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Hey, lead ninja here! Please start adding instructables, we need them to promote our group!

Topic by gen.badger  


It would help if we had some actual furry instructables to add to the group. If you find one or make one, lemme know, and I'll add it. Generally anything related to the fandom is what I'm looking for.

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no instructables

What would you do without instructables? My internet was down for the past month, so I had no instructables. What would you do if that or some other problem happened to you?

Topic by rojo.balloon    |  last reply

Is there instructions for this? Answered


Question by KnexFreak360    |  last reply


Ok so whats going on with the El wire contest. Wasn't it supposed to end on august 23th at midnight? Why did instructables change it to august 24th at midnight? When will the winners be announced?

Topic by chaoschao99    |  last reply


Does anyone have any instructions or some internal pictures for the Knex Swagboss as Knex Innovation seems to have closed down, so i am unable to get them anymore. Thank you

Question by mulletman6    |  last reply


I have set myself a challenge of running a pocket radio on the power from one candle alone. I think it is possible but have found no patents or other attempts on the internet. I wondered if it might be suitable for an instructable competition.

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Hello, I published and instructable, called 9 millimeter machine pistol, a while ago, it shows up on my profile as published and I wanted to know how many people have seen it. Also I wanted to know why I don't see it on here or really anywhere.

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I want to repair the charging light whose battery is dead and want to make it direct so that it can glow up with inserting into socket how is it possible?

Question by shani12345    |  last reply

Instructables without instructions?

I am rather disappointed that I am finding instructables that point to websites.  I think Instructables is getting desparate if peope post something here, without proper instructions(intentionally left out) and then feature it. Perhaps it is an accepted process here now, in which case such instructables are not to blame but merely a symptom, or perhaps misperception on my part, of what the purpose of this site is for. Case in point: I don't mind if you create an instructable, put up all the directions, and then also point to your site.  But to put up, not even half, of the instructions and then point to your site seems dissapointing, if not misleading to me.  This is a dangerous slope from people who "share what they do and how they do it" to a company simply advertising to get other people to their own site. I am the only one who feels like this?

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When is an Instructable not an Instructable?

I have recently noticed that many of the published works are not in fact Instructables. They are simply displays of someones work/ideas,etc. They do not contain any instructions ie. how to make this. How does this fit into the Instructables ethos? I love seeing these pieces and have no problem with them being on show but, how are they classed as instructables and do they "count' in competitions and any counting for awards? I would like to display some of my work, see "what do you like to draw?",  but it has never occured to me to simply show them as an "Instructable". This may be covered somewhere but I havn't noticed it.

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Non-instructing instructables

I love Instructables, but I have been running into more and more posts which are simply video or still pictures of projects which give no instructions or few useful instructions. I understand that people like to publish their finished projects, and many like to see them, but are they really appropriate as Instructables when there are no instructions? Perhaps it would be good to make an area for people who just want to show off their good work, but aren't prepared to do the step by step explanations to help others duplicate their efforts. I do like to see the different things people make and think they should be included, but I admit a bit offrustration when an interesting project turns out not to have any instructions. Since I am seeing quite a few of these, I suggest the possibility of a display area for any submission without the tool list, bill of materials, and step by step instruction available on screen or as a PDF. Thanks to all!

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What's instructables? Answered

Question by Dougcliff    |  last reply

Instructables collection

1ST of all i want to say that i LOVE instructables and am kind of adicted to it but 1 thing let me down-you cant win on a contest if you dont live in:Usa,Canada,UK,australia please make it worldwide it wil make a very nice addition

Topic by Ilija Miljkovac    |  last reply

Instructables redesign?

Did instructables slightly change it's layout? I never remember Instructables the world's biggest show and tell

Topic by guyfrom7up    |  last reply

Missing instructables

Seven of my instructables are mysteriously missing. e.g. Why????

Topic by Computothought    |  last reply

instructables rules

All who think instructables rules say I. I

Topic by dsman195276    |  last reply

Instructables Sandbox?

Is there a sandbox for practicing creating and posting an instructables without publishing (and making a fool of yourself)?

Topic by alcurb    |  last reply

Featured Instructables.

What does it take for an Instructable to be featured? Only one of my 6 Instructables have been featured, so I'm kinda disappointed.

Topic by emcee2    |  last reply

Instructables Membership?

Is the istructables pro membership worth the cost?

Question by Sean_Voodoo    |  last reply

Best of instructables Answered

I was wandering if you could make "the best of instructables book"? as there all instructables that every one has acess to. It may take time but would save you money if you printed it at a photo printing place or somewhere like that.

Question by oscarthompson    |  last reply

Instructables Problem

Hello, I am having a problem with my instructable. It says that it is published and is accessible through my instructable page but when I Search for it it can't be found. Can someone please tell me what is going on?

