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Individual upcycling!

Dear all,  I am a PhD student in the School of Architecture, Design and the Built Environment, Nottingham Trent University. My research is on ‘Individual Upcycling’ – creation or modification of any product out of used materials in an attempt to create a product of higher quality or value than the compositional elements at the household level (including creative reuse and refurbishment). Would you be kind enough to go to the link below and take 10 minutes to complete my online survey?  I need around 50 people for the pilot study hopefully by end of this Month. Your time and participation will be very much appreciated! Thank you very much in advance for your kind help. Yours sincerely, Kyungeun Sung PhD candidate Nottingham Trent University

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RSS individual projects

What is the rss link for individual projects? Appending rss.xml doesn't work. For example:

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Individual volume on computers

I was wondering. Is it possible, with or without hardware so I can browse the internet without volume, for listen to music at the same times on Itunes, and hear it. Basically, is it possible to not here sounds on the internet without turning my whole computer volume off? Google was no help.

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Individually Addressable Speaker Array

Hey! I had an idea for an array of many small speakers, each capable of playing different sounds so I could dynamically re-arrange which speaker is playing what. This would be paired with some LEDs and some water to make (what I hope will be) a fantastic visual effect. But of course all this is a bit over my head, so I'd like some feedback on my idea! After a bit of research, here's how I think I'll do it: General Concept Essentially what I'm trying to do is make a waveform generator with lots and lots of separate channels. I would hook up my microcontroller to several, multi-channel Digital to Analog Converters (DACs). The microcontroller would feed these DACs signals to generate the wave forms that I want for each individual speaker. The waveforms that the DACs output would each go through an extremely simple amplifier. The amplified signal would go to my speakers. I've attached a diagram that should give you a better idea of what I'm doing. Specifics The microcontrollers I'm looking at are the ChipKIT series from Digilent because I have access to a bunch of these. I'm currently planning on using the uC32, but I actually have access to pretty much all their other boards. The uC32 runs at 80MHz. The DAC I'm looking at is the AD5628 from Analog Devices. That's used in Digilent's PmodDA4, which I also have access to. Alternatively I might just order a bunch. They have 8 analogue outputs, and the SPI communication can run at 50MHz clock speed. I'm planning to have eight of these (for 8^2 total outputs). I haven't figured out what amplifier I'm going to use yet. It'll need to be simple and cheap, as I'm expecting to have 8^2 of them, but I'd also like one that can operate over a large band of frequencies. I've also attached two pictures of the speakers I'm planning to use. I kinda randomly acquired a lot of these, so I'd rather not switch to a different speaker type. According to Wikipedia, the highest note on a piano keyboard is a little over 4kHz. If I split the sinusoidal wave into 16 segments, that means an update frequency of 76kHz. This is way below my max operating speed of 50MHz so I think I can get away with it. Questions What am I doing wrong? I'm hardly an expert on any of this, so I'm certain there's a much simpler way. Are there ICs that do what I want? Maybe something that takes in a digital signal and outputs waveforms? This would be similar to how a servo controller would output different PWM signals, only changing the frequency rather than the duty cycle. What sort of amplifiers should I be looking at? This is my first time on the forum so please let me know if I'm doing anything wrong (or could do anything better).

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i want to make a hob that looks like this can anyone give me any ideas on how?

I want to make this...[ nice hob]i'm just not sure how,....any help gratefully recieved!

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Play Individual audio files with arduino?

Hi! Im am starting work on building an interactive Portal/ Portal 2 Sentry turret. Im will use an Arduino for the programming, and would like it to play different sounds when being interacted with in different ways. I have 8 wav files, but I can convert them. I need to be able to program it so that each file is played at the right time. Thanks! Nicapizza

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Add permalinks: Link to individual posts

It is quite often we need to link to specific responses to a forum thread. These should be permalinks. See for an example of a site that has permalinks:  is another example where one can link to individual answers, not just to the entire thread. This is missing from the Instructables site. Please consider adding that capability.

