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Hallo,I want to will the pocket sized contest really bad, but I don't have any ideas left. Every suggestion i welcome. Thanks?

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This is one of those ideas that I came up with yet unfortunately I don't think that I will have the time nor effort to complete it. Yet I would love to see it come into fruition, and that's why I've decided to explain it here. What I would like to see is some crafty individual take the concept of the bristle bot and simply increase the magnitude of the dimensions and make it into a ride-able craft. This also could possibly be entered into the big and small challenge. Any questions that you might come up with I will gladly answer. 

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'CMON, I thought this was the idea-thinktank? Where are all the ideas? You know, some say that those who can't do something are the best when it comes to innovating about that thing because they don't know the limits of what can and can't be done.... That's what the rest of us are here for.

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This is soley for giving ideas to people!!!!!!

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I really need ideas for an Instructable. Can anyone help me?

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Does any one havany ideas 4 stuff? fresh out :(

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I would like some ideas of some sort of gun i could make or an explosive/bomb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I need some idea that seems like it was the first thing to a second graders mind when you asked him to write a story. I can't tell you why. Also acceptable a paranoid 80 year old man. I need your ideas quick!!

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ideas Answered

I has some ideas I would like to put out there so here they arecat emoticon smile thing shown here-> :3 a punk idea.. well u know how there's steam punk and cyber punk how about medipunk all medieval stuff

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Give me an idea and I will probably build it, name your favorite replica or something innovative and i'll give my best shot at it.

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I recently took apart an old blender (which was broken, but it turns out it only needed a new fuse) and a vacuum, and i'm left with two motors and the cords to plug them into a wall socket. i left the buttons on the blender so it functions at semi-controllable speeds. i feel horrible not putting them to some kind of use, but i keep drawing a blank on what to do. ideas?

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Hi everyone, im starting to make some instructables soon and i don't have amny ideas, if anyone and i mean ANYONE has any dream of a cool explosive/bang thing etc. anything, doesnt even have to do with fire. if you do though post it as a comment in this and ill see what i can do with them. cmon people we want lots of instructables for this group

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Hi, I have an idea that I want to see come into fruition. I have the general idea of it figured out in my head, yet the lack of knowledge in key areas, and other projects, prevents me from completing it, although I would love to see it built. It goes as follows,    By using the power of mice, construct an apparatus that functions in either one of two ways. The first way would use an exercise wheel (bought, or made) with magnets attached that would in turn power a fan in a column that would suck the air from the bottom of the enclosure to the top through a filter. I'm not sure how magnets work, but I know that they're used to create current which is what is needed. The second method would employ 3d printed gears to crank the fan round and round. Both would be made with a series of tubes, much like the internet, that would make it suck more. :]

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I'd like to see someone make a lawnmower that doesn't use a large stupid spinning fan, I'd like to see someone make something that uses the same principle as a harvester and makes little convenient bales or little grass blocks that could be easily used for other things. Its 2012, for gods sake, we should have some cool shit by now, and make it robotic too, where you can walk around your yard with your smart phone to let the mower know the perimeter as well as any other points of interest, like flower beds or dogs.        

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my idea

So ive been thinking about an idea. the idea are these little robots that connect together by magnets and then build other robots also when there are two or more connected it can walk and build more. the only problem is, i have no idea how to do this. so if anyone can help me with this please contact me. also if this already exist please tell me. dont take my idea

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knex idea

I had a idea i don't know how it would work but what happens is you cock the gun and every time you press the trigger the ram goes up a little bit and fires so you fire like this cock, pull trigger, pull trigger, pull trigger, pull trigger etc

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Need Ideas

I have been a member of instructables for a couple of months but have only published 1 instructable i can do simple electronics and have leds please submit any idea you have. thanks also i have duct tape fishing line and 3/8 inch tubing just to name a few. I would really like to be featured PLEASE HELP ME.