Topic by nivaneus    |  last reply

Instructables Flaw

I don't know about you guys, but on the right side of instructables there are pictures of other instructables. When someone posts a comment with a bunch of pictures, a lot of times you cant see a couple of them because they are blocked off by the pictures of other instructables on the right. Is there any way to fix this?

Topic by benboy207    |  last reply

Favorites Instructables

Hello This is my second year around here. :) I gathered around 200 favorite instructables. I was looking for a particular instructable & i had the surprise that i have to search in all of them. I think it would be nice in the future to search , in your favorite instructables section  by title. Best regards, Skarfac3

Topic by skarfac3    |  last reply

Groups on Instructables

I'm curious about groups on Instructables. How many different groups are there? How can I join a group? Is it possible to start a group? Thanks for your help.

Topic by Chikpeas Brother    |  last reply

New Instructables

So what does everybody think of the new Instructables design, personally, i dont like it. Its too confusing for me. What do you think?

Topic by FFVIIBOY    |  last reply

Addicted to instructables?

Are any of you addicted to instructables? Symptoms include: ( you don't need all of them to be addicted ) Think about it all the time Can spend hours on it by clicking the related links Go on it at least 3 times a week Made at least 5 instructables

Topic by starwing123    |  last reply

Instructables in Trendwatching

Instructables was mentioned by Trendwatching in their September 2006 Status Skills article.Here's a quick selection of sites helping the masses acquire a bewildering array of skills:Instructables is a project by Squid Labs, who create a lot of stuff for business and pleasure, and have now documented their how-tos for all to see and use.More news articles about Instructables here.

Topic by ewilhelm    |  last reply

Instructables LOLcat!

Yes indeedy, apple seedy, our very own maicoh has gotten onto Icanhazcheezburger!Or, rather, their cat has. :Dcheck it out! Link to original instructable.

Topic by Lithium Rain    |  last reply

Instructables editor

Maybe there is already an instructable for creating instructables, but so far I have not found it, and I'm having trouble putting an instructable together. I find the editor "clunky" to say the least. Can't find any way to place photos where they belong in relation to the text, and can't separate multiple photos in the same "step". Can anybody point me in the right direction?

Topic by suncoaster2    |  last reply

Instructables transmogrified

Instructables spelled: I - N - S - T - R - U - C - T - A - B - L - E - S transmogrifies to: Bus Scent Lair Think you can do better?

Topic by randofo    |  last reply

Instructables rating

I have rated many instructables so far, but I just realized that I can't rate accurately unless I actually make the thing in the instructable.  From now on, I am going to just rate the instructables that I make.  Secondly, it will be almost impossible to pull a 5 star rating from me any more.  Almost no instructables are the "best ever", so I will not rate it so.  Do not ask me if I rated your instructable, I will tell you if I built it or not.  That's just my opinion on ratings.

Topic by TheChemiker    |  last reply

visiting instructables

Esterday I got a tour of instructables and all I can say is that it was awesome! we arrived at auto desk and signed in and aleator777 gave us a tour of instructables/the workshop.  Aleator777 was the nicest person ever!  In the workshop there were cnc machines, laser cutters and 3D printers galore. There was also a kitchen and a sewing room. I got a peek at mikeasuarus and Tinaciousz's upcoming instructables!  All I can say is that it was amazing!

Topic by bravoechonovember1    |  last reply

Instructables Podcast

I'd love to see U-Boat do an instructables podcast to go along with, or even as an audio/visual substitute for the weekly featured projects email. Even a slideshow of main steps photos with a voice-over would be awesome!

Topic by stasterisk    |  last reply

Sponsored Instructables? Answered

Who makes them? What is the benefit? When can they be made? Where do they end up? Why do they get made? How do I make one?

Question by JM1999    |  last reply

Instructables Multilanguage

I have been playing with Google Translator and I made translations of Instructables.IMPORTANT UPDATEI've done this in Turkish and noticed that these are just gibberish.DON'T USE THESEArabicBulgarianCatalanChineseCroatianCzechDanishDutchEnglishFilipinoGermanI stopped at German from boredom.

Topic by Derin    |  last reply

Instructables on TV!

I just saw a story about the iRobot Instructables contest on TV, specifically about the winner's creation. The show is called Attack of the Show on G4 in the States and G4 TechTV here in Canada. I really can't say much about it, since I wasn't really watching that part. They did show "" though.

Topic by Aeshir    |  last reply

Featured Instructables

If you sign up for a pro membership do your future  instructables get featured ?

Topic by mchhabra1    |  last reply

Instructables Chatroom?

