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'ibles Answered

Where do you know somebody that post the things that written on the book "mini weapons of mass destructions"????? thx in advance.

Question by bramblebee100    |  last reply

Ible frustration.

I went through the "food" category of Instructables and I stopped around 60 or so. Now I find I have to click forever to get to the point I left off. I am so frustrated I simply quit looking. Why can't you put a box near the number bar at the bottom of a page so you can type in a number such as (60) and jump to it? I simply won't keep clicking anymore and a number of authors will have to suffer from someone not being exposed to their ideas.

Topic by meddler    |  last reply

'ible points

I have a new idea for a simple ranking system on instructables. The system would use points, you would get points for doing things around the site. A few examples of what rewards points: Using Instructables. The more you use Instructables, the more points you get. Using our Forums system. Creating Instructions. Using a premium Membership. Recruit friends into our Membership program. Adding and verifying your email address in Settings. Donations. View count. Medallion scheme. A few examples of the points you would get: Using Instructables. The more you use Instructables, the more points you get. (every hour on the site actively would get you 0.1 points) Using our Forums system.                                                                       (Your total posts are divided by 100 when converted into 'ible points). Creating Instructions.               (for every instructable posted you would get 5 points and if the 'ible got featured you would get 25 points) Using a PRO Membership.                                                                                             (A PRO membership would give you 50 points) Adding and verifying your email address in Settings.                                                            (This would get you 20 points) Donations.                                                                                        (each donation would get you a certain amount depending on the size) View count.                                                                                        (Your view count is divided by 10 and the result i the points you get) Medallion scheme.          (If you have a bronze medal you would get one point, silver medals would get you two points and a gold medal would get you three points.) The points could be displayed near the medallions as a shield or similar. Would this idea work and i so could it lease be considered by the editors?

Topic by JM1999    |  last reply

Featured Ible'

I just noticed my instructable on making stars from scratch in photoshop just got featured ( I just wanted to say "Thanks!!!" to whoever featured it!!!

Topic by LoneWolf    |  last reply

y7mail with ibles?

How do you recieve your y7mail emails with ibles?

Question by aidanjarosgrilli    |  last reply

Ibles Rating

Is the rating thing different now cause a few of my ibles are 5*? i haven't been on for a few months but what happened to 4* being a honor ible?

Topic by Owenmon    |  last reply

Leaving Ibles

im leaving ibles, ill check in a little bit but im done building stuff of my own

Topic by MrSillyGuns    |  last reply

Ible overkill

Not sure if this is a "bug" or not but it is annoying for me and didn't know if this fit any other topic so here goes.  I spend a lot of time on ibles going through the new and older ibles as I look for insperation and such.  I've noticed for almost the entire year that I've been on this site that when I'm looking through the topics, like workshop, play, outside ect ...that I will see many of the same ibles over and over and over on differant pages.  Normally I just keep going on and ignore it but I got to thinking why am I seeing so many of the same ibles on the differant pages.  For example I go to Workshop and it shows 140 pages of featured ibles.  Now going page to page up to 140 there are LOTS of the same ones.  This isn't anything big but it does seem to be misleading on the actual number of ibles.  So now that I got my little rant off my chest, is there a way to clean up the actual number? 

Topic by RedneckEngineer    |  last reply

the "new ibles"

I hate the new search eninge i cant view it the old way with lilttle boxes in rows a quick video of what happens when i try to use it and sorry for the lines

Topic by knexsuperbuilderfreak    |  last reply

Missing Ible

On Sunday, I posted an ible here;  and it's not showing up. Not sure if it's something I did on my end as there was a strange glitch when I was using the photo editor.

