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I got an imac and have no idea what to do with it. Any ideas?

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Imac troubles. Answered

So I found an Imac in my schools tech room. The thing is it wont boot. Ive looked online about getting a boot disc for it but there is no way i can get one. Also, all I have is the computer itself, no accesories  ie keyboard. Could I use a windows keyboard with it? (the tech room has tons of keyboards and computers. Thanks,   bud P.S. if you need me to specify just ask :)

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Imac help?

I have an Imac as my desktop. I also use a chomebook an a aspire at home. The wifi connection isn't working for chromebook or aspire (laptops). I've already checked the connections. I've also rebooted the router. Still no success. I don't know what else I can do to fix these issues. Help me please. Thanks

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iMac Ram maximum? Answered

This is an interesting question about my mac (its a MA710LL).  Currently, I have 2 and 1/2 gigs of ram in it, but supposedly this model can only handle 2 gigs.  It has the appearance that it is only using 2 of the 2 1/2 gigs, and that it can "sense" that there is some more, but is there a way to make it use the other 1/2?  Thanks in advance.

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iMac condensation issue?

Our iMacs have a large patch of condensation behind the screen. After we run them for a while, it evaporates, but it comes back after a couple of days. This has happened several times. Has anyone else had this issue? How can we stop it from happening? Thanks, Bob.

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Imac cluster help?

I plan on building an Imac cluster with four 10.4 2002 imacs baised off of this instructables,    my questions are... 1) are there any web browsers I can use on a cluster like chrome? 2) is the cluster program Pooch a good one for what I want to do (I just want a powerful computer cluster that can be used for web browsing) if not are there better programs? 3) All my screens are working so I dont need a vga cable to go to a different screen do I? 4) which of the 4 computers would i plug my keyboard and mouse into? 6) what else could I do on an Imac cluster? 7)would xgrid be better to use than pooch? Any help or ideas would be extremely helpful

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Digital Out on an iMac?

So I have an iMac, running Vista. It's late 2009 version, newest with the exception of the new 27" models. I'm trying to connect the mini-digital out to the SPDIF  in on my audio amp. I bought a cable, and an adapter. It just doesn't work... The adapter works fine, seeing how it's just a hollow piece of metal and plastic. The cable is also working fine - I've tested it with my TV. The iMac has output, you can see it on the other end of the fiber. Everything I've checked seems to be working, and there's only one possible explanation I can think of. The iMac is transmitting with a different format. I'm new to optical audio cables, so If there is only one format, aka SPDIF and TOSLINK are the same, please let me know. And if they are not, can someone inform me on what I'm doing wrong and how to fix it?

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Are iMacs and iBooks good? I'm talking about the old colored ones!I I need one for daily internet use! Answered

Hi, i got a green iMac running os x for my birthday ( I had to pay) Its great

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Old iMac Stand - Project ideas??

Ok, so i had one of those impulse buys.. I purchased a spare iMac aluminum stand (pictured). I was going to use it to attach to the back of my monitor, but the stand would have to fit below the center of gravity for said screen (see second picture) So, any ideas/advice?

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Wenst PC to Mac and I need some help please! Dashboard problems, and I am not even sure what the dashboard is there for! Answered

HELP! Ok I went mac, and I have some unknown "creature" that swipes across the screen and pushes me into the dashboard.  I don't know what it is, what triggers it to happen or how to make it stop. It's done it twice just now, as though  it doesn't want me to get an answer to this question and make it stop.  It also seems to make the screen almost unsteady like the windows are shifting to one side, and hitting escape makes them stabalize again.  Can someone please help me on this??? It's making me a little crazier than I already am.?

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Ideas for old iMacs or LCD screens

I have 20 imac's with the old G5 processors.  Does anyone have any ideas what I should do with these?  

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iMac G5 external monitor

Hi there! I'm currently working on a project, and I really need some help from you guys. What I'm basically trying to do is putting a Raspberry Pi with Retropie installed into a iMac G5 case (24'') and use it as a Retro-Gaming-Machine. Things I already have: - iMac G5 24inch - Raspberry Pi Model B+ with RetroPie installed - 2 SNES Controller with an Adapter to USB - Cables and stuff And now to my problem: I want to use the iMac's LCD panel (Product number: LM240WU2), which of course requires an inverter as well as a controller board. The inverter is stuck to the panel, and can be used I think. But the controller board seems to be integrated into the Logic Board, so I can't use it. I already found a suiting controller on AliExpress, but unfortunately it's not available. So I'm kind of running out of options where to get one. Does anybody know where to get a working controller? It shouldn't be too expensive, because otherwise I could just buy a 17'' or 20'' iMac G5 and use it, because these are built a bit differently and work just over DVI. I would love to make a Instructable out of the project, in case I'm able to solve that Problem! Thanks, Nick

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Why do all iMac G5 have a monochrome screen after a few years?

