The outside icon

I think the outside icon should be refined a little. All of the other icons look great but the poor bike is a little strange!

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Unexpected icon?

Hey folks, I didn't see a topic on this (if there is one feel free to merge it with the appropriate thread). At any rate, this morning I logged on to instructables and found this icon of what appears to be a forearm hiding up by my name on my user page. I'm not entirely sure what it's for, but it seems a number of other members have the same thing. Attached is a picture of the image, so if somebody could please let me know what this is for that would be great. --Purduecer

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desktop icons?

How do I create website icons to my desktop?

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Iconic Prototypes

Over at Wired, there is a photo set of early prototypes of iconic products. Here is the story for everyone's favorite summer toy, the super soaker:   Lonnie Johnson was trying to build a better refrigerator, based on a low-cost heat pump that circulated water instead of Freon. But when one of his custom-machined brass nozzles blasted a stream of water across his bathroom, Johnson—by day an engineer at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory—realized he had the makings of something way more fun. A shotgun-style air pump and a series of check valves allowed for sniperlike range and accuracy with little exertion. Selling the idea to toy companies, though, was more of an effort. After seven years of frustration, Johnson scrapped his difficult-to-manufacture Plexiglas “pressure containment vessel” for an empty 2-liter soda bottle. It wasn’t slick, but it was easy to make. In 1990, the toy maker Larami brought the Power Drencher to store shelves; it sold roughly 2 million of them in the first year alone. Rebranded as the Super Soaker, the line has raked in sales of more than $200 million to date.

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Project Icons Gone?

The little icons that mark thumbnails as "step-by-step", "video", "photo" or "collection" seem to have disappeared.  That's quite annoying...

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Change Collection Icon

I don't see a way to change the collection Icon, ie, primary image and three side images. It's pretty much stuck the way it is and I want to change it to make it look different than other member's collection.  Am I missing something?  Please help.

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Change Collection Icon

I don't see a way to change the collection Icon, ie, primary image and three side images. It's pretty much stuck the way it is and I want to change it to make it look different than other member's collection.  Please help. My collection is "Got Wood" - Wooden Gadgets.

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Apple Touch Icon

Could you include an Apple Touch Icon on the website? I know Instructables doesn't have an iOS app. Primary reason being that you want to focus on the website. I fully support that. I would like to add a shortcut to Instructables (my feed) on my iOS devices and I would like the bookmark to have a proper (Apple Touch) icon. Just because it looks nice and I think it would support Instructables' web app approach. Thanks.

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Samsung Omnia Icon

I'm thinking of getting a Samsung Omnia Icon soon. I was wondering if anyone has this phone and whether it is good or has any major issues. All help appreciated. Thanks.

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Hand Icon on Avatar

You can skip everything I'm about to say and just read the image note on the image below, because that's basically my question: What does the blue bar with a white hand and a number on it mean? It shows up on my profile picture/avatar on comments I've made and my Instructables, and I have no idea what it represents. I've seen many other people with it, too, with different numbers. Can somebody explain the meaning of this icon to me?

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HTML URL icon?

How can I put an image in the URL and/or title of a HTML page? I am trying to make a website and would like to have a little image on it.

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Looking for an iconic Image

Hey, I'm hoping people here will be able to help me. I'm writing my final year design dissertation about making, hacking and modding culture and I'm looking for some really interesting, dynamic images to use.  I'm looking for images that you think sum up the culture of making and hacking. I'm really interested in seeing what people think the essence of the culture is all about. Preferably I'd like them to be your own images and high resolution as I'd love to put them into my dissertation.  thank you very much for any suggestions.

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Everything works except icons show up as word document?

I opened with notepad and it made everything notepad so i checked properties and it said .lnk so i searched it up (opened google chrome was pinned to taskbar so it worked) and i downloaded some lnk  fixer and now everything works but the icons are still word document icons and its confusing

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Need help changing personal icon.

Hi everybody1 Let's get to the point. I upload images but when I put it in the library I don't know how to make it the icon for my name. Can you help? I can put them here but not on my icon.

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i'm a nub

How do i make my pic my icon

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Where is the groups icon located??? Answered

I cant find it!!!!! Help your friend Chase find the groups icon!!!!