Topic by antagonizer    |  last reply

'Ibles Store

Hi, I was just wondering how to make an account for the 'Ibles store?   every time i go to the store i wanna make an account but there is no "make an account" option...this is really frustration. i have tried using my 'Ibles normal sign in but it dont whats up with that. i would prefer (and speaking for others on the site) to just enter my name, and info (minus payment method) so we dont have to write it all out over and over again. Thanks For Reading!! Sokami Wohali

Topic by sokamiwohali    |  last reply


I have an rss feed from -ible to my reader. I've noticed that there are lots of -ibles that seem like thinly veiled ads.  They talk about a secific 'brand' to solve a problem which I think makes the whole point of the site useless. Is this just because the website can't screen it, is within the guidelines or is a revenue stream for the site. I'm fine with anything, just as long as I can expect as such.

Topic by fefrie    |  last reply

Unpublished 'ibles.

So after having been off for a long time and finally having pinpointed the neighbours wifi router, sans cantenna (it helped signal but because there's cars passing by made it cut out far easier) I've been on and digging around, immediately I wrote and published a couple of 'ibles I already had made, now I'm rooting around in my unpublished 'ibles... I have 39 of them, many are confusing and worrying, in various stages of writing and the answers to a lot of the burning questions, subjects are wildly varied and questionable at best, there's one that's even ready to publish, however I'm not sure about it, nothing wrong it's just I'll have to listen to a plethora of comments that will annoy me in extremis, points to anyone who guesses it... Anyway... how about you lot? Many unpublished 'ibles, are many ever likely to be publishable?

Topic by killerjackalope    |  last reply

"The 'Ible Awards"

Ok, i got this idea whilst in the chat room. The Instructables Staff, should look out throughout the month for outstanding behavior shown by members of the community, and at the end of the month they choose someone to be the "-Ible member of the month" or have at the end of the year "The -Ible Awards" with multiple categories and the community votes on a winner, and they receive like a trophy or a badge. Just throwing it out there, feel free to comment/debate.this goes along with Keith-kid's idea from about a month ago (which he pointed out to me): idea was mostly a group thought, so credit goes to myself, Keith-Kid, Killerjackalope, and Adrian Monk

Topic by bumpus    |  last reply

Ibles bug

Whenever anyone clicks on step 10 or above on the latest instructable that I posted, the link redirects them to the intro page. The same thing happens to me, and I can't access it. Help?

Topic by The Jamalam    |  last reply

'Ibles ideas

There's been a lot of interest in Tesla floating about the community, with some of his more popular accomplishments (or claims depending on who you ask). What I'd like to see happen now is for some new ideas to crop up. In the interest of being thorough, I'll say that the Tesla turbine (and quite a few uses for it) has been done a few times over, and the wireless power is one of the more popular goals as of late. Don't get me wrong, I'm definitely not trying to dissuade anyone from exploring any ideas that have "been done." Rather, I would just like to see what can be done about some of the other ideas, like ball lightning, the earthquake machine, or even an exploration of his work in radio, or any other topics. So, to summarize, if you know of any of his ideas/claims/patents/inventions or whatever, feel free to at least post the idea here, and if you feel obliged, give it a go in an 'ible. Cheers, and good luck!

Topic by BorisTheSpider    |  last reply

ibles in a museum

You may or may not be aware that one of our members is actually a world-famous museum (it's real, I checked).The individual who actually produces the projects is Lao Jianhua - a real live artist-type-person.Anyhoo, what this ramble leads me up to is this;What Instructables projects would you put in a museum?Unrepeatable one-off projects, easily-copied classics and anywhere in between - what projects do you think should grace the galleries of a museum of modern art, design and lifestyle?Maybe you can think of a set of projects that logically go together, even if the connection is tenuous or surreal.V&A; Collections

Topic by Kiteman    |  last reply

People On Ibles!

