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Flourscent Light Sickness

Every time I walk into Wal-Mart or Home Depot, I get sick because of the fluorescent light. The problem is, almost every large retailer uses fluorescent lighting. I get migraines, and queasiness. It has a great impact on my life. I was only curious to see if anyone else on instructables had such a sickness. If you do have such a sickness, what Do you do about it? My new school has all fluorescent lighting. -sunglasses? -migraine medication? (although that would not do much for the sick to the stomach feeling) I call it Wal-Mart sickness.

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ill from knowledge

Have you ever felt like knowledge is being crammed down your throat in School? Do you ever feel physically ill (like you're gunna thow up)? You're going to be tested later on something insanely complicated? Today, for me, in algebra 2, we are starting to learn about conix, and I feel ill. There are so many formulas, so many variables, so many variations, so much space to make a tiny error, I feel like I'm gunna die in math. Unless anybody knows an easy way to memorize a bunch of complicated formulas and how to use them ;) anyone ever feel ill from knowledge?

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Subscribe to me, then ill subscribe to you!

Simple, just subscribe to me, then ill subscribe to you! also, heres some of my work over the months! if you have any questions on any of them, feel free to ask! 1: bren lmg 2: grenade 3: pocket pistol 4: heavy cannon v5* 5: tape dispenser 6: ball machine 7: m1 garrand 8: vss vintorez and tiny oodammo pistol* 9: ball machine 10: nano gun* 11: halo 1 magnum 12: halo 1 assault rifle 13: ball machine 14: m16* 15: m4 s-system 16: zkar* 17: dual revolver pistol 18: ball machine 19: p90 20: zkar* 21: ball machine 22: mp5k* 23: tr18* 24: BAW* 25: ball machine 26: ball machine 27: p90 28: sr v2* 29: ball machine* 30: KGBMG 31: KLS v2* 32: ball machine 33: triple tape dispencer 34: tr8* 35: KGBSR 36: bullpup crossbow pistol 37: WASP* the ones with stars beside them are not my ideas, although i may of modded them...

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ill stay on ibls for only 3 month's

I'm staying for around 3 month's that's like 5-12 ibls posting

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chargeing bateries

Does anybody know how to charge a nihm battery extremely fast?

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post pictures of your drawings

Ill start with mine ( so far)

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what size of battery pack for led strips?

Im trying to figure out how big of a battery back ill need for led 5050 smd strips.  ill have probably no more than 20 feet of leds.  im using them on cornhole boards if that helps. thanks

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Im not leaving.

Just a quick update. im not leaving instructables. ill be moving towards the airsoft area of this site.

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knex guitars

Im making a flying v ill post a slide show. it's bass ans has 4 strings

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Leaving Ibles

im leaving ibles, ill check in a little bit but im done building stuff of my own

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I'll enter when.....

I'll enter when my led's get here... I have a good one though!

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is there going to be another earthjustice... contest or not?

I have this great idea for an instructable but i seriously doubt ill be finished within the next two weeks.

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hwo do you telnet from behind a firewall?

Does anybody know how to telnet from behind a firewall?

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sidearm of mine

This is some handle loaded pistol I made today whilst I was in bed 'ill.' Yes, it occasionally jams, but the power makes up for that.

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Need help in designing an electric wheel chair for a little kid

I am trying to make a light and safe design of electric wheel chair for a kids age 2-3 years. ill need help selecting the material, chair type, battery type and how to make it safe for daily use around other kids. ill be grateful if someone points me in a right direction. your help is appreciated.Thanks,Uzair.

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turbines and free energy

I seriously need to know this question is it just more or does anyone else realize that you can get pure free energy using simple turbines and 2 other sources of energy in sequence if anyone can answer it ill say if they are right or wrong and if no one says the right answer ill just say it loud and clear so people can start saving the bundles of money that the power companies like to drain from us

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Log in

OK so I'm a new member. I'm trying to vote for some contests. ill be logged in and then ill go to the voting page and it will log me out. i try to log back in and nothing happens and i stay logged out. then i go to a different instructable page and log in and it works. this happens on all contest pages. I'm sure I'm using the right user name and password cause i looked and then typed and even copied and pasted. It is only on the contest page. PLS HELP THNX Sidewinder152guy

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Does sombody review your instructable before it gets published?

I have just finished and published an instructable but i cannot find it anywere!!!

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Man's greatest accomplishment? Any thoughts?

I've always wondered what people think the best thing ever done is.  Maybe now ill know.

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My Knex Attachments

Any attachment you want, ask, ill try and make it. 1) Holographic sight 2) Sniper scope 3) M203 Grenade Launcher

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semi autos

I have an idea knex semi auto system for a gun i havent tried it but hey it might just work if you put a springy spring on the ram with about 7 elastic bands and when you fire the force from the elastic bands will reload the gun because the spring springs the ram back (you will need a auto load system) if you have any more ideas post tem and let me know ill try he gun idea of mine and ill see if it works

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my new knex gun

I made this gun realy fast last night maybey ill post instructions

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can anyone make me a airsoft battlerifle from Halo 3?

