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Increase V.Leap

I was think of injecting plastic sponge filled with water as the sole of a basketball shoe, hoping the water pressure could help to increase the leg power and increase the vertical leap. Meaning : using plastic sponge Or rather i think of another alternative,which is to use static electricity to store inside the shoe,which later will transfer from the shoe to the leg of human, and hopefully increase the vertical leap.

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increasing wavelength?

Is it plausible to increase the wavelength of, say, infrared light? I have a 808 nm 1 watt laser and i am struggling with researching if it is plausible to do so, and if it is then how it would be accomplished?

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Increasing Testosterone

As we age changes happen in our bodies. One of these changes is a decrease in the production of some hormones, one of which is important to men, namely: testosterone. It affects muscle mass, physical and mental energy, and sexual function. Selenium is found in Brazil nuts, and it is important in the production of testosterone. If you are showing any signs of low testosterone, try eating three or four raw Brazil nuts each day. Some suggest a person should not eat too many Brazil nuts. (Of course, I am not mentioning this because I had the problem. I am speaking for a friend. Uh huh. Yeah, that is it. Wink, wink.) Anyway, my "friend" began to notice improvements within a week. You can get Brazil nuts in bulk at many grocery stores, and they may be a simple and inexpensive aid to low testosterone problems. Other things that help low testosterone problems are reducing body weight by ten percent and regular exercise. 

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what is the relationship between cavitation of pumps and pressure of liquid and temperature of liquid?

I want to know the relation of cavitation and liquid pressure and temperature? 

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How to increase amps?

I heard ampere could be increased by capacitor. If true then how to do it???

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anyway increase voltage without using ac ?

Anyway to increase voltage using only dc input and using low voltage batteries (1.5 ~ 9 V ) ? and without making big or with loads of parts circuit ? ( I need simple circuit) any more taughts than joule thief ?

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How do I get more people to look at my instructable?

I just posted my first instructable and when I go to look for it I do not see it. It may be at the very end but I believe it is a really good one and I have posted it about a day ago and have only had about 90 hits. What can I do to increase my presents here?

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Increase stomach capacity

It is my cousin's wedding soon. It's an indian wedding so many 'events' and lots of food (yes, it is indian). But what I really need is a bigger stomach to fit it all in. How do you do this??

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Increasing DC voltage

I need to increase the voltage of a battery from ~30v to ~230v, the only way i can think of doing this is somehow pulsing the DC rapidly to create a sort of "pseudo AC" then using a standard transformer to increase the voltage, followed by the standard rectification process. My problem is how to pulse the DC (bearing in mind the pulse will probably need to be in the order of kHz, and the device being powered at 230v has a power rating of 400W) and how to after the rectification process implement a pwm system. In addition, the method of increasing the voltage strikes me as extremely inefficient, so if anyone has any other ideas I would be very great full. Thank you for any help you can provide.

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Increase compression of an engine Answered

I am hoping to find a way to increase the compression of a small.18 radio control engine. I was wondering if applying high temperature epoxy would work because it will go on the sleeve rubbing against the piston or holding aluminum foil with the epoxy. 

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Increase Blog Loyalty? Answered

I just created a free online magazine called Meta Haven Magazine and my intention is to create a community of viewers/readers in which everyone is actively contributing additional magazine content, items, reviews, etc. that is undoubtedly being missed by myself but most importantly being missed by the audience. In return as an incentive if the submitted material is voted upon by the community as being good enough to add to the magazine then in return that person will get the chance to have a free post to promote themselves, their blog or whatever of their choosing. I've noticed since I've launched the contest bounce rates have gone up. Would you change the value of the contest or the contest itself? Thanks – Meta Haven Magazine.

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Increase running speed

I don't run very much. I never was all that good at it. Lately, though, I have found the need to improve that ability, specifically my endurance at speed. I can slowly jog a mile, sure, but haulin'-ass-away-from-an-amgry-man-with-a-knife-speeds don't last much longer than thirty yards, if that. I'd like to improve my overall speed if possible, and especially increase the distance that I can cover flat-out before I keel over. I'm not going to be running a marathon anytime soon, but I'd like to be able to get farther than average, as fast as possible, on demand. Any tips for training or proper form? I live at roughly 5400 feet, but I'm just a short drive away from 14,000-foot peaks. I would also like to improve my off-the-line times--in other words, acceleration. If I were to need to run between ten and twenty-five yards, I can do that at my top speed as is, but that speed is not as fast as it could be. I'm generally not even up to full speed until eight or ten yards past the line. Suggestions?