Well i was jsut thinking i havent been on ibles in a long time cus of soem of the ppl on this site and it was like some were mean and some werent its also somewhat because of this point in my life is really "screwed up" but some of the ppl on this site i just dont understand some days you get along and some you dont some of them are jerks to you all the time and some half the time what is up with that like half the ppl on this site  are trying to fit in thats not how it orks on this site everyone isnt going to fit in by being like each other youve got to be unique and i know coming from me your thinking like wtf why is this jerk talking to us again but ive changed fro the better and this site seems to be headed downwards i used to hear alot about the projects on this site now ive heard about one thing in the past 3 months but anyway back to fitting in you ddotn fit in by being like me you fit in by being unique my school like runs on people being unique in there own way like dj radio hes got a whole music thing going on ive got all the cars around e hes got all the music around him gmjhowes got all the steampunk and uns with him etc you know what im saying so basically all in all just treat others the way you want to be treated!  especially in the chatroom theres alot of internet bullying going on there

Topic by CarStalkerZ    |  last reply

New 'ibles

Decided it would be a good idea to offer both sides of the discussion to the lockpick group. I'm hoping (fingers crossed here) that the community is capable of handling this entire group intelligently and maturely. As such, I figure pros and hobbyists alike can benefit not only from the opening and bypassing methods, but from more information about what's being done to prevent such things. All the information here is for educational purposes, and it helps me in my line of work to see what non-commercial solutions there may be. Also, with the shared knowledge here, it's possible we can come up with even better security options. Afterall, part of the job is getting in, another big part is keeping others out. *In my own opinion, the best security option anyone has is to install a decent security system. That way, even when the physical locks fail (I refuse to believe there is a lock that cannot be picked or bypassed), there is still an added security. Besides that, even having the alarm company's sign in your yard/window really is enough to deter most would-be intruders* So, feel free to post methods for getting in, or keeping others out.

Topic by BorisTheSpider    |  last reply

the best of ibles competition

Tell us which one of youre favourite ibles is the best and it may be in with a chance of getting into the best of ibles group you can also vote for youre own ibles

Topic by sharlston    |  last reply

Ibles Knexer Chatroom

 I just made a chat room for us here on Ibles.  KI has had one for a while and nobody has bothered to make on for ibles.  Here's the site.  This is mainly just an experiment to see how many people use this, but if a lot start to then I will be on fairly often.

Topic by MotaBoi    |  last reply

IBles Text Formatting

===I Think Evryone should have a go at it ! ===Practice On this topicIf you don'tno how visit : Ibles Formating

Topic by poparoo4    |  last reply

PDF of unpublished ible?

I can't seem to get a PDF generated of an ible I am working on, but not published yet.  Is this possible? I've tried both custom and default PDF options. Reason: I'd like to share with local group, but still add to the ible before publishing for the Instructables community. Should I publish as a private ible, then switch to a public ible at a later date? (Is that possible and will that allow me to download the PDF?)

Topic by CrLz    |  last reply

Changing the name of an ible'

In the past, changing the name of your ible' also changed the URL.  So the old URL doesn't work anymore, and all previous links to that ible' breaks. Is that still the case?  Is it safe to change names now?

Topic by insusr    |  last reply

'Ibles profile ages?

This one confused me a bit, does the profile age roll over with your 'ibles birthday? Or is it another time, because mine's got the jump on my twentieth by a fair bit... But I have no recollection of having a birth date on 'ibles so hows the 'aging' determined?

Topic by killerjackalope    |  last reply

how to find an ible?

The other day i saw an ible that showed how to build an electrical timer, on-off deal. mechanical timer.  how the heck do i find it again?  thanks

Question by clasof56    |  last reply

Best ible ever!

Ok so I just made and ible and this happenedXD, I know its just a small GUI glitch but I think its funny. I actually made an ible that was unviewed yet favorited by one person but not by me (note my favorite button). The problem was soon solved but I still think its funny:P Cheers! KnutKnackebröd

Topic by knutknackebröd    |  last reply

Ofslides ible poaching

I ran across this site that has republished my ibles with no link to the original content. I've asked them to remove it. I'm guessing one person has taken and republished it there under my username. I thought some others might want to check to see if their ibles had been copied as well.

Topic by Brooklyntonia    |  last reply

private to public ible

How do I turn a private instructable into a public one? Do I just have to create it anew? Thanks! Cynthia

Topic by cdstudioNH    |  last reply

why in the world "ible" ?

