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My Instructable is inaccessible (broken link)

My project was featured in the recent email (thank you), but I am getting messages from others and myself am unable to access the page.

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Ibles Completely inaccessible via IE

Today i can't get to ibles at all, in any way with IE. i get a 403 forbidden error suggesting that i have to log in, which i can't do because i can't get to the page, and it wouldn't matter anyway as i can't stay logged in via IE anyway (really wished that was fixed) obviously firefox works...sort of, i couldn't reply to stuff earlier (haven't tried again yet), i would press reply and nothing would happen. also, i've tried posting this bug once and it timed out before it posted

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instructables being blocked by PhishTank

Please remove the offending file that is causing your site to be blocked by many products that use PhishTank's data. Details:

Topic by JP  

ERROR 500: com.instructables.exception.NotPermittedException: Should be STAFF or ADMIN to use this function

in the topic  line I copied the bug report or message I get when trying to access my instructables??????? ERROR 500: com.instructables.exception.NotPermittedException: Should be STAFF or ADMIN to use this function . Why is this happening? any help? any suggestions? 

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An error occurred while loading this content

The nice new tabs seem to be broken - when I click on "more", I get the message that entitles this topic, then get presented with the default list of forum categories. Q&A; is thus inaccessible via in-site links. Sorry, no screenshot, the message only pops up for a moment. (Using Safari on an iPod with up to date iOS.)

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Does anyone know why certain users get deleted? Answered

Recently, I have noticed that several members have had their names changed so that "Deleted_(insertnamehere)" shows up, their account vanishes, and their profile is inaccessible. Also, I cant find their ibles. Does anyone know why they got deleted, or did they request their account get deleted?

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Leaking PVC Soil Pipe

The PVC soil pipe under our bathroom has developed a slow leak. This pipe is inaccessible as it runs under a platform that lifts the bathroom above the concrete floor of our enclosed garage. It may be a crack in the pipe (unlikely) or a connection between the tub and the main pipe (more likely). Is there a liquid sealant that I can pour into the tub drain that will seal this obviously small opening?

Topic by GorillamoRex    |  last reply

Can't repair my computer from the boot menu

I am trying to restore my laptop to factory settings, and whenever I try to launch start-up repair it gives this error message 0xc000000f -- The boot selection failed because a required device is inaccessible. I tried changing the boot order and that still did not work. I have done this on my other laptop and it worked just fine, but this one doesn't seem to working. I have no clue what to do please help. Thanks, Damien.

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Contests are becoming too specialized

Lately I've been seeing more and more contests which require expensive, specialized tools (mostly 3D printers) in order for you to make something that is eligible. I wish we would have less of this type of contest, or at least have people utilize tools other than 3D printers. How about a milling/turning contest instead of endless 3D printing-related contests? I'm just worried that many of the contests are inaccessible to the average instructables user, and also getting a bit bored of contests which involve 3D printers.

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I would like to add a wired momentary start up switch to my old tower computer, then mount the switch under my desk.

I have a desktop Dell Dimension 4300, with a start switch appeared to be nearly inaccessible.  There is a cable ribbon wire leading to the switch.  I think that I need to add a momentary button.  Maybe someone knows how to access this switch and or the location of the start up pins on the circuit board.  I may be able to wire the new momentary button across those pin locations.  Any help would be appreciated.

Question by baudeagle    |  last reply

Safety Warnings -- how to do it right!

I saw this on the MAKE blog today.  It is, I think, the single greatest effort at a properly respectful (to the intelligence of the user) safety warning that I've seen.  Kudos both to the tech writer who came up with it, and the lawyers who had enough common sense to release it into the wild. My only complaint is that on SparkFun's Web page, the instruction manual is a completely inaccessible JPEG image.  Perhaps part of being "safe" is not allowing anyone with low vision or who reads a language other than English, to know about the product?  (Yes, I've contacted them directly about it.)

