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Instructable tips? Answered

I am making an instructable on how to make a chicken coop, I already have lots of pictures.  Anyone have any tips on how to make a great instructable?  I am thirteen and this is my first  instrucable I intend to publish.

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How to tell if your subscription is current?

I cant seem to print off instrctables anymore saying that I'm not a premium member. I have not received an email saying that my subcription is due to be renewed. Is there an administration side of instructables that I can contact to discuss my subscription?Any help would be great. Grant

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Paint paper

Dear Instructables, I tried to enter my instruct able called paint paper, but every time I reloaded the page, it wasn't there. I published I tried unblushing and republishing in the contest. But, it just published it as a normal instrctable. I then tried pressing the enter button, and check marking entered. It wold say I'm entered, but hours later nothing would pop up. I have been at this for several days. But, I haven't been successful. Can you please help me? sincerely, Geremy Mama

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"Step away from the JPEG!"

So, I decided that I'd make an instructable this week, and I'm nearly done. I've gotten to the point of uploading step icons/images/diagrams to make the instructable easier to follow. The image uploading went smoothly (the flash uploader is nice), but as I was adding the images to the instructable, I noticed something: Y'all still use blasted JPG to store images. Seriously, Instrctables? Can't you do a little better than that? JPG not only looks bad, it has no transparency support, no animations, and is no longer the only picture format supported by web browsers. At least keep the native format the picture is uploaded in. Because something like this just looks ugly as a jpeg icon.

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why does an led have to be given a resistor before it Answered

If a device draws only its required amount of current from a supply,. then why does an led have to be given a resistor before it? wont it just take 20 mA from a 3 volt 5 amp power supply? i checked many instrctables for it but couldnt find a proper explanation for my answer so i thought of asking it.. and people say that led should not be directly connected to any supply as it may blow or get damaged or burn.. but i have done that many times and also had made a torch for my uncle using two white leds of 3.5v( not sure but they are big) and used a 9 v battery without any lasted till the battery drained but never blasted... and yes its in series.. and thanks in advance for answering me.. and sorry for bad image quality..used my phone

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