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"Staff icon" for staff members instead of "pro icon"

I was thinking that it would be a good idea to change the "pro icon" to say "staff", or something like that, for the instructables staff members. That way people will be able to tell the staff members apart form other members. I know that a lot of the people that use the site frequently already know who the staff members are, but it would be helpful with all of the new interns. Also it would be helpful for people new to the site. AI

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Number of instructables vs colour on avatar. Answered

Does anybody know the colour code for the amount of instructables submitted that appears under your avatar? I thought I had it worked out, 1-10 blue, 11-20 green, 21-30 red, 30 + orange. I have found a few that don't fit in this model, 16 red, 17 green, 20 red. Any ideas?

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Blue space with a hand on my icon? Answered

On my icon under my user stats in my instructable, there is a little icon for a profile picture with a blue space plus a hand and the number one. What does this mean?

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Can I make my win7 icons transparent?? Answered

I have Windows 7, and I have a very dark wallpaper that is full of details. Is there any way I can make the shortcuts on the desktop transparent, or maybe get a program to hide them?

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New Custom Instructables Avatar

Hello everyone its robots199 here. If you look at the picture below you can see my new avatar icon. If you are wondering what does this matter to me? I will tell you... I will be making avatars like these for free for anyone who requests one. You chose the color and the fonts.If you think I should make this an instructable Please say so

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Why isn't my flashdrive displaying an icon? Answered

I wanted to make my flashdrive display an icon and a label, so I created an autorun file to do so. The label is being displayed, but the icon is not displaying at all. I hope I didn't add too many pictures.

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Fix "Quick Links" on profile pages?

I noticed that the "Quick Links" on our profile pages (to inbox, following and image library) over lap the little grey icon images (now that the website has changed). It's not a really "big issue" or anything, but its something that could get fixed. ;) see image.

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What happened to the Featured banner on instructables icons?

Hey, I haven't been as active in instructables as I used to be, but what happened to that "featured" banner that showed if that if your instructable was featured.

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Did U know the 'Iron Penny' is the top First IMAGE on Google

I published this ible   Lucky Penny 4 You  some time ago. Then onrust just found this as the first pic under Google image  if you lookup the Iron Penny. Happy to be an Instructable Member

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how fix the name Word under icon desktop Answered

Dear all.  The name word under icon desktop in my computer( firefox) sometime changed the name itself ( please see photo). Please could you help me how I can fix it? Many thank you

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How can you make an Icon that when you click on it, it will make the screen look like its bursting into flames??

Ok, so i have a mother who likes to keep me aways from the internet. So i want to make an Icon that looks like the Icon of the internet button and make it look like the computer is either bursting into flames or somthing that looks soo real. Its the only way she can stay away. Can you help me on this??

Question by Tech_O_Candy 

How do I upload my custom Mac icons for others to download?

 I've made several different icons for folders and apps but have no idea how to give them to people without sending them via e-mail. How would I go about making a collection so that they can be downloaded all at once, instead of each one being downloaded separately.

Question by gigavux 

which are pros?

So what now and first post are pros only. But no pro icon?? How do we know? Can the pro icon be in front of the topic? UPDATE: Fixed! Thanks Eric!

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FIXED: New solar panel icon doesn't align with new SOLAR category tab

The new solar-panel icon, advertising the sponsored Solar pseudo-category, does not properly line up with the tab with which it's supposed to be associated. UPDATE 17 Nov 2010:  The positioning has been fixed, by replacing the image-only link to "Gifts" with something shorter.

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Where is the draft icon, button, arrow put-er-on'r thing? Answered

Easy best answer here. Where are the drafts located?   I have not published in a while and Im rusty BUT I quit looking because it will drive me nuts! I did search in answers and apparently, this is a first.....OH, lucky me!

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How can yo change the windows vista start orb icon?

I have a windows vista sp2 32-bit computer. I am getting bored of the same old start orb. i dont want to waste hard earned money on something from stardock to change it though. it there any free program or at least a hack to do this? Please help. thanks

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Why am I the only one in contest without a "vote" icon?

Ok, I've produced an Instructable. Submitted it to the site on Mar 26. Entered it in the Pets contest. I open the contest page and it is there. It does not have a "Vote" icon like every other one there. I know people are finding it because it is getting some attention. Stats Total Views: 1052 Today Views: 170 Comments: 15 Rating: 3 Is the reason I have no Vote icon because I'm blocked to vote for myself (understandable)? I notice a more recent entry from last night has an icon already. Further, how can I tell how many votes I have? On the contest summary page I do find some projects list number of votes. Since mine is rather new I would expect it on the next screen, but it has not moved even though I sort by votes. Why is that? My Instructable is now featured and may well go popular soon as my other two have. Wouldn't featured be an advantage of exposure to potential voting? As the contest deadline approaches hopefully I'm actually gathering votes.

