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I like to hog hunt with my 12 guage mossberg shot gun what do yall like to hunt for? and what do yall like to use for hunting? and last but not least what is your favorite brand of gun?

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What do you think I should do? I think I spooked a monster buck off my property. (A 12 point) I have been keeping my eye on him during the off season but now he has disappeared.

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Hunting channel

I was just wondering if anyone else would like a hunting channel

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Is this fox hunting? Answered

  I have seem him here a few times.  This time I got a picture.  It runs the air ducts and pipe hangers where there are BIRDS.  Is that what it's doing, hunting birds?

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Fox Hunting

This fella is doing good.

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Hunting Tips

Hi everybody i was wondering if you could give me some tips on hunting foxes because i just bought a 55 IB recurve bow and the dam fox has killed 2 of our ducks and i want to take it DOWN, i know a bit about hunting, like using camo, tree stands, traps and so on, could u all please help me to kill this fox. thanks for the help

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Hunting rabbit?

So, I know you're not supposed to hunt rabbit during the summer, because of diseases and parasites, but what if they seem healthy? Like no fleas, bots, spots on the liver, etc. Yes I do want to eat them, and yes it is legal in this area because they are simply destroying my moms garden, and she asked if I could take care of it. However, since I don't want them to go to waste, I wanna eat em! Would they be safe to consume?

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College Hunting!

Hello, my dear Instructablonians! Life has been busy, and I haven't been on here in AGES! I'm sure many of you have no idea who I am, and those of you who do know are either dead or are too afraid to admit they know me. But no matter! Let's continue! In case you didn't know, I'll be graduating from high school next year! Yippee! That means I get to go to college! Yippee! But first I have to find a nice college so I will be happy and learn very goodly. My dilemma is this: with 4000 colleges in the US of Awesome, there's really just too many apples in the basket, so it's hard to tell which is ripest (or, only a slightly cynical yet perhaps more accurate note, the least bruised). So, my fellow Ibl'ers, this is why I've come to you: to ask you for opinions on good colleges! Why you? Why, because I know we are similar! Instructables is full of inventors and makers and engineers! That's what I want to be when I grow up :-) Also, many of you are either getting ready for college yourselves, or already in college, or have already finished college altogether! Perfect candidates, you see? Anyways, just tell me about good schools you know of. Some of my criteria: * I'm looking for 4 year institutions * I don't wanna leave the US - too far from the nest, you see? * I'm interested primarily in engineering (mechanical, aerospace, computer) and architecture (houses, not skyscrapers, in case you were wondering :-) * Private or public - I don't really care Assume that anything I didn't mention doesn't matter to me (oh, before I forget, I'm a guy, so no girls' schools, unfortunately). Also, feel free to discuss other colleges too! Good luck to anyone looking for a college, and TIA for anyone who helps out :D

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Robot Hunting Trophies

After a long, dangerous hunt of the wild robots it's only natural that you'd want to place their head on your wall as a trophy. I mean, that's your right as a red-blooded hunter, right? link

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Hunting darts for blowguns

OK so I just bought the cold steel blowgun and it's awesome. they have an great number of darts for hunting but i was wondering about a custom head design. i saw some great for a bow that i thought could be made to work with my blow gun. anyone see these guillitene heads for turkey hunting. well with a spring setup i think one could fashion something to work. the question is. Is just under 400fps enough power to make something like that work?

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Hunting with Nerf Guns

The other night I was in full camo out in my street. I had stale bread torn up on the road as bait. Laying in the bushes, I waited for a target. For minutes I lay there, motionless, waiting for the perfect prey. Finally, a curious crow flew down, and started to peck at the bread. Using my steampunk-esque NiteFinder, capable of shots up to 50ft, I took aim. In a split second, just as the crow saw me, I pulled the trigger. My aim was true, and if I was using a real weapon, I would have killed it. A clean headshot, a bragging right, and awesomness was gained that moment. He flew away in relatively good condition, but I still had the satisfaction of that headshot. Now, tell me if you have hunted anything with a Nerf gun, and post an Instructable on how to make hunting darts.

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hunting and outdoors rec.

Anyone know ways of making a effective ghillie for hunting without using burlap...burlap tends to rip apart or fall offf over time and can be a hassle...or any bipods i can make for my rifle... and anything else that can be useful for hunting

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Big game hunting

Anone out there interested in hunting? I have traveled to Argentina many times. They have great hunting there. you can see photos at

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Bird Hunting Help

So I've been hunting small birds with a really nice skewer gun I've made recently, It's fairly accurate and there's plenty of birds around, but I need help learning how to get close enough to shoot, what time of day is best to go any tips you've got. Also if anyone has a good Instructable for making a bird snare that would help allot to. The birds I'm hunting could fit easily in a 1 by 1 foot box so that size and smaller is what I'm dealing with. BTW this i my first post.

