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3 inches of pain

Does anyone remember Gattaca? Well that movie explored the possibility of limb extensions in a fantastic manner. Apparently there's a vanity medical procedure to do this called Limb Lengthening. I'm not sure if anyone in the US does it, but for 100,000+ dollars you can add a few painful inches to your legs in Cairo.This procedure seems reasonable for midgets, or other deformities but for people 5'6" you'd think that this surgery is pure vanity. But that may not be true, a survey of CEO's of fortune 500 companies shows that they are on average ~6' tall. Another research study that followed thousands of people from birth to adulthood shows that an inch of height above the average of 5' 9" is approximately equal to a salary increase of $789 a year.What do you think? Is this vain, or a good way to get around prejudice against average/short and

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If i have a 72 cubic inch CYLINDER that is 11 inches long, what is diamater of this cylinder?

If i have a 72 cubic inch CYLINDER that is 11 inches long, what is diamater of this cylinder?

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Half Inch CRT Monitror

I was tearing apart an old VHS camera and decided to rip the LCD out of the viewfinder. Much to my suprise I find a CRT monitor not a LCD! This screen is about 1/2 inch. It has a 5 pin connector that leads to the motherboard and a chip on the bottom that says A118121. Obviously two of the conections would be V+ and ground, but what about the other three? I would like to turn this into a composite or VGA compatible screen (maybe even a crazy tiny oscilloscope) but I need some help. Any suggestions or leads would be greatly appreciated.

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1 inch glass rods

I have 8 glass rods, 1 inch diameter and 4 to 6 feet long.  Believe it or not, they were rods in the master closet of a 60's house we purchased 10 years ago.  I still can't think of anything to do with them, but would love to make some kind of garden installation.  We are VERY skilled.  Any ideas greatly appreciated.

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how do i get a good lcd 7 inch screen?

Hi! ive been looking all around the internet and i cant find anything!!! i need a good lcd 7 inch screen for my xbox laptop but i cant find one links are well appreciated!!

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need to design something that will cut paper squares 4 inch by 4 inch

I am using cardboard, heavy paper stocks and photo albums and trying to design/create something that will cut individually a 4 inch by 4 inch square into the centers of all these different stocks of paper/cardboard. I thought about using a dremel but it would take entirely too long. I even thought about a die cutter but cannot find one for a square in the size of 4 inch by 4 inch. They do have machines (crafting) however you have to pass the material underneath the machine and the crafting machines are not wide enough to pass through a 8.5 wide paper. Any ideas would be helpful thank you. Even the photo albums arenot really that thick less than a quarter inch thick however it is still 8.5 inches wide. Need to design or make a press, a handheld punch or something that will be easiest to cut a 4 x 4 square out of the center of the material. I have seen up to a 2 inch punch and from reviewers even the 2 inch craft punch does not work that well for 27.00 and I need at minimum 3 inch by 3 inch but prefer 4 inch by 4 inch square. thanks

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Where can I get half inch thick steel plate? Answered

I'm making something where I need it to be half an inch thick. Don't ask me why but it's defiantly not tank tracks for my 120 horsepower electric tank that I'm designing.

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what can 1/4 inch width plexi glass stand up to?

I want to build a battle bot out of of 1/4 inch plexi glass and i want to know if i will stand up to other robots and a lot of bumping around. Also, i need to drill into it, will it crack? thank you in advance.

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Cheap LCD monitor 7 inches or smaller?

I'm looking for an LCD monitor for cheap that is 7 inches or smaller. I want to use it for making a DVD player. I would prefer it had AV input. I would like to be able to take it out of casing easily as well.

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Nearly 20 inch long paper airplane!!!

I have just perfected a paper airplane that is 19 1/8 inches long, and it FLIES!!! It's name is the Albatross g1. Pics and vids attached.

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help sewing one inch welt to a pillow?

I am making silk pillows with one inch silk welt. It always twists. Any tips on how to apply large welt without it twisting?

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Help with 1/8 inch phone plug

What side is positive and what side is negative on a phone plug? when i unscrew it it has a long end and a short end. This is the one im using: advice?

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18 inch Leatherface figure - $30 OBO

McFarlane Toys Movie Maniacs (series 7) 12-inch Leatherface from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is 12 1/4 inches tall on base to top of head. Assembled diorama base is 18 1/2 inches tall. Figure includes Leatherface action figure, huge multi-part base, removable chainsaw, a rope pulley and a severed arm. Leatherface here is being sold on amazon for almost 70 dollars, and nearly 40 dollars on ebay. I'm cleaning house and would love for this figure to find a new home. He's been kept on display in a smoke free, cat free and dust free environment. Serious offers only.