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how to increase W of audio output ? Answered

Hello , i have a amp with output ~0.5W . I want to make a simple circuit to get a higher output (1w or higher). Please tell me what part i need and how i do it . Thanks! sorry for my bad English :(

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Arduino: using push button, Increase/decrease Delay time?

Arduino: Is it possible to Increase/Decrease delay time using push button?

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Hi all dear friend i am a wireless cable services provider please help me how can i strong my service note i am not a rich man i am poor man thanks for all brothers

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Rectifying ac increases voltage?

I have a transformer that outputs 16 volts ac.  I built a 4-diode full wave rectifier and added a 4700uF 35 volt smoothing capacitor.  Now my dc voltage measures 21 volts?  I thought the voltage would drop because it has to pass through diodes.  What explains this voltage increase?

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Increase the speed of an electric motor? Answered

My electric bike, seen here, was built for my senior project. I was limited on motor choice, and had to go with the best I had, an old powerchair motor. After 2 successfull attempts at building an electric bike, I have discovered that it is impossible to go faster that 25 mph with with one of these motors. As you can see on my instructable the bike has 6 speeds, with a top speed of 20mph in first gear. however, when I shift gears, the motor rpm's decrease instead of the speed increasing. I have heard before that it is possible to run an electric motor at higher voltages than it is rated, so I was wondering, if i could add a seperate switch and a "booster battery" of sorts, that as long as I monitered the voltage so as to not let exceed 24 volts, if this would be feasible. My only other option would be to add a second motor in parallel with the first, and on the same drive belt. The first option would be the easiest, if it could work without damaging the motor. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, iloveairsoftstuff

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HOW TO : increase torque of motors

Hi, im building a vehicle to move approximately 0.5kg of load, trouble is the motors are too weak to move the vehicle. its arduino controlled, 4AA's to supply 6Vs to the 2 motor im connecting the motors directly to the wheels (they spin fast when i lift the system up) any ideas as to how i can increase the power ?

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Increasing the range of an RFID implant

So i was already planning on making both my cars keyless with RFID technology and possibly the house door to and i stumbled upon RFID implants. now they are pretty new to me but every thing i have seen on them, they are only able to be read at about 2 inches away.  With a good enough reciever could i increase that range to work better for my applicatiion?

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My total views not increasing!

I have made an instructable. I get 250 - 400 views daily but my total number of views is remaining stagnant from a long time! please help! my instructable:

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RC servo Torque Increase?

Hi; I have a DC Servo motor. I want to increase its torque. It has 12volt and max 900mamp current gives 15kgcm torque. I want to remove the tiny DC motor and fix a 5amp 12volt big motor with metal gears. I want to ask " How can I give more current without burning the main SMD circuit board". If I place a battery in parallel to the motor terminals it can burn the circuit. Any ideas ?

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increase USB charger current

Hi folks,  I have built myself a DIY mintyboost USB charger. I am using a 3.7v 4000mah battery  Lipo charge controller  Dc/Dc 3v to 5v 1am boost circuit  I am looking for ways to increase my charging rate, my phone will often display a charging light when it is actually discharging.  I have used several diodes between the components 1n5817 diode (lowest voltage drop i could find) Would installing a transister be able to boost my mA? if so what one. I use my charger for my android, go pro and other 3.7v battery devices. thanks!

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Increasing current for hho cell?

What is the simplest method for someone like me who has very little experience in electronics and a low budget, to achieve a high current output for a hho cell? This is for a hho cell and torch so the voltage must be low and the current must be high. Basically what Im looking for is a cheap and easy way to create 3v -5v together with 10-100 amps. Are there any specific household appliances that can put out this current? Not car batteries, car battery chargers or wall sockets. Also is this enough to kill you or just give you a bad shock?

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Extending Office Chair?

I want to raise the height of my office chair, about 4" or so, but I don't know how to do it. The piston is already maxed and its still too short. Does anyone have any ideas on how I could accomplish this?

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Make a simple speaker louder.? Answered

I have a small simple speaker - just the magnet part, with no wires - and i have connected the positive and negative terminals to a simple 3.5 mm audio wire. The speakers play sounds, but at a very low volume even when the volume is max. Is there anyway to increase it?

