Hyperlinks not working

I'm having an issue with turning text into hyperlinks in comments. For instance, when I replied to Purple_Matter here: https://www.instructables.com/community/Positions-available-at-Instructables/?comments=all#C9E0ANAI3KBXM99 I included two hyperlinks in my comment.  They worked when I used the "test" function, but do not work now. The tools for adding hyperlinks in topics like this are different, and they are working just fine.  It's the hyperlinks in comments that are causing trouble.

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How to target a hyperlink

I've noticed lots of people haven't been targeting hyperlinks ever since the new editor appeared. I think this is becaue it's not intuitive, so here's a quick how to: If you just click the world icon with the chain and paste in your URL you get this. www.instructables.com/you/ So to target your URL, type a name, highlight that with your mouse, then click the world icon and paste your URL will be linked to your target word. for example I type  ME Highlight it with my mouse and click the world icon and paste.

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How to include a URL without a hyperlink?

I'm writing an instructable where I include some Linux wget commands that include a URL as part of the command. (i.e. wget http://aaa.com/a/b/foo.python). The instructables editor automatically converts the URLs to links with anchor tags.  Is there a way I have the editor not convert the URL to a link? 

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How do I add hyperlink to an image I have on instructables?

I am not referring to the upload function instructables have. I want to insert an image from my website and hyperlink it to another site. Just like what kipkay is doing here:https://www.instructables.com/id/Hacked_Calculator_Prank/

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Create A Step Bookmark For A Hyperlink?

Can I create a bookmark pointing to a particular step in one Instructable, and hyperlink to it from another Instructable?  Scenario: Instructable "A" has a step whose image and info would also serve in another Instructable, "B". Can I link to "A" step while still remaining in "B". Kinda like the old "call" command used in dos batch files.  Thank you!

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How do you rename a Hyperlink? Answered

Im not sure how you can make a regular word like "this" to become a link to another site. does anyone know how to do this?

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Some of the hyperlink in the last couple of newsletter is not working.

Some of the hyperlink in the last couple of newsletter is not working. From Editors Picks down to Contests

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Photos "by reference" ?

Is there a way to put a photo in a forum topic (or instructable, but mostly for forums) by including only a link to the location of that photo elsewhere on the net (this is how videos work)? When posting "look at this neat instructable-like things I found elsewhere" type entries, it's a pain to have to download the photo and re-upload it to instructables, not to mention the vaguely uncomfortable feeling I get WRT intellectual property issues...

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Links added to ible instructions by a third party?

I just notice this morning that there are hyper links that have been added to the instructables i have posted up....just a random phrase or set of words have a link directing people to nursing school, electronics sites, etc... I did not add these links and would think folks would rather not have them in the instructable but rather to the side bar or something. Has my account been hacked and someone messing with the ibles?  Someone go look at my recent ible and you will see the link used  under "Let's get started" of my project. Leo/ AKA Jawasan

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how do i hyperlink stuff? Answered

When i was trying to download a game i couldnt hyperlink

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Bug in text-to-HTML converter, regarding hyperlinks

In a posting to NachoMahma's Text-Formatting FAQ, I remarked on a bug in the way hyperlinks (bracketed text) are rendered. The bug involves enclosing a hyperlink (valid or not) between punctuation characters, for example "[a-quoted-link]" or ([parenthetical-link]): "[a-quoted-link]" ([parenthetical-link])In both cases, the leading punctuation character, adjacent to the left bracket, is moved to the end of the link, instead of being preserved at the beginning.

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I can't seem to import a hyperlink into my instructable. What is the procedure, exactly? Answered

Also, I'm sure it's just my inexperience, but I'm finding it difficult to find answers to simple questions like this in the FAQs, Community and help files. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks.

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Links in the instructable editor

Hi, I'm writing an insrtructables and I can not insert any hyperlink.

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Link open in new window not working

When adding a hyperlink to my Instructable text I check the "open in new window" check box, then hit the "Insert" button.  However in the live Instructable, the hyperlink does not open into a new window, but opens in the current window taking the user away from the Instructable page.  I've tried modifying the Instructable using IE 11 and Chrome.  I'm on an HP laptop running Windows 7.  I've also looked at the live Instructable on IE 11 and Chrome...but I get the same result of the new window not opening. Is this a known issue and a fix is upcoming? Thanks.

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How do I unsubscribe to your news letters?

The hyperlink to unsubscribe doesn't work.

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Bug in webpage

Does reporting bugs in the site still qualify for Pro membership? I found a bug in the site that I can't believe hasn't been reported or dealt with yet. Requirements: User must be logged in. Reproducible: Always Bug: If you click on "You" a dropdown box appears as shown in the below image. The Settings hyperlink points to /you when it should point to /you/settings The other hyperlinks appear to be correct. I want my bug bounty :D

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PDF instructable with clickable links?

