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Should pizza be considered a vegetable?

Congress says so, what do you think?

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Coffins, bedstead and idiot rescued by lifeboat.

Sometimes I wonder how we earned our reputation as a seafaring nation... A DIY sailor had to be rescued by the Lyme Regis coastguard and lifeboat after taking to the sea in a DIY yacht consisting mainly of two coffin-sized plywood boxes and an iron bed frame. The anonymous man had spent several days on the beach, lashing his vessel together.  It was so obviously unseaworthy that the coastguard and lifeboat crews warned him not to put to sea. Unfortunately, he did put to sea off Charmouth.  On an out-going tide in an offshore breeze. Within yards, onlookers had to call emergency services, and the lifeboat insisted on towing the (for want of a better word) boat back to the beach.  The captain had been unable to make headway against the breeze with his home-made oars... I've got to wonder... how many of our own authors have been in a similar situation? (You get all the serious news in the Daily Mail...)

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How do I block an idiot on this site ?

There are people on this site with no instructables who insist on putting down everything they see here! How do I block them ?

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Help and idiot to control LEDs via USB

I have what's a common question, however the usual answers I see relate to Arduino or some other all-in-one package which I really want to avoid. It's been 4-5 years since I did anything like this and I've pretty much reverted to an amateur again! My aim is to build the simplest circuit to control anywhere from 8 to 64 LEDs via USB within Windows and Linux using C or assembly. I'm not adverse to doing some PIC work but I no longer own any of the kit so would need to pick up the programmer again... if I could avoid doing this it would be great but I don't know if it's feasible. Should I be looking at FTDI chips or am I barking up the wrong tree? Is there a basic instructable that I've overlooked that might point me in the right direction?

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Help needed some idiot vandalised my car

Well Guys, It seems Christmas is not all ways the season of good will. Sometime over the holiday some idiot poured white household gloss paint over my car. It dont look too good as the car is metalic red. Anyone advise me on how to remove the white paint with minimal damage to the (two pack acrylic) car paint?

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Can I use WD40 as a wood finish, or am I an idiot? Answered

I did it once and it seemed to semi-work. I have no idea what the properties of a wood finish are and am limited in my woodworking skills

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So Much Irritated with This idiot Fingerprint Systems... is there any solution to overcome ?

Presently i am using Biometric system In Singapore and i got fixed by an Agency.. i am facing regular problems with that system, they are not responding well.. how can i approach for new one ?

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Which is better?? PS2 or X-Box??

This is what ive always wanted to know.... I bet you some idiot is gonna say... PC or Gameboy or GC. it always happens.

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submitting a guide? Answered

I feel like a total idiot asking this, but I want to submit a guide and I don' know where to find the option on the "submit" menu. please don't insult my idiocy I just want a good answer!

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How to make or assemble a software ?

How do peoples create softwares like yahoo messenger or media players please help me I am completely idiot about this but by full procedure i can understand

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instructables picture help? Answered

I Am new here I Just want to publish a new instructable but there was something missing that other instructables has and it was the box on the picture I want to know how to put boxes at the picture thanks   

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DIY wi-fi signal finder

Hi there, I came across the schematics needed to make one of these nifty devices a while ago, but didnt bookmark (idiot) and now I can't seem to find it anywhere... Anyone know how to make one of these? :) Thanks in advance. Cheers Celso

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does anyone have a good resource for introduction to microcontrollers? Answered

I'm talking absolute idiot here. like, imbecile. dumb.  I'm going to need to start from scratch. I just want to know the easiest and quickest route to this, be it a website, a book, or a class.

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LED DNP on a schematic: what does it mean? Answered

I know I am probably going to feel like an idiot with the answer, but I can't seem to find one online anywhere. I'm looking to make this circuit but have no idea what DNP stands for. Thanks in advance!

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How do you morph a glass bottle? Answered

 How do you morph bottles like in the pictures? I tried with my torch,  and absolutely failed, it cracked, and didn't soften. Am I an idiot, or does this take special equipment?