It makes me wince when someone uses 'ible in the comments section of an Instructable. It just seems wrong, it doesn't make any sense, and it seems lazy. How did this come about? Who thought it made sense? Why did the A change to an I when someone was lazy and chopped off the INSTRUCT?

Topic by Kris Jacobs    |  last reply

Ibles game (COMPLEAT)

The game is done give it a try post your high scores its free try it today AHHH TRY IT!

Topic by goeon    |  last reply

Ible robot nemesis?

I new here so there might already be one, but how cool would an arch nemesis of the instructables robot be? he could boring bot or something. feel free to comment

Topic by sev17    |  last reply

pdfs for your ibles!

Hey there and since the pdfs dont work at all now im going to offer people pdf styles in microsoft word just tell me witch one you ant and i will make it ones im makeing: Z35 assualt rifle iacs circle ball machine iacs spiff pistol iacs striker pistol

Topic by knexsuperbuilderfreak    |  last reply

trouble publishing ible

Thought everything was in order.  But no success publishing.  At first, it said that none of my 3 pics was chosen as "cover pic" or somethin to that effect. But now, it just says nothin about why no publishy.

Topic by Toga_Dan    |  last reply

Editing a published ible

Is there a way to edit an already published ible so that it doesn't keep getting autosaved as changes are being made.  I can just imagine somebody loading one while I've got a paragraph all in pieces figuring out a better way to word something. I know you can unpublish something, but would that cause it to lose all its comments and views?

Topic by walter.warren1    |  last reply

Potentially Lethal 'ibles

There are a lot of people recently  enquiring about "tazer" like projects, some with lethally inappropriate ideas which may well  lead to the death of either the builder or their target. Is the "inappropriate" flag an appropriate response  ? I don't really think we should be encouraging the creation of lethal weapon 'ibles, but hey, that's just my English sensibilities. What do fellow members from the country with the right to bear arms think ?  Steve

Topic by steveastrouk    |  last reply

Ibles on the Morning News

It's cool to see where your ibles end up getting a mention. Here is a CBS Sacramento morning news talkshow segment that I came across from their tweet. I think it's great that something I made is inspiring people to make and just have fun with it.

Topic by caitlinsdad    |  last reply

Delete 'ible Bug?

Some of my Instructables I want to delete will not let me, giving me an error that it's in a contest. However, none of them are.... So could an admin please delete them? (The titles have been changed to: "Can an Admin Delete This?")

Topic by Arbitror    |  last reply

Ideal -ible FORMAT??

Back in the day, I read Popular mechanics all the time. They had a page for nifty home projects. Kind of the instructables of the time. As I recall, the whole idea was conveyed in 1 pic.  If you knew how to use tools, you could do it.  I find myself annoyed  with having to click through pages of steps in instructables. But maybe that's just me. Maybe that's a better format for a generation without shop class and scoutmasters. I'm looking for feedback here. Am I the only one who likes all the instructions on 1 page? Do my -ibles with 1 big block of text and  "refer to fig 3"  work for you guys? (it would be nice if photo -ibles could have figure numbers on pics)  But maybe that's too old school. One of my buddies said my format would make printing it up easy. Usually I like to have directions on paper if I'm gonna  refer to them while turning a wrench and gettin filthy.  As far as a typical reader on -ibles, what's the best format?

Topic by Toga_Dan    |  last reply

Can't email 'ibles!

I surf Instructables a lot at work, during down-times (gotta love IT, when your servers are humming and users haven't managed to screw things up in awhile), and will often email my wife, myself, or friends interesting 'ibles.  The last couple of days, however, when I click on the Email button, the window pops up as usual, but after filling out all of the requisite information, clicking the "Send to Friends" button at the bottom does nothing.  Not even a hicup.  No blinky lights.  I'm using XP Pro SP3, Firefox 3.6.8 (updates were the first thing I tried).  Any thoughts about this?

