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Illuminated Moon?

I want to make a Moon for my wall behind a coyote I have. ( Taxadermied-- sorry animal lovers-- I didnt kill or stuff it-- I rescued it from an antique mall).   I want it to be fairly large... at least 36 inchs diameter. Bigger even,  would look soo awesome !    I want it to look as realistic as possible.  I want to control on /off.   It would be really cool if I could dim it up or down-- depending on my mood... or use it like a glowing nite light,  whoa,  that would be so cool.    I can't figure out what type of material to use for that size... or the material I thought of,  doesnt come in the size I need  ( to get at least 36 in.diameter.) And I'd like to keep the depth of it fairly shallow . ( I know ... I want alot here ) I thought about a drum head thing that they make drums with or to replace drum heads,  but I can't find them big enough.   I thought about that kind of plastic that looks whitesh, opaque... but I can't find it wide enough.  I want my moon to glow... not look like I got a piece of plastic or paper that's been cut round and stuck some small christmas lights behind it --- actually,  I did do a small version of that and it looked stupid.  I thought about using a hula hoop  for the circular part... but then, what can I use to cover that? --- paper maybe?  thin paper?  where can I get thin paper that wide?  I figured I can dab some paint on it here and there to give it craters, dimension..etc..  I'm pretty creative in that department.   And,  I thought about getting a bed sheet... but then there's the lighting dilemma.   I don't know.. I'm stumped. All you creative and smart people on Instructables.... can you help me give my coyote the moon he needs to howl at?    I'm depressed and frustrated that my creative idea can't come to frution.  Oh, did I mention I'm on a small budget?    Thanks ya'll from this Florda Girl.   

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Illuminating Experience

Thanks to Andy-b and Joe for the 12 volt light ideas. I wanted to illuminate dug bottle shards embedded in home-made cigar box guitars. They have given me the means. Companies are selling similar lights for $29.95. Crazy!

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Illuminated bed

Ok I'm really kind of new to electronics but I'm going to throw out an idea and if anyone could help me with this I would be greatly appreciative. I'm building a platform bed and I saw this picture when looking for ideas I instantly fell in love with this lighting. BedBut here is what I was thinking, what if I do my room in a different color? How could I make it look good? Then I thought RGB. Now what Im thinking is using Red Green and Blue Led's each I would imagine each would have to be on a different circuit and hook into some type of controller that can modify which one is brighter. I would think there would be some type of board I could hook up via usb and some software to change values of light. So if anyone has suggestions on what size LED's, resistors, or what kind of board I would need Please let me know I really am lost as to where to start. Also about how many would i need of each to have a good glow like this if its any help Im going to be using a queen size mattressBed

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illuminated prayer carpet?

hi everybody i have a project to build a prototype so i need help if somebody could help me i could pay for this help cause i wanna produce it so my need is a illuminated prayer carpet based on  electroluminescent phosphor printing technology. the objectif it s to build a carpet who illuminated when its the right direction could somebody help please thanks

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Knit Illuminated Hoodie

This knit hoodie designed by Paula Kassenaar in has LEDs inside the edge of the hood. Their brightness can be changed by stretching the hoodie. Very cool! Skôn: Knit Illuminated Hoodie via CRAFT

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Cheap IR illuminator

I have been wanting to make night vision for a while and I get the question. How do I make an IR illuminator? Well I can buy 15 long range IR LEDS or I could buy a pre-built one for under $20. I have searched everywhere and still can't find what i'm looking for.

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How to make an illuminated planter?

How can I duplicate the illuminated planter from Design Within Reach for less than their exorbitant $525?

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How do you construct an illuminated kitchen backsplash? Answered

 I'd like to know how to construct a backsplash like the one shown in the included image. I've hired some guys to help me install a new kitchen and we're almost finished. They sent me to IKEA to get a backsplash, but what I saw there wasn't impressive at all. IKEA only has these ugly plastic 24" sheets under the brand name 'Fastbo'. They're a joke. So I looked on the internet for something that looked better, and found this illuminated panel.  We've already installed 14-2 cable in 3 places under the wall cabinets for undercabinet lighting. But we just assumed we'd be using those undercabinet puck lights. Then I found this picture and I want to do this instead. What will we have to do to reproduce this? What materials? What kind of lights? Where will the cables go?   I assume the panel material is plexiglass but maybe I'm wrong.  If the image does not show up in the post, you can see it here:  

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How do I make an illuminated perspex sheet for a Mazda MX5 Mk1 (Uk)?

Basically I want to replace the windblocker with clear perspex sheet with a word cut out and when I brake the letters are illuminated in red but also have the option to leave the light on but illuminated blue. Any Ideas? I'm a newbie re wiring and leds, not stupid but as simple as possible please. TIA

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My Daughter has asked me to design an illuminated handbag so she can find her keys in the dark?