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Smash labs

I'm watching smash labs andbheres what I have to say: How do they get enough money for all that they use? They smashed dozens of cars, completely covered a trailer home in carbon fiber, and all that stuff?!? Plus I don't like the girl she talks to people like they're idiots.

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How many people out there think that soldiers' are heros' and not just idiots running around with guns?

If you could please leave an honest answer and a reason why you feel that way. Remeber freedom isnt free. And for all of those who have served or are going to serve thank you.

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Anyone computer literate on line at the moment? Answered

I was messing around and somehow selected "block images" (right click on an image and select from pop up menu) now my instructables pages have no images. It's ok on my other browser but not firefox. How can I undo this?

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How do I delete files from an ONN W7 MP3 player? Answered

This is my first MP3 player.  The directions are scant, and the website is in Chinese.  I want to delete files but have no idea how to do it.  Can anyone give me directions geared for idiots?

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Any Greek speakers around Ibles willing to answer a Greek language question? Answered

I know this isn't a 'how to' topic, but this forum is alive. (Just  Googled Greek Language forums and most haven't had a posting in years.) Anyway, if you know Greek and wouldn't mind answering the occasional idiot question, please PM me.  Thanks.

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Which electronics emit RF frequencies? Specifically, do tape recorders?

Do audio recorders emit RF frequencies?  I know that many will find this question beneath them, but I thought I'd give it a shot. I am trying to purchase AUDIO detecting equipment specifically for tape recorders. Please, help an Elec-Idiot out. Thanks. 

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Whats Better Volts or Amps? Answered

I know the two are completely different, just so you guys don't leave any I'm an idiot comments.  I was wondering if anyone knew what makes a better electromagnet for my coil gun.  Should I look for higher amps or just as many volts as I can find

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Updated my itunes program and now my ipod will not sync.

I just downloaded the 10.5 iTunes update this past Friday and now iTunes will not recognize my ipod. Tried to get help from Apple, but my ipod does not show up in My Computer. I am a self confessed technological idiot!!  I need some help please

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another and hopefully the last dual booting question

Okay, i've found a site that tells step by step how to set up a dual boot system(?). Problem is i'm not a computer genius, but i'm not a total computer idiot. So my question is, is this site helping or trying to misguide me? case it doesn't post)

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How can I unjam this? Answered

I just did something very idiotic--I jammed a piece of PVC piping onto  my drill. I have no idea how to get it off. I have already tried pulling and prying on it as much as I could, and I even grabbed the PVC and gunned the drill. How can I free my drill?

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Stop bad grammar!

I've been noticing around our community, there are people typing liek ths. WTF is up with that? Nobody understands it, and nobody talks like that in the real world! I mean, really! Nobody would walk up to a friend and say "Dat vid on youtube wus lol rigt?". See how idiotic that sounds?! Now i hope you learn from this, and go type normally.

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Spiderman Afghan

I am trying to crochet the spiderman afghan for my grandson for Christmas.  I don't know how to add the extra DC to each round after round 9.  The pattern says to add them to each round, repeating rounds 7 to 9.  Can someone please explain how to do this,  yes I am an idiot, so please help me out.  My grandson will go nuts if he gets this afghan.

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convert 12v cordless battery to solar charge

My first post- great site! I'm a complete idiot when it comes to electrical; does anyone out there know of a way to charge a 12v cordless drill battery with a solar panel- the eventual end result being to power a bank of LED lights and can all LED lights be powered with DC, if so how many could I expect to run?

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Will a cyclone dust separator improve the performance of my central vac?

Before I replace the central vac "unit" I need to check a few things - like air leaks, blockages etc..I remembered seeing a cyclone dust separator hwo-to on Instructables and because, when it comes to physics,I am a complete idiot, I wonderd whether building such a thing as an adjunct to my central vac unit will improveperformance in any way.Thanks,AMS

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I wonder why Instructables is not using some basic spam filters to prevent these idiotic bots from posting? At least a simple language check to lock out the worst ones would be great. If during writing and posting the system notices most of the text is not in english than it will be filtered so a mod can check it. Can't be too hard, can it? Don't know about others but I don't really like those spammers and prefer to have them running at locked doors.