Is it still possible to download PDF instructable with clickable links? I know it used to ask you to choose what to include in the pdf file and the links were clickable. Now it's just simple text and photos and hyperlinks are removed. Thanks.

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What to do: suspected deception/fraud?

I really couldn't find a good spot to ask this question, but I am concerned about a user with possibly deceptive/fraudulent Instructable(s) and hyperlinks to external sites. What's proper protocol for reporting this to the Instructables staff so they can check it out and see if it's a real problem or not?

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Why is it so hard to create Instructables with Google Chrome?

It used to be easy to create Instructables in Chrome. You used to be able to import Word documents complete with formatting and links.  Exactly like the editor I see on this page. I tried it today and it wouldn't import any formatting or hyperlinks. What happened?? Lazy Old Geek

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embedded instructable - all links are missing, formatting a bit off

Having some problems when i use the "share" -> "embed" feature to put my instructable in my own website.  all hyperlinks in the instructable do not show up in the embedded version, that's the biggest trouble.  various rich-formatting stuff shows up a bit weird also. thanks, -dan-

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Your Favorite Instructable

Please post 1 or 2 images of your best rated or just favorite instructables YOU have created. please do not fill up this page with cool things you found on the internet.Feel free to include a hyperlink to that instructable or to your homepage and please do not flag others for spamming because I am allowing it for this cause. PLEASE RATE.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.

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Slide show updates to a published show don't show up on preview

I am trying to update a slide show but the image captions don't change. I update the image data, save it, then hit the save and preview button - and voila - no change. I go back to edit mode and the changes that I saved are still there. Also, the images don't seem to be all there. I added some to the end and they don't show on the preview. Again, I saved the changes, but in preview mode, the added image doesn't display. The images are saved and I can still see them in edit mode.I published the slide show hoping that would show the changes. It didn't show the first day, but after one day, the changes showed up. This is on my only slideshow.showNot really a bug, but I find the whole drag and drop for reordering the slide pictures very difficult to control accurately. This may work for one page of images, but for larger slideshows it is frustrating to try and move images.BTW - I tried to insert a hyperlink into one of the text boxes on one of my pictures. It saved, but when I went to preview it - the entire box is missing. I went back to edit mode, and the box is gone. I guess you really don't want hyperlinks from text boxes.Thanks

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Duplicate responses when switching between Rich and Plain editors

After my Instructable received a series of comments, I was replying to them one by one. For some replies I wanted to use a hyperlink to a relevant website or article, or to break the response up into separate paragraphs and so used the rich editor. For others the plain editor was sufficient. It seemed however on both occasions that I went back to using the plain editor after having posted a comment using the rich, the content of the previous reply (the one composed using the rich editor) was what actually got posted into the block composed using the plain editor. I hope that is clear and I apologize if this bug is a duplicate! This was experienced under Firefox 4.0.1 running on Fedora Linux 14. Cheers

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Feature Request: Access to URLs of individual comments

There are many occasions where I want to cross-reference somebody's comment in another posting. Most of the time, I try to use the "date and time" stamp, but that's problematic since the time is computed on the fly in my local TZ. It's worse if the comment is embedded half a dozen layers down in some thread in a completely different Forum Topic. Once or twice, I've tried to use "View Source" in my browser, and search through to find the corresponding markup for the comment, and then extract the hash from one of the tag/JS attributes. Since the information is already there, would it be difficult to add a "link" hyperlink to each comments, such that the returned URL was the one needed to get back to that comment in the future?

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Tesla's human powered helicopter possible?

I know he was a smart dude and he went out of his way to patent this. Was it ever built? Could it be built and work? I don't understand the propulsion system. Is it like a bicycle or is it something else? I need one of these bad to deliver free fruit to people everywhere. My car keeps getting stuff in traffic. I don't know where all these cars think they're going, but I've got places to be and the road just isn't cutting it anymore for me. And dangit the uploader isn't working. Here's a link to the patent description and images: https://www.google.com/patents/US1655114 Well, not a link. A  URL. I dont know how to do a hyperlink without the- nevermind. sort of figured it out. Click below: https://www.google.com/patents/US1655114

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Bug in search results which include forum topics

When an Instructables search includes forum topics or comments from forum topics in the results, each of those items has an error associated with it.  Instructables which are search results have a trailer line "by in : ", where each of the keyword items is an appropriate hyperlink. For example, searching for wind tunnel includes   VAWT Lenz type. Stage 1. Converting wind power to rotary motion. Jul 9, 2010 ... This VAWT takes advantage of a natural wind tunnel affect I get between 2 of my sheds. The unit has to be free standing so it can be moved ... by Dr Qui in workshop: energy But the same search also has the following: Wind energy to light up a car top sign? I was thinking that it might be a good idea to use the wind from the car ... that said if the sign is hollow you could make a wind tunnel ... TypeError: Vars.richSnippet.document is undefined: Vars.richSnippet && Vars.richSnippet.document.author

