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tool identification? Answered

Is this a plumb bob? If so what kind? What is the purpose of the rectangular opening? Tightening the screw make the rectangular opening smaller. Thanks.  

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Component identification Answered

A while back a bought a bag from a thrift shop that had all sorts of components in it. I figured for 50 cents it wouldn't be so bad especially because it had a bread board in it. I can figure out what everything is but this....I thought it was a photoresistor so i tried putting it in a circuit like one, but no luck. Light does not seem to affect if...What is it??

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Identification needed!

Hi there, I'm messing around with a cheap Chinese camera I got a while back and was looking to replace the rather poor camera with a nicer, clearer one. I'm a complete newbie at doing this as this is as far as I can get!! It seems there is a clip in camera for the circuit board but now I have no idea how to search for another compatible one to buy online. I've typed in 'camera circuit board replacement' and 'clip in camera part' etc. etc. but to no avail. Here are some also rather poor images of the camera in question but hopefully it's enough for someone to point me in the right direction of another replacement module that would snap in and work! Thanks! Josh

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component identification

Hello, I am Trying to find the name of these types of connectors . Any information Would be help full.  The first and second Pics are the Sew on Type DC / AC Power Cord Port ?   The 3erd Pic is a different type of AC power Cord Port ? The 4Th Pic is a 3.5MM Stereo / Headphone Jack Cord Port ? on the Top of the strap  With Sound , Play Pause , Skip Back Buttons . Under the Fabric ?   Any information on How one can Get these types of connector would be vary help full.  I am planning on making a few different types of Projects , I need all the different Types of the connectors ,  When it comes to the stereo Buttons, Can one use the Sew on type of computer chips ?  like the type used with Conductive Thread ?  Or is their a Better Way to accomplish the same goal ? Thanks for your Time ,   

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Electronic Component Identification

Hi, I found a capacitor in a old television set and I need some help figuring out the value. All I know is that it is rated for 2KV. What it says: MDC 1000K N3300 2KV ~Thanks~

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Flower identification, please? Answered

This beauty belongs to my friend in S. Cal.   She says it blooms once a year then goes dormant (dies back) until the following year and repeats the cycle. Sorry, this is the only picture I have. Can anyone identify it?

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Flowering plant identification

I live in Chicago, IL and have a plant in my garden that I can't identify.  It is a  perennial.  The leaves are smoke-green and look a bit like marijuana leaves.  The plant drapes over and is covered in single yellow blooms that close up at night time and reopen each day.  Each flower has five flat heart shaped petals.  There is no odor to either the plant or the flower.  I will try to attach pictures to help with identification.  Thanks!

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Blown Circuit Identification

So I am trying to repair an old hair straightener so that I can use it for some project on another. Part of the circuit blew. I think it was a diode but am not 100% percent sure. If someone could let me know what the part is so that I can possibility replace it.

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LCD panel identification?

Hi i got this old LCD panel  see pics it is about 5.7 inches has tow wires cable and another 14 wires cable coming out of it has this writing on the back: FHS-0635 MEDMMPUU3W2F MADE IN JAPAN i need data-sheet or pinouts or anything like this?"i used Google and kinda failed" and how to connect it and control it ?"or this type of LCD s " and what is its applications ? any info or links ... thank u in advance :)

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Light Sensor identification?

Hello all, I've just started a project and found a spare light sensor in a Megabrite LED Color Changing Night Light. However I am a complete novice and do not know how I use this specific light sensor. So here's the question: Are all light sensors the same? Can i just use any lightsensor 'ible or do I need specifics for this sensor? And if so, does anyone know how I can figure out what the light sensor is? Thanks for any help.

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Need help identifying the components Answered

I am not able to read the information on the item (too small) - it is red (ish) with a black band. See attached picture. This is out of an Energizer dynamo based flashlight ( ) with a 3.6V 80mAh Ni-Cad battery with 3 lead input from a dynamo (6 diodes in the picture). If anyone had access to the schematic for this, that would be even better :-) Updating with a better picture... Not much better.... But a bit better. I can not get any closer without it just getting fuzzy...