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How to get the best range out of an IR LED? Answered

Hello, I'm using my Arduino as a universal remote and I've got everything working, but my IR LED isn't really strong.  I've read around the internet and all I've found are people using an IR LED with either a 33 Ohm or 100 Ohm resistor in front of it. Currently I'm using this RadioShack High-Output Infrared LED [Radiant Power Output = 16mW min  Forward Voltage = 1.2V  Forward Current = 100mA  Wavelength = 940nm] with a 100 Ohm resistor in front of it and only get a foot or two of range.  I'd really like to get out to about 20 feet but I could make due at 15/16 feet.  So I got nose-y and opened up my TV remote... it's all surface mount, but as best I can figure it the signal leaves an IC, goes through a 100 Ohm resistor and then goes into a transistor (labeled 2T) before heading out to the IR LED.  The third pin from the transistor snakes around to a bunch of other parts and I lost.  So I was wondering what to do to increase the range of my IR LED... change the resistor?  Power it via a transistor?  If I can use a transistor does anybody know how to wire it up? Any help is much appreciated. Nick

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Increase room humidity without a humidifier?

Its the middle of winter and it gets very cold and dry here.  In my dorm room, the humidity is usually around 18%.  We aren't allowed to have humidifiers, so how can I increase the room's humidity?  Also, there isn't an air duct heating system; we use radiators.

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Voltage increase after a 100 meter cable?

Hi all  So in one project we have an MDB that with a voltage of L1 : 243 L2 : 245 L3 : 243 , these values are normal in my country but the problem is that in the SDB that is around 100 meters away with around 4.5% voltage drop ( the schools electrician knew what he was doing apparently ) and the voltage at the SDB is L1 : 246 L2 : 250 L3 : 247 , i am a bit confused is why the voltage increased where the voltage drop is high and should be lower at the SDB than the MDB . 

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Massive View Spike

Can anyone suggest why the amount of views on my Instructable spiked massively? I notice there is a Top Referers tab in the stats for my Instructable, but this won't load - I was hoping to see if some external site had linked the Instructable as it is a huge increase in views - over 3 times as many views than when I originally posted it. The annotation labels on the images describe whats going on...I hope you can see theses - I couldn't in the preview. Also, is there a better place to post a question like this. I went into the Questions but there wasn't a help using the Instructables website​ category.

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How to increase amperage of a 5volt's current?

Hello, I want to make a circuit which increases the amperage of a 5 volts coming out of a battery the voltage may decrease but the ampearage should be high or increased! Thank's for helping Samad Haque

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how can I increase compression ...

How can I increase compression  in a small (5-10 hp) engine without buying a new piston or head?

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Why an increase in views to an old instructable? Answered

Recently, I have noticed an increase in views to an old instructable.  I am assuming that this happens because the instructable was "picked up" by another internet site?  If this is so, is there any way to determine which site(s) are involved?

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How to increase range of a mini bluetooth?

Iam using a mini bluetooth device and I wanted to extend the rangeof that.I am unable to locate the antenna in my device.So,please help me to increase the range to use it around 50m range.  

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two way radio wattage increase

Is it possible to increase the transmitting power on these modern cheap little two way radios like cobra and motorola and midland. they say up 35 mile range but only if both people are standing on mountain peaks

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Increasing the capacity/size of your stomach

How do you do it??? It's my cousin's wedding soon. It's an Indian wedding so many 'events' and therefor lots of varieties of food (yes, it is indian). But what I really need is a bigg'er' stomach to fit it all in.

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increase cell phone signal coverage.?

On the top floor of my room, i have enough range for my mobile. but on my ground floor, the coverage is very low. my cell phone network is bsnl. is there any way to capture that signal, boost it and transmit the signal inside the entire house??  if we can successfully make a device or a circuit for this then it will be a very usefull work for all.. thanx in advans!! :)

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can i increase 200a to 5a?

Plz help me,, i have a 12v 200ma dc adapter and i need to transform it into 12v 5a dc it possible? i

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Increase battery of a portable usb charger?

I have a  portable usb charger that has these specs: Li-ion 3.6V    1200 mAh Input: DC 5V    400 mAh Output: DC 5V    450 mAh Can i add an old battery that has 3.7V and 1150mAh to the charger and increase the battery life of it? Would it be safe to just hook up the the negs to negs and pos to pos? Also what would be a better way to increase battery of the charger without buying a new unit?

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How can i increase amperes ? Answered

I am making a college project for science fair, and i have made a generator with DC motor of 24v, 0.33 amp and 7.92 watt. When i rotate the motor it gives 24-27 volt of dc voltage. Now i want to convert that DC voltage into AC by connecting a converter of 12 volt, 7 amp. I have made i rectifier which converts the 24 dc into 12 dc voltage, but when  the converter does not start. Can you please tell me what may be the faults? If the apms  are less, can i increase the amps? If the amps are 0.33 can i increase them to 7 amps?