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Wild Boar Hunt

This past weekend, Christy and I went a on wild boar hunt near Red Bluff, CA. We used a local guide called Catch 'Em Outfitters, and had one of the best weekend-vacations in a long time. In the end, we came home with over 100 lbs of wild pig meat. Christy had a blast gutting and field dressing all the animals -- surprising the guides -- and we've spent the past few days processing the meat ourselves making hams, chops, and sausage. There will definitely be a few new wild boar recipes, but probably no how to hunt or how to field dress a pig Instructables, unfortunately. Since most of our friends have read Michael Pollan's The Omnivore's Dilemma and paid special attention to his description of a boar hunt, they have already started begging for meat. So far, I've made wild boar maple sausage, which, despite my feeling that it was a little too one-note with just maple syrup, still received a review of "I was not ready for how good that was going taste."There are more pictures of the hunt on my flickr collection of the weekend, but be aware that they show the full process of converting an animal to meat on the table. What follows below is my Yelp review of the hunting guide, and the experience in general:Catch 'Em Outfitters is a hunting guide service, and because of the extraordinary work of its owner, Jasen Mead, I brought home over 100 pounds of wild pig meat.I chose Catch 'Em because of Jasen's excitement to take a novice hunter out, and his willingness to let me use his rifles. I've hunted birds before, but for my first wild boar hunt, it was important for me to go with someone who was interested in teaching. Additionally, he encouraged my wife to come along as a non-hunter, and she ended up gutting the animals. He offered my choice of spot and stalk hunting -- where one tries to locate hogs with binoculars and local knowledge of where they might be feeding and bedding down -- or fair chase -- using well-trained dogs to find, flush out, and potentially hold down pigs. During my hunt, I had opportunities to fire at large boars using both methods.Catch 'Em offered as many as two morning hunts and one evening hunt for me to get a pig. As a novice, it took me all three times, but Jasen and his assistant, Ron Stone (who is also a fishing guide) never lost enthusiasm, and I'm pretty sure they stayed out longer and worked harder because they were so determined for me to have a successful first hunt. However, they were very clear in their understanding of the law, and had a firm set of ethics around hunting and conservation in general, so I felt comfortable that we were always doing the right thing from a variety of different perspectives. Bear hunting is Jasen's primary guiding business, and apparently his favorite type of hunt, but you'd never know it by the way he threw himself into my pig hunt. It's clear he just loves hunting, and teaching new people.Obviously, much of the preparation for a hunt like this falls on you: taking the hunters safety class, learning to handle firearms safely and accurately, getting all your documents in order (I bought two pig tags, and was glad I did because I used them both), and being prepared to run full-speed through ankle-deep mud in head-high tule marshes. Finding a good hunting guide is definitely chief among those set of preparations, and Catch 'Em totally delivered for me.

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Internet Treasure Hunt

So…I had a idea. I've decided to create an internet treasure hunt. Here's how it works. I will give you a clue to begin with. If you solve that clue, PM the answer. You then will recieve another clue. WARNING this will be tricky and will require smart minds and solving skills. There are around 10 clues, getting proggresivly harder. If you would like to participate, comment below. (Hint: Pay attention to text structure, word choice, and be very observent and you will go far) Prizes First Place: Patch, Subscribe, Choice of gift card (Best buy, Target, Itunes), 20$, My respect Second Place: Patch, Subscribe, Choice of gift card (Best Buy, Target, Itunes (after first place selects), 10$ Third Place: Patch, Subcribe, Which ever gift card remaining, 5$ Leaderboard so far Catfang:Clue 3 jsplude: Clue 3 carcaveman: Clue 3 Starting clue Why Isn't Kite-flying Interesting? Can Animals Think? CONTENTS 7.2=____________

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Vampire hunting rules

I am a real vampire hunter. Me and my group of hunters have acualy killed vampires. Here are some rules you can use to become a vampire slayer #1. Never confront a vampire unarmed.  #2. Always hide your weapons. Make the vampire think that you are unarmed.  #3. Protect your base(home) after you kill a few vampires you will start to gain a rank. Of course the higher your rank is the more your wanted. After 15 or so kills you will start to be attracted by hostile vampires. #4. Stay quick. #5. EXERSIZE! This is important.  #6. Learn how to fight and shoot guns.  #7. Be stealthy.  #8. Have no name or make up a new one. #9. Warning vampires are NOT affected by crosses garlic or sunshine.