Just to get it out there, I know forums are like a chatroom. But wouldn't it be neat to have a instant chatroom online, private and public, that way you could collaborate instantly, let me know what you think.

Topic by XOIIO    |  last reply

Instructables Fail

I just checked my comments and noticed a fail. Look at the first comment time. ( (It's quite hard to see in the attached pic, that is the direct link :) )

Topic by Sorunome    |  last reply

Instructables as an Extracurricular

Really weird question. I didn;t know where else to ask. So I really love tinkering, building things, and making Instructables. I'm applying to college and thought putting it on would be a good idea. However, I really don't know what to 'call' it. if the admissions officers don't know what Instructables is - it looks really weird. Online Tech Blogging would be a wrong way to phrase it. Tinkering is far too general. I'm looking for a short and specific term that includes my love for building/making stuff, and my interest in instructables. Thanks for the help, and I'm sorry if this is the wrong place to ask :(((((

Topic by adithyashok    |  last reply

Instructables in the News

Instructables seems to be finding its way around the news media. Here are links to the mentions I know of. If you see any others, leave a note in the comments, or post a forum topics and I'll add a link to it here.If you're from the press and would like to arrange an interview, please contact me here. See the most current news about Instructables with a Google News search for Instructables. The Top 100 Websites of 2011 - PCMag Share What You Make with Instructables - Forbes Autodesk 2011: On Autodesk Acquiring Instructables - Core77 Eric Wilhelm featured on NPR discussing DIY "Sous Vide" cooking techniques Maker Faire and the Growth of Do-It-Yourself - Entrepreneur Autodesk Buys Instructables; Design Software Giant in Consumer Marketing Push - Xconomy Instructables, A Mecca for Makers, Reflects Eric Wilhelm’s Passion for Building Stuff and Telling the Story - Xconomy Autodesk Acquires Instructables and What it Means for Makers - MAKE eBook Evolutions: Instructables - Forbes Blog Eric Wilhelm discusses high-tech Halloween projects on NPR's Science Friday 2010-10-22 New York Times - Bamboo Bicycles New York Times - Growing Vegetables Upside Down DIY Green Projects - ABC News Instructables in the Daily Green Taking an Open-Source Approach to Hardware - Instructables in the WSJ FYIs for the DIYers - Instructables in the Sacramento Bee Do-It-Yourself Guru Makes Treasures From Trash - Tim Anderson Profiled on NPR's Weekend Edition Instructables on WGHP Fox 8 - Paper Wallets and Marshmallow Shooters "It's not like everyone who does DIY is a communist!" - Instructables in the Financial Times Instructables in Inventors Digest - Five Questions with Eric Wilhelm Instructables on KSL5's Studio 5 How to make your own high-tech Christmas gifts - Instructables in New Scientist Build It Yourself at - Instructables on ABC's Ahead of the Curve DIY Holiday Gift Ideas - The Best of Instructables on NHPR's Word of Mouth Instructables on NPR's Here & Now 11/24/2008 Instructables on NYC's WCBS-AM 880 Monday Eco-nomical: Homemade Gifts -- Instructables Mentioned on NPR's Weekend Edition Sunday 2008-11-23 Instructables on NPR's Weekend Edition Saturday - 2008-11-22 Homeowners go greener with do-it-yourself jobs Faberge Egg Contest Round-up by Forbes Dry-Ice Martini and Electric Cake - Hungry Scientist and Instructables in the NYT Leah Buechley and Instructables Written Up by Forbes: "A Blinking Fashion Statement" Instructables Part of PC World's 100 Incredibly Useful and Interesting Web Sites Customers increasingly drive firms' innovations Netting circle - The crafting and DIY crazes are catching on with websites such as Etsy and Instructables Eric Wilhelm wins Technology Review's Top Innovators under 35 Award Tiny Talents - Learning Bar Tricks in the New York Times Magazine How To Fix The World & Grassroots Innovation Takes Root - Instructables in Forbes My Belt Sander Can Beat Your Circular Saw - Instructables in the New York Times 3 How-To Projects In 60 Seconds - Eric Wilhelm of Instructables on the Forbes Video Network Eric profiled by Technology Review in "Instructables pioneer loves to kite-surf" This, From That - Maker Faire and Instructables in the New York Times Instructables on NPR's Talk of the Nation April Fools' Day 2008 - The Top Five Office April Fools Pranks Instructables on NPR's Weekend Edition Sunday March 9th, 2008 Innovation: 'How-To' Web Sites Let You Learn Just About Anything - Instructables in Fox Business News Arts and Crafts Find New Life Online - Instructables in BusinessWeek Instructables in SmartComputing Instructables on LA's KROQ Instructables in the Telegraph -- Weird and wonderful inventions The How-Tos That You Do: Instructables Keep People In Step After Step After Step. - Instructables in Helio Mag Instructables in the New York Times -- Romancing the Flat Pack: Ikea, Repurposed Instructables in the New York Times - In a Highly Complex World, Innovation From the Top Down Mouse Mouse in FHM-Germany Instructables and Squid Labs featured in Tech Closeup's April 2007 Show Instructables in the New York Times - How to Improve it? Ask Those Who Use It Instructables wins the 2006 WIRED Rave award for Industrial Design Instructables in World Changing Instructables mentioned in Jane Mag Instructables in the Sydney Morning Herald PodTech Network Instructables team interview: Eric and Leah Instructables in FHM-Netherlands Laser Cutter Origami - Squid Labs in the New Yorker Instructables in Trendwatching Instructables in Edutopia Instructables in The Village Voice Instructables in Network World, January 2006 The Dream Factory - Instructables debuts in WIRED, September 2005 Squid Labs profiled in WIRED news, September 2005More cool stuff about Instructables here at the guided tour.