My Daughter has asked me to design an illuminated handbag so she can find her keys in the dark? I know that I could do it with LED's but I would prefer to use some kind of illuminated material (electroluminescent?) if such a thing exists.

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Fiber Optic Illuminated Heels

I found these gorgeous Fiber Optic Illuminated Heels on Fashioning Technology.  These heels from Anastasia Radevich's Kinect 2011 collection.  They are illuminated using fiber optic technology and turn on with switches placed at the ankels.

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Illuminated Figure Skating Costume

The animated lighting element in this figure skating costume by ShowOfLight reacts to music by using beat and pitch recognition technology and motion sensor to bring the animation in sync with the performer. While this sounds great, and looks impressive, the video demonstrates how this is one example of technology overshadowing art.  Though many of Marina Polakoff's other works integrate soft circuitry with subtlety and beauty, the line of costumes for the performing arts may be too distracting.  Consider the lovely ice skating routine in the video that must be performed in the dark.  Which were you watching - her salchow or her flashing bananas?  (seriously, there are animated bananas) Regardless of my opinion, I'm sure this is one performance the judges will never forget. via: talk2myshirt

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Hand-blown Sculpture Amazes, Illuminates

Take a good look at these crazy and beautiful hand-blown light sculptures. Prices are in the range of $200 - $1,300 and look like they're not recommended if you have small kids in the house, but hey, they come with a free filament replacement. artist pagevia BoingBoing

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illuminated ball - remote switching and charging

I'm working on making an illuminated ball for playing bike polo with at night time. A couple of high output red LEDs are sufficient for light to get through a normal street-hockey ball. The problems I'm currently facing are switching the lights on or off, and charging the batteries. Ideally both of these could be done remotely - i.e. without having to open the ball up. For switching I was thinking of using a magnetic reed switch - when a magnet is attached, the lights switch off. The only problem is that reed switches seem to be (a) made of glass (not ideal when the ball gets hit really hard), and (b) in a normally-open configuration - I'd need a normally closed one for this. As for charging, I have two ideas - one is to have two small metal pads on the surface of the ball to connect to the charger. This could be problematic due to forces on the ball during gameplay. The other more fun idea would be inductive charging. Like what you get in those fancy electric toothbrushes. One coil inside the ball, one outside. How practical is this? can it supply the necessary voltage and current to charge either a pair of NiMH batteries or a Li-ion cell? vik

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Illuminated Strip? I need a strip of material (3x9cm) that illuminates via electricity.

I need a strip of material (3x9cm) that illuminates when an electrical current is somehow applied. Does such a product exist? Or would I need to fashion one out of a semi-translucent (fogged) material with LEDs?

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What would be the easiest way to hand-make an enclosure for a neon sign with a complex shape?

I want to make a rather small (less than 1 ft/sq) neon sign with a screen-printed plexiglass front, in the style used on the outside of stores (see attached image). Initially I'd considered just making a simple wood box, but for what I'm going for I need to make some more complex shapes, such as starbursts or clouds. Would I just get a strip of aluminum and bend it into shape, then seal the ends together, then just glue in the laser-cut piece of plexiglass? Thanks!!

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How to illuminate a wall-clock with leds and a light sensor ?

I want to illuminate a wall-clock using a light sensor and leds from a 1.5\3.0\9.0 volt batteries.What components i need for a long lasting but simple circuit ?

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Best LED colors for long lasting illumination w/ a CR2032 3V Lithium Battery?

An exterior installation where the temps are in the 20's.  Needs to last 7 - 10 days.

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An illuminated light switch that will work on 120/240V AC.

I have a fluorescent light fixture that my dad gave me, it was about 9 feet, so I cut it in half and re-did the wiring so it would fit on my workbench. It uses a plug to turn on and off. I know the wall switches they sell at home depot are rated for 120/240v but they are cheesy looking and hard to locate in the middle of the night in my garage. When I come home from work on my motorcycle, I need an immediate source of light. Is it possible to use an illuminated switch, say from, Oreilly's or Advanced Auto parts and add some form of surge protection so it won't blow or pop a breaker? I want to use the same concept as a surge protector, it uses an illuminated switch, but only cause its components are protected by the surge. Is it possible to make my own involving soldering components on PCB?

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anyone know build an illuminated mask by tuesday?

hello, -this is my first day in this forum(!)- well, I have a burning question and unfortunately not too much time to view the site and see so great works! I have to provide some details/experiment for a show I'm working on and i proposed some ideas that now I should prove... Basically I have to put LEDs in Masks that move and for that reason the electric systems has to be easy to maneuver and switch on/off. The batteries should be well hidden and easy to attach, inside the masks. Plus I have to create some monsters made of illuminated wire, but again how big must be the batteries plot? Now, I bought some material at a good shop and the costumers service was great, but now to put together the pieces is a bit hard... Is there any sample I could follow? I have no idea where to start from... and the only electric expert is away in holiday... Any 'easy to make' tips? thanks so much eligiaro

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Whats your favorite iPod Touch/iPhone Theme?