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What are these tools used for?

Anybody out there have any idea what this set of tools would be used for? I was thinking maybe glass sculpture or clay sculpture work? Wood handles with brass shafts/heads. Approx 9-1/2" long overall.

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Can you help me identify this piece of Super 8 film?

I have been sent photgraphs of this film which is puported to be from 1966 but it looks like it has a sound strip so I believe this would mean it was from 1973? Is that a sound strip I can see? The date of the film is critcal to further research.

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What kind of wild mushroom is this? Answered

I live in the mountains of Central Idaho where the Winters can be brutal.  We head South to Baja California every Fall and don't return to the mountain until April/May. For the past 2 years I've come home to find  a single mushroom growing inside, by a Northwest-facing door jam.  The house is winterized (not heated) and our elevation is about 4,500 ft. As you can see by the pics, this mushroom is as big as my hand and it sends out a lot of spores. (last picture)  It reminds me of a (yummy!) Chanterelle, but I'm no mushroom expert. I've seen that species in Northwest Washington at much lower elevations, but never here on the mountain. lol... I SO wanted to saute this baby up but common sense prevailed. Do we have any mushroom experts in the house?  What do you think it is?

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How to identify a metal ?

Hi ! Into a terrain near a very old volcano and a river, my brother found fragments of obsidian of various sizes and colors. Some of them are "glued" to metallic stones, and some others contain marbles of metals ... He also found a heavy metallic rocks (encrusted with obsidian) who reacts with magnet, and an other light one (without obsidian) who does not react with magnet. Do you know a mean to identify those metals ? (I Googled but found nothing very useful so far) Or do you have a clue of what it could be ? #1 is a metallic rock encrusted with obsidian. It must be iron because it's heavy, the rust is red, and it reacts to magnet. #2 and #3 is obsidian with marble of metal who reacts to magnet. #4 is an unknown (metallic ?) rock. It is light (150 grams for 200 cm3 - 0.33 pounds for 12 cubic inches), of the color of silicon (or the graphite of paper pen !), does not react to magnet but is (electric) conductor with resistance near 0 ohm.

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need help with identifying a plant

Can anyone tell me what this plant is?

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What is this tool??? Help??

Please help tell me what this is and what its for!?!?!?!?!

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What is this shell? Answered

#2 bought this shell at a charity shop. It's about 12cm long, and feels quite thin. Any ideas what it might be? 

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unknown wooden mask

I found a wooden mask (Indonesian,African ?) and need some help identifying it. Contact email is

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Another Mystery Succulent... Possibly carnivorous? Answered

We've had quite a bit of rain over the Summer and this charming indigenous succulent is growing like crazy all over the Baja California Coast.  It's hard to see from the photos, but the entire plant looks like it's covered with tiny water-blisters.  It literally glistens!  The flowers open in the sunlight and close at night.  The size varies, but I've seen them grow as large as 8" tall and 2' across.   It looks like it belongs to the Drosera (Sundew) family, but I've been unable to identify it.   Any ideas?

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Can someone help me find the data sheet for this transistor? Answered

I recently purchased a few grab bags from Jameco and I can't seem to identify one of the transistors that came with one of the grab bags. So far I have figured out it's a Motorola brand possibly a FET. I attached a picture of it with the part number which reads M9943 m828. The m before the 828 is the Motorola logo letter M.  I've tried searching Google, JameCo, and the Motorola website for this part number; but I have not had any success at finding a datasheet for it.

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Help identifying old magstripe reader IC 5C05 6D1 61

I’ve been working on a homebrewed magstripe reader circuit for a project and it just came to me that using an IC from an existing reader circuit would be a ton easier than amplifying the tiny signal and making my own circuit to interpret the signal. The trouble is, I have the chip but there doesn’t seem to be any datasheet for it available online (that I can find, at least). Hoping someone else might have some info and would be willing to share~ The only labelling on the chip is in two lines, the top with “5C05” and the bottom has “6D1 61”. There is also a manufacturer’s label on the chip the IC is on, “SR&D”, which appears to be an audio equipment company but didn’t help my in my search. Preemptive thanks!