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is posible to input video in to a 2.5-inch lcd?

hello, my question is this: I have a 2.5 inch LCD screen, a console "microboy" Specifications: Console - display my question is: I can input video in any way? ( video out jack is broke) thanks I have also a "ipaq" poket pc without battery and peripherals expansion, only sync dock and charger. thanks again and greetings from Argentina

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How to drill a 4 inch hole in concrete

The walls at our new place are 6 inch thick concrete (it's an old Naval base) and we needed a few holes for vents. I've hammer-drilled through concrete to sink anchors, but a 4 inch diameter hole is a little intimidating -- until you have the right tool. Here's a few pictures of the right tool. I only watched, so I don't know the finer details, but I thought people would appreciate just seeing the tool. The work flow went something like this: 1) hammer-drill and sink anchor to attach machine to wall 2) turn on machine; insert earplugs 3) wait It took quite a while, and that drilling noise reverberated throughout the whole place!

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Is 3/4 inch to thin to make furniture out of?

I am looking of making a entertainment stand and a desk.  I went to a speciality wood shop and bought 3/4 inch red oak plywood.  I am having second thoughts thinking I probably should of gotten the 1 inch. Do you think I will be ok with the 3/4?

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Coil Winding on 4 Inch Cantex Electrical Conduit

My picturers are a mosaic of steps to take when winding coils on Cantex 4 inch PVC electrical conduit. Uses include Tesla coils, flow sensors, and antennas. Please forward any and all comments and suggestions. Thank you !

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Solar Panel 6 inches or smaller with Max. Output

Gudday! (Yep, I'm Australian) and Ahoy! (Yup, I live on a boat too). Hoping to mine the collective hive-mind here and get some advice. The situation: I need some solar panels that are six inches (or smaller) that give the maximum output so that I can charge some batteries. My question: do any of you kind folk have any advice on what solar panels I could assess and where can I get them from?Thanks in advance for any thoughts, tips or advice that you offer.

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My 19 inch CRT gone all wonky?

I turned my monitor on this morning to be greeted to some weird shit. Apparently everything towards the bottom is squished and the top is stretched out. It's not really bad but you can definatly notice it and I'd like the know why it was fine last night and not this morning. I degaussed it and nothing, any ideas? Or has this thing finally bit the dust?

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Any chances of repairing an unwilling 2.5 inch hardisk?

I have an 2.5" external harddisk which is unwilling to really start. A few clicks when starting up and a blinking green led on the hardrives casebox, but no communication between disk and laptop. It's a Samsung 40Gb disk, so called Spinpoint MP0402H. Has anyone tried to open a harddisk and succesfully got it running again? I know I should not open it, to keep dust out. But it's only for once, just to get my valuable data off the disk. What appreciate positive experiences. Regards, Jaco de Graaf

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how would you recommend making a cone out of plexiglass, about 2 inches in hight and 3/2 inches in diameter?

Im trying to make a glowing led cone, but i am not sure on how to go making the cone out of plexiglass. is there a way to form one? with a flat piece of plexiglass that is.

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Hard drive price confusion

Looking to create a small form factor PC to fit on the back of a monitor and while searching for a hard drive on Newegg noticed that the lowest price 2.5" internal desktop hard drive was $120 and not even 150GB ( ) while a 2.5" USB powered portable hard drive that is 1TB is $90 ( ), these numbers just are not adding up, couldn't I just disassemble the portable hard drive. Not sure if I am missing something important, Help is greatly appreciated!

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Any project ideas for a broken 50 inch plasma TV? Answered

I have a 50 inch Hitachi P50T501A plasma tv, and unfortunately, the screen is broken. The outer screen is still intact, just the plasma screen is broken. I have a few ideas for it, but thought I'd ask the Instructable masses for some cool ideas.

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Any ideas for using 6 to 8 inch marmolium strips?

The floors are done. Yay! But now I'm looking at rolled up pieces of scrap and wondering what can be done with them? Any ideas?

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How to join 6, 19 inch display panels in one?

Hi guys.! I want to make multi  monitor display. My idea is to disassemble 6, 19 inch HP 1940 square monitor (resolution 1280x1024). And to join there panels at a glass surface like the image below I will manage the panel with glass and aluminium frame. The question is how i will manage there video signal input. Because my GPU have only 4 display ports in it. Waiting for suggestions . Thnks

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How do I power a 19 inch monitor with a battery?

I'm a 'later in life' video enthusiast who struggles seeing the lcd screen on my camcorder.  I want to just use my spare 19 inch computer monitor as my camcorder monitor so I need a way to power it with a battery whenever I don't have access to an electrical outlet. Can anyone help me or point me to related links on the internet? MK

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Man Bellyflops from 35 Feet into 12 Inches of Water

A man jumps 35 feet onto a kiddie pool with a foot of water in front of dozens of kids and delivers a thrilling show instead of a tragic occasion to haunt them the rest of their lives. Future plans include a jump from 40 feet. Stay tuned. via Neatorama

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Vinatge 2 1/4 inch Button Maker with Accessories

Anybody looking to start making buttons?  i just listed a vintage Badge-A-Minit press with all accessories you need to get started. Press, cutter, and parts are for making 2 1/4 inch buttons.  It's a really cool press but in the years I've had it I just never find myself needing to make buttons this large. More details in the listing if you're interested. It's a great "starter kit" bundle since it comes with 95 or so button parts too. The image uploader here doesn't seem to want to work, but there are good photos on the listing page. PM me with any questions or contact via eBay.