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How Do You Make a Clock Silent?

I've tried tinkering, but it never seems to work. Is there a way to make an analog clock silent (or at least quieter), without actually turning it off (the idiot's answer to everything)? I recently had to retire my old bedside clock, and so I bought a cheap-o one at Wal-Mart for about 5 dollars...and it is the loudest thing I've ever heard. Will someone please enlighten me?

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Just Don't Use it Near Water!

I've always sort of wondered why people who make game systems have to include warnings not to use them in water. Today I got my answer for me. I thought this was pretty funny. My solution: DON'T USE ELECTRONICS NEAR WATER!!!!! You'll probably have to click the 'i' in the corner of the image to be able to see what I have highlighted.

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Scuse or Excuse? Answered

I quite often have say scuse me in the packed slow moving hallways of my school and every time I say scuse me and right afterwards I think to my self, say Excuse Idiot.  Does it really make a difference?  I always say scuse out of bad habit, but prefer excuse because it provides a little more oomph with the Ex sound.  Scuse always seems to make me thing of any word with an ooze in it.

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Request: Step-by-Step guide to make a HHO blowtorch?

Greets, Can someone please make an "Idiots illustrated step-by-step guide to making/ and safely using a HHO blowtorch." I am into metal sculpting, and I'd rather use HHO, than some explosive gas (methane/butane) in my house. Proven tech, or not. Regardless of how "inefficient" it may be - I'd like to be able to see it for myself - as I'm sure others would be too. Many thanks.

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My idiotic dad doesn't think my grades are good or at least above average. What do you think?

So yeah, I got expelled from school on the last week, but the school decided to be nice and give me my report card. I personally think I did OK, some of my friends and teachers even praised me for it, but my perfectionist father lashed his anger at me to no end. Check these out:(Note: The passing is 2 out of 6, my school's standards aren't really that high)English: 5 out of 6Math: 4 out of 6Science: 4.5 out of 6Indonesian: 6 out of 6Physical Education: 6 out of 6Technology: 5 out of 6Social Studies: 4.5 out of 6So yeah, I know right, WTF. I even got an award for 6th best 7th grader overall (there are 34 7th graders in my school) on the award ceremony the week before I got expelled.As I said before, my friends and teachers praised me for this, but my dad insists that its very average. I tried telling my dad that this is actually pretty good and I'm one of the best off and that more than 5 kids went to summer school because they failed more than two subjects. But he wouldn't listen and used that stupid don't compare yourself to them excuse to screw out my arguments.So yeah, tell me what you think & any advice on how to lower my dad's perfectionist standards would be greatly appreciated.

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LED blades windmill - design and/or build the components ? Answered

About two years ago, a number of groups at Burningman had LED displays on the blades, powered by the same Windmill.  The displays on each of the the blades could be programmed with different sequences of tri-colors to form art or pictures.  I am looking for someone to instruct me (an electronics idiot) or preferably build the parts necessary to put a similar unit up in the rural area I live in.  The locals would be amazed (virtually no intelligence regarding technology!). 

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How can I use the internal hard drive from an old laptop as an external hard drive for my new laptop? Answered

My Acer laptop died and I pulled the internal hard drive (HD) from it before recycling it.  There's data on the HD that I'd like to retrieve.  How can I access the data on this internal HD while also using it as an external HD with my new laptop?  When answering my question, please assume that I'm a techo-idiot.  Thanks. 

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Help installing a component file

I downloaded a program for my macbook and it is a component file. Somehow I need to install it. I have little experience with macs so if you could just give me the "idiots instructions" And if it helps at all here is the link to the website[URL=""][/URL][URL=""][/URL]It is an audio osciliscope, which basicly measures the audio waveforms.