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Powering a lot of individually addressable LEDs

I have been toying with an idea for a while of making permanent holiday light fixtures with individually addressable LEDs. The problem I continually run up against is that these types of LEDs all run on 5v power, I believe because of the driver that controls them. They have high voltage AC strips, but they aren't addressable.  If I take Adafruit's "Dotstars" as an example, they require 60ma of power per led at full brightness. A typical holiday display may require up to 250 feet of lights. If those lights are spaced at a typical 2.75 in apart that's 1091 lights. This becomes 65455ma or 65.5 amps of power. That's a stupid amount of power required for some holiday lights. Are there any high voltage individually addressable leds on the market? Is such a thing even possible? If not, is there some type of wallwart that might help me solve this problem in a safe less power hungry way?

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individually addressable led DECORA switch

Greetings collective Instructables genius, Here's the deal, I have a kitchen,  I also have several strips of individually addressable LED's powered by the same supply.  I like the led's, I really the fade between teal and blue as it gives the impression that you're underwater.  At any rate, having anything other than a decora sized switch is out of the question.  I don't need another remote, or some box with switches on it to control the LEDs.  I'd really like a switch that can be mounted in a single gang electrical box, that can be covered by a decora faceplate.  I have a media cabinet where the power supply for the LED's is housed, and the switch can run to the supply in the cabinet.  I need at least 4 programs (like the underwater effect), though 8 would be ideal.  Any thoughts on how to approach this?  I'd spend upwards of $80 for a finished product.   Any input is appreciated.  Thank you Eric

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Bunion separators made to suit an individual

Hi there, Does anyone have ideas on how to make/get hold of a silicon type material to make moulds of so called toe separators.   Something which could be made to an individual's needs, i.e. I would make it for myself and if it works, to share it publicly, as I am sure those who suffer from having bunions would benefit extremely.  Unfortunately the products available on the market most of the time don't work (and is waste of money and resources), as all of us have different toes, feet, alignments etc. Any ideas on how to make such material at home and cheaply are very welcome. THANK you in advance! To peace and comfy feet for all! P.S. I have attached a few photos of these products to give you an idea of what I mean.  The silicone which is used is soft but sturdy enough, which doesn't hurt the joints of the toes.  It would be great to be able to mould these around flip flops (and other shoes) permanently - so that they don't move about.

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Is there a way to control many (120ish) LEDs using a computer without having to control using a matrix array?

I am trying to make a learning guitar that has an LED at every fret (so around 120 individual LED outputs), and after lots of research I am finding it difficult to find a way to control that many LEDs individually. I want to be able to turn on multiple LEDs at once for a chord so using a matrix array will cause unintentional LEDs to come on.

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can i use a controller (or anything else) to control multiple leds? Answered

What i want is simple, i just dont know how i should make something like it: 10 leds or something like that and make them individually flikker on and off on a random time (something between 5 and 10 seconds)?

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Feature Request: Access to URLs of individual comments

There are many occasions where I want to cross-reference somebody's comment in another posting. Most of the time, I try to use the "date and time" stamp, but that's problematic since the time is computed on the fly in my local TZ. It's worse if the comment is embedded half a dozen layers down in some thread in a completely different Forum Topic. Once or twice, I've tried to use "View Source" in my browser, and search through to find the corresponding markup for the comment, and then extract the hash from one of the tag/JS attributes. Since the information is already there, would it be difficult to add a "link" hyperlink to each comments, such that the returned URL was the one needed to get back to that comment in the future?

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MCR INDIVIDUAL BAND MEMBER MASKS AVAILABLE NOWnews As you know, the limited edition coffin boxes of "The Black Parade Is Dead!" are sold out. They came with Day of the Dead-inspired masks designed by each member of the band, but you can now buy each mask individually by clicking here. Only 5,000 of these masks have been made, so there are only 1,000 of each band member's mask. Head over to the mcr storeand pick 'em up.

