Page Layout

The menus and header layout don't display right in IE9 (nor IE8 or IE7 mode). See the attached file.

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Bugs of Instructables in IE browser10

When openning instructables in Internet Explorer 10 - I get two types of Bugs. 1.- If I open the YOU tab I get the dropdown menú but part of it is bhind the dark ribbon 2.- When I open a Project ont the topics and the headers I get some headers displayed on top of other See Pictures of my screens I have been using the same IE for about 2 years but I had not those problems before, actually they started to appear a few weeks ago. Any hint or help or Fixing the Bugs will be welcomed. Thank you all and God Bless you Carlos Arguello

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Has Firefox overtaken IE? Answered

Hi, I still use IE8, but I like it. On my site, slightly more visitors come from Firefox than IE! I'm pretty sure this is a recent thing. Thanks, Nutrition Man! *I used to be called Flannel UK*

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Javascript bugs in FF and IE

I'm experiencing multiple bugs in Instructables, most JavaScript related. FF 11.0, have these same problems with FF10.2?. Instructables on safe list @ NoScript 1. Images look ok in instructables, switching between them in steps do not work at all. I click on the second image. It should replace the first one in the same container, nothing happens. 2. Can not vote. The stars are simply not there anymore. 3. There are 4 fingers white gap above, and 3 fingers white gap below the instructable title / photo-step row FF Javascript error console shows no errors. Things like Favoring/Unfavoring, commenting works fine. IE 8.0.6 1. Same problem as previous #1, yet clicking on the second image opens the image thumbnail directly in a new window. 2. IE displays "Errors on page" with this text: "Webpage error details User Agent: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 8.0; Windows NT 5.1; Trident/4.0; .NET CLR 2.0.50727; .NET CLR 3.0.4506.2152; .NET CLR 3.5.30729; .NET CLR 1.1.4322) Timestamp: Wed, 14 Mar 2012 13:18:56 UTC Message: 'f[...]' is null or not an object Line: 25 Char: 358 Code: 0 URI: I bet some script near the bottom of scripts is killing the rest of scripts, this is why some scripts work and some don't. Can provide more info if needed.

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Any IE/UK Friends?

Hey everybody! I've ventured outside of Maine and the USA, and I'm currently staying with my grandparents in Falcarragh, Co Donegal, Ireland. Does anyone else live around here? And the second week of August I'll be visiting more family Cambridge and Oxford. Who lives nearby?

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I cannot edit ibles in IE10 (desktop or modern) in windows 8

I cannot edit ibles with IE10.  It just opens and says "updating."  This means cannot edit in WindowsRT (ARM) at all.  It somewhat works with firefix, but I've had some crashes....  This is for existing and new ibs

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Pro Features for free?

Hi! I have this nice little laptop supplied by my school that I use to go on Instructables a lot, and I noticed that even though I donot have a pro account, I can still use the Allsteps feature. My laptop is running Internet Explorer 8 on a windows 7 machine. I belive that Javascript is at least partly disabled, and I am acessing the internet through a websence proxy. Whenever I am logged into the Instructables, I can simply click on the allsteps button, and instead of asking me to upgrade, it will give me all the steps on one page. I have tried this on my home computer, and it asks me to upgrade, so I am considering this to be a bug.

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Ibles Completely inaccessible via IE

Today i can't get to ibles at all, in any way with IE. i get a 403 forbidden error suggesting that i have to log in, which i can't do because i can't get to the page, and it wouldn't matter anyway as i can't stay logged in via IE anyway (really wished that was fixed) obviously firefox works...sort of, i couldn't reply to stuff earlier (haven't tried again yet), i would press reply and nothing would happen. also, i've tried posting this bug once and it timed out before it posted

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Unable to complete publish step in Chrome

Is this a known issue? I tried to publish a new instrucable in chrome from both a windows 7 pc and a Mac using Chrome. You click publish and nothing happens. on the Windows 7 pc, using IE9, click publish and its published. -- Ok just found out this happens in this help post as well. Click "Preview Post" and nothing happens. Ill will copy-pasting this test into IE9 so that I can post the issue.

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SPyware - The Web Of Trust? ( WOT)

Recently Ive been very jumpy about spyware. it seems that on99% of everywebsite I see, there's a spyware ad in a corner. Ive been wondering how much spyware I've installed without knowing.... Antispyware software is good, but it doesnt always do the whole job. Most only block a program after its already started. Ive heard about the Web Of Trust. Supposedly, its a network or people who rate the safety level of a website. Ater you install the program, a safety rating will appear next to it on google, IE or Firefox. I tried researching it, but I cant find any RELIABLE sources. I was wondering if you guys have heard about this or know of something similar. Im ver worried about spyware and would like to know of other safety precautions. Aso talk about spyware in general here.

