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Hey Londoners ! Let's meet ! It would be great that we meet sometimes in october (I'm coming to London in October) in a pub in London for example, or in someone's workshop, and discuss about inventions and why not building something together ! Let's have a good meal and discussion ! Who is interested for that ? Early october, in London huh ?

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Instructables T-shirt and stickers? Answered

I suppose in the spirit of the site we should DIY our own Instructables merch???

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List all Instrucatbles on one page?

Is there a way to view/list all of my Instructables on one page?

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What is harder to catch the faster you run? Answered

Whoever answers this correctly will be featured in my next instrucatble.

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its been a whole day why isnt my instructable up? Answered

The instructable website has updated 2 times and the instrucatble is still not up

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Can I use this waterproofing for the Laser Flashlight Hack?

I want to make laser using the diode from a dvd drive and a mini maglite. I was wondering if i could make it waterproof like the one in the waterproof laser instrucatble

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Woodcare Contest Finalist??

I hate to keep asking these questions about the contests but the Woodcare contest finalist only shows 14 instrucatbles.  The rules said there would be 20 and from that 14 winners would recieve actual prizes.  Who are the last 4 finalist going to be?

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Has anyone else noticed this lately?

I recently have been looking at contests and noticed something interesting. A lot of new people have joined just to put instrucatbles into contests. For some reason it is bothering me. How do you feel?

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Where is My instructable?

Hi, Why can't i find my instructable on the website? the link is here Do i need to make it into a step by step on instrucatbles or is it ok how it is? Let me know thanks

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How do I connect these? Answered

I am trying to connect a bluetooth dongle to my Bose headphones because I saw it on instructables. The only problem is the number of wires. The instrucatble shows three wires while my bluetooth headset only had two. Should I try to connect these two to the corresponding colors on the other?

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Report Typo

This "Digitial Graphics" catagory seems to be a typo to me? I looked up in the dictionary, but could not find this words anywhere. There were on three different places, on the Publish page, where we neede to select catagory before submiting our instrucatble, under the Technology->All Channels->Digitial Graphics, and on iOS App. under Explore->Choose a catagory->Choose a Channel. (as shown below)

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The instructable editor keeps adding tags into programs in code view

Hey has anyone noticed that the instructables editor keeps adding tags to the programs in the code view, when the program is not HTML and when it comes to typing HTML in code view, all the HTML is rendered instead  of outputting raw HTML. Is this a bug or there is another way around it that I'm not aware of. Thank You

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I published a Instructable yesterday, but now it doesn't show up anywhere. Anybody know what is happening?

I published a Instructable yesterday, and on my "You" page it said I had 2 Instructables, but now I log in and it only says one. I'm very angry because I spent a lot of time making it but now it disappeared.  Does anybody know what is happening?

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New instructables stats don't work

I noticed Instructables updated the stats with a newer version last night, but it does not work properly right now! Now I can't see where my traffic comes from as the tabs are not working! It keeps loading forever and wont ever show up. Windows 7 64-bit Chrome 45.0.2454.101 Steps to reproduce - Click on the stats icon in your instructable - go to the other tabs which are not summary. It will keep loading forever.

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Instructable flash support

Well today as I stared at pocket cotton candy machine, I thought I should add a flash animation explaining the basics of how cotton candy machine work. Now that poses a problem. I could export my animation to a video, but when you do that in Adobe Flash it deteriorates quality and basically turns it into a slide show instead of an animation. So this post is to suggest the possible add-on of flash support for instrucatbles so that those of us who use flash don't have to ruin our animations. Plus flash loads faster.

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6 speakers into one

Im looking for a speaker switch box thing sort of, i cant really find on on instrucatbles by searching but what i need to do it be able to plug like 6 or so speakers into one cable to plug into a computer i mean computer speakers that use one stereo wire, not separate speakers with their own wire to it. i dont think im making sense here, sorry My friend is having a party but all his music is on the pc and he only hass 2 speakers and a bass amp, so what i wanted to make was a box to plug his speakers, my old ones and a few other ones into, to plug that into the computer to make like 6 speakers going at once for the music. does anyone know an instructable that i can do this? I really apologize if i make no sense, it hapens often when i try and type things.

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instructables iOS Crashing on me! (Part 2)

Nine days ago, I posted on this forum about the instrucatbles App. that crashed while I was working on my iPod Touch 4, here. I decided to erase the instructables app. from my iPod Touch 4. Then download the new one from app store. And I tried to edit my instructables "A Journey of Palm Arduino Kit", (The same instructable that I had the problem on my iPod which I recreated on my PC). that I saved in my instructable page. I was able to edit  other instructable that I created earlier. (See Video) But when I tried to load and edit the "A Journey of Palm Arduino" it crashed, as appeared on the video. So I just want to let you know that the problem still exist, even though, I used a newly download instructables app. I was not sure that it was the content of my instructables or there was a bug in the app?

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Posting 'Ibles within multiple categories

I'm relatively new to Instructables, (8 months), but when I posted my first Instructable, Steampunk Lamp - Lanterna Antiga, I found it frustrating that I could only include it in one category, so I chose "Steampunk." I inquired about this limitation, and was told by one of the fine folks at Instructables that there was a time when you could chose multiple categories for an Instrucatble, but that people were taking advantage of this feature for exposure, so it has been limited to only one category per Instructable. I would like to get some feedback from other members of the Instructables community about this policy, as I feel being limited to selecting only one category doesn't do justice to many of the fine projects posted here. I know personally I tend to check recent posts in the "Steampunk" category, but may overlook a cool steampunk project if it's posted under "Workshop" or somewhere else. A few months back, I posted a Steampunk Incandescent USB Lamp, and it would seem perfectly logical that such a project should be categorized under "Steampunk", "Lamps", and "USB," but I was forced to chose only one category, so I went with "Steampunk" again. I'm sure there are people who only check "Lamps," or "USB," who would be interested in this project, but don't check "Steampunk," so they haven't seen this project. I think it would be reasonable to be able to select up to three categories to post Instructables, instead of the current "only one category" policy, and hope the fine folks at Instructables will consider adjusting this policy. I'd also like to know what other regular contributors to Instructables think. Best regards, Winged Fist

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16x16 LED panel direct control

Hi all, I got 10 LED panels of 16x16 LEDs each. Now I want to create a big modular display system with these and I'm also planning to post this on the instrucatbles website once I succeed. But I have some problems getting started. I spent alot of time reading all LED matrix related topics on the website here but none of the designs matches the fixed design I have on those panels. Instead of using some sort of multiplexing, 32 shift registers are used for 256 LEDs which means every LED has it's own shift register output. Put then again, I also find 3 buffer ICs on the panels and I have no idea where they are used for... Below the info I have now: 1 PANEL: - 16x16 yellow LEDs - 32x M74HC4094B1 8-bit shift registers - 3x 74HC125N Quad buffer/line register, 3 state Pictures: First I want to work with only 1 panel and be able to control this by putting images on it. But for this I have to understand completely how the hardware is built up so I first want to create the schematic of 1 panel. Can somebody help me with this and get me started on the project? First goal: just control 1 panel with an AVR to put some text on it and let is scroll. Final goal: be able to connect multiple panels and configure the software accordingly to the panels used. Then use a PC to put images on the screen and maybe even create a live feed (webcam capture). For this maybe an FPGA should be used to have more processing power/memory. Many thanks already in advance!

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