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Is there a way to make el wire with individually addressable segments? Answered

My goal is to make part of a costume for halloween (or whatever) as a spectre from starcraft 2 ( An analogous system would be like the VI (audio level?) meters made from nixie tubes where segments can be addressed individually - except I'm interested in something flexible. I was thinking about trying to make my own wire in the fashion that jeriellsworth builds hers... although I'm not sure I understand how to power the outer wires or how to wire them in a way to make individually addressable segments.  Is this project idea just too nuts to try to incorporate into a costume?

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Re-Use, Individual Cells from 18V NiCad

Seems that with a bit of randomnity in mfging, some cells in an 18V battery might fail before others. With that in mind, I'm trying to re-use individual cells after a pack craps out.  Test 1  Battery pack from a "drill master" which I got for  ~$2 at a thrift store. Google informs that this is a harborfreight tool, so expectations are low.  Upon disassembly of the pack, 1 of the spot-weld connections between cells had broken.  Since I don't currently have a 1.5v source, I'm using a 3v  source to charge 2 cells in series. Only charging for a few minutes at a time. Currently, this 2 cell set will light a couple xmas lites for a few minutes after charging for a few min. I'm uncertain of the calibration of my v-meter, but it currently indicates 2.65v for these 2 cells. Depending upon the source, NiCads should max out at 1.45 to 1.65 v per cell. Test 2: Pending- Ryobi drill batteries I'm uncertain how to get a good read on the accuracy of my meter without a high-end meter to compare against. Suggestions? Hopefully, I can find a proper 1 cell nicad charging device.  Thoughts? concerns? insights?

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Way to control two fluorescent bulbs in the same fixture individually?

I would like to set up a few fluorescent light fixtures that each have one blacklight bulb and one white bulb. I would like to be able to control them individually so that I can have either the blacklight bulb or the white bulb on at any given time. It would be preferable to be able to dim the white bulbs, but this isn't necessary. I am okay with running a 14/3 power cable assuming two ballasts would fit in one fixture. I would also like to accomplish this as cheaply as possible.  Thank you.

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Last year I could receive comments by Individual Question. Answered

Last year I could receive comments by individual questions after clicking that [Follow Question] button.Work-around wonders like [Flag] that comment and thanks for extended time to text.BUT.... It is useless to provide a Best Answer, if the people involved are not able to Follow a Question action !!!!

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Would it be acceptable to post individual instructables about guitar songs?

I was going to make a youtube and post videos on how to play guitar songs for my friends, and i was thinkin..."Why not just post them on instructables?!" So would it be a good idea to post instructables on how to play a song? There would be lots of them and Im not sure if this is something that instructables was intended for. thanks!

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How to program RF LED remotes so they work individually?

I have two of the same LED Controllers with RF remote controls.(See attached image)Is it possible to have one remote control one controller and one remote control the other?As they are set up now, each remote activates both controllers and I can't seem to separate them.I have followed the instructions in the attached image, but no dice..Thanks for any help!

Question by denogginizer  

How do I restore individual Outlook Express .dbx files? Answered

Hi, I have recovered files from a blown hard drive and there are 100's of .dbx files found in the email section.(These are what the recovery software thinks are Outlook Express folders). When you try import them through the OE6 interface, there's always an error. It appears that it's looking for a mail "Store" which is composed of a group of related .dbx files. But I have individual .dbx files. So, how can I read the individual files contained within each .dbx file and restore my recovered emails (Sent, Inbox,

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How can you divide an mp4 file into individual clips of mp4's?

I have an extremely long mp4 I need to use parts of for a project, but I don't know how to divide the clip into parts.

