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I am wondering if anyone knows of HTML tags that work in Instructables like the ones in this Instructable?

Topic by Josehf Murchison  


I am wondering if anyone knows of HTML tags that work in Instructables like the ones in this Instructable?

Question by Josehf Murchison    |  last reply

HTML help?

Hey, i'm currently working on redoing my website, and i've got a problem. I'm using tables to separate a background the main body, but when I add the text, it backs right up to the edges of the border. Does anybody know how to push the text in some, without using CSS? Using the tables won't work, it messes up my background.

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HTML help?

I upload my site, and it works fine. i also uplkoaded my pics. site:  So, i made a new html file and uploaded it but my site dont update. WHY????? there should be 1 video and 7 pics. WHY/HOW FIX??? 

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I have written a website using html , javascript , css , php and i want a service that allows me to host my code for free and create a website using it without making me use its own templates. Please I need help

Question by arv_christos    |  last reply

Photos in html

Hi! I recently posted my instructable: it got put on the homepage and has tons of views but no likes, this may be because i made the 'ible quite long by adding photos directly into the html, making it harder to see the whole thing, should i remove the photos?

Topic by MakerBox    |  last reply

HTML Tags Working

Html tags not working well.

Topic by limsss2    |  last reply

HTML Image Grabber?

I wish to be able to scrape an image from a webcomic with a html script so I can view the image offline at a later date or so I can view the webcomic when the site is blocked on a comic such as XKCD.

Question by willywoozle    |  last reply

There is no way to insert HTML?

Is there really no way to insert links into comments anymore?

Question by KDNTECHNICAL    |  last reply

HTML URL icon?

How can I put an image in the URL and/or title of a HTML page? I am trying to make a website and would like to have a little image on it.

Question by tzq33tdq    |  last reply

how to insert html?

How does one insert html into an instructable? Do I have to put som tags before and after the code or something?

Topic by leevonk    |  last reply

All my HTML disappeared

I noticed that everything I've done in HTML has disappeared from all of my Instructables!!! These are several featured and 1st/grand prize winning Instructables that I custom formatted in HTML for best effect. Can you please restore them? Will re-activating my Pro membership automatically restore them? If not, can you please restore it for me from a database backup or something?

Topic by frank26080115    |  last reply

HTML formatting lost on Instructable

I use html to format my list of parts into a table, like this page.  Recently the formatting was somehow lost on this page which is a bummer because it took a while to create the html.  The page was fine for at least a year.  I don't know exactly when the html was lost but I suspect it happened a few weeks ago (October 12th) when I edited a different page on the same instructable.  It's possible that I edited the Instructable while my Pro membership was expired.  I definitely did not edit the page with the html formatting. OS: Linux Ubuntu 14.10 Browser: Chromium 37.0.2062.120 Is there any chance of reverting that page (or even the Instructable) back to a date before the HTML was stripped out?

Topic by Deeg    |  last reply

Instructables allowed html code? Answered

Just wondering, could I insert my own html code onto an instructables project and have it work? I mean, mostly everything is already available on the text-editor, but will any html code work? :) Thanks! -A907

Question by astroboy907    |  last reply

Mobile phone html tutorial? Answered

When you browse the internet on you phone, what is the name of the code used to create it? is it similar to HTML? and where is a good tutorial?

Question by JavaNut13    |  last reply

Font Size Html Trouble?

Hey, I would like to know how to fix this font size problem I'm having. I don't know if HTML just doesn't allow it so that may be the case. So I have a div with an id of "NavBar" and a div with an id of "AccountList". The "AccountList" div is inside of the "NarBar" div. In the CSS, the "NavBar"'s div has a font size of 36px and a color of #e1e1e1. I want my "AccountList" div to have a font size of 19px and a different color. The problem I am having is that the "NavBar"'s CSS properties override the "AccountList" properties. How can I get around this? I will not take the "AccountList" div out of the "NavBar". If you want to see the actual thing I have and what I'm explaining, here is the code (Just save it as an HTML to run it): Thanks,

Question by knexpert1700    |  last reply

Comment HTML formatting, etc.