If u can show me how or snd it 2 me. ill pay u $

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I cant wait till friday Pc Mod

On tuesday i return to high school ! on friday ill be in my tech club and have access to a laser cutter ! (applause here) and im going to bring in my computer case side and use it to cut out a window and the screw holes etc with a piece of acrylic already underneath Then ill just put some machine screws in it and have a Pc window in what 15 Minutes ! god i love technology Hopefully will have some pics up

Topic by stephenniall  

uses for a 40uf 450VAC capacitor?

Hey there recently came inot posession of a largish sized cap, not very strong, but im sure ill find a use for it. Any suggestions? thanks.. AMule

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GAMETRAILERS.COM Are you a member?

Is anyone here a member? if you are tell me your name and ill add you as a friend , i have some videos and a few blog posts

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Free learning lessons

Ill skip to the important stuffs.Basiclly I'm not allowed to learn from online class.Can you make it free(not all just a little bit)

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North West UK Festival of Making

Hi, Just wondering if anyone was planning to go to the Festival of Making in Blackburn next weekend? 6TH - 7TH MAY 2017 | BLACKBURN, LANCASHIRE It looks like it should be pretty interesting so I will be there and wondered if there were any other Instructable members planning to take the trip.  If there are let me know and ill keep my eye out to say hello :)  Also Ill probably wear an instructables shirt as I think its one of those events where the maker shirts have extra cultural capital :)

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pistol crossbow

Ok i made this crossbow its realy cool and very powerfull i shot it and i measured it out and it went 67.2 feet and it peirced a shoe box wihout a sharpend rod and is sturdy ill post more pix and a vid mabey ltr details: it has a sight in the bak for improved accuracy im working on the thing infront i forgot wat its called ill post ltr working on it to be a repeating ccrossbow o yeah and it was inspired by jaymes crossbow but i moded it alot so thx jayme more details and clearer pics comming sooooon! :D

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So i'm trying to make a power supply, so for example if i make one with just capacitors (ill put a schematic if i can) and i hook it up to a device,Will it just discharge immediately or will the charge ask for a while?

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how many yellow cons are in knex heavy cannon? Answered

Yeh its alot but ill sub and 5* all ibles (if not all ready done)

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Is making a speaker with an amplifier on a breadboard a good idea? Answered

Is making a speaker with an amplifier on a breadboard a good idea will it create distortion can it function properly ps. Ill be using an lm386 and an 8 ohm speaker thanks

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hammer editor?

Hey i was wondering if any would be interested in seeing some hammer editor tutorials on this site as i would be able to make them.if enough people are interested ill post a hammer editor tutorial.

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Ghost V2, Selez's Dragonouv or Dash? Answered

WHICH ONE?! ill have this question open for a week (starting saturday) then see what has most votes

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Xbox who has live?

Who here has xbox live and battle field bad copany2 or modern warfare 2 or halo3 post ur live id ill pm u mine Ok

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Giant skateboard

Joe Ciaglia made this massive skateboard and then took it outside with a few friends for a group ride and then went solo for an ill-fated trip. Would love to know some details about how it was made. via digg

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Use your god given brain

Here is an interesting brain game. God gives it to people twice absolutely free, but if they want to have it for the third time, they have to pay money. What is it? Please, if you want to solve yourself, be careful and do not look at the comments of this post, because someone could have already written the solution there. Good luck!I found that somewhere, and i thought ill add it here, ill see how fast people will figure out what is is ;)The answer is teeth, you have teeth, they fall of and regrow Don't read it or else it will spoil the fun ;)

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Fun activity ideas to teach about germs and better hygiene? Infection control and hygiene games, songs or worksheets?

We are compiling a free guide for parents, teachers, administrators, health professionals and so forth to get the word out about germs and better hygiene. We want all types of ideas!  They can be complex or simple, cheap or expensive, crafty or basic, etc.!  If you want to be on the list to get a free idea then jus message "OUTFOX" or email

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can you add an instructable to a group with out the auothers permision

I recently created a new group, Fun with Fire, and want to add instructables to it but i am to polite to add without permission. any thoughts?

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High Energy shenanigans

Blowin up small fruits with my capacitor bank, and a little look at my homemade plasma globe hopefully ill add more of a description at some point, feel free to comment and ask questions

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Can somebody send me a patch?

I want a patch for name so it looks all cool (an avatar) take killersafecrackers for example if you do ill sub you and 5* 3 ibles thanks megametal8,

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Collaboration Knex Sniper

I was wondering if anyone would like to build a Bolt Action Knex Sniper rifle with me now that its summer and ill have a lot of free time on my hands.

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Christmas present

I cant think of what i want for Christmas i like tech stuff what are some cool things i could ask for because if i don't ask for anything ill end up with a bunch of clothes under my tree :-(

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I got the front part of an iTouch

What should i do with it? i want to get the back for it but its gone. ill post pics of the parts i have (only two). ideas? suggestions? place where i can get the metal back to it?

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attention from youtube

Im willing to post videos of your instructables free on youtube all you need to do is send the stuff you want in it like photos and clips to ill tri and do many

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