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how do you pay for pro using amazon? note the icon when signing up

There is a icon for amazon payment for the pro acct. but when your signing up there is no way to choose it. also i went to the amazon site an put instructables as key word, all dept., and nothing came up. Can amazon be used to pay or not...if not its' logo should be taken off as a payment method. False advertising. Thanks for your help.

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Why does the color near somebody's icon (that shows the number of instructables that they have posted) vary? Answered

Why does the color near somebody's icon (that shows the number of instructables that they have posted) vary? I wonder this because mine used to be red, then I posted about 5 more instructables and it changed to orange. does it have to do with the number posted? (like if you post 5-10 it is green, 11-15 it is orange, so on?) 

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New profile layouts -- good things and bad things

So Rachel deployed the server updates this morning. There are a lot of nice features, but at least one bug(?) and a couple of things I wish were different...Like the bigger patches :-)Like the icon format for my I'bles, favorites, and groups (on the /member/... version)Like the no-longer-present "(0)" in the INBOX link at the top of my pageDon't like the no-longer-present "(1)" "(2)" etc. in the INBOX link at the top of the pagePossible bug: Why are there "short lines" in the icon layout of my I'bles?Why don't the icons have the "featured" or "winner" banners?Would like the icon format on the /you/ page as wellWould like the "icon vs. long-line" toggle buttons for both viewOverall, the changes are light and subtle, but give things a look more consistent with the rest of the site.

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Is there any way I can remove the iTunes store icon on the right hand side of the iTunes Library?

Is there any way I can remove the iTunes store icon on the right hand side of the iTunes Library? I am running windows 7. Thanks in advance.

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recycle PP together with PET ?

We have (atlast) bongomats (recycling bins for plastic bottles) in town they are intended for transparent bottles made of PET and marked with the recycling icon and num 1 in it is it ok to throw there plastic stuff made of PP (recycling icon with num 5) or its better to trash it ?

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How do I reset all Finder preferences if I have changed the folder view settings in Mac OS 9? Answered

I own a 2nd hand iMac G3, and one day I was exploring Mac OS 9's folder view preferences, when I accidentally set Finder's icon view settings to 32x32 and when I booted back into OS X, opened up a Finder window and looked in my OS X applications (because Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X boot from the same hard drive), all the icons were stuck at 32x32. Any ideas on how to fix this? I've tried deleting the OS X Finder preferences, deleting all the .DS_Store files and OS X is still showing icons at 32x32. Can any one help me to fix this without reinstalling OS X Jaguar? (I don't have any install disks).

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How to target a hyperlink

I've noticed lots of people haven't been targeting hyperlinks ever since the new editor appeared. I think this is becaue it's not intuitive, so here's a quick how to: If you just click the world icon with the chain and paste in your URL you get this. So to target your URL, type a name, highlight that with your mouse, then click the world icon and paste your URL will be linked to your target word. for example I type  ME Highlight it with my mouse and click the world icon and paste.

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Top 50 Instructables Fourm Commenters of 2007 Ranked by Number of Comments Mosaic!

Hi,I just took the data from the Top 50 Instructables Commenters of 2007 Ranked by Number of Comments from a while ago and turned all of the users icon into the a Robot Icon Mosaic.Here is result.Enjoy! ThanksBTWIf someone wants to help me right a script to download all of the users icons I would love to make a giant version with thousands of Pictures.

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lazer following display help

I was wondering if it is possible to have an icon or marker show on a screen where you are pointing, as a screen displaying a camera feed and an icon to show where it is pointing. My initial idea is to use a laser pointer and an icon to show on the screen where it points by using the colour of the pointer.  I simply wish to see if its possible in one way or another and what methods there are. (not sure I am phrasing it right so apologies if I need to clarify it further) thank you for any information you can you can give me

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Can't download PDF files

I can't download PDF files. When I click on the PDF icon for plans a window pops up asking me to sign in, which I have already done, then goes away. I re click the icon again and the window reappears. Some what reminiscent of the Myth of Sissiphus.

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Guide link doesn't work

Clicking on the "Guide" icon leads to a dead link.

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Mozilla Firefox Bookmarks Toolbar Problems

I have Firefox, and I love the bookmarks toolbar, but I did something, and all of the icons disappeared. If I hit bookmarks at the top of the browser, then bookmarks toolbar folder, they still show up as being there. The bar is there, but there is no icons in/on it. I'm sure that it is the right toolbar, too. Does anyone have any ideas?

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