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Small LCD Display 6-8 inches- recommendation needed.

Hello - I need a recommendation for a small LCD display for my headless linux box when it crashes, or if I wanted to use the linux box and the small monitor as a digital photo frame since I leave the linux box on all the time anyhow. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks, -Joe

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Very simple proximity activated switch (several inches range)?

Hello Instructables! I am looking for a simple electronic switch that will instantly turn on when it comes within a few inches (5-8) of a little beacon or antenna of some sort. I would like to be able to have the beacon be small, and preferably flat in form factor, with the receiver/switch system being no larger than an inch square. For size constraints, watch batteries would be the most preferred power source.  Would RFID be a good option for this?  Preferably I don't want this to have to be hooked to a phone, and it would need to be something that I could conceivably make a PCB foror use a very small existing board like a TEENSY. 

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Reusing iMac G5 20 inch all-in-one screen?

I picked up a iMac G5 that was going to be thrown. The monitor works, there is no HDD installed. I am hoping i will be able to put in a HDD and install Tiger and make work like it should, however my other thought is to use it as a 20" monitor. I am wondering if i can somehow put the monitor into a regular case and use it straight up as a 20" plug and play monitor like any other LCD. Is this possible? I've been looking and cant find anything...

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For sale Brand new Macbook pro 17 inches laptop

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Can I use a 7mm socket instead of a 1/4 inch socket? Answered

Is 7mm close enough to 1/4 to work correctly?

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canker worms, inch worms, span worms, tree worms??? HELP!

Inch worms are devouring all my trees, i want them dead. I run a daycare in my home so I would prefer not to kill the children too! thanks!

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How to calculate amount of leather in sq feet for 16x12 inches bag

Please help me in calculating the leather consumption in making a laptop bag of 16X12x4 inches without any flap or extra compartments. How to calculate and convert inches to sq foot.

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HDI move an object with electricity 1/4 to 1/2 inch

If I need to move a small object with electricity how would I do this and what would I need? Thanks in advance.

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How do I connect a microphone to a 1/4 inch plug? Answered

I'm making a ukulele and I want a mic to amplify it but I need help, I don't know where to attach to attach the wires from the mic to the 1/4 inch jack. I think the white wire in the second picture is positive but I'm not sure.  I would really appreciate any help. (:

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1/4 inch mono audio jack question. REAL simple? Answered

I am building  I am using a 1/4 inch mono audio jack like this one; I know the output on the lft is negative while the one on the right is positive. my question is on the circuit the jack on the far right only has one wire leading to it. it it positive or negative.

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can anyone tell me a simple mechanism for holding an inch rod?

It should be replaced in a bot.

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Where can I find a 1.5 inch diameter copper cable? Answered

I am creating a giant i duction heater, and I need 1.5 in diameter copper cables. Where can I find one to buy? Or do I have to make one? Or is there an entirley better way to make an induction heater?

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Where do I get half inch plastic sheet for cheap? Answered

Hey, I have a CNC milling machine and I mill things mostly out of plastic. I'm just looking for a cheap place to get plastic sheet if anyone knows where I can get it. I need 1/2 inch. I am currently getting it on amazon for about $10 per square foot (including shipping). Here is the shop;=industrial&qid;=1256085952&sr;=8-13 I really don't care what kind of plastic it is as long as it is cheaper and of comparable strength. Thanks

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Ideas for making simple LED Flashlights, about 6 inches long?

I am wanting to create several (about 20) custom LED flashlights that could be attached to key rings. They would need to be long and tubular in shape, about 6" long, and with a button switch on the back so that the LED is lit when the button is pressed and held, and turns off when the button is released. This would be so you could blink the LED easily on and off manually; like if you used it to send a Morse code signal with the light. Battery powered; most batteries like coin batteries or up to a AA would be fine with me, as those will all fit easily in size. I plan to create the body of the flashlight out of polymer clay or another durable craft material. It would be a unique shape: a column made of colorful geometric forms. The inside could be made cylindrical to better fit the battery and other innards, though. The chapstick flashlight seems to be the closest thing to my purpose here; I am just unsure of how to extend that concept in length to be the same diameter but a few inches longer since the chapstick was the length of the battery! I've also considered buying an LED flashlight or two and taking it apart to see if the insides of it can fit inside a longer flashlight body (maybe it just would need extending of some wires? I don't know). I've been reading up on the LED instructables here. I've never soldered or built a circuit, but I am ready to learn! Any ideas you could share would be very helpful. Looking to get these made this month for an event. I am a technology-building beginner here, so speak slowly!

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In a threaded rod, are the threads counted in the diameter? Answered

E.g if you have a 3/16 inch threaded rod, will the diameter of the rod exceed the 3/16 inch, or is the rod 3/16 inch regardless of the threading?

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