Topic by kelseymh    |  last reply

How to extend a power switch on a projector? Answered

Well, I went and finally bought one of those cheap projectors off of ebay for the pourpus of replacing the lamp, I almost have it finished and at this point Im thinking about where to mount it and how to run power etc... The problem I have encountered is that it will be in a place where it will be inaccessable to me, so I was wondering  If I could extend the power switch to my "control table". I figured when I bought that it used a soldered on SPST pushbutton switch, but when I got the projector and disassembled it, it had some kind of onboard switch (which I will have to post a pic of becasue its really hard to explain) Any help would be appreciated Thanks! Oh, I almost forgot, It is so old I cannot find a remote for it, so thats not an option.

Question by bwpatton1    |  last reply

No profile or login/logoff access on mobile site

I'm reading Instructables on my phone (Android, Firefox). I had the apparently frequent problem of being unable to post; the solution is to log off and log back in. On the latest mobile site, there is no profile button or menu item or any other way to reach log off. I eventually reached it by "request desktop site" - which is impossibly small for reading, but at least let me get to the profile and log off. The other thing that's inaccessible on mobile is this section - there's no Help, only About and Contact in the footer. I know the mobile site has to be more compact, but adding a menu item for things that usually sit in the header and footer would make it far more useful. Hmm, one more thing - there should be a category here for Website or Instructables or something - not about an instructable, but about the site itself. I'm leaving this uncategorized, since no category really fits. Hmm, ok, I can't - so I'll make it Circuits, which is the least bad fit, I guess.

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How to view corrupt zipped files? Answered

The problem is that I need to recover a zipped file from a corrupted hard drive. The hard drive is NOT physically damaged, only inaccessible due to the current state: I accidentally, began ghost imaging and completed about 10% of the initial process before I canceled it. So now the system won't boot. I get a single flashing cursor in the top left corner of the screen. If I connect the hard drive to a SATA-to-USB adapter and connect it to my Windows XP computer it will show that the 'Mass Storage Device' is found and installed. But I can't see the device in My Computer or Disk Management. What I think needs to be done is have the device (connected via USB) mounted so that I can use a file recovery program to scan the drive for files. Does anyone have any ideas? I know I can complete the reimage and then try to recover the file but its about 2.6 GB in size and I have a feeling that no programs will be able to successfully recover the whole file. I would like to recover the file without reimaging the drive because chances of the files being overwritten are much greater if the image completes.

Question by 9rudolf    |  last reply

Bug on website OS X 10.11.4 , safari - cannot open article, register popup blocks content.

Safari 9.1 (11601.5.17.1) OS X 10.11.4 When you open an article, for example: And you cannot close the popup Welcome to DIY heaven. using X in right top corner of popup. Bug on website OS X 10.11.4 , safari - cannot open article, register popup blocks content. When you try to log in using Already a member? Login » than the login popup is under that freaking first popup, so it is useless. Maby noone on Instructables uses osx and safari,  but it is really annoying. And it is a clean install of system, problem can be recreated on other systems, i've tested. Could someone look in to that ? I know you want to force people to create account, that gives you money, but how the hell people can do that if login popup is inaccessible. And how the f$%&@$^ck i can upload images if neither new nor old uploader works with safari, The old uploader works, but not if you have tried new uploader first. Do you have any testers in your company ? many you should hire one at least. i know i can youse another web browser, but i do not want to, safari is quite popular, works well, and it is stock browser on every mac, that should be tested !!!!!!! and working. And please do appreciate my time to report that annoying bug, i'm pretty much pissed off .  

Topic by MirosławD    |  last reply

Modify iTunes rating/advisory warning in mp3s on Mac?