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Increase Torque and Current inside Servo

Hi; I have a DC Servo motor. I want to increase its torque. It has 12volt and max 900mamp current gives 15kgcm torque. I want to remove the tiny DC motor and fix a 5amp 12volt big motor with metal gears. I want to ask " How can I give more current without burning the main SMD circuit board". If I place a battery in parallel to the motor terminals it can burn the circuit. Any ideas ?

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Increase The Quality of Sound off of a Camcorder? Answered

A friend of mine asked me to film a music video featuring his new song. The thing is, I'm a video guy, not an audio guy. Heck, I had a hard enough time obtaining high quality professional music! So, do any if you know how to increase the sound quality of a Cannon FS10? I'll even take a "let me Google that for you," as I'm pretty bad at searching. :PIf anyone's interested, this is the video he wants to improve (he's not happy with his mom's recording).;=22

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How to increase NE555 output amplitude?

Hi, I have the following circuit: which is able to generate a nice sawtooth waveform. When I provide 13.12 volt as power supply, the max peak of the sawtooth will be near to 8.7 volt. There is a viable way to increase this value at least to the same value of the power supply (13.12 volt)? And can someone provide me a schematic based on my circuit? I suspect that this would be viable using a transistor or an op amp on the output, am I right? If i had to implement  an op amp, I prefer to use a "single power supply" op amp, and a common IC (eg an LM358?) Kind regards.

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Resistor power rating increase in parallel?

Let's say I need to have a resistor in a circuit rated for 10 Watts. If I had two resistors rated for 5 W, could I wire them in parallel to make the equivalent power rating 10 W? I know my resistance will be different but I'm not sure how the power rating would differ.

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Increasing USB voltage? (newb here)

Hey all, I've recently got into learning to solder and learn about electronics. Well, I've been trying to make a few USB toys, but have come to find out that the USB ports don't put out enough power to get most of my stuff going. (an led light strip requiring 12 volts for instance). I was wondering if there was something simple I could put together to get some more power.

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Solar incineration of biomass for increased energy?

Hi. I'm prototyping a solar energy system which basically collects, concentrates, and transports raw solar energy, and I'm thinking of various applications for it. My main interest is in water purification, but electricity is an obvious one as well, which means steam or, preferably, stirling engine generation. So say I had six square meters of sunlight concetrated into a light pipe and filling an insulated chamber. WIth losses that's going to be at least 5 kiloWatts of power, which is quite a bit and would run an engine pretty well. But what if you had some kind of combustable material in the chamber, like waste organic matter? It would burn, obviously, and release extra energy. And with the chamber full of extra heat largely in the form of light, I'm thinking you'd get a very efficient combustion of the matter and some ammount of the smoke. So, does anyone know if this would be worthwhile? Would the extra energy gained make it worth it? What would the emissions be, compared with just setting fire to it all? What happens to carbon at these kinds of temperatures? etc. Cheers!

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increase analog read resolution arduino?

Is there a simple, hardware based way to use two analogRead pins on an arduino together for higher resolution?  I have a project that only needs two analog values, but the more accurate the value the better.  I do NOT want an external ADC, I am aware they exist, but I don't have time to get it shipped.  It doesn't need to be fast, or multiply the pins (just a value of 0-2047 would be fine, but 12 or 20 bit equivalent would be better).  Preferably something with just resistors and diodes, if that exists, but more components is okay too.  I was thinking something like a resistor-divider or something, but I can't figure out a simple way for that to work.   Again, I do NOT want a new ADC, I know how they works and that I can buy one, but I prefer just using the built-in one because there's no interface issue.  No matter how simple it "really is" I ALWAYS have a problem getting two components to communicate.    I'm using an UNO

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How do i increase the speed of an electric bike?(Motor in hub)

I know you need to increase the power going into the motor. I don't understand exactly how? I know that a different battery with higher voltage output should work, but is there any other way? If so, how and what would I need? I trust that you guys can come up with something. P.S I am aware of the potential danger of the motor if I increase too much.

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How to use a SCR in a Coil Gun?

I want to increase the power of my capacitor but i can not figure out how to add a SCR. So i was wondering if somebody can show me how.

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can you add more channels to an RC toy?

title pretty much says it, i know it will depend on the chip, but is it possible in any way? most of the ones i have are fairly cheap rc cars/helicopters

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