Topic by RabidAlien    |  last reply

Ideas for ible creators

Once in a while I come across a web site with interesting products for sale. Some of these products look like the type of "builds" that appear in made out of ordinary or throwaway materials for a nominal cost. This week i looked at which was featuring "home" products in the "Winter Chalet Style". Some of the products are fairly expensive. I'm sure some of the people here could duplicate/simulate such products at a reasonable cost.

Topic by olrob    |  last reply

Sorting and ranking Ibles

I would like to see the best ie. Editors Pick, Most viewed in a particular category or something. My need is to see all the Light Box Instructables "ranked" in some way so I can see how they are presented and see their Unique Selling Point (USP). I am trying to improve my Instructables by looking at how "succesfull" ones were made. Any ideas would be welcome. I don't know how to ask the question any better than this.

Topic by craftyv    |  last reply

Design criteria for Ibles....

I just noticed that we have now standards that need to be followed if you want to publish an Instructable.Standards are good but not so much if the editing options for an Ible are at a standard from the year 2000.If I had fun designing something as simple as whistle that shall be created in a 3D printer: Then why would I need images showing how I designed it?Or why would I need images for the print settings or idea behind it?A community goes both ways!The editing tools are still sub standard and the images handling is a bad joke.If I need to explain something complex with the aid of images then of course I want the images in the right spot with the text - ever thought about this or visited website that offer similar after the year 2000?Usability is not just a means to provide the same look on all browsers and devices or to be able to use the most basic way to convert a website into a PDF.Usability is also for those who create it but that part seems to be lost for years now no matter how many times people ask, suggest or comment on the problem.I have no problem making my creations available elsewhere if that is the only way out here.If you want people to create proper Instructables then for crying out loud give them the means to do so!And fix the damn category selection bogus when posting in the community section.Has no use for years but why bother to fix it....Before you guys force people doing things your way only you should consider in what times we are and how proper usability would benefit this site....

Topic by Downunder35m    |  last reply

Number of Ible's Question

First off, sorry I keep posting so many questions, I just keep coming up with more =) Anyway, here's the question... When you go to a forum topic (as you can see pictured below) under each persons profile image is a small bar showing how many instructables they've published and it is color-coded. So, at what numbers do the colors change? How many color's are there? P.S. Sorry the image isn't very clear...

Topic by LoneWolf    |  last reply

Its weird....

This ible Was unpublished, but I didnt get a comment from admin like everyone else.I only saw that it was unpublished when i was on my profile and it wasnt in my posted ibles.Is there a bug, or did they stop doing notices? I dont think it is a bug, but i want to make sure.

Topic by DJ Radio    |  last reply

Is there an easy way to turn a photo 'ible into a step by step 'ible?

Hi folks. I have made some alterations & additions to my workshop I want to add either to my "My Little Workshop/Utility Room/Cathouse." 'ible or my "Using recycled or salvaged timber" 'ible, possibly both.  Is there an easy way to change it from a photo 'ible to a step by step? I did want to add it in last night but life got in the way as usual & by the time I got started it was quite late & to tell the truth I was too tired to really search around the options, I thought I would try to save a bit of time & ask here before I try again this evening.

Topic by Nostalgic Guy    |  last reply

Logout error- on 'ible page

When I navigate to this 'ible page, it logs me out. It won't stay logged in no matter how many times I try. When I navigate away from the page, it logs me back in automatically. Specs: Firefox 3.6.4 (updated today) Windows 7

Topic by nickodemus    |  last reply

Captions for photos in photo-ibles

I can't see any way to add captions to individual pictures in Photo-ibles. Have I missed the obvious, or is it obviously missing ?

Topic by steveastrouk    |  last reply

Ideas for an easy 'ible in tech? Answered

I am really interested in electronic stuff, and all I really have been doing since I got my instructables account is commenting and answering. Any ideas?

Question by MatanSilver    |  last reply