If youve Jailbroken your iPod/iPhone you will know that the best thing about a Jailbreaking an iPod is Winterboard wich lets you install themes onto it. After looking at a lot of top 10 lists i know that the 2 most popular themes are illumine and Glasklart. Unfortunately illumine is not on cydia anymore except for one that only has some illumine apps. So i decided to check out Glakslart so i got it and it is my favorite so far. but there are others too and everybody has their favorites. Okay my new favorite is illumine, whats your favorite theme?

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Can a ring illuminated 5A 250VAC pilot lamp (6v led lighted switch) control a mini pc fan using a 9v battery ?

The fan is for the combustion chamber of a spud gun and comes with an internal toggle switch but I would like to use the external lighted switch. Suggestions are appreciated, Thanks

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Funky Ball Challange

Funky Ball Idea. I had a crazy idea pop into my head last night.  These things happen. I call it Funky Ball.  I am not quite up to the task at the moment as I have my hands full of several other projects. I consider my ideas "Open Source" so hope someone with more time and talent will find this a challenge and run with it!  The only "Licensing" condition, post pictures and a video here and let me copy them to my personal project page. Here is the idea posted on my site. ------------- Here it is here ! ( same thing but I might update stuff on the site later ) --------- This idea came to me...I have no idea why. A transparent or translucent ball with illumination inside so there is a glow when seen rolling down the sidewalk. The tough part. Only one side glows! The tougher part. That side is always NORTH !  ( or South depending on your politics ) So here we have a ball rolling down a dark path with the same side always illuminated.  It should appear as if it is floating down the path because the illuminated side never changes position. Options: One color on NORTH and one on South. Perhaps color changing RGB LED's? Perhaps a "head light" always illuminating direction of travel with a tail light. The illuminated side is always the side in the direction the ball is rolling. Methods: Arduino and compass  or gyro/attitude shield? Anyone ?

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What was the first thing to influence you artistically or creatively?

My most treasured memory was the collection of books at school, they had pictures of Illuminated Letters. I am still facinated by the beautiful colours,the use of Gold and the complex intertwining of the illuminations. The next I can recall was Paisly. This too is an intertwining of colours and shapes. What about you?

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Which is better, series or parallel for COB LED?

What set up will minimize losses for better illuminance?thanks :)

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how to make a paper lantern?

Preferable japanese lantern that illuminate lights? with many creases and folds? 

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Help with flashing LED circuit design.

Hello, I was wondering if some could help me with a circuit design. Designing is my weak point, so apologies in advance if it is a simple question. Basically, there will be 9 LED's in total, 3 in each row. It will be powered by a 9v battery. The LED's are 2.2v 50mA. So I want the 3 LED's in Row 1 to illuminate. Then Row 1, de-luminate fully, then Row 2 to illuminate straight after. Then Row 2, de-luminate fully, then Row 3 to illuminate straight after. Then start over again, so it's basically a sequence of 1,2,3,1,2,3,1,2,3 etc. From what I understand a 555timer is required?  I'm looking to do this as cheap as possible Any help or guidance would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Hello everyone!

Hi there, I’m Frances P. Frazier, a newbie in this forum site. I’m looking forward to gain new friends here.

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Resistors and power supply needed for 8 IR LEDs? Answered

Should they be set up in parallel or series? If possible, draw up a schematic.

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How to make seed counter with arduino

I want to seed a number that counts the number of seeds. Also, the number of seeds counted, if the number entered by the kaypad was equal, then a relay would be illuminated.

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Pi Tau Sigma

So I got an invitation to join. Any members? I read the wiki article, not terribly illuminating. Like to know more before I join up.

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How to Diffuse LED??

Hello. I'm new to LEDs. Does anyone have advice on how to diffuse the light from an LED (or group of LEDs) so that it might illuminate a clear sheet of plexiglass. Backlighting the glass is not a possibility with this particular project. Thank you.

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Ok, how the heck did they make this sweet water sensitive LED panel?


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Lasers, I want to understand this "75w" pulsed laser, could someone Illuminate me?