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link follow from 'Advertise on Instructables' page

When on the Advertise on Instructables page, there's a section of text after the graph "Instructables offers rich media display ads ... We also offer custom campaigns opportunities that include: highly integrated homepage skins, brand centric contests and newsletter placements". The hyperlink for newsletter doesn't work as intended. When I follow the link the page reloads with the top navigation bar and the channels on the side, with white space where content should be. The title reads "exploring: community_blog", here's the url displayed in my address bar: https://www.instructables.com/tag/category-community_blog/keyword-newsletter/ I think the link should be for the forum category Newsletter Archive: https://www.instructables.com/community?categoryGroup=forums&category;=newsletter_archive, but this also comes back weird. Title bar only, no navagation on the side and small font reading "no topics yet" (But the Newsletter Archive reads as having 99 posts and 93 replies). Using FF 3.6.13

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Topic/comment editing -- HTML entities not handled correctly

I've been updating one of my forum topics today, and I have seen some annoying bugs in the handling of HTML entities and special characters.In the original topic text, I made use of three HTML entities (&...;): the open and close square brackets (numeric entities #91 and #93) and the Greek letter mu (entity "micro"). In the initial posting, all these entities are translated correctly. What I have seen is that if I then "Edit Topic", the text is not "inverted" correctly: The entities are preserved as their corresponding ASCII characters. For the square brackets, which I had entered as entities specifically so they would not be interpreted as signaling a hyperlink, that interpretation occurs and messes up my text. For the micro entity, a sequence of invalid additional characters (angstrom and question mark) get prepended to it on each edit/publish cycle.Obviously I can (and did, half a dozen times) go through and re-repair all of these mistakes, but it's pretty annoying :-(

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Instructable SPAM combat

I looked around a bit in the forums and didn't see anything on this topic, but I may not have looked far enough... I keep tabs on Instructables.com by watching my RSS feed, and I'm frequently annoyed by seeing blatant SPAM coming up in the feed.  Usually SPAM instructables have a photo/video with hyperlinks to an external site, and they're the very first published instructable under an account that was created only hours (or minutes) earlier. Is there a way that new accounts would be put on probation, requiring that their first instructable pass the sniff-test before being published in the RSS feed or elsewhere?  Perhaps long-established or trusted members with good karma / reputation (yes, borrowing concepts from other sites here) would have the privilege of giving a thumbs-up to non-spam instructables? Now, I'm not suggesting that this be a complex moderation system or that the instructable even be halfway decent -- just that it's not blatant spam.  If a first-time publisher posts spam, they get a thumbs-down with a boilerplate explanation of why their post isn't in the RSS feed.  They continue to be on probation until they post their first non-spam Instructable. Now, of course I realize that logged-in members to Instructables have the ability to hit the "SPAM" flag on an instructable, but in my opinion the damage has already been done.  At the very least, these users can be directed to the Marketplace forums.   I look forward to your constructive criticism. :)

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"Repeating Image" comments bug and a workaround

Several regular users, including myself, have noticed an annoying bug in replying to comments. The two comments before were copied from the same Forum topic, and were made about 1 minute apart. As you see, the second comment has the same image attached as the first, even though gmjhowe did not select add image the second time.This bug is easily reproducible. Reply to a comment in either a forum topic or an I'ble, and attach an image. Now scroll around and reply to a different comment on the same page. You'll see your image appear when you post the second reply. The error, I believe, is that the cookie(s) created by I'bles to save the sate of the first reply is not completely erased when the user completes the posting. The information about attached images is preserved, and leaks through to a second comment on the same page.The workaround I have found turns out to be really simple. Leave the page (for example, by using the Back feature of your browser), and return to the same page by following a hyperlink. Don't just use the browser's Forward feature; that will preserve state and the bug will occur. By following the link to the page "fresh," I'bles will erase the previous cookie completely, and create a new one in anticipation of what you might do on the "new" page.It would be good if Rachel or somebody could fix the cookie-handling bug so this doesn't continue to happen. It's a real pain if you've just written a long second comment, possible with formatting, and then find unexpected images attached to it.

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Help with Viewfinder Pinout??