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Looking to make a Magnetometer (ie, Gauss Meter)

I'm looking for instructions to make a magnetmeter so I can measure my speakers. I have a few hard drives in my HT setup, and I want to make sure they will be safe with new placement, especially with the center channel being right underneath them. I found the following: it's kind of expensive to build: $70US+Is there a cheaper solution?

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List of solutions to IE not displaying web pages properly? Answered

I've been doing a bit of web design recently. My site looks great in firefox but in internet explorer the unordered lists for the menu are double spaced making it look a bit naff. After a bit of googling I couldn't find anything on it but wondered if any iblers had come across a list of common problems with html and css that makes internet explorer display it differently? (Pictures: firefox on left, IE on right)

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High-tech tool (ie laser-cutter) gripe

You know, there are some high-tech tools that I'd like to have, and it's starting to annoy me that they're so SIMILAR, but there doesn't seem to be any way to combine them and save some of the costs. Consider your Laser cutter, your CNC router (for plastic or wood), your PCB milling machine, and your CNC hotwire foam cutter. All feature a major portion of their cost in a precision X-Y tool movement (and sometimes Z.) But can I switch tools (and perhaps bases) and convert one to another ? No! Sigh. The differences in tool and base properties are pretty significant; is there any way something like this might be possible?

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Instructions for getting my Folder Options back in IE.?

I got as far as step 5 where it tells me to double click on Windows Exployer. I don't have an option of Windows Exployer there. I"m now worried I have left something opened for virus or hackers to do as they wish, is this the case? What do I do now? Thanking you in advance.

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What is the best "oldies" ie Bon Jovi, Beatles song? Answered

Please be nice all i want to know is what you think is some of the best songs of the 50's to  late 80's and

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New Guide not found

I just added a new guide "Top-Aquarium-Projects-for-the-Aquarist". I published it and the direct link is active, but it does not show up in any of the categories(Living > Pets) I published it the day before yesterday, but it still isn't visible anywhere, exept on my profile. Also, it is not showed on my "YOU" page under published instructables or guides, and just shows "(0) Guides" I tried Safari opn MAC OSX 10.6, Chrome on Windows 7 and IE9 also on Windows 7. Kabir

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looking for ideas on fabric composite thermal barriers ie artic sheltering?

Looking for moderately light weight, flexible,  and not too expensive Want to build a modular out building that I can take apart and transport, but be nice and toasty in the winter when using it. Thinking of a yurt type structure, but want to optimize the wall and roof covering

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Groups Bug

I cannot seem to remove an instructable from my group.When I click ' Manage this Group' and then click the orange cross on that particular instructable, nothing happens and 'Error on page' is displayed in the IE 8 Status bar.I use IE 8 and Windows XP.Any reasons why ??? Kabir

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Drive Shaft To Pulley

Help! How do I attach this pulley (or any pulley) to a drive shaft? Specifically: This Motor:;=1 To This Pulley:;=1

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Example schematic / code for transmitting infrared signal (ie TV remote control)?

I am trying to send a infrared signal (ie TV remote control) from my PC. I have a usb connection to a PIC18F4550. The USB connection works fine but I cant get the IR LED to work properly. Does anyone have a example schematic / code that will do this?

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E books

Firefox 4 can not see the download buttons on the e book page. IE is OK

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Can't publish article ~

Can't publish my article! I tried Chrome 42.0.2311 ; IE 11.0.9600

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I have a well that is strictly for irigation, ie: watering the grass. Can I economicly run this with solar panels?

It's a 1 hp pump.  If the pump motor was change to DC and  I had batteries to store the power, would solar be an option?  I understand the expense of the DC motor and batteries that goes along with it.  I talking long term.

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Why do the voting stars not appear under Firefox or Chrome, but they do appear under IE? Answered

Some time ago, I got into the habit of using Firefox to use because the layout worked better there than in IE. I went away from the site for awhile, then came back, and I thought you had gotten rid of the 5-star voting system. Then I viewed the page in IE while logged in, and I discovered that the stars are there. The attached image shows screenshots of the same URL ( viewed in three different browsers.

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All steps not working in Firefox

While using firefox, if I click on all steps and it just reloads the step 1 page. It works fine in IE, as well as IE can work. This has been a problem for at least a month, probably when you switched to jump links. Please fix this as it is annoying to click through all the short steps.

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RE: A Bug!