Ok, I found this laser diode that claims to be 75w, I want to know If I can use it at anywhere close to that and sustain that power output. its for a secret project, but if I can get it to work the way I want it to, ther is an I'ble for it on the is the datasheet link:

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Metro 2033 Light Sensor

I'm working on a Metro 2033 cosplay costume and being the gadget-geek I am I'd like to make a working copy of the light sensor Artyom carries on his wrist. For anyone who haven't played the game (or read the book, I bought it today but I don't know it he's got the same thing there) it's basically just three LED:s (red, yellow, green) that light up depending on how well illuminated you are (red=fully illuminated=people will see you instantly and shoot, yellow=partly illuminated=people will see you unless you take cover, green=as good as invisible unless you give away your position with noise or flashlight). In the game it's abut the size of a 9v battery but flatter and for simplicity I'd like to keep it like that; I don't fancy carrying around an Arduino or something like that on my wrist. Here's a picture:,Metro-2033.jpg So, my question is: Is it possible to make something like that small and simple enough to be stuck to a wristband?

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Can someone give me any Ideas or thoughts on how to make Led Iluminated books like these?

I recently came across an article about these books that were illuminated by LED's at this art exhibit. I clicked the link and found a project i would like to attempt to try, and maybe you guys would to. Im not sure what would be the best way to duplicate what Ive seen. SO who better to ask then you people on Instructables. Here is the link, tell me what you think. Or if you want to make your own instructable, I would love to see it. /

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Meteor Shower in late April

Upcoming shower:Day: April 21 - 22Constilation/type: LyridsFrequency: 16 - 30 per hourIllumination: 5.4%For the meteor shower calender, check out these site I found: These are not my sitesNotice this also: Some info ranges, but the dates stay april 21 - 22 (Or just 22)

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Would it be possible to make the mac logo on a Macbook into a flashlight?

Would it be possible to mod a Macbook to have an ultra-bright mac logo on the back that you could use as a flashlight? Is the backlight to the screen the same light that illuminates the logo?

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Hi ive attached a led to a couple of rechargeable batteries it begins with a bright light and starts fading and then reach a point where it doesn't fade out any more and stay like that for days. what shall i do to make the illumination of the led constant? P.S. No capacitors were used

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How much led strip do I need?

I want to replace my kitchen light fixtures with homemade ones that use those adhesive led strips. But is there some guideline concerning how many meters of it I'd need to illuminate a given size/area of floorspace?

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The URL contains escaped bytes unsupported by the UTF-8 encoding.

This is my first post to the forums, just wanted to let you know of the error message on I love the site, and can't wait to learn more!

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What would be the best way to redirect LED light in a limited space (as esthetically possible)?

LED's will be mounted in a wooden frame that is about 2 inches (50 mm)  in height, facing at a right angle to the object illuminated, but mounted "normally" in the frame (through hole).  BTW, the "light" included in some of the LED's will be near IR and UV. SO, I need any light "escaping" to the "other 3 directions or sides" of the LED, redirected towards "the fourth side".    No, I can not turn the LED's, at least I don't have a way at this time to and still distribute the output evenly. I've included a little sketch of what I mean.  The "viewer" is positioned from Your viewpoint, the width of the frame I have above is the small area I have to work with, and I don't want the "solution" to be esthetically UGLY either if that can be avoided.

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The Only Idea I Have.

Well, here's my only idea for the LED competition, seeing as I'm a complete noob at LEDs. LED illuminated Jello. It will be weak compared the other LED Instructables, so, I guess I'm asking for you're opinion on the idea. There could be a chance for the random prize. UPDATE prototype made, see picture.

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Help please

I've dismantled a cheap & nasty fax machine. Out of this I've extracted a Dyna Image scanning unit, CFL illumination, 7 wires. I'd quite like to use the CFL, and maybe the scanning part, but does anyone know how to use this? I've not found this particular unit on the internet - sticker says "DL100-05EUIC (BARCODE) PHFA201663" L

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legs for keyboard

Hello all, i just purchasec a new logitech illuminated keyboard, which has the shortest "legs" i've ever seen. i loved the steampunk-keyboard idea, but, until i can afford one, does anyone have an idrea on how to raise the back of the keyboard (not books or batteries - i've tried them...) ? thank you.

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5mm Round Red LED Lamp

5mm Round Red LED LampType: LED lamp Wavelength: 630-640nm Forward current (mA): 20 Forward voltage (V): 1.7-2.8 Luminous intensity (mcd): 5,000-8,000 Lens color: water clear Viewing angle: 15-degree Applications: for light, indicator and illumination

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Do LED's need to be mounted to a circuit board, or can they be attached in some way to a tube of some sort?

Most LED circuits, like DIY brake lights are mounted to a board & covered w/ a plastic lens cover like a typical brakelight. My plan is to leave it exposed, if possible so that it sort of blends in until it is actually illuminated.

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LED Capacitor Issue?

Ok, so i have a non alterable power source of about .75 volts. I need it to power a 1.8v red led. I don't want to use the joule thief to accomplish I hook up a capacitor to store energy, then transfer it to the led? or how can i get the led to fully illuminate? THANKS!!

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