but when I open it, it's written to the square on the left 1600 views. And the number of view on the result page didn't move for more than to weeks, even if my Instructable get more views. Is that a problem with my PC or with the web site, and how can I fix it ? I tried to clear my browser cache, but it didn't change anything... Thank you in advance :) Win7 x64, Google Chrome

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i am trying to save up for a horse, but am not old enough to get a REAL job but am trying to make a lot of money, ideas? Answered

I am a teenage girl, i am trying to earn more money to get my horse:)  i hove horses and have been saving ever since i was 9... but i still would like to have a few hundred $ in savings before i get my horse, any ideas howto earn money? i love working outside or inside it doesent matter. i am a hard worker and dont care if my hands get a little dirty.. Please help! 

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Building a capacitor charging unit

I was looking for a HowTo on building a capacitor charging unit. I saw a thread on a forum a while back that said you could create a large EM Pulse by sending a huge current down a coil of wire. I was looking about wiring up a bunch of these 220uF caps from Maplin;=12777&doy;=28m9#specThey are the last ones on the list.Would a few of these be sufficient to produce a large EM field, one that could fry sensitive electronic equipment. And how would i go about charging them all to the full capacity.Also while on this topic, would this be an efficient way of generating an EM pulse, or could you suggest any other ways of doing so.

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