There is a bug on this page. I cannot use "enter" to go downward in lines. I tried. First, the site's page,, has a bad download link in IE for the looking.stl file. I had to use Google Chrome to download the looking.stl file. The keep.stl file works on IE, though.

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The internets is broked!

Hello peoples My internet is broken yet i am still able to access it through IE All the other programs that use the net can't find it but IE can(for short periods of time) i dont know for sure but it might have somthing to do with my anti virus software deciding not to work a while ago... Any suggestions as to what the problem is? Thanks in advance.

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Are Magic Mushrooms used for dietary purposes or "expanding one's consciousness", ie. "getting stoned" ??? Answered

My question may sound really dumb, but I never did that kind of experimenting when I was in my teens. I don't mean it to be critical either, I just wish I knew what they meant. I absolutely love to eat regular mushrooms battered and deep-friend, with cream gravy - ummm, it's almost a high! Thanks for any answers, please be kind, I'm not trying to be weird.

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Recent Answers

Filtering answers by "recent" doesn't work? They all seem to be old. Win7, FF 21 Probably caused by an addon? IE works fine.

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active x will not down load.

Active x will not down load I need this to use the updates for xp ie7.

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Punchneedle Help!!!

I recently bought a punchneedle set and some punchneedles. I have been having trouble getting them to work. Any help would be appreciated. These are the kits I bought:;;=1423687695&sr

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Led light Panel Help!!!!!!Please

PLease help im not a novice in the world of electronics i .e i went to college,although many years ago. Im looking for a the easiest way to wire 200 leds into a light panel...... ie 200 led's in 50 x 40 there 3v leds What be the best way to wire ie,what power suply do i need,resitors etc Please advise thanks jim

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Search header on website not working

The search feature on the website header does not work on my computer.  The header is fragmented and shifted over.  I cannot click in the box that is supposed to be the search area in order to search for a topic.   I'm running Windows XP and IE 7 (our office won't upgrade to IE 8 because of potential conflicts....that's what I've been told).  I've attached a screen shot in a Word document, I hope it comes through.  

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how do i convert vhs or dvc tapes to digital media ie. cd or dvd?

I have many dvc tapes that I would like to convert to cd format so I can reuse the dvc's. My computer has a cd/dvd burner in it but I have not had any success burning dvd's. Can you please document the software, connectors and procedures involved in the process?

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can we record ultrasonic sounds. ?

.if it so how we can.can we recieve it using microphone(ie it can be converted to electrical energy ah

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the best Internet browser

Did anyone know about the best Internet browser for windows, i was confused about: IE, Chorme, FireFox, Opera. Thank for all your help

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I Cant explore instructables

I Can't explore any instructable. I use IE6, It loads text page/source page. Is there any settings in IE ?

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"This helps us reduce spam"

In both FF and IE, under the comment box are the words "this helps us reduce spam," but there's nothing there. And I can't post b/c I get a pop-up which reads "Please type the two words as seen in the image." But there is NO image. In Firefox I have Ad-Blocker Plus, but I don't have it in IE. Nevertheless, I see no image, I see place to TYPE words IN an image. There's nothing there. How are people posting?

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Hotwheels Track size?

For a future instructable, I need to know; What is the size of Hotwheels track. ie the inside wideh and the height of the side walls? Any help appreciated.

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Why does my text disappear when reorganizing pictures on my Instructable? Answered

When making an Instructable sometimes the all the text for a step disappears. Seems to happen when I am adding, tagging, or reorganizing pictures. Why is it doing this? I've had to revert to older versions twice now, loosing a lot of progress and changes along the way?  Seems to happen in firefox and chrome.  It's worked fairly well in IE, but I hate everything else about IE, so I'd rather not use it.

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Where did the search button go??

I like to search for specific projects, ie: the most useless machine,  but can't figure how to search for it or where to find it.  Thanks for any help.

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what is the price range for 3D printing?

For non-commercial projects, what is the price range for 3D printing services. (ie: something as small as coffee mug, something the size of a mannequin)

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Internet Explorer Loading & Answer Tab

It looks like the IE loading issues have neen resolved, at least on my computer this morning.  And thanks for putting the Answers tab back. 

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a member is copying other peoples work, ie cutting and pasting circuit diagrams from other sites Answered

There is a member on here, who has used circuit diagrams of projects from other sites without permission, one site belongs to a friend of mine. He has then passed the work off as his own projects, and refers to them as such, ive emailed him about it, and all i got in return was smart ass abuse. Why should the hard working majority, have their work stolen, by a small minority? Who do you report it to, i cannot find an email link in instructables to report the matter.

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