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RGB LED Life Bar, 10 Sections, Individual LED Control, Arduino

Okay, I want to make a "Life Bar" using an arduino controller, 10 RGB leds, and a clear plastic box with ten sections. I'm going to mount this on a wall in my room. Each section will be diffused or frosted and will be 4 x 4 x 4. One RGB LED will in the "back" of the section, with the wiring, coming out of the back of each section. The controller will be to the left side of the total ten sections, with the USB port having easy access. I think I'm going to have one switch to control the modes of the LED and cycle through each mode, which would reset after the lowest "health" of the bar is reached; RED BLINKING >> Press Switch >> FULL HEALTH. I'd like to control each LED individually so I can create a diminishing "Life Bar." Like this: (Colors of the LEDS) OFF = No Color, LED not LIT BLU = Blue AQU = Aqua GRN = Green YEL = Yellow RED = Red REDB = RED Blinking So: Phase One (Full Health. HAHAHAHA I'M INVINCIBLE.) |BLU|BLU|BLU|BLU|BLU|BLU|BLU|BLU|BLU|BLU| Phase Two (I tripped whilst fighting.) |OFF|BLU|BLU|BLU|BLU|BLU|BLU|BLU|BLU|BLU| Phase Three (I'm hurt a little, but I'll be okay.) |OFF|OFF|AQU|AQU|AQU|AQU|AQU|AQU|AQU|AQU| Phase Four (I should probably start looking to see if there are any potions around.) |OFF|OFF|OFF|AQU|AQU|AQU|AQU|AQU|AQU|AQU| Phase Five (Green? Green is good.. Right?) |OFF|OFF|OFF|OFF|GRN|GRN|GRN|GRN|GRN|GRN| Phase Six (It's okay I've fought this boss before at much less health.) |OFF|OFF|OFF|OFF|OFF|GRN|GRN|GRN|GRN|GRN| Phase Seven (This boss... This boss can breathe fire now..?) |OFF|OFF|OFF|OFF|OFF|OFF|YEL|YEL|YEL|YEL| Phase Eight ('Tis but a Scratch!) |OFF|OFF|OFF|OFF|OFF|OFF|OFF|YEL|YEL|YEL| Phase Nine (HEALS HEALS HEALS HEALS PLEASE PLEASE ANYONE.) |OFF|OFF|OFF|OFF|OFF|OFF|OFF|OFF|RED|RED| Phase Ten (Okay, I have almost no health, my party is dead, and my strongest attack: Let's do this.) |OFF|OFF|OFF|OFF|OFF|OFF|OFF|OFF|OFF|REDB| Basically, every press of the switch would idealy cause the lifebar to cycle through these phases, after the lowest health, it would cycle back to the beginning, full health status. The actual box will be DC powered, because I want it to be as seamless as possible with no wires showing. The answers that I am looking for : What would be the best controller for this application? Any helpful hints on where I could look for something relatively similar for programming this? I know that I am asking a lot, I am pretty much new to arduino programming and every howto or tutorial I've found talks of controlling all the LEDS together, I'm not sure if that would apply here since I have so many "phases" if you can shed any light on how to approach this, I would be eternally grateful and would totally fight dragons with you any time. Thanks!

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LED's How do you make 150 x individually addressed LED's flash?

Hi,I am trying to get a project started that requires up to 150 x individually addressable LED's. Each LED needs to be programmed to flash individually. Ideally the project would be controlled by an Arduino or similar and would be battery powered as it needs to be portable. The whole system needs to be operated with a simple On/Off switch.The flashing sequence for each LED is critical so if a piece of software is available to easily set up and control the flashing sequences, then that would be a big bonus.The LED's will be mounted in pre-drilled holes on a large sheet of plywood. Each sheet would then need to be repeated to build up an array of sheets. Any help would be much appreciated.

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Wireless Battery Management System? I'm looking for a device to transmit the voltage of each individual battery?