I use an iMac G5 got for free from a school (still has the sticker with the school address on it). I notice it have a blue monochrome screen but all iMac G5 have this problem in different colors. Mine is a 20" iSight 2.1GHz PPC G5 made some time in 2005. I would really like to fix this problem. Is any way to do so?

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RAM upgrade Answered

Hi, I want to add this (samsung m471b5673fho-cf8) to my imac. I found it in a dead laptop and there is no sign of wear. Will it be okay to put in my imac?

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Another iMac related problem... and yea I probably should buy Mac for Dummies....?

My mother has gone mac with me, and she is having trouble with her mail.  Seems it wants the password to her "Key Chain" and as much as I have researched, I can't figure out why it repeatedly ask and sometimes when it isn't even something that requires a password.  I have had a similar problem, but seems to be ok if I just hit cancel and bypass it.  I know there are a LOT of  computer guru genius's on here, and hoping one of you will read this and have pity on me and my pathetic lack of computer ability and knowledge and give me an answer I can actually understand. Please? And thank you in advance! 

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My comments won't post in Safari from my iMac?

Why will my comments not post from my iMac, but my ancient powerbook posts comments fine?

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iMac Flat Screen nod to lcd monitor ?

Hi all honored members, I got imac G5 17: and iMac G5 isight 20" that burnt down logic board and powersupply. I believe the lcd still in good condition. So if anybody can enlighten me with the steps to make those 2 "paper weight" become a useful LCD monitor, I will be very thankful. I come across article about doing that for iMac 17" but it was written in France and really not a clear step by step guide like I use to see in here for idiot like me. Looking forward for help from you all honored members to make a good use for my beloved old iMacs. regards, avataroftech

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my imac g4 won't turn on

I have an imac g4 that i got of one of my dad's friends and it won't turn on. i have tried reseting the PMU but that didn't do anything. it only turned in 2 or 3 times after i got it. ###edit### i have tried putting in a different battery, but that mostly didn't work, i turnd it on once since then

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Old Apple Computer such as imac g3 (read whole post)

I am looking for a broken, used, or just the shell of an imac g3. Also, a broken used or shell of the original all in one macs. give me a price. I'm going to make a macquarium and make an instructable, so if you can give me it free, i'll pay for shipping!

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Reusing iMac G5 20 inch all-in-one screen?

I picked up a iMac G5 that was going to be thrown. The monitor works, there is no HDD installed. I am hoping i will be able to put in a HDD and install Tiger and make work like it should, however my other thought is to use it as a 20" monitor. I am wondering if i can somehow put the monitor into a regular case and use it straight up as a 20" plug and play monitor like any other LCD. Is this possible? I've been looking and cant find anything...

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Macquarium anyone?

Has anyone out there built a macquarium from an imac? I have an imac shell, but all the instructions for macquariums I can find are for the old Macintosh. There isn't even an instructable for those, so I'm going to set one up, but if anyone has done this before, I'd love to collaborate on an instructable for them.

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I just recently got a iMac from my little cousin and he made two admin accounts but forgot the password to both of them?

I need to find a way to get into them/ reset password/anything to use the computer. Oh and it's running OS9?

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2 in 1; What can I do with a LG KP500? And, how can I connect my old iMac up to the wifi?

Hello Nice Internet People. Ok, here I shall focus on the second question. I have an old CRT iMac (Green, its so cute) and In my room I have a Compaq Presario somethingarather. It is connected to the WiFi ( Compaq) and I was wondering if there was a way I could connect the iMac?

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I have a frozen 1999 imac computer. Disk won't eject. Mouse works but no programs will work. How can I fix this? I

I have a frozen Imac computer 1999. The disk won't eject. The mouse works. I was given this. I need help how to use it. Can't find an eject button. Help

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What to do with my old G3 CRT-based iMac

Going through my old stuff i found my old CRT-based iMac G3 it works fine except the screen is a bit green colored. I have the new intel mac and no longer have a need for this what can i do with it? I have no clue about what kinda parts are in this mac or what they can be used for but i am great at following directions... any ideas? - AstroZombie 138

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iMac to Toshiba HDTV wireless problem. Answered

How do I manage to get Netflix, Hulu, etc from my iMac to my Toshiba HDTV wirelessly. I have a Trendent TEW-647GA adapter which brings my wifi signal to where my TV is sitting. But it doesn't have a connection so as to enable me to hook it to the TV.? The adapter would have been very useful if it had a HDMI connection capability but it doesn't. I am using ATT's 2 Wire modem which is connected to my computer with Ethernet and it also is a wireless modem. I am a newbie at this so any help at all is very much appreciated.