Well guys, I've had this viewfinder sitting around in a drawer for TOO long. I ripped if off an old camcorder in the dump like 2-3 months ago, remembering a few different projects I've seen on here (and other sites) such as: https://www.instructables.com/id/Super-Nightvision-Headset-Hack/step3/Disassemble-the-Viewfinder/ (sorry the hyperlink part of instructables never works for me) I know I've seen a project somewhere online too where a guy used one of these TINY crt's for a miniature arcade machine, just to name an example. I've ran into a bit of a wall here though, it would seem as though everyone else's viewfinders have indivigual wires coming off the board for power and video input. Mine doesn't, it has ONE ribbon connection (although mangled a bit, I still have the ribbon cable that goes with it). This is a really simple looking circuit board, but as I don't exactly have lab quality tools sitting around, I don't wanna solder wires onto it until I know for sure which is for power, I'd hate to fry it on the first time! I tried following the traces on the board but I've never been too good at that, is there some way I can probe around with a voltmeter to determine what is for video input and what is power? I've tried googling numbers off the board and tube and that didn't help either. If anyone can help me power this tube, please tell me!!

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Summary of observed/reported bugs or poor features with new editor

(10/16 Updated with overnight fixes) (10/15 Updated with new dropped-spaces/wrapping bug) (10/9 Updated with overnight fixes, and two new bug bullets) (10/8 Updated subsequent to Rachel's very nice response, with discovery of another bug.) I originally posted the following as a comment in Eric's announcement about the new editor, but it seems more likely to assist staff as a separate bug report.  I've tweaked the text a bit from my original comment. It would be helpful to know (by response) whether these issues are being (or cannot be) addressed, either by Instructables staff or by the CKE developers. It seems there are some fairly substantive bugs or obstructive "features" in the newly rolled-out editor. The ones I've collected so far (from reading posts as well as personal experience) are (now grouped separately as "true bugs" vs. "feature changes" or "design issues"): Browser Incompatibility There are serious shortcomings with the new editor on non-Firefox browsers Cannot paste comments at all, mishandling of links, etc. Bugs Additional user-entered spaces left as " " entities, rather than collapsed Pop-up box for hyperlinks is empty (no where to enter/paste a URL) FIXED Inexplicable "invalid formatting" errors FIXED Text pasting interference (hijacking of Ctrl/Cmd-V) FIXED Interference of spell-checker with built-in and configurable facilities FIXED Extra whitespace inserted between HTML markup and adjacent characters FIXED Line wrapping has problems:  spaced between words get dropped FIXED Spell-checker mistakes and application to hidden format codes FIXED Feature/Design Issues Extremely slow loading and processing FIXED! FIXED! FIXED! Inconsistent recognition of typed-in URLs (maybe three separate bugs?) FIXED Text box loses keyboard focus and requires multiple mouse-clicks to recover Editor box, icons, and posting button cut off by sidebar Limited keyboard-based markup (only bold, italic, and underlining), no entities Blank-line separation is not identified/translated into proper HTML paragraph tags Redundant end-of-line tag ("") at end of user's text. I realize that you all have already gone through the conversion of the existing database of comments and everything else, so backing this out is essentially impossible. However, it might be worthwhile rolling out fixes for these problems as soon as they're available, rather than waiting for a regular update cycle.

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May 2014 site update - achievements + new editor

Last night we rolled out a few new features of the site that you may have already noticed, the largest impact will be around the new editor when authoring an Instructable and achievements badges (as seen on comments). New Editor: We've had a "try the new editor" button at the top of the old editor a few months now, giving you ample opportunity to kick the tires, test out the new interface, and see the direction we're heading. We've now officially dumped the old editor in favor of the new. We're sad to see our faithful old editor go, but the new editor has many enhancements (like image dropping, step swapping, and enabling hyperlinks just by pasting them as text). We've worked hard for this new editor to be more robust than its predecessor and last just as long. As with all new things, there's going to be some hiccups along the way. If you notice anything don't be shy about leaving a comment here detailing what you've experienced. Achievements: About 3 years ago we started kicking around the idea of rewarding authors with medals for milestones reached on our site. We thought it would be a fun way to showcase amazing authors at a glance beyond just the "featured" banner (which is now a medal that hangs at the top of your Instructable). A few things came in the way of making that happen when we first thought of gamification (launching of the international Instructables and some major back-end overhauls) but we've finally made the time to make it a reality. We've started with bronze/silver/gold achievements for featured Instructables, comments, and views and have plans to roll out more achievements later. For now, these will display on comments you leave which will augment the profile card that generates when you mouse-over your username. Look for medals to make their way to your profile page in an update soon. Other notes from this release: (fixed) heaps of boring back end stuff (fixed) Instructables with more than 50 comments have the 'next' button to view remainder of comments (fixed) remove related collections from draft preview (new) editor supports youku.com embed links (you're welcome, China) (new) revamped keyword entry (new) as we work with sponsors there will be a 'sponsored' label in lieu if a 'featured' label (new) International Instructables received some much needed love for user interface As with all updates to Instructables we want to hear your feedback. In the coming weeks we'll be tweaking this update so things all play nice together and work like they are supposed to. Remember to clear your browser cache completely and refresh the site to get the best results. So, what do you think?

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