I'm converting my 68 VW Bug to an EV. I'm using twelve Trojan 1275 12v batteries for a total system voltage of 144 volts. I'm looking for a wireless device that can transmit the voltage of each battery to an onboard laptop. I would of course use 12 of them so I can manage each battery. I'll then write an app to display an integrated volt meter on the laptop. I'm designing the Bug to have plenty of get-up and go but the trade off of course is lower range. I want to be able to monitor my usage to eek out the greatest possible range while monitoring my overall usage. In addition by monitoring each battery I can isolate and identify poorly performing batteries. I saw such a device advertised on the homepage of Instructables a couple of months ago. I wasn't thinking ahead and didn't take sufficient note of what I saw.

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recipe for individual rice krispy treats in small mug/bowl featured item on Instructables. can't find recipe- Help

Recipe for individual Rice Crispy Treats in small mug/bowl featured item on Instructables. Can't find recipe-Please Help!! THX!! :O

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85 LEDs taking 20ma each individually wired with a resistor, what ma power supply is needed? Answered

For 85 LEDs each taking 20ma wired individually with a resistor off of a single 9v power supply I would need at least a 1700 ma power adapter correct??...I would probably go with a 2000ma one though just to be safe.?

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i do a lot of sewing and want to try adding LEDs, is it cheaper to get strips or individual light bulbs?

i want to make a tron outfit but don't have a large budget, i'm no afraid of doing a large amount of hand sewing so where can i find LED lights for cheep?

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What is a good way yo make a firecracker from caps, without needing to break individual caps apart?

Yeah, the title just about says it all. I have made ones that you smash with a hammer, but I want something that I can set off with a time delay (Fuse). Thanks!

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How can I make motion sensor LEDs, individually, no wiring between, so I can attatch several on a costume?

I´ve seen kids shirts with LEDs like the blinking leds in kids shoes, where can I get the circuit board? thank you

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scary thought: could you be sued for an instructable?

What if some well meaning individual created an instructable that somehow was misinterpreted by a well meaning individual who then subsequently injured himself or worse spilled very hot coffee on himself and then decided to sue you into oblivion? thanks for any thoughts

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How difficult/easy would it be to embed LEDs into a Rubik's Cube so that when solved, each individual face lights up?

Possible ideas: 1) individual circuits: one for each color/face. (if one face is solved it lights up even when rest of cube is scrambled) 2) one circuit throughout connecting all pieces. (this way it wouldn't glow unless entire cube was solved) Using some sort of conductive material in between the smaller cubes to complete circuit(s). Button cell batteries to power LEDs?

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Found amazing cheap RGB led boards, need help changing out 3 individual LEDS for a single RGB LED?

I have been looking for a cheap board to control normal 4 pin RGB LEDS, and I finally found one! However, this board has 3 individual LEDS a red, green, and blue LED and I need to change them to have a single RGB LED. This board has 7 colors, red, green, blue, yellow, aqua, purple, and white. The problem I am having is, when I hook up the single RGB led the blended colors do not work anymore. Even though it's on aqua it still only looks blue, or if it's on yellow it only appears red. I only get the 3 main colors Red, green and blue when I hook up the single RGB led vs the separate 3 LEDS that comes standard on this board. Hoping someone can help me figure out why the blended colors aren't working when I switch to the single RGB led. I uploaded a photo of the board, and the single RGB led on the bottom left I am trying to replace the 3 LEDS

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subwoofer and normal speaker combo in same enclosure?

Is it necessary for subwoofer to be in an individual enclosure ? can't a normal speaker n subwoofer be in the same enclosure ? what happens if they are in same enclosure ? and what  "exceptional" happens if subwoofer is in individual enclosure ? thank you SO much in advance ! i really wanna know this thing

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Separate speakers different outputs from one computer

Hello everyone. I'm working on a project right now that requires me to send 3 individual tones to 3 individual speakers without any overlap. I had decided that I was going to use the program audacity, as it can generate the tones and frequencies that I need, and a 6 channel amplifier connected to the 3 speakers I'm using. However, after I played around with it, I found that I could only generate 2 tones at a time, and could only get them to play out of the individual speakers I wanted by adjusting the L/R balance on the individual settings for each tone, but I can't create more than 2 without getting overlap. I was wondering if anyone knew if there was a plug-in that would solve the problem that I'm having. Thanks in advance for any and all help.