Re: this thread , I hate to have to say this but I don't think it's the best idea to make a big thing ofd the ability to use arbitrary HTML in comments.  Yes, it's great to be able to go  G o o g l e all over the place, but the lack of source editor for non-pro members actually cripples the editor, including the ability to save the text of a comment with formatting/links etc. and post it later (or just keep it in case the editor screws up and deletes your comment, like it just did to me).  While the point of the pro value-added features is to make people want to go pro and "non-essential but cool" features are probably the best way of doing that without creating resentment, I still suspect the anti-pro regiment like ReCreate etc. don't need another reason to accuse pro members of lording it over the great unwashed.

Topic by PKM  

What happened to the HTML Editor?

I used to be able to create tables using the HTML editor, but I can't seem to find it anymore.

Topic by ElectroGuruji    |  last reply

Editor shows plain HTML

Hi, while working at this one I experienced some clitches in the editor. 1. Code sections (formated with the paragraph "Code") are loaded in the editor including the HTML formating tags etc. When saving this they apear in the text as well, so the formating within the code section is destroyed every time. Browser = Chrome 60.3312... all my Safaris  On an up to date iPad the complete page is shown as HTML within the editor, I did not try to save it there Feature Requests 2. More Header styles 3. insert a table ? User experience suffers a bit :-( Cheers Mario

Topic by mariosis    |  last reply

Scripting, PHP, Html and such.....For Dummies!!

I noticed from when Eric made a post about internship in 2006, that many people have experience in scripting and such. But I also noticed how many people would like to learn, but all the big words keep them at an emotional distance.I was thinking that maybe some pros could de-mystify all them big terms for the people who might be interested in this. Mainly, Could people please post resources that could be useful to people who are interested in learning this. Or maybe some Instructables?I think that if you could simplify these to the very basics, for nth9 graders with very basic knowledge, they would have a great advantage in the future.Here are some resources I found could be very useful to complete beginners:W3School - Thanks to KitemanP.S. I Include myself in the group that wants to learn but is scared of all the big words

Topic by Keith-Kid    |  last reply

How to create a databse maker in html?

So I play a game where if I need to report someone, I put it in a log, pretty much a table. I did this in html because I'll probally put it up on the website, so I was wondering if there were anyway to make a table maker? I want it to have 5 text fields and a submit button, so if I were to put in my name, the accused, the reason, the proof, and the action, and pressed submit, it would display it on the page, and it would save into the localhost. Is this possible? This be'd so much easier than having to do it manually.

Question by ehArcher    |  last reply

Instructable editor - HTML tags filtering

Hi,I try to write an instructable to the math contest, but it is real hard to put inline formulas into the text. Even the simplest things are filtered out.I would like to make it with style and not use pictures for a simple power equation (you know the y=x^2 thing), but without the "^" symbol, just the number with superscript style. In HTML there is the tag to this or you can achieve with inline CSS as well (2), but while the editor show these correctly, these tags are filtered out at the saved instructable.What you think, what is the best solution to this problem? Do I have to use pictures? Or do I have to stay at the "^" symbol?It would be really nice when we have math contest, that this board could understand math styling as well (am I asking much with MATHML language?).

Question by bence.zahalka    |  last reply

URLs in newsletter for non-HTML readers

Hi, just thought you would like to know ... I receive the frequent Instructables newsletters.  However, I read mail in "mutt", a terminal-based text-only email program.  If I want to follow a link in a message, I cut-and-paste it from the terminal to a browser. The URLs in the Instructables newsletters are ludicrously long, which makes them a chore to cut-and-paste.  One I wanted to access today was 740 characters.  I don't know of any compelling reasons for a URL to be that long.  (I'm sure there are "reasons", I just suspect the same goals could be accomplished with URLs less than 100 characters long). I'm sure I'm in the extreme minority here, so I don't expect anyone to rush to fix this, but just thought you would like to know at least one newsletter recipient almost never follows the links it contains. Sorry if this was not the appropriate place to post this.  A quick scan of the site did not turn up a "feedback to Instructables" option. Thanks, Mark

Topic by abqcheeks    |  last reply

How can I detect newlines in a html textbox? Answered

I have a big text box and an array called lines[]. I want each line of the text box to be stored in one of the array segments. so if the text box was: Hello How Are You The lines variable world be: lines[1] : Hello lines[2] : How Are lines[3] : You I'm sorry is this is a simple question because i am new to coding. I am using html and java-script. Thanks, Griffin.