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Instructables is worth............

Http:// didnt know they were this big...

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How do you play audio through both internal speakers (Like an iMac's) and through the headphone port at the SAME time?

I recently purchased an iMac, and I have it hooked up to my flatscreen. I bought an audio cable to connect it along with the HDMI, and is connected through the analog (headphone) port on my computer. I want it to route sound through both internal speakers as well as to my audio cable, but so far I have been unable to locate or acquire the software or settings panel needed. I am running Vista Enterprise 32 bit.

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USB Cold Cathode?

Hi, I have been wondering about creating an ambient glow around the back of my iMac with a usb powered cold cathode light or led strip, could anyone help me with this? i would prefer a prefab solution that doesn't involve much soldering or modification of hardware but that stuff is not necessarily beyond my skill level. (and sorry if this is in the wrong place, its my first post :P )

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Sony Ericsson W200i Troubleshooting

 I have a Sony Ericsson W200i one year ago. I wanted to put music and themes in it, but I only had a iMac (shared). The phone came with a CD called "PC Suite" but it is only for windows. So I just plugged my phone in and dragged dropped files in to my phone. I did that a couple times and my phone was fine, then next time I wanted to plug it into the iMac, the phone will not reconise the plug or the computer. So I took it to the phone shop for repairs, and the guy said there was nothing wrong. Now I got a HP windows computer, so I installed the CD, plugged the phone in - same problem Comments will be appreciated. 

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Burning Questions Thread


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When will the winners be announced?

They said on the 15, thats today, and is hasnt been updated yet : /

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How do I stream movies from iMac to Macbook Pro wirelessly, without buying any software?

I'm aware you can use the built-in file sharing system, but I've encountered problems with that. Yet I have no problems streaming 720p movies wireless to my PS3 with Vuze. Anyone know of any free software? All I'm aware of is "Orb". And obviously I'm looking for a Mac-to-Mac way to do this.

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I need a good synch for my PalmZ22 handheld and my iMac? Will Missing synch work with my handheld Palm?

I would like to download a synch which will allow my handheld Palm Z22 with my iMac. I- synch is no longer synching accurately.

Question by twomama  

Which Apple product do you hate the most?

This iForum is about which iProduct from iApple you iHate the most. It is the internets biggest complaining session about your Apple products. Go on. Tell us how crap it is. Personally, I just hate the 'i' appended to everything.

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I won the burning questions contest...

How do I get my bumper sticker?

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I won the burning questions contest...

How do I get my bumper sticker?

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how do i update a very old imac that is currently running mac os 9.2 to osx tiger for free? Answered

Plz help it was running osx tiger before then the person who gave it to me reset it to os 9.2 has all same things but its not able to run it  -thnx northern magnet

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I've been bombarded with spam

How do i delete them? I flagged but they are still there, why did this just randomly happen?

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Can Automator run on Mac OS X Jaguar?

I have an old iMac DV (2000) which has Mac OS X Jaguar on it. Can I copy the Automator program from another Macintosh running Mac OS X Tiger onto my iMac and run it?

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My birthday is coming up!!!

On Valentines day! Yeah! Oh, Ummmm yeah hmmmm. Thats all I have to say about that..... Bye!

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So when are the winner announced?

I just dont understand how it works. Is there a set date and time or no? Im not being impatient, im just wondering.

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I might be getting a new computer, recomendations?: UPDATE iMAC!!!!!!!

UPDATE!!!! WE GOT AN iMAC!!!!!Stats:Standard 20" 2.6 GHZ processor IT IS THE MOST AWESOME THING EVER!!! I JUST GOT IT TODAY!! (9/19)I got some dough from a job, and me mum said we can get a new computer (SWEET SPAGHETTI ABOUT FRIGGEN TIME!!).As I've been using a decade old machine for years (98SE AMD), I'm a weee behind. Got any recomendations on any of the following:OShardwareprograms etc...monitorsaccessoriesI'm in the market for a mid range, functional, student computer that I can soup up with memory and good graphics. I won't be doing very much gaming, but I'd like to know I at least have a machine capable of handling most stuff.Thanks!I've been a looking about, how good is an iMac? Turns out the software I need to run is Apple compatible, I'm really starting to like the look of the iMac... Until it comes to the price...

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I can't see images on this site?

OK, well, I just got a new computer, and most of the images on this site come up as question marks in a blue box. Any ideas? I'm running- Safari 5.0.5 iMac 21.5in  i5 3.6 GHz 4GB DDR3 RAM 512MB VRAM ATI HD 5670 Also, it works on my other favorite sites(IGN, Armorgames,  

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