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air gun for deer hunting?

Bow hunting only need quiet gun

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how to make a hunting bow?

Dear: Instructables  Just to let you know I have been having a lot of fun with my current bow. My only complaint is that it is not something you would use for hunting. It barley can shoot arrows at 35 pounds. I was just wondering if someone could point me in the right direction for a hunting bow? I don't know if my bow could be used for hunting or how much force it can shoot at but all I know is that it can't be used for hunting it doesn't have enough force. I'd prefer to make my next bow out of pvc if I can. Thank you. From: Noah

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New Category? How About Hunting :)

Hello! My name is Tyler, and i have a proposal for, or whoever might be interested in helping me with this. I would love to see a new 'outside' sub-category (I guess you'd call it that) on hunting, trapping, tracking etc created, and it would be thus called, Hunting! Basically, the idea came to me when i noticed lots of guides like cleaning critters, trap setting/making, how to track animals etc, but to me they don't seem to belong to the right category. I haven't seen any other posts related to this, but I would love to put the idea out there, because I do think it would be quite useful to have a category for hunting, not just sport, but for survival. I want to also apologize if someone has said this idea before and  i haven't noticed it :-P I hope this interested at least someone and I hope to see how it goes! :-D Tyler H.

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Whale hunting season, begins again...

Just interested in how "ible" members felt, about Japanese whaler's entering protected zones for the purpose of research.. This is also the first year they will be escorted by an Australia research vessel to gather documentation to use against this process. The fleet has recently set sail for our southern water's with the intention of harvesting humbacks for the first time in decade's. The Australia Anti whaling vessel's, as usual should provide for an interesting event... So what I'd like to know is, since the rest of the world say's NO to whaling why do we not as global power's tell the Japanese to cease... I'm not talking everthing, but atleast during migratory season when they are in sanctuary's and sitting duck's... STOP TALKING ABOUT IT AND STOP WHALING NOW!! Whale can't taste that good, make a synthetic version like fake crab.... fake whale... they need to wake up and deal with it... they are not theirs to take. They are our's, so leave them alone...!!

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is hunting mourning dove legal in canada?

There are lots around here, and they look tasty. So the question, can I legally hunt them in Canada (with the proper licensing)?

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Hog Hunting with OUTDOOR LED LIGHTS?

I am wanting to hook up some solar powered red led lights at My deer lease to hunt hogs with. The light will have to be bright enough for Me to be able to see the hogs with My scope from about 100 yeards away. I know nothing about how to hook this up, what I need to buy, but I am handy to some degree. Any help would be great

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How to setup an LED hunting light?

I'm trying to copy something I've seen online...without buying it. So I dont have a light to look at in order to copy it. I'm doing this for my own use, not to sell, so i'm not trying to take business from anyone. Online they have hunting lights that are green LED's that hang below a feeder. These are used for wild hog hunting since they usually come out to feed at night. They cannot see the green light, but green is easier to see at night to the human eye. I'm wanting to power it off of the 12v battery in the feeder since I have it charging with a solar panel. The LED's i found online for fairly cheap are super-bright 5mm green LED's. It says they give off more than 8000 mcd (light rating?). They require 3.2v (3.4v max) at 20 mA. I've looked at some of the posts on this and wanted to know if my math is right on how i can set these up. I figure i would wire 3 in a series, which would require 9.6v. Using Ohms law with a current of .020 Amps, I get (12-9.6)/.020=120 Ohms So, 3 LED's in series with 120Ohms worth of resistors and my 12v battery will power it fine. The part i'm not sure about is how the current works with this. The battery is 12v 7Ah. Will that fry them or is the current the amount of juice it has? If i wanted to make a light with say, 30 LED's, can I make these 3 LED units and wire multiple units together in parallel? so each unit would power off of the 12 volt and the parrallel units? Hopefully this makes sense. Will this work? Is this the best way? Any suggestions or comments would be appreciated. Thanks.

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19th Century Vampire Hunting Kit sells for nearly $15k

Want to take your vampire hunting a little more seriously? Then maybe you need a kit like this one from the 1800s which comes with stakes, mirrors, a gun w/silver bullets, a Bible, holy water, candles, and garlic.This one sold for $14,850 at auction recently, but why not make your own? Link

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what does hunting hound whooping sound like? Quick please! Answered

  OK, in the book where the red fern grows billy always whoops on his dogs to let him know certain things, does anybody know what it sounds like exactly? all answers are good.

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i need to know is a cheap £1 slingshot with 0.75cm thick elastic allright for hunting

And also what animal i should hunt and with what ammo i dont know if i need a liscense i live in the uk

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How long does it take for a question to be featured? Answered

I got an email yesterday that said my question "Is this fox hunting?" was going to be featured............Well, am I missing something?       Because that would come as NO surprise!