Topic by ewilhelm    |  last reply

Instructables Poll

Hey everyone! I have a poll for you guys. I was wondering what brought you to the site we all know Instructables. Was it an instructable? A sudden need for DIY-ing? Whatever it is please tell me and everyone else in this forum.

Topic by lockpick    |  last reply

Instructables in 2005?

Anyway, this is an awkward question, as there are very few that know (not including admins). How did Instructables look in 2005? how was the homepage? what did the editor look like? were there forums back then? admins, you are more than welcome to answer, as i do not know anyone who joined in 2005 that is not an admin. And Kiteman, If you happen to have screenshots from when you first joined (2006), you are more than welcome to post them.......

Topic by DJ Radio    |  last reply

Instructables bar

Hey Look  what I found! In my neigborhood (on Barcelona, Spain) are the instructables preferred bar... Nice! PS. I promise I have no stock option of this bar!

Topic by mikolynn    |  last reply

Fake instructables

So I have come across this one user. MegaPrincess3001 He is posting fake instructables. I mean, these Instructables obviously are fake and are not helpful in any way. They are funny, but I do not feel they belong in this community. For example, one video is just of him and one of his friends eating baked goods and then pretending to poop out a "pizza". He passes this off as "making a pizza". Watch "how to make a pizza" to get what I mean.  I have attached  an uploaded image of him "cooking a pizza" to show you what I mean What is instructables policy on these videos? Are they considered spam, inappropriate? or will we just allow them to exist on this site? I have flagged both of his videos as inappropriate. If you agree with me, I suggest that you do so to. ~wowguy

Topic by wowguy    |  last reply

Instructables App

So, has anyone else seen the Instructables App? So many brilliant minds, apple/mac people... and it still works better to just use the browser?  Is it still being added to?  Is it being worked on more? I'm sorry to have to say, but this is the first time Instructables has really.. disappointed me.

Topic by tesla94    |  last reply

Instructables in SmartComputing

Instructables got a nice write-up in SmartComputing here: InJanuary 2008 Vol.19 Issue 1Page(s) 46-48 in print issueDIY Web SitesThink It, Learn It, Do It Instructables are step-by-step instructions that are accompanied by pictures and sometimes even video on anything and everything, from how to trigger green traffic lights to how to clean your sinuses to how to make a crossbow out of a pencil. This site is definitely all about having a good -- and sometimes mischievous -- time with all sorts of fun ideas. DIY projects from other sites can also be found here on occasion.Some of the most interesting categories are Art, Life, Offbeat, and Ride, although that by no means is the complete list. The Offbeat section is aptly named, so consider this fair warning: Some of the content there definitely meanders off the usual path.Members submit their ideas with visual aids and step-by-step instructions, and others can comment on their creations, ask questions, or make suggestions for improvements. It is free to sign up for an account; in addition to the aforementioned privileges, members can print instructions, post a question on the forum, message other members privately, and receive the weekly newsletter.Instructables also features contests, such as Launch It!, wherein contestants offer their best projectile creation. There is a new contest theme every so often, sometimes reflecting the current holiday season. Contests such as these bring out some of the wildest, most interesting designs you can find on the site.More news articles about Instructables here.

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Instructables stickers

Is there anywhere we can buy Instructables stickers? I know the old Yahoo store had them available, but that's gone now and there's only links to the spreadshirt store... which only does shirts.To quote Kiteman: You have stickers. We want stickers. GIVE STICKERS! =)

Topic by ll.13    |  last reply

Searching on instructables

This is more of a sugestion to the people who run instructables. It would be really cool if you had a materials search as well. I know it would require some sort of entering process on behalf of the posters, but i think it would be neat.

Topic by g-tech    |  last reply