I have searched and searched online for a solution and have found nothing that works.  I want to add & modify the CLEAN and EXPLICIT content advisory warning labels displayed in iTunes on mp3s using my Mac. Yes, I know I could just type in explicit or clean in the comments field using get info, but that does not work with the built in parental controls.  Also, I get a little OCD with my music and would much prefer to use the correct label since there is one. For anyone who says mp3 files cannot store this type of information, that is incorrect.  See the screenshot below for proof of the contrary.   I purchased the song below in the iTunes store but later converted it to mp3 so I could use the song on a device/program (can't remember which) that could not play the original file type.  The content advisory label was transferred to the mp3. Here are some proposed solutions I found online that do NOT work: - Atomic Parsley - Does not work with mp3s.  Yes, I could potentially convert my entire library to AAC and then use this but I do not want AAC files, I want mp3 files.  Mp3s are more compatible with other programs and devices.  I suppose I could also convert my entire library to AAC, adjust the content advisory warning labels, then convert the entire library back to mp3.  I do not want to do this, however, because of the potential to reduce the audio quality of almost every song I own.  - Lostify - This program is for mp4 files. - Atomic Parsley based programs - Again, they do not work with mp3s. I may be asking for a miracle here but if anyone knows how to do this, an Instructable would be much appreciated. On a somewhat irrelevant note, here is my take on the parental advisory warnings:  In an ideal iTunes world, these could be easily modified and protected by password so parents could make inappropriate songs not purchased on iTunes inaccessible to their children using the parental controls.  It seems ridiculous to me that this is not possible, as Apple knows that the majority of people do not have a library of songs 100% from the iTunes store.  Also some songs are mislabeled (oftentimes if one song on an album has an f-bomb, the entire album is marked explicit). 

Topic by memorris027    |  last reply

Im starting an ebay gadget store. what are some cool fun things to sell?

Well technically ive already started, but now, ive made enough profits to begin expanding. At the moment i sell 70mw green laser modules (not pointer pens), carbon graphite rods 5/7/10mm wide at any length and from time to time i try and get rid off my liquid a$$ stink spray, though people tend not to buy that as postage is $6, and lastly long range, but very cheap, 433mhz receiver transmitter pairs . All of this , from within australia, i plan on selling things which are awsome, as well as generally inaccessible by many australians. Currently i intent to buy up 6v spark gap ignitors , identical to those on sparkfun, different coloured laser modules, titanium to weld to my MMO anode mesht cuts, more wireless receiver/transmitter pairs, though, this time, toggle/momentary ones, currently my ones are latching, i plan on buying small shockers, and lastly, Nitrates, Aluminium powder, sulfur, and all those chems which are so hard to find in australia. Also, i will start buying more, and in larger amounts, thermochromic pigment. I also plan on building DC-DC HV converters, for charging coil gun capacitors, (based on the instructable of the same name, once i get permission to use the schematic to base my design off to sell), small shocker modules (to make taser things from), Various oscillators, like flyback ones, 3D printing services and 1W regulated 808nm burner modules. Now, ever since i discovered the spark gap ignitor wholesaler, ive been thinking, "what else could i sell thats awsome and hard to come by?", but legal too, this is ebay after all. I would really like some help in finding things which arent especially expensive or big (im not buying stuff which costs like $100 a peice), but also things you would like to see sold in your local gadget stores. Really, just anything in this general catagory, stuff which is really awsome or very hard to get, either in australia or anywhere, but not illegal. like novelty gadgets, or things which do amazing things, such as mini spy cam bugs or something. I really need help, i know what kind of things I LIKE, and want, but not what others like and want. please help me out!

Question by oldmanbeefjerky    |  last reply

How do you know that you are imagining things?

