inside of early 2009 mac book pro

Hi guys!   This is the inside of a 2009 mac book pro! I give details about all the basic components. Take a look!

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Leds inside your laptop!

So.... i was justs surfing around the site and was astonished by the amount of LED ideas there are.... and then it hit me (no literarily, my brother hit me with his mac book pro) why is it that some laptops get to have their own COOL inner colors.... (aka macs and dell xps)... So heres the idea, how about a DIY about how to place leds inside your laptop., in empty visible spaces, (for example: fan slot, speaker area , under keyboard,.....) and how to make a proper circuit with resistances that can be leeched of battery or some USB... better if they could be controled !! <--- (HA!) I dont know..i just hope someone answers this within a week, or else im gonna have to entrepenour with my laptop!

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Is it possible to install the Mac OS X operating system on any computer ? Answered

Today, I found a mac book pro box in a bin! And Inside were all the installation disks stickers etc. What I would like to know is if you could install the operating system on any computer or does it require a certain infrastructure to work? I have just received a home built PC and do not have many files with it. So if it is possible would I be able to uninstall Windows and replace it with the OS X operating system and how would this be achieved? All comments welcome Thanks Oscar

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Talk me into Linux

I've been considering the switch to linux. I have currently loaded SimplyMEPIS onto an old laptop to give it a try, I was impressed. I think I like the Ubuntu Distro a little better but I'm teetering on the edge of a complete switch. I need a push over the edge. My issues at the moment is that the old crapy laptop is just kinda, what I call, my beater book. its the laptop I don't worry about to much and use for word proccesing on the run and simple Internet tasks. SimplyMEPIS works excellent for these purposes. My concern is compatibility with my everyday computer needs....... and my not so ordinary endevors. I would consider myself an Expert when it comes to Windows XP......... a step above Expert if there is such a thing...... I know it inside and out and I can manipulate it like a dirty 5 dollar crack whore. I realize there will be a learning curve but will it be compatible with everything I use in windows? ........ I do a lot of media editing and music recording....... is this a possibility in linux? (I realize Mac pro tools is my overall best option) somebody please convince me to switch beyond a shadow of a doubt. or talk me down from the ledge.

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