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Does anyone know a way to make quality lead shot without buying an expensive shotmaker?

I have looked into buying one of the Littleton Shotmakers sold by Burgess Bullets, but if anyone knows of a way to make fairly consistent shot without spending $375 plus an additional $50 for each different shot size I would love to hear about it.

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Can someone help me figure out how to make Nerf hunting darts that will kill birds? Answered

I wanna kill feral birds but I'm only allowed a Nerf gun. Help me!

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Long bow sizing questions? Answered

I was wondering what the actual length of a long bow with a string length of 48inch amo would be I basically want to know what the length of the bow itself with the string on would be??  Also wondering if a 30 pound draw or 20 pound draw would be better for a small person small game hunting?? Thanks!! 

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could anybody recreate this?

Can anybody recreate this?well, help me recreate this(they are very expensive.)this

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Armex carbon arrows review and shooting!

I was wondering if I should buy these so I searched for a review and found none, so I bought them and made a review.. Enjoy :)

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What should i use to poison my blowdarts? I do What should I poison my blowdarts with?

II don't want anything too challenging or that could be lethal to me. It would be for small game, preferably containing about four ingred 

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What is the best pellet for hunting with a pellet gun?

My personal favourite are Crosman destroyers, (the fist time I ever shot one it turned a squirrel's lungs to mush and disintegrated its liver) but I want to see what everyone else is using. Please also mention WHY you like a certain pellet as well. Thanks.

Question by DELETED_tetra28  

Photo Scavenger Hunt: Your Mom Edition

Hello everyone!  I've got some patches that are burning a hole in my pocket, and I'd love to share them with you! Here is my plan:  on a not at all regular schedule, I will come up with a harebrained idea for a strange and/or difficult to acquire picture.  I will take an example picture and post it in the community blog.  You will then go and take your own version of said picture and post it here in the comments, and in return I will send you a patch.  Sound good?  This needs to be your original picture, but if you feel the need to cover your face or whatever, that's fine.  Just make sure that you identify yourself in some way, say with a sign or something with your username on it.  For example, if I cared about preserving my anonymity I would wear a paper bag over my head with eye holes cut out and "Depot Devoid" written on it in sharpie. Photoshop is fine to touch up pictures, but don't overdo it.  I don't want any pictures that are completely photoshopped fabrications . . . unless they are really awesome.  I reserve the right to be the sole judge of what is awesome and my decisions are totally arbitrary and cannot be appealed to a higher authority.  I AM THE HIGHER AUTHORITY MWA HA HA HA!!!! Anyway, here's your first Photo Scavenger Hunt objective:  A picture of you and your mom (or grandma, or some reasonable facsimile thereof), engaged in lightsaber combat . . . to the death! Go forth my minions, and bring me pictures!

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Sniper Rifle Bbs

Hi, I don't have a lot of experience with airsoft guns and I'm thinking about buying this sniper rifle (MB04D) It is recommend to take .25g bbs but I want to hunt small animals with it so , would it break the gun if I put in .36g bbs? I am also in Ireland so the gun will have to be reduced to 328 fps from ~450fps thanks for any feedback

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how do you make a gullie suit?

How can i make a gullie suit. the only thing i have to make it with is a net.

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Is it possible to. Make a crossbow using 2 springs and 2 pulleys? Answered

I have this idea where you take 2 extension springs and affix them to both sides of a 2x4 and then attatch a steel cable to them which passes through 2 pulleys attatched to a 2x4 at the front of the first 2x4 the crossbow is then completed Too complicated? I will post a instructable soon Fidgety2

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How can I get rid of an owl in my yard?

See I have chickens and the past couple of weeks a Great Horned Owl swoops down and picks up one them, kills it, then it leaves for a week and come back to do it again. So if there is anyone that can give me any advice as to how i can get rid of it I would really appreciate it.

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FIND Wild Boar Hog Hunting LED SOLAR POWER Rechargeable Hunting Lights I Can Build Myself from Plans ?

Looking for a source for all the parts? The light and Lens assembly housings and the LED LIGHTS ready to install? .. or already installed? Different color LED'S - red? white? blue/ Amber? and the Control Box Parts that would include 12V Rechargeable System Battery and H/D Solar Panel with "coon-proof" cable, a 12V Dawn / Dusk Sensor Unit, and a On-Off System Switch,

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my website

Http:// ive recently made a new website encorporating some of the instructables on here and was wondering if anyone could visit my website and leave some comments in the guestbook to help me improve and update it. thanks

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