Question by Dakky  

Changing bluetooth identification data

Hi I bought this bluetooth audio module from Now is it possible to change the bluetooth identification name, wch appears on the phone to pair, from what is mentioned. Thanks.

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Sewing Machine Part Identification.

I need to know what the name for the part of the sewing machine that the presser foot is attached to. It's missing on my machine and I don't know where to get a replacement.

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Help with old parts identification

I need some help identifying some old parts... Google didn't find anything that I could tell. They are: 1) AMI 8029vi C11262 (Some sort of old dip style IC chip) 2) DIS1283 8004 (This is some type of display but I can't seem to find anything on it. Wanted to see if I could hook it to an Arduino??) Thanks for any help. Mike C.

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Help Identifying Mario Title? Answered

Hey all- here is a question that has just come up. While playing some mario videogames, in a conversation I remembered an old mario title I used to play. I only played it a couple times though, so I dont remember a whole lot. I dont remember the title at all- just a few details. I remember it was 3D, and I *think* it was played on a Nintendo 64. It had a castle on the main entry. It had paintings (which were locked), and I remember something about penguins. I remember a level up in the sky, and of course, rescuing Princess Peach was the main objective. I think it is Super Mario 64, but am not sure. If anyone knows the title or if it is available for a Wii, please let me know. 

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Does anyone know what kind of bug/spider this is??!?? Answered

 I just happened to be on floor with my ear against my sub as I'm testing something out, but then I looked at the carpet and saw this dead bug sitting there! My gf has been getting bit in her sleep, well not recently within the last week, but she has like 6-7 bites along her wrist that are weeks old now and they are not healing up worth a damn. I don't think it's a bed bug, we stayed at a friend's house a long time ago and didn't realize they had a bedbug problem, neither did they, needless to say my gf's skin is scarred all over from bedbug bites. Now we're back at my parents and I did the necessary precautions to make sure we didn't bring any with us, including I kept all her clothes and whatnot in a duffel bag outside in the shed for over a week, if it didn't kill them it at least slowed them down, then I brought it in and washed ALL of her clothes with a hot wash in the washing machine. Anyways this looks like a spider to me, and thats what she thinks was biting her because they don't look like bedbug bites, but it pisses me off really, I even sprayed all sorts of "Spider-bahn" around my room and around the perimeter of the walls, perhaps that's why I found this one dead?? Anyone help please! P.S: I live in Canada, and I've heard from a couple people that this year is really bad for bedbugs, at least up here.

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Contest question: what is this moss?

Can you help me identify this here critter? Found October 9th in Heritage Park in Blacksburg, Virginia. Specimen was found in a single, isolated patch on a short hillside under deep brush and about 10 yards from a Cattail marsh. First correct identification commented here or on the punklovedesigns facebook wall with means of identification wins the code for three months of Instructables Pro Service. Winner will be chosen from available answers on Sunday 6th. Every time I get a bonus code for a featured tutorial I'll give it away here with another contest to try readers' Taxonomy skills. Cheers, James Schlitt

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Alternator identification cross reference info

What make vehicle would my alternator fit? There is a sticker with the following information on it  palladium p8230-t any information will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for your help 

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Mystery (to me ;-) Succulent Identification: What is this? Answered

I bought this really interesting succulent(?) from a door-to-door plant salesman a week ago.   The pot is 5", so that gives you a size reference.  This strange-growing plant appears to have thorns, but the spikey protrusions are not hard or ouchie-sharp. Does anyone know what species it is?

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Voltage rail identification on LCD PCB

I am testing the DC rails coming off an LCD TV PSU so i can convert the unit to run off an ATX PSU. i have managed to find (labelled on the board) 12v, 12v, NC, GND, GND, GND, ?, ?  the last two aren't  labelled. the two pins (when tested to GND) are giving me -12v, could this be right? I'm guessing by this point ill just have to use the 12v rails, GND and -12v from the ATX to get this powered?  what else could those last two pins be? 