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Weird script instead of my introduction

The  introduction  for my instructable on the Instructable Home page is gibberish instead of what I wrote.  I have no clue as to how to correct it.  When I go to    YOU... Instructable...edit     everything looks fine.  ??????  I'm a newbie  and don't know if I'm posting in the right place or not.  If there's a moderator out there, please put this where it belongs or give me a link to directions. Please explain how to to get the real introduction/ topic to show up correctly - in terms that are suitable for an idiot.   NOTHING is obvious to me.   Thanks.  

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can't find metal rings for DIY steampunk goggles. help~ Answered

I've read god knows how many tutorials on making steampunk goggles, and i've got it down pat. i really want to start making my own, but i can't find metal rings for the lenses. i'd really like to use real metal rather than other stuff (plastic, cardboard) painted with metallic paint. srsly, i've looked around. mason jars can be used, but i can't find them. i've also been told that threaded couplings are good but they look more like tubes rather than rings. what do you think i should use? maybe you guys could try and help name some motorcycle / car / plumbing parts that you think are suitable. i'd like something that looks as heavy-duty as the rings on these: maybe if i knew what part EXACTLY i'm looking for, maybe it'd be easier for me to look. seriously i'm an idiot when it comes to this; i've only found out what a "threaded coupling" looks like recently. also we don't have hobby lobby or any of your fabulous hobby stores here, so yeah. i'm also an idiot when it comes to cutting metal parts, so maybe suggest parts that don't need much prep. thanks!

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Do Led Throwies really last up to 1-2 weeks?

I've been reading a post in Evil Mad Scientists about the scientifics and workings of Led Throwies and it got me thinking: If a CR2032 has a value of 250mAh (tops), and an LED consumes about 20mA, then doing the calculations (250/20) we have that the battery would run out of juice at about 12hours, then how are led throwies lasting weeks?!! Maybe I'm an idiot and this isn't the right calculation for this kind of thing. Can someone show me the light?

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I am a complete and total noob, help me understand microcontrollers? Answered

I am a complete and total noob, like, im an idiot when it comes to microcontrollers. I have no Idea what those 3 or 4 letters/labels on each of  the 12 to however many pins they have, and I need to know what they mean and how to use them in a circuit, and finally how you would program them to work with a circuit? Here is what I know so far: There are a few different types of microcontrollers, well okay a lot. And that's about it =) Thanks in advance, Wes

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Getting known

Hi everybody, READ THIS (ALL OF IT): Recently I asked a question about how to get better known in the k'nex community on instructables. I got lots of tips but most of them didn't help me because I already used them. Except for this one: POST A FORUM TOPIC. So here it is, my forum topic, everyone who reads this will now know me because they think: What an idiot and what a stupid avatar picture(I agree). That's me, Mr. Muggle ( or actually: mrmuggle but I don't know how to change that)

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I need some help with comparators. Answered

Upfront I apologize if this seems like a dumb question, but both Instructables and google have turned up nothing useful for me. I have a need for a resistance comparing switch circuit. I can't find anything about resistance comparators anywhere except articles that you have to pay to read. I need something that will compare a set resistance to a resistance that will vary, I want it to switch off when the tested resistance is higher then the set one and off when its the reverse. I have no clue what to do.

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Disposable camera innards

I was taking apart a disposable camera today and found this thing. It looks like it is probably a coil of some sort, and it has a little brother hanging out on another part of the circuitboard. The big one is about 1 cm across, and the little one is about 5mm. What, precisely is it, what does it do, how does it do it, and if I replaced it with a bigger one, what would happen? In idiot-english, please, I'm not well-versed on electrical devices. The little one, especially, reminds me of an ultra-small high-tension coil. Is that what it is? Does it perform precisely the same duty in this circuit?

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Military bone yard episode on the History channel

Did anyone watch the Military bone yard episode on the History channel? It is amazing to see how they can repair a vehicle that is in as bad of shape as it was and make it like new again. On the other hand, I could not believe what they do with equipment that is outdated or too much work to rapair.M16 being tossed into grinders Vietnam and WW2 era tanks smelted down into a hunk of metal. Amazing pieces of engineering destroyed along with its history. All because of the idiots in Washington who want to keep this stuff away from the public. The episode pained me so much, that I could not watch the rest of it.

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