Question by griffy100    |  last reply

more flexibility with authoring Instructables

Hello, Is there a way to put images in the middle of text in a instructable step?  I seem to only be able to put the images at the top.  That's not very useful. There's no way to drag and drop an image where you want it. There also doesn't seem to be any html tag option - it seems Instructable go rid of that button, although I see Instructables from people that tell are using that button.  What's going on? Thanks, Eric

Topic by electronichamsters    |  last reply

How do you create an HTML website?

Question    |  last reply

editor crashes while parsing invalid html

I think I found a bug that will cause the editor to crash. I had a typo in my HTML tag that I was entering into the source mode editor. The tag looked like blah When I tried to exit the "source code" mode, my browser (Chrome) told me the page had crashed. I tried again, and it crashed again. When I tried again with the tag corrected, it didn't crash.

Topic by frank26080115    |  last reply

Bug in text-to-HTML converter, regarding hyperlinks

In a posting to NachoMahma's Text-Formatting FAQ, I remarked on a bug in the way hyperlinks (bracketed text) are rendered. The bug involves enclosing a hyperlink (valid or not) between punctuation characters, for example "[a-quoted-link]" or ([parenthetical-link]): "[a-quoted-link]" ([parenthetical-link])In both cases, the leading punctuation character, adjacent to the left bracket, is moved to the end of the link, instead of being preserved at the beginning.

Topic by kelseymh    |  last reply

Constantly Test Variable in an HTML Application (HTA)? Answered

Hello I have a text area in an HTA form. I want to test if the area is empty, if so, disable a button using (run_button2.Disabled =True/False), if not enable the button. here is my section Script language is VBScript my big problem is that i dont know how to call a sub to repeat maybe i should you Window_onload with a loop but i dont know i that would slow the program down any PLEASE HELP

Question by animan1    |  last reply

Can any one tell me how to attach a link coded in html editor? like a landing page. Thanks?

I can not figure out how to write a link that says download here and have a html editor keep the url redirect to the link download here.

Question by Lisaw23    |  last reply

search functionality not working

Hi, when I click on search i get to a page with html coding. This also happens if i click on "more videos" etc

Topic by prasoonv    |  last reply

Multiple tags with same id

Hey, I noticed with the reply boxes that there are multiple html tags with the same id - something that is clearly invalid. Just thought i'd point that out ;)

Topic by Sorunome    |  last reply

How to post Arduino code with pointy braces ()

The Arduino code in my instructable contains '#include < AFMotor >' . The , which keeps disappearing when I hit 'save', I guess it is interpreted as a tag. I have tried &lt; / &gt; but without success. Thanks, R 

Topic by landmanr    |  last reply

How do i display HTML content in an instructable?

I have tried to display an arduino program as a preformatted HTML tag and it displays all the &nbsp; s and the tags. Any ideas?

Question by red_green    |  last reply

whats a good free webhost that takes html and css? Answered

Ive been lookin 4 alot of them but i cant find 1 and freewebs doesnt do css and html so im at a loss and suggestions? (i would like it free i dont have alot of money to spend)

Question by stormer1127    |  last reply

Cross Browser "Set as Homepage" html/javascript code ?