Topic by andrewlapham2010  

Computer Circuit Board Identification request

Here are a few pictures of two boards I have (I am not sure how old they are, but they either came from my old 8088/8086, 286, 386, or my PS2 (all long gone now). What I need to know is what they are/were and are there any specs out there (I can't seem to locate any): one has a port on the side, one does not. The one without the port has a T.I. chip that looks like an IR programmable PROM with PGM=12.5 v on it. There is also a crystal with 24.000 stamped on it. The other one it probably an old video card but it has only 4 resistors on it and one resistor bank, plus four capacitors, and two ic's. One is labeled: 74LS245N ( Octal Bus Transmitter/Receiver designed for 8-line asynchronous 2-way data communication between data buses ), the larger IC is an unmarked 40 pin device. I tried for half an hour to get half decent pictures of them, sorry for the quality.

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Jack Daniel's "The Independence Project" Submission Identification

Just a thought: I'm noticing quite a few Jack Daniel's "The Independence Project" entries that aren't immediately clear that that's what they are. Next time you have a contest like this, you might think about some way to require that the submitters more clearly label their submission as being such.

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MOSFET question

Greetings everyone, I've been trying to learn how to use MOSFETs lately, and I've reached a confusing speed bump.  My main objective for a first project will be to simply use it as a switch, but I'd like to really learn them and not just mimic others' work.  The MOSFETs I have are mostly IRF740, IRF540, and IRF240.   Are 'Enhancement' and 'Depletion' modes of MOSFET operation, or see they separate components?  In other words, can I use any MOSFET in either enhancement or depletion mode? My brain and I thank you!

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Hp p 2015 bldc motor pin identification

Please tell me pin out details of RK2 1567 laser printer motor . it's supply voltage.

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Night Vision Goggle Help. Also cable identification!

 Hi Everyone, I am trying to make my own night vision headset/goggles following this kiplay's guide. I have a electric viewfinder from an old JVC GR-AX5 video camera. I have removed the viewfinder and dismantled it but I am not sure which of the 7 cables are, (i.e. ground, power, video etc). How would I identify this, and could you please go in-depth as I am not hugely experienced in electronics, but I am learning. I have enclosed pictures, if that helps, but I do apologise for the poor quality. As the picture is hard to tell, the cable colours are (not in this order); Black, white, red, redy/brown (i am unsure, i am colourblind), yellow, orangey and a pinky purply colur.  How do I identify them? On a second note, for anyone who has followed this tutorial, can you recommend a good camera to get in the UK? Many thanks, and I hope someone can come through for me, Alex

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Bug: "logout" doesn't remove I'bles identification cookie(s)

I was trying to reproduce an error reported by Adrian Monk. I followed the logout link, which took me back to the Home page and removed my "You" tabs from the masthead. However, when I then followed a link into the I'bles Web site, my "You" tabs were back, and I'bles thought I was still logged in!I had to remove all I'bles related cookies by hand in order for the logout to really take effect. The logout action should remove those cookies automatically.

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What's my tool?

I found some kind of lever bar tool in my grandfather's stuff. What is it or what is it for?

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Help identify a tool/tool part.

Can someone please help me identify what tool this is or what tool this is a part of? Thank you.

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Is it possible to read the RFID chips implanted into cats with a microcontroller for identification purposes? Answered

I would like to be able to identify my cats so that they can be fed according to their particular diet, and they are already implanted with RFID tags from the vet. I was hoping to use these tags instead of making my cat wear an extra RFID tag on their collar.

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How to Identify homemade USB device connected to computer by passing some identification tag?

I'm planning on developing several different USB devices that will be operated by a Visual Basic 6 program I am writing.  I want to be able to identify the USB device plugged into the computer the same way a program knows when you have just plugged in a USB drive or webcam.  Is there some simple cheap way that I can wire in a circuit that will pass an identification tag so my program can identify which USB device has been connected?  There are certain criteria.  The parts must be cheaper than a usb flash stick...otherwise I'd just disassemble a flash stick and load a program to it to automatically run telling the usb ID.  I'd rather not do this simply because I'd rather not have to take apart several usb flash drives which can get expensive.  This eliminates Arduo and other costly circuit boards.  The parts when assembled need to be smaller than  a usb flash drive.  I just want to pass some ID serial number to the usb port that I can than pick up with my program so it knows that device has just been plugged in.  Any suggestions?