Funny question, I know...And usually I could not be bothered less about thinking that something might be a bit odd.I have a permanant job, drive the same car now for over 12 years and live in a crappy rental.Nothing special at all.Most people don't have a landline anymore, I still do for some reason and actually use it when I am home and not a mobile phone.So you might not know anymore when I explain the first weird thing I started to imagine...Ever picked up your phone and got no dial tone?Happens quite often here now....I try a few times and suddenly I got the familiar humm letting me know I can punch in a number.All good then...Then some friends claimed that sometimes I would have a delay from my end and during this delay there is no sound at all, not even the usual static you can hear.Ok, they use mobile phones, no big deal, crap happens.But I thought I might ask my provider for detailed phone records of the past 2 or three billing cycles instead just a summary.Some calls appeared a bit odd with the length of the call.Had a few where I ended on the voice box and hung up but the bill showed several minutes for the call...One local call really stood out though - 3.5 hours.And I know this one can't be right because I people here and actually made the call a quick one...The second weird thing that must be totally unrelated is that an Email account I used for well over 20 years and basically only to receive Emails got blocked by my provider based on claims it is used for spam.Emails to fix it and provide me with a password to log into my account got ignored.So I wasted about $30 for an overseas call to their service department.I explained that my client still receives all advertising Emails from the account provider without any need for a login or password.But all other Emails are kept in my online inbox with no access as my password got changed due the spam claims.As my records would clearly show that during the 20 or so year maybe a handful of Emails were sent from this account the normal procedure for a spam suspicion would have been to follow policies and inform me about it while blocking the OUTGOING part but not the incoming one!Funny enough I got not interrupted once trying to explain the problem but when I ended I got a shell shock.I was informed that my account must have been hacked and used online - however I could not find a single outgoing Email in my online account or Email client.When I asked about this fact and wanted to know details about these Emails I was told they were deleted to protect my account....As a lst attempt I explained that used a 24 digit and quite complex password and highly doubt anyone would have been able to hack it, so I would like my access restored or at least the accumulated incoming Emails forwarded to my verfication account.Apperantly since the spam was stopped by blocking my account there were no new Emails that reached my.Means all those Emails I know my friends sent and those I sent myself to test the account access were just a thing of my imagination.When I asked why my account is still active and provider Emails and notifications still arrive in my inbox on the PC I was told this is not possible as the account is inacative....In case you wonder what the usage for this account was: Pure personal, information and document exchange only.However most of the content in the received Emails relates to what we misleadingly call "free energy".Things like anti gravity propulsion, Scalar drive systems or just plain and really old stuff relating to patents that are almost 100 years old - or older...The last thing that now makes me wonder how active my imagination really is:Ever had the feeling you are being watched?Since about October last year every single parcel from overseas that did not originate in China or Malasia arrive repacked and with an inspection notice from our customs department.And according to some senders I seem to have lost quite a few printed documents in the process...But again, biosecurity is a big thing here, same for trying to figure out how so many drugs make it into the country on the postal or shipping way....However, when my neighbour came over after xmas and asked if I would know the guy in the tiny hatchback that is parked up the street I had to say no, I don't - Why?Appearently the same guy arrives there a few minutes after I get home from work and usually sits there for 2 or 3 hours.Well, not my problem, not my house up there, so why bother.I took a good look at the car and driver though when I went for a quick trip to the shops.I got back home and sure enough the guy was gone, so nothing to worry about.Until I started unloading my shopping and the guy came back, parking in his usual spot.I finnished my unloading, had something to eat and a shower, then took my bins out - and he was still there.Time to have a meet and greet.Don't know about you guys but I find it odd if someone does not react, does not look at you, not even when you knock on the window - just staring out of the windscreen as there was something magical happening in front of the car.And while I kept trying he just drove off...Have not seen the car or driver since anywhere in my street and I guess a car that now constantly parks with a driver in a dead end road with clear view into my road does not count...And yes, I tried the cops and yes the actually came twice until I was told they would not bother anymore.Appearently the poor guy finnishes work now and is waiting for his mate to get back home from work as he does no want drive home and a few minutes later down here.Makes a lot of sense, even if there is never anyone arriving and the guy never leave the car, just drives off once bored enough.It is so good to know that you only imagine things that are not real but just coincidences...However, I would like to know if there other people still using a landline and noticing odd things with it.And how often do you have international shippments inspected by customs and repacked?Ever got your Email account made inaccessible for no reason at all and no chance to ever get access again to it, despite proving your identity and no evidence of any wrongdoing available?If so, did it happen by any chance while you were waiting on some really important documents arriving in this inbox?

Question by Downunder35m