I am having trouble with adding a "set as homepage" button to my website, the code i tried dosent want to work in any of the good browsers firefox, opera, chrome, but it does work in internet explorer. Thanks in advance for any help! Heres the code I have been trying: Set as Homepage

Question by littlechef37    |  last reply

Topic/comment editing -- HTML entities not handled correctly

I've been updating one of my forum topics today, and I have seen some annoying bugs in the handling of HTML entities and special characters.In the original topic text, I made use of three HTML entities (&...;): the open and close square brackets (numeric entities #91 and #93) and the Greek letter mu (entity "micro"). In the initial posting, all these entities are translated correctly. What I have seen is that if I then "Edit Topic", the text is not "inverted" correctly: The entities are preserved as their corresponding ASCII characters. For the square brackets, which I had entered as entities specifically so they would not be interpreted as signaling a hyperlink, that interpretation occurs and messes up my text. For the micro entity, a sequence of invalid additional characters (angstrom and question mark) get prepended to it on each edit/publish cycle.Obviously I can (and did, half a dozen times) go through and re-repair all of these mistakes, but it's pretty annoying :-(

Topic by kelseymh    |  last reply

I need some tips for authoring instructables using HTML

Hello and thank you for taking the time to check out my question. I'm working on writing an instructable where I would like to have a picture and then a paragraph of text and then another picture and a paragraph of text and then so on and so forth.  The problem I'm having is with the size of the pictures, they are huge...  the code I'm using is: now I'm not great at using html, in fact I haven't really used it since my basic coding class in highschool, so I'm hoping that someone can show me where I'm making the mistake. If you could would you also give me some pointers on how to use html for instructables, things like centering text, creating line breaks, etc.  Thanks in advance!!

Topic by Matt Makes    |  last reply

How do you insert an image into an instuctable using the HTML Function? Answered

Ok, so I'm working on a step in my upcoming 'ible and I want to have the image in the text, but I'm not sure if that's even possible here. If so, can somebody tell me? Thanks.   :D

Question by knexinventions 49    |  last reply

Captcha not showing to enter but required. HTML id attribute

Operating System: Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit SP2 Browser: Google Chrome 30.0.1599.101 m URL: Reproduce: Try to comment Possible Error: HTML div id attribute contains abnormal '#' character which could be a typo preventing JavaScript from performing action. I was trying to post a comment on a instructable, but it said I needed to enter the two words in the image. But all it shows is the comment field and then: "This helps us prevent spam". The html id of the div i believe suppose to contain the captcha is "#recaptchaContainernull" I believe that this should probably be "recaptchaContainernull". This html div tag having the wrong id would prevent the captcha from loading dynamically with JavaScript.

Topic by themaster5_07    |  last reply


I need alot of help. if anyone out there knows html, can you plese find or create a html code for interactive polls?

Topic by E-R-IC    |  last reply

how to do a css transition?

I want to make a menu with background images that will devolve into another image when you hover over a category The layout of my menu looks somewhat like the one of instructables-->(food | living | outside | play | technology | workshop) but to make it look a bit nicer I want to make it fade and not just all of a sudden change the background without any transition at all. I've found a html code which does exactly what i want but I don't know how to do this in css (in a way in which it is supported by all browsers)  the html code:                                                /'\ does anyone how to do this   |  in css? thanks

Question by selujtje    |  last reply

List of solutions to IE not displaying web pages properly? Answered

I've been doing a bit of web design recently. My site looks great in firefox but in internet explorer the unordered lists for the menu are double spaced making it look a bit naff. After a bit of googling I couldn't find anything on it but wondered if any iblers had come across a list of common problems with html and css that makes internet explorer display it differently? (Pictures: firefox on left, IE on right)

Question by Jayefuu    |  last reply

How to include a URL without a hyperlink?

I'm writing an instructable where I include some Linux wget commands that include a URL as part of the command. (i.e. wget The instructables editor automatically converts the URLs to links with anchor tags.  Is there a way I have the editor not convert the URL to a link? 

Topic by talk2bruce    |  last reply

Horizontal scroll bar issue

When arriving at a page such as There's a horizontal scrollbar. To remove it, find this rule div#omni in your CSS files. Either: - Remove: border: 1px solid rgba(119,130,135,.4) - Add: box-sizing: border-box; Either one should fix your problem.

Topic by WilsonA15  

How do I make a button open a document. [HTML CODE]?

I'm a beginner in HTML coding. When I click a button it should open a page or document. How should I do it. Sorry for my English :-((

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