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I need some idea's for a project. I have a broken ipod i want to use. everything in the ipod works the files are just messed up. So i have a click wheel, hardrive, screen, and whatever else is in an ipod mini! Some friends and i are also throwing around idea's about a senior prank of sorts at our school and if we could use this to "brodcast" stuff over the intercom, or use the camera's or control lights or sumthing!!! we would love it!!! so if you will please let me know what you think

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looking for an idea

Hi all,  I am not sure this is the right place to pist this but couldnt find any better place. so as the topic mentions im looking for an idea... you are probably asking idea for what? so here it goes  im volunteering as a high school mentor for the FIRST robotics competition. this competition is awesome for kids - building a robot from nothing in 6 weeks to do a changing task... this is difficult even for experienced engineers.  anyway, we want to teach the kids some useful things before the competition starts, such as working with power tools, sensors, some basic electric circuits and mechanical elements (bearings, sprockets, gears etc.) we tried lectures and classes but it doesnt quite do it,  so i thought a good idea would be a nice project that might combine all of the topics mentioned above. so where do i go when i need a good DIY project? instructables! i browsed around but couldnt find something that was exactly what i was looking for...  so can anyone help with an idea? 

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Contest idea

Hi, I think it would be awesome if their was a Pokemon contest. Everyone is starting to get back in the Pokemon mood and I really think it would be a good idea.

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Project ideas?

I Have 2 ipod hard drives. 1 is a 20gb and the other is a 30gb. I also have a spare dvd player, a dvd drive(doesnt work but spare parts might come in handy) and an old razr phone that the screen doesnt work but the rest is fine...Any projects i can do? or anything i can make that would come in handy? I would appreciate it greatly for some tips or project ideas..thanks..

Topic by poeticsoul44  

Film Ideas????

Hi everybody I'm Nat from Lost in the Woods Productions (a not so indie.., indie film company ish) And the writers and I have a serious case of writers (and in my case dreamers )block. So I'm turning to you the general public for our first film idea! I hope to work close with you on the scripting,filming and post production. And you will be credited for all your work as a Producer. We don't have a Film out yet as Lost in the Woods so this would be our first.  My team and I are awaiting your feedback, Nat, Director at Lost in the Woods Production  Come check us out at :

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Knex ideas? Answered

Please give me some ideas to make things out of knex.

Question by Hiyadudez    |  last reply

Airsoft Ideas

Besides having a war, I need ideas of things to do with airsoft guns for my brothers b-day party.

Topic by Thelonelysandwitch    |  last reply

General Ideas

This forum is to discus general ideas for the project

Topic by oscarthompson  

Any Ideas?

Hey, i was wondering if anybody can give me some ideas of guns to make.

Topic by didexo    |  last reply

Knex Ideas? Answered

I would like to know if any of you have anything you want to see on the website that is made out of knex since I'm bored and want to make something but don't know what. Anyone have an idea. I'm good at making games out of knex.

Question by Danielzxzx1    |  last reply

any ideas?

Does any one hav any ideas i cant come up wit any at the moment

Topic by a little crazy    |  last reply

New Ideas

Hey i have a couple ideas to enter in the epilog laser contest If you have any post em and get them reviewed. One idea i have is a Laser Pistol! its an old technique of stimulating photons. If it is run under the best conditions it can be up to 1,000,000 Watts at 1 ms bursts, post your new ideas

Topic by itsthatsguy    |  last reply

Contest ideas

I cant think of a idea for the garden contest, or pocket sized, whats something you guys would like to see?

Topic by beyondimagination    |  last reply

Nice Idea

This is NOT my idea. I do not take any credit for it in any way. I just found this on You tube. I thought it was a brilliantly original idea, and wanted to show everyone here that there really is no limits to knex. 

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Contest Ideas

I think there needs to be a contest about things rising up, like a TV that is hidden at first then with a remote it will rise up and then you can watch. Users will be challenged to use there creativity to think of ways to incorporate this idea.

Topic by Blechmen    |  last reply

instructable ideas? Answered

Wat should i do a (easy) instructable on

Question by diy man101    |  last reply

idea for contest

How about a "make some sound" contest

Topic by Microbe    |  last reply

any ideas?