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Wanted: Help building and programming a detection system

I want to be able to know when my daugher and son enter the house, omit one on request and setup different identifications for each. I would like this to be an independent device (built for this exact purpose) no app for PC/Phone.  

Topic by Sovrac  

Screen printing - Should I use paint or ink?

 I will be printing identification and logo on steel newspaper racks that have been painted with a 25 year exterior latex paint. Is it realistic to expect good results using paint or ink? If the answer is ink, what type?

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making a XRF gun

What do you all think about the feasibility of making a DIY XRF gun? These are commonly used in manufacturing settings where quick material identification is required. They look a lot like barcode scanners, but cost quite a bit more, generally 20-40k and mostly companies rend them for about 2k per month.  I know that its probably quite impossible to slap one together using an Arduino or something but is this completely out of the realm of DIY? Really they just break down into 4 parts: X-ray source, detector, electronics and computer and it seems like the first two are the issue. It seems like there's tons of different methods of doing this, and I just keep feeling that somewhere in all those is something much more cost effective. Here are some links:

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List of "featured" on front page slightly different from those on Featured page.

It's a minor thing that may have to do with caching but I noticed that the list of features on the front page is missing an instructable that is shown on the "Show all Featured" page.  See the following screen shots of the front page and the Featured page.  The "USB Dog Identification" is not on the front page. This happened using Firefox and Chrome on Windows XP.

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Camera Flash Circuit

I know that it's pretty easy to cannibalize a camera flash to do some pretty simple things...but i find it difficult (probably by design) to solder things to these prebuilt boards (especially the "charge button"...that things not built for soldering)...i was wondering if someone could work up a circuit schematic with part numbers (or at least part identification) for a flash circuit like those in a disposable that someone could build it from scratch in whatever form factor they choose.

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Can anyone help me identify some chemistry glassware? Answered

I recently acquired some old glassware from a university sale, and I have a couple of pieces that I have not seen before. Can anyone assist me in identification?  The first item appears to be meant for gas samples. It has a stopcock on both ends and has a large space between. The gas inside is NO2. The second looks like an addition funnel with a water cooled stem.

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Kiteman recommends... birding websites.

Just thought I'd share some websites I use as part of my hobby.  They are mainly UK-specific, but could be of interest to overseas birders: Birdguides It costs to get the detailed content, but they have a free sightings list and weekly newsletter.  Plenty of links to other sites as well. RSPB "The" birding website.  Plenty of identification help, including recordings of calls and videos of birds in motion.  Not very interactive, though. BTO More specialist website, home of the UK bird surveys.  Site seems broken at the moment - homepage is blank, as are several others.  Link given is to BBS, you can explore from there. iSpot New to me, aimed at a mix of amateurs and pros - forums and advice, but the biggie is uploading photos of your sightings with a facility for members to agree with your identification or discuss it.  Also has sections to cover all other aspects of wildlife, even fungi and lichens.  I've just joined - care to guess my user name? Collins Birds. Update: SITE IS NOW LIVE!  Go see. Hope these are of interest - maybe you'd like to share sites that are as useful in your area or country?

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Spreadshirt Help Plz?

Well, I made my own shop on Spreadshirt, but now how do I get paid.US residents and US citizens would also have to supply their tax ID, Social Security number or Tax Identification numberSo, where do I get the things needed? I mean, its a source of income, and I would pay tax on it...Any help?BTW don't give me that: "Have you checked the FAQ's?" business, I did, and I found nothing..

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bar code or qr code?

I am trying to develop an automation project that requires the use of an identification code. i'll be using a application made on delphi, running in a regular PC and the delphi program must read the code and give an order to the electric motor. i want some advice on this matter, like, which code should i use (qr or bar code) and the hardware and software required for this, so tha the delphi program can read it. please help! ps: sorry for any english errors

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