Question by Guccisgizmos  

3 Separate speakers 3 separate outputs from 1 sound card

Hello everyone. I'm working on a project right now that requires me to send 3 individual tones to 3 individual speakers without any overlap. I had decided that I was going to use the program audacity, as it can generate the tones and frequencies that I need, and a 6 channel amplifier connected to the 3 speakers I'm using. However, after I played around with it, I found that I could only generate 2 tones at a time, and could only get them to play out of the individual speakers I wanted by adjusting the L/R balance on the individual settings for each tone, but I can't create more than 2 without getting overlap. I was wondering if anyone knew if there was a plug-in that would solve the problem that I'm having. Thanks in advance for any and all help.

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Faberge' Contest--When will the winners be announce and where is the weblink???

Lots of talented individuals out there--who won?

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Stator casting and best casting resins ?

I am curious which would be best for casting my 9 coil 3 phase stator ,Cyanate ester resin ,or Polyester resin?I also curious if it would be best to cast all coils together as a whole or would individual castings work better for heat dissipation? The individual picture just for example. Thanks for taking time to help :)

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Biophysics: Airspeed of an unladen colugo...?

I'm looking for hard data on the relationship between typical airspeed / stall speed, glide angle, and wing loading of large gliding/flying mammals like the colugo, japanese giant flying squirrel, and flying foxes.  At first glance, Google turns up these facts with minimal digging. The catch is that the data are provided for different individuals, which is almost useless for my purposes.  Could someone point me toward a source that has all three pieces of information for the same individual, and preferably lists them for several individuals? Better still, is there an existing paper comparing the relationship between these numbers across unrelated species?

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Battery pack rejuvenating: What's the best method for rejuvenating a 14.4 volt Ni-Cad battery pack without dismantling?

I have 1 that is getting weak and another that shows 0 volts and won't charge. Neither have had much use. I saw the instructable for individual batteries, but I don't want to have to remove all the batteries and do them individually. Thanks

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im trying to hook up 200 LEDs in groups of 3-4 that can individually be turned off, whats the best way to power this?

So im new to calculating power needed for projects so im hoping for some help im trying to hook up 200 LEDs in groups of 3-4 that can individually be turned off, whats the best way to power this? should i run the 3-4 leds in parallel ? and i need to be able to turn clusters of lights off.

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pdf images

Just today, I am no longer able to see images in pdf versions of the instructable, the images are still there for individual viewing though!

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Rechargable NIMH Batteries Question

I have a laptop battery that was cracked, so i opened it up, and like any other, it had individual NIMH batteries strung together... how to i find out how much voltage the individual batteries can take? I want to make my own battery pack with several of these laptop batteries... battery pack is GP B905 NIMH 12 volt thanks

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A circuit for randomly lighting LED?

Hi all I am a newbie in analogue and I would like to make something for hobby. I would like to build a circuit with breathing lighting effect for 5 to 6 LED, and they breath individually at random time, so to create some random lighting effect, and the circuit may be powered up by a 3V battery. So how can this individual random time for switching the LED on and off done please?

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Arch Reactor Member Projects

A forum to discuss the personal projects of members of Arch Reactor. These can be individual or collaborative works.

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Makerspace Contest

**Entries Here** GROUP PRIZES Most Featured Instructables:  Coventry Makerspace Most Instructables: BrainTrust INDIVIDUAL PRIZES Grand Prize Individual: How to Build A Garden Shed by KurtH3 Second Prize Individual:  Turn a Furby into Krang by ModMischief Simple Vault Mechanism by ThomasJ1 From blank keys to working keys without dismantling the lock by MesiterJos ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This summer Instructables is giving your group a chance to win amazing new tools for your shop. Compete against makerspaces around the world to win over $30,000 in prizes!!! The best part….. Everyone that participates is a winner!!! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CONTEST DESCRIPTION The object of the contest is to post as many high-quality Instructables as you can between June 1 - August 31. The space that posts the most featured Instructables during that time will receive $20,000 in prizes including an Epilog Zing Laser Cutter, Ultimaker 2, Silhouette Portrait, and Lincoln Electric 210 Welder. Furthermore, every group that posts at least 10 Instructables will receive a prize. Projects can be posted under any category, they do not need to be tech-specific. We also have prizes for Individuals. See full prize details below. Every week we will update the scoreboard above to see how many projects have been posted by each space. Check in every Monday afternoon to see where your makerspace stands. ***Official Contest Rules attached as PDF at the bottom of this forum topic*** What counts as a makerspace? Makerspaces, hackerspaces, fabrication labs, student groups, artist collectives, and any creative group of four or more!  TO ENTER SUBMIT GROUP ENTRIES HERE. To enter as a group submit a collection of Instructables to the google form. Your collection only needs 1 Instructable when you first submit it. You cannot publish a collection with less than 5 Instructables. So please submit your group's unpublished collection ("draft" collection) to the google form and leave it unpublished until you have 5 tutorials. You can add more entries during the contest dates. Instructables posted between June 1 and August 31 are eligible for entry. SUBMIT INDIVIDUAL ENTRIES HERE. You can only submit an entry to the Individual category if it is also entered in the group category as part of a team application, and if the entry was solely created by one team member. Instructables posted between June 1 and August 31 are eligible for entry. GROUP PRIZES All makerspace prizes will be given to groups of people, not individuals. Winners are selected based on criteria below. A makerspace can only win one of the following categories. Most Featured Instructables: one makerspace that posts the most featured Instructables will receive Ultimaker 2 Epilog Zing Laser Cutter Silhouette Portrait Lincoln Electric 210 Welder Lincoln Electric Auto Darkening Hood Lincoln Electric Multi Angle Fixture Lincoln Electric Welding Apron Instructables Prize Pack (up to 8 depending on group size) Most Posted Instructables: one makerspace that posts the most Instructables** will receive Ultimaker 2 Lincoln Electric 210 Welder Lincoln Electric Auto Darkening Hood Lincoln Electric Multi Angle Fixture Lincoln Electric Welding Apron Silhouette Portrait Instructables Prize Pack (up to 8 depending on group size)   10 Featured Instructables: all makerspaces that post >10 featured Instructables will receive $100 3D Hubs printing credits Silhouette Portrait Instructables Prize Pack (up to 8 depending on group size)   10 Instructables Posted: all makerspaces that post > 10 Instructables** will receive $50 3D Hubs printing credits Instructables Prize Pack (up to 8 depending on group size)   **these Instructables don’t need to be featured but to qualify for this contest they must: (1) have multiple steps, (2) have full text descriptions in each step, and (3) have images in each step.   INDIVIDUAL PRIZES All individual prizes will be given to individuals based on merit (a panel of judges will select winners). Grand Prize Individual (1): the individual with the best project will receive: Ultimaker 2 Lincoln Electric 140c Welder Lincoln Electric Auto Darkening Hood Lincoln Electric Multi Angle Fixture Lincoln Electric Welding Apron Instructables Prize Pack Second Prize Individual (3): 3 individuals will receive $100 3D Hubs printing credits Instructables Prize Pack   --------------------------------------------------- If you have any questions please reach out to Carley Jacobson at

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Trying to make a small pizza with refrigerator biscuits. Any ideas?

I want to make a small pizza but not individual size and use refrigerator biscuits as the crust. Any suggestions?

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Differential Effect? Answered

I'm building EV with 2 individual motors on the rear wheels and How do I control the speeds on each wheel for the differential effect? Thank you, Eliseu Candido.

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