Dang, i got nuffin. ok, i need a new idea for a new 'ible. my hobbies and interests are: simple computer operations (up to the upgrading ram point), basketball, music, games, humor, and crude weapons for starters

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Ideas Please

Help! I have got a whole lot of 0.22" bullet cartridges (i do small bore) and i need an idea for an instructable on them. And by lots i mean unlimited. Seriously

Topic by duck-lemon    |  last reply

Idea Repository

This could be considered a suggestion for the site -- but I'm curious of the forum response. Most of us have plenty of ideas (I happen to have journals just for this purpose) - but most of us lack the time/money to actually do them. Eventually the best/feasible ideas are actually completed - but there's plenty of other ideas out there.... So I am proposing a database of ideas/projects that you don't have the time, money or tools/knowhow to complete. These should be ideas that you don't mind putting out in the open. Along with the idea, a short description would be nice and how you think it should be completed... If this works, someone might see your idea and decide that he/she wants to give it a shot. With any luck -- many more of our ideas will get out there, well documented, etc. These ideas would otherwise be lost in our memories (or in my case living a slow death on paper :P). Curious what others think and if you want to add something -- post away :P

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MP3 Ideas?

I just got a cheap 128MB coby MP3 Player.And i wanted to know if anyone had any good ideas,wether it be hacking it somehow or jut changing the case to somthing crazy(Really wanna do that).Here is a picture of it.So,any ideas?

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Knex ideas

Hey guys, it's me again. I decided to make this forum, as many people have awesome knex ideas, but arent experienced enough to make it, don't have the pieces, or anything else. Or maybe you have an idea that would be cool, and just suggest it here, people will see it and maybe pick up on it and decide on trying it out! Share your ideas, models, concepts and anything else! Your ideas can be anything, from small thing such as small model cars and ball machines to full auto mechs and awesome motors(V4, V8 type motors). Happy building!

Topic by Hiyadudez    |  last reply

Ideas for minecraft?

Well I've got minecraft but I dont play online so, I usually like to build cool things to mess with like connecting islands via an underwater railway. However I'm running out of ideas of things to build. Post ideas of things to build below or post cool screenshots of things you've built and I'll add them to the idea list. Ideas: -Build a glass ball filled with lava in the sky. -Use binvox to convert 3d objects into minecraft schematics. -Use the new note blocks and create a circuit system that plays "The Entertainer."

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superhero idea

I always come up with tons of superhero ideas but I can't seem to get one. I need a name, super power and story. (it can also be a villian)

Question by sonofathena24    |  last reply

tv ideas

Im planning on buying a 42" plasma on black friday and i want to do something any body got any ideas on what i could do with its some kind of custom stand, tv cover, lights, ect. any thing.

Topic by yuckzee  

Cheap ideas

Looking for cheap ways to make something out of tension wire spool.

Topic by DUMB8    |  last reply

Got an idea?

Hey Instructables, I'm a freelancer doing an article for a magazine on clever, fun ways families can save money. (Not the usual boring coupon-clipping stuff). I'm looking for ideas that are fresh & relatively easy—toys, things for a home, etc. Share your ideas, and get credit for them in the piece. No kidding. Thanks!!

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Launcher Ideas

So I was wondering what the best method of propelling something like, oh I don't know, a hot dog. I was thinking compressed gas but I'm open to other ideas.

Topic by HOMEsplice    |  last reply

tag ideas

Just trying to get as many tags as possible so that we can be more known

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my idea ?

Excuse Idea is to let the work of the robot moves in 16 barcode full freedom, control it via remote, for example, is moving to give him a certain barcode as well as can you help me

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Mortars ideas

Heres a spot we can put up ideas about mortars. look for "tennis ball mortar" for the base idea and then you can modify off of it. i been thinkin mabey mortar that can shoot like a shotgun, (air soft pellets or bbs) or a huge cannon that can shoot footballs lol. ill think on it and post somthing. good luck with ur ideas and have some fun. ...mabey pvc pipe for the barrel or somthing...

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Project Idea

Im sick of checking for mail throughout the day so i was hoping to setup some sort of motion sensor in my mailbox that trasmits to my home with a beep or light. Any ideas to achieve this cheaply?

Topic by andrewlapham2010    |  last reply

Ideas By Chuck

Hey,  I would like to invite you all to check out my blog -  I have been doing it for about two years now, and basically what it is is me giving away my ideas.  It has been featured on, in Inventors Digest, and on CNN Headline News.  Thanks,   Chuck

Topic by ideasbychuck