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Humbucker wiring?

I am rewiring my guitar, and on regular single-coil pickups, there is two wires, but on my humbucker, Three wires come out, a ground, a white and a red. and all my schematics have nothing to say about three wires being soldered. and i have a five-way switch, with eight hubs. i just dont know whereabouts to put the third red wire. please help

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Removing Humbucker Covers

I have an ebony Epiphone Les Paul that's a couple of years old and I'm considering taking the pickup covers of of the humbuckers just so it looks different from all of the stock Les Pauls. How would I do that? I recently built my own electric guitar and I'm still in that mode where I want to customize my instruments. So far my Les Paul is completely stock. Also, if anyone else has any ideas of things I can do to customize it, I'm open to ideas. Thanks!

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mods I plan to do to my humbucking pickup on my guitar. could someone check over my wireing before I actually do it?

Please keep in mind this is only mods for the bridge humbucking pickup there are 2 single coil pickups that are not involved in this wireing -pickup is a EMG-HZ (SRO series) passive humbucking pickup

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so i want to build a switch that reverses the phase of the signal in a humbucking guitar pickup will this drawing work ?

The thick black wire is the sheild the small black wires and grey wire are left alone as decribed in the instuctions i got with it

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Ive built a wiring diagram for a guitar to give it a very wide varity of sound, but is it practical and affordable?

This wireing allows the player to control all aspects of having 3 humbucking pickups, but is it worth it? in the picture it shows 3 humbucking pickups. the middle and neck are small humbucking pickups (single-sized) in order to do this a portion of my guitar wil need to be taken out (or I have to find a new pickgaurd that will fit, which Ibanez does not have in stock) to make room for the new electonics this is permantent, so before I hackaway at my guitar I need to make sure i can afford this and that it will work and be practiacal

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can someone show me how to take out a humbucker on an epi LP jr.?

I have an epi LP jr. and i'm trying to take out the humbucker for replacement, i have the soldering gun an everything, i just need someone to show me how to take it out. i've seen vids, but they're not elaborate enough, and don't show enough deatil, could someone help me please?!


Can I use 2 push pull pots on the Volume to make the Humbucker "out-of-phase" and Tone "single coil"?

I have a Fender Strat with H-S-S pickups. With Master Volume and Master Tone. Can I use 2 push pull pots on the Volume to make the Humbucker "out-of-phase" and Tone "single coil"?

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how to use all pickups of my stratocaster in one time??

Hey guys i have a stratocaster- 2 singlecoil and  1 humbucker pickup can any body tell me how to use all pickups in one time ????

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Will it work if I use a guitar in the microphone input

Sorry, can't really think straight today I'm just wondering if I got an adapter for a standard guitar cable to fit the microphone input in my sound card, would it would it work as a microphone and record off my humbuckers?

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my pickup was not working i tried to repair it but it is not sounding well please suggest me how can i make it better

I am having peavey raptor plus exp my humbucked pickup was not working i tried to repair it but it is not sounding well please suggest me how can i make it better?

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Where to buy guitar hardware? Answered

I'm planning on building my own electric guitar (I have access to all the necessary tools) but I don't know of a good places to buy guitar hardware online (pickups, bridges, machine heads, etc.).  So does anyone know of any good, reputable online merchants?

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I am building guitar I Fender body and neck, with a thru.body neck what combintion would do.?

I will be using a chavel head. Double humbucker. I will finish the body in black with clear. Neck will be natural, What wood combinationis a good strate. Them I will diff. one. I a new to this ,but I am A good woodmen buildsmall to large. I made my living by work car and boat.

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building a guitar

My son is building a guitar and has done a great job building the body an old teacher gave him a neck from an old guitar and we ordered a bunch of parts from a web site.Is there a specific distance there should be between the pick ups and bridge and neck? I have searched all over the net but have been unable to find any specifics. he has bought a set of dual humbuckers. any help would be appreciated I will send photo's as it progresses  

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Will my wiring configuration work?

I'm making a guitar and it's not the first time i've worked with electric guitars, in fact it's a real hobby of mine, but i've never done a full wiring configuration before. the guitar is a bit of a mash up of various parts, they all work though! i have a techsoft design sheet of the configuration i thought may work but im not entirely convinced. The parts are basic, i made the humbucker and the other is a tele single coil, im not after any tone function, just volume and switcher! can someone help me out? Thanks!

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I have a DP ON-OFF-ON switch mounted on my guitar. what can I make it control to make the guitar more unique?

I have a DP on-off-on switch mounted to the front of the guiter and because the hole is drilled already there is no removing it. it used to be an onboard distortion system i always left it on and it ate up my batteries plus it was created when I had much less exeriance so therefore no longer works what can I possibly do with it to make the guitar more unique? id like this to be done sooner than later . ***Update***-I have figured out what I can do with this switch but I just need my wireing scematics to be checked out and get the "OK" refer to this link:

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Help re-building/modding my bass guitar with an old tube amp i want to salvage parts from?

Right so I have this bass guitar with most of the electrics missing, I'm only left with the jack out and the humbucker pickup. I want to do something a bit different as i have fixed guitars before and as this one is actually mine i want to experiment with it. I also have 2 old guitar tube amps with a "Speed" effect on them which makes it sound like the speaker is pulsing, one of the amps now doesn't work, I'm presuming and hoping it's the just the tubes or power input and i was wondering if there was any way i could put the "Speed" effect into the bass. I'd also like to salvage the treble and bass pots too if it's possible.The speed effect is controlled by a pot that when turned all the way down clicks and turns off, i have opened it up to try already but I've only ever really done basic electrical repairs and this is connected to a proper circuit board. I can send more photos to help.Thanks in advanceel

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