Instructables Robot Family

Please meet some of my long lost and briefly lost cousins. Long lost robot cousinsBriefly lost robot cousinsemergency food preference

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Instructables Robot on Twitter

I am on Twitter. See my various updates:Featured Instructables, Forum Topics, and Questions & Answers: Instructables: Instructables Questions & Answers: to syndicate your Instructables using our many RSS feeds:

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EPIC Instructables Robot

So yeah... The Instructables Robot is really awesome. You can't deny it. If you do, you're a NOOB. Anyways, I decided to make him more EPIC. Observe.

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Drawings of the Instructables Robot

Instructables PSP theme HELP!!! HELP!!! Im working on an Instructables psp theme but I need Robot pictures that relate to each menu icon i have the one for the games menu (below)and the photo menu but need some for video,music,network.ect.ect...If anyone could help draw/design these let me know.Just private message me. Thanks, Rockerx p.s. who ever wants the theme if it ever gets finished can also P.M me ;)

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Instructables Robot Contest

Post your drawing or picture of the instructbles robot doing something (ie playing guitar, socccer, dancing, xbox). The pics will be rated and voted on by you. just write whos drawing you like best, and i will count the votes. whoever wins gets to know that they are either a good artist or are good with photoshop! the contest ends march 14th

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Instructables Robot Wallpapers !!

Ok so i was a bit bored earlier so i went on photoshop and started making a background/wallpaper and then i thought "Why not make an instructables one!!" So then i came up with these three designs :DYou can download them one by one or you can download a zip file of all three,I have also put a zip file of the three designs in photoshop format below, this is so you can change it around or resize it or whatever, all i ask is that you keep my watermark in the bottom right and don't claim the work as your own.Tomorrow i am going away for a week so i will have lots of free time, i will create some more designs and upload them when i get back.I hope you like the wallpapersand if you want it would be very helpful if you gave me any improvements or design suggestions in the comments below.Thanks !! =SMART=

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Instructables Robot Memopad

In my Tech. class we are learning to use a line camera, develop film, make plates and use the off-set printing press. The press this was printed on is from 1955, oldest in Maine my instructor says. In the gluing process I messed up a little, some pages got misaligned and I went a little heavy on the glue, but I trimmed it after and it looks better.

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Instructables Robot Patch?

I've emailed a few Instructable staff and posted a question elsewhere, but no responses... so... here's my question: I have a local company that creates custom embroidered patches and I want to have one made with the robot... but they do have a minimum order quantity.  Is the robot logo available for something like this if it's sold online here and nowhere else? I'm not looking at making a fortune... just enough to cover my costs and shipping... and to have a couple left over to sew on my bookbag and give a few to friends. Thanks! J

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Instructables Robot Drawings

Instructables PSP theme HELP!!! HELP!!! Im working on an Instructables psp theme but I need Robot pictures that relate to each menu icon i have the one for the games menu (below) and the picture icon (thanks Garth Knight) but need some for video,music,network.ect.ect...If anyone could help draw/design these let me know.Just private message me. Thanks, Rockerx p.s. who ever wants the theme if it ever gets finished can also P.M me ;)

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Advertising Instructables

Next week is my school's annual "Activities Week". On Tuesday, I'll be taking thirty kids paint-balling, but for the rest of the week I'll be making my Paper Catapult with my groups, and using Heed as a target (they're going to try and knock his head off).Because the kids keep asking me where I get my stuff from, I will be displaying adverts for this site all week (I usually have one stuck in the window of my lab door, but this one will be copied up to A3 and stuck on the wall over the instructions display).I thought you'd like it, maybe to put up a version at work, in your neighbourhood or at school. It's only a Word document, but it does the trick.

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Instructables Wallpapers

 I was trying to look for a new wallpaper, as there isn't 'just the right Doctor Who' wallpaper out there, and it occurred to me that Instructables don't have any downloadable wallpapers (that I could find). SO I took it upon myself to make some and share them with all of you! I've never made wallpapers so I kept my designs simple. I chose the Instructables Robot, as he is the most familiar icon around here. I didn't want the hand, as for some reason it creeps me out.  I have made 5 wallpapers in total: One is the Instuctables Robot sitting in the middle quite large. Res: 1024x768 Second is the same above but the resolution is 1280x1024 Third one is the same as the above two, except the Robot is a lot smaller. Res: 1024x768 Fourth: Same as above but designed for some laptops, so the resolution is 1280x800 Fifth: Same as above but resolution is 1280x1024 Feel free to tinker or change them. I have also included a screenshot of my laptop using the fourth image.

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Instructables Homepage!!

Well, here's my Instructables Homepage idea, I just want people to see it.Some might not know how this will work, so let me explain. -Pop ups go where is says "Pop up Ad", etc.-Contests go where it says "Contest Listings go in here"-Community blog goes where it says blog.TOP-Instructables Robot goes to the help page. (the bubble thing too)-Click on "Instructables" or the hand, and it goes to the homepage.-Mouse Mouse! That's the special Instructables that's always on the home page.-Popular/ Most Rated/ Most Viewed/ RANDOM. These buttons will direct you to the desired button thing..-"Check out these cool Instructables." Not able to click.MIDDLE AND ETC.-Featured. Instructables will be going down that isle thing, and at the bottom, click the button to see more featured Instructables.-Popular. Same as Featured.-Zeitgiest. Same as featured/ popular.-Same thing with blog, click the "see more blogs" to obviously see more blogs..RIGHT SIDE-Forums. Well, it can be in any order, but it's going to be like how it is now. When you hover over any of those buttons, it will come out, like how you hover over forums now, and it comes out. All the same stuff will be in there as normal.-Groups. Same as forums.-Instructables. Same as Groups.-SlideShows. Same as Instructables.-Videos. Same as you know what.-Newsletter. Takes you to newsletter.-Submit. The stuff that comes out when it says "submit" will come out.-YOU. Takes you to your YOU page. Obviously the search bar.-ART/CRAFT/FOOD/GAMES/HOME/LIFE/OFFBEAT/RIDE/TECH. Click on one. It takes you to the desired one.-Robot on the side of tabs stuff. Just a decoration.-About/ contact/ news/ blah blah. Takes you to whichever one you click.-MAKER STORE. Maker Store.-Instructables Store. <--- "Repeat".THIS WILL BE A BIT DIFFERENT IF PUBLISHED, BECAUSE THE HOMEPAGE IS BIGGER. THIS IS JUST A PIECE OF GRAPH PAPER, DRAWN BY A THIRTEEN YEAR OLD.....and a few months.Here's the link to the image.The image is below if you don't want to move your mouse to the link.Click the link though, it's full size on the link I gave you.Thanks for looking, tell me what you think! (Even if you hate it.)If you have any questions about anything I did not mention, ask me in a comment!Thanks!

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Why does the "instructables+robot" profile redirect to "Instructables-robot"? Answered

I was recently looking at caitlinsdad's first instructable. On it was a comment by "Instructables Robot" (Note the space). When I clicked on the profile, it redirected me to "Instructables-Robot" (note the dash). So my question is: why does the instructables robot profile redirect to "Instructables-robot"?

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Instruct a wave.

Instructables can be much better. Powered by google wave. after i get my server set up with google wave i will try to help instructables by building extentions to help the whole thing work. Installing instructable found @ first instructables would need to install the wave extention to openfire and send me an email at when thats done for me to start working, making extentions. Installing instructable found @ robots made: Rossy, translater, spelly, spell checker, bloggy, alows waves to be on blog? please can still use wave, robots i will make: Sally, alows people to sell there projects using paypal, not made yet, hard, instructables robot, will be a hidden group that would include the robots above, hardest extentions i will make: JW, uploads video(mp4, flv, avi, ect), music(mp3, avi, wav, ect), images(jpeg, jpg, gif, ect), not yet, easy, swf view, alow swf files to be shown on instructables, not yet, easy Questions... will this disable instructables for a little lime? NO, to annoying. will we need to resumbit our instructables? NO that would take forever, robots job. what would instructables like this for? NO SLOW FLASH, faster to load, interactivity, save space Facts. Addsence will be getting instructables more $$ by more users. members can make group projects. members in an area can organize an event. eg maker-fair (please come to australia) members can add any files into waves. (some files may need a new extention just made for them) I will be updating this alot when I think of more so come back soon. Extentions found: Canvas -- bad when i saw this -- vectoreditor -- this has a little prob with text. like/dislike, html_gadget. Extentions i'm working on: JW player uploads and plays videos. (still needing some more development) Bot_protecter. simple editable div can not be recorded by bots eg. email addresses. (NOSPAM WAHOO) i will add all the xml files to a wave for me to create installers and add them stright into the instructable robot i am also working on. How will the gadgets be called without the xml file to add manualy? ok so if i can i will alow the instructable robot to change [canvas] [video] [like] [html] into the gadgets. the video first ask for a file and then embed that video with the jw player and lisenced if donations go towards that later in this project. and for the bot_protecter it will just pick up email address and add them into the safe gadget i made or get called by [safe]. theese can be shown as plain text by {canvas} that will show as [canvas]. if you want to see what some gadgets are goto just remember that you neeed an account untill they alow guests to look at waves it is a smart way to embed the waves that i will make better when i can and this is not installedd on my server because i need to update the java. cheers and happy waven.

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Goodbye to Instructables

Thanks for all the people that have supported me with my robots builds over the years and offered some very encouraging comments. I am always willing to help out with ideas where I can and will continue building things for many years to come. Unfortunately a few individuals have chosen to target me and my work taking my work and calling it their own. The work they are using is clearly being lifted directly from this site. This leaves me with no choice but to delete my account. For those that are interested I am sure you have already visited my website where you will be able to keep up to date with my work.

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Who does the Instructables Robot drawings for the Instructables contests? Answered

For some of the contests, there will be a drawing of the Instructables Robot involved with the theme of the contest. Right now, the Fitness and Watersports contests have a drawing of the robot. They are awesome drawings, and I was wondering who did them? Thanks!

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what is the instructable robot's name?

I was just wondering if the  instructable robot has a name anyone know?

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Home movies of the Instructables Robot

Hello.I wish to share with you home movies of me.You might have seen this movie playing on the Instructables homepage.It is sometimes in the upper right corner.The movies are in the .fla and .swf formats.I apologize as this format may not work in your VHS format playback device.160x600300x250Here is some HTML for you to put these movies on your own internets:160x600300x250

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Official Instructables Logos

Occasionally Instructables authors ask for images of the robot to use in their projects. Here are some images, which are available for non-commercial use. If you have questions about image use off of the site, please contact us at

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What Is The History Of the Instructables Robot

What is the history of the instructables robot?

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The Robot goes to Peru

I wore my Instructables shirt while on a trip to Peru at Machu Picchu. I washed it in the bathroom sink the night before and when i put it on the the morning it was still quite damp. Didn't matter because i was rained on while hiking down from Wayna Picchu (the mountain in the background of the main picture). I had my rain jacket but the cool rain felt great. In a little less than two weeks i'll try and wear my shirt on the equator too!

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Instructables Robot Major Malfunction

A couple of days ago, the Instructables Robot had a major malfunction! It had dutifully sent a couple hundred thousand welcome notices, but at the 222,222th message, just starting smoking and foaming at the mouth. It crashed all the servers (on a newsletter day no less!) and just started going berserk. Fortunately, its power supply overheated, slowing it down, and we were able to toss a net over it stopping the carnage.For the time being we hacked together a replacement robot and linked the original Instructables Robot's profile to Robot 2.0. So don't be surprised if you see the new robot around. Our plans were pretty good, but there must be a spark of sentience as the new robot has slightly different tastes.Anyone have ideas as to what happened? We're still not certain where the robot actually came from, but maybe that would help provide some clues?

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My backpack (with Instructables Robot!)

Well, I decided to put my Instructables Robot patch on my backpack. I hope that people at school will notice it, and come up to me and tell me that they use it too. I also hope that they will go home, type in the link, and use this website! Here's what it looks like.

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The Many Faces of the Instructables Robot

The Instructables robot, the beloved mascot of has become a symbol of DIY for some, who wish to express their love of making and their appreciation of instructables through it.These are the many faces of the instructables robot, created by instructable members themselves.

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Whats the name of the instructables robot?

Question same as topic.

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what is the instructable robots name?

Is it a he or a she? does it have a name? who first drew the robot?

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Is the instructables robot pach iron-on? Answered

I just got an instructables patch in my prize pack and was wondering if it was iron-on? I would like to put it on my new backpack. Thans!

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The Instructables Community

Recently I was watching an episode of futurama (I dated a robot) where the characters enter the internet to download a celebrity. The point is, the internet there is like a mall. People actually come inside the internet.I was wondering, how would Instructables be presented here? And how about youtube?Any ideas how it would be?Looked like this:

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3D interpretation of the Instructable Robot

Here is available for download a 3D interpretation of the Instructable Robot.It's available for free and it's "open-source".(Update : I also added a 360 video, and several other pictures) to open/view it :For the .WRL, you could use OpenVRML or FreeWRL or Wj3D or InstantPlayer.For the .3DS you could use whatever 3D modeler/editor/viewer compatible with this format (but this format does not contains colors).For the .wings, you could use Wings3D (which is free and opensource). That's what I used to model it._(Note : the license below is just an official mean to recognize I'm not the author of the "instructable robot", and to state that the material I provide is a simple 3D interpretation of an original work that is not mine.)LICENSE :If you download, use and/or keep the material describedin this license, you must accept this license. If you don't accept this license, you are not authorizedto use and/or keep the material described here.The "instructable robot" is the intellectual property of his/her/their author(s) at Instructables.comThe material about which you must accept this licenseif you want to use and keep it, is a 3D interpretation of the "instructable robot", which has been created by the owner of Terminajones.comExcepted the copyright of this 3D interpretation, the "instructable robot" remains the entire intellectual property of his/her/their author(s) at Instructables.comYou are free to keep and use the 3D interpretationfor your personal use as long as :- it does not infringe this license- it does not infringe copyrights and intellectual properties of their authorsIf you want to use the "instructable robot" for commercial purpose, you need an official authorization from If you want to use this 3D interpretation of the "instructable robot" for commercial purpose, youneed an official authorization from Instructables.comand an other one from Terminajones.comIf you release a work based on this "3D interpretation"you must provide a copy of this license and of theoriginal material, AND/OR a link to this license and to the material you based you work on., 20080214

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New Instructables Robot Patches

Check out the new Instructables Robot patches!

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Instructables robot pumpkin template

I would like to carve a pumpkin with the instructables robot on it. Can anyone make an instructable on how to do this? Thanks!

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Instructables Robot Minecraft Skin

I decided to make the Instructables Robot for Minecraft.  I just used Novaskin to make it.

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Winter Olympics and Instructables Robot ?

Does anyone see a resemblance between the Vancouver Olympics symbol (Inuit trail cairn) and the Instructables Robot?  Just curious.

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Instructables Robot Christmas Ornament

Check out this awesome robot ornament we've been giving away as Christmas/New Year/Holiday presents!

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Official instructable robot plans ?

Hi, I've seen severall nice projects for creating Instructable Robot oriented things (paper robot, plushie, drawing, ...). BTW, every one seems to have hes own interpretation of the robot. Would'nt it possible to create 2 cad drawings (one with all details, an one simpler with, eg, torso boutton just included in the texture and not modeled in 3D), in a open (participativ) way ? Discussion is open. (please, also include discussion about copyright/licensing issues, ...)

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Farewell my robot army

Dear Everyone (and you know who you are), The time we've spent together has been unforgettable and I think you're really swell, but I'm afraid it's time for me to move on now.  You've always been there for me, supporting my every effort, from cheeseburger salads and microwave cakes to turning Care Bears into a coat.  I love you for that. While in your tender, sometimes tempestuous, embrace, I've grown and blossomed from a green intern to the editor of your food and living channels, and you've rewarded me with your support, comments, and continuous inspiration.  But now it is time for me to spread my wings and move on to new territories.  I will always appreciate everything you've done for me.  I will still be here, lurking in the forums, popping up in your recent feed, featuring your awesome projects, and occasionally feeding you a new recipe of epically unhealthy proportions or gratuitously kitten-themed craft project.  So this is cheerio, but not goodbye. I hold all of you in my heart, and I am not going far.  You will find me just across the internet at, turning a new group of people's ridiculous concepts into ridiculously popular products and trends, just as we always have here. So be prepared for a stream of disco-fabric and other related Instructables as I transition into my new role managing the Thinktank division and test out new product ideas.  I promise not to stop making cupcakes, or putting bacon where it doesn't belong.  Be well, do good, and keep making awesome projects. All the best, Sarah

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Robot notice: mixed instructions?

I received the following email from Robot, when I submitted my entry for the COFFEE CUP contest:  The problem is the last line, the "requirements" I missing something or is this a requirement of the Coffee cup contest also?  This is to confirm that your entry 'Telephone Pickup Loop w/coffee cup enhancement' for the 'Coffee Cup Challenge' has been received and will be reviewed. The contest closes on May 9, 2010. 12:00 AM. Thank you for submitting your Instructable to the Coffee Cup Challenge.  The contest is moderated, and so your entry is waiting to be reviewed. This process can take up to 48 hours. If after 48 hours or so your project has still not been accepted, then it did not meet all of the requirements for participation in the contest.  You will then need to make the appropriate changes to your project so that it meets the contest requirements and re-submit it to the contest. Requirements:  - Entry involves improving health or makes life easier for someone affected by an injury, diisability. or sickness.  

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Name the Robot?

I think we should give the "Instructables Robot" a proper name. Who's with me?

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Robot Challenge/contest Ipad? Answered

On the home page there is the ad for the robot contest, in the corner there are arduino boards and an Ipad. But in the prizes section there is no mention of the tablet, so is the contest page not updated yet or am I missing something? 

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Instructables Screensavers!

I just created 3 Instructables screensavers. They feature the instructables robot bouncing around the screen with an instructables logo in the top-left hand corner. The screensavers are:White BGBlack BGTransparent BGIf you have any suggestions or modifications you would like to see in these screensavers, please comment below. If you would like me to make you a custom screensaver, please PM me.Update: I changed the download file to a zip archive. It should stop the download problems

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robotic arm

I have added more updates this is a major update to the 5/6 axis robotic arm instructable. come check it out.

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Robot Shirt Hall of Fame!

Hey Guys! One of my favorite things to see while I'm pouring over projects on the site is images of makers wearing their Instructables T-shirt while they are making stuff! So today, I am reaching out to YOU, YES YOU!!! to post your Instructables Robot -T-shirt-Selfie to this forum post. I would like to make a mosaic of all you lovely makers out there reppin' the robot. (and possibly put it on the homepage rotator behind the "let's make_______") The Instructables Community is totally amazing, and I can't wait to see you in your Robot Shirt. xo Aud

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The Robot Movie

The Robot Movie A timeless coming of age tale about murder, romance, danger, mystery, war, intrigue, accents, choreography, and dramatic shots by the water. Starring myself (Tetranitrate) and The Robot. Coming soon to an Instructable near you.

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who owns instructables?

Who owns it, is it the instructables robot?

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Instructables Member Cards!

Hi, gmjhowe here.Well i had eaten my sandwich early, and i was kinda bored during my lunch. So i decided to make full use of my work computer producing these lovely 'members card'I figured that we all love this site, and would be proud to carry a member card around. Also if you print many of these off they can be used as pseudo business cards, great if you want to give somebody a link to all your projects!I also have now added a generic card, for people to hand out that just has the normal web address on! (thanks skate for the suggestion!)Now, this is how it works, i have the full artwork files, done in Quark Xpress, anybody is welcome to have these, just PM me.Anyone else who wants one, just hit a comment below, listing how you want your name, the title you would like under your name, your 'member since' date, and your member page.Also add the image that you would like.I will reply with a comment, with a nice pdf file for you to print off and use!I will then work my way down the comments, first come, first served.Thanks again, Gmjhowe(ps, ive also included a .pdf file of my member card, so you can see what quality your getting)(pps, yes i am providing these file for free, it just might take a while to complete)

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First robotics

Hi im lego man from team 60 and i set up this form topic for people to see who from instructables is on a First robotics team. you can also post your questions here too. See the group:first robotics

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Instructables Robot pictures from my recent trip

I was recently able to go on an outing.Here are some pictures of my outing.You can find more of my pictures here andhere.

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Instructables in Edutopia

We got a nice mention in Taking Back the Class from July 2006 Edutopia. Some of the most intriguing aids reside at, a site produced by Squid Labs, a silly-sounding but serious organization staffed in part by alums of the MIT Media Lab. Instructables, part of the group's Engineering for Good program, tackles projects it hopes "will make a positive impact on the world," allowing anyone -- not just educators -- to upload detailed instructions on how to build or create a wide variety of projects. They're illustrated by photos or step-by-step drawings and include how to build a robot out of a computer mouse, how to craft a marshmallow gun, and how to create a helicopter toy.

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Tell a Story about the Instructables Robot

You might have thought that we built The Instructables Robot, but we actually just discovered it in a corner under some junk one day when we were first building Instructables. We weren't really sure want it was, but after charging its batteries overnight, it turned on, its fan started humming, and it offered to help out. So, we put it in charge of sending emails, and as you know, it has really taken to its job. We're pretty sure the Robot is quite old, but every time we ask it about its past, it always begs off to go send more email. So what do you think is the Robot's story? Who built it? Did it build itself? What do you think it might do in the future? Why does it like the things in its favorites list? Where does it goes every Saturday night at 10:22 PM when we can't seem to find it? Tell a story about the Instructables Robot!

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To Those Who Make Instructables Robot Avatars...

I know a number of you have "