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Inofficial McGyver Contest

After winning 2 1-year Pro Memberships on Instructables, I have a 3-month Pro Membership left. So I decided to spend it for an inofficial contest. I am proud to announce the first Inofficial McGyver Contest! Win a 3-month Pro Membership on Instructables with your awsome idea. Take a paperclip, a piece of fishing line, chewing gum and tape and build something awesome. Post your Photo-, Step-By-Step- or Video-Instructable until June 27th and tag it with IMGC, send me a message with the link and problaby win a 3 month Pro Membership on Instructables. Lets have some fun, Mischka

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NE555+LED Contest (inofficial)

Hey Electronic Nerds! I added a small contest to my contribution for the Instructables Advent Calendar 2011. Go for it and make your own NE555+LED-Circuit OR an LED-circuit with other components. Share your circuit in the comments of the I'ble to win a 1-year Pro-Membership. Only restriction: It has to fit on a mini breadboard, so it fits into the altoids tin. Have fun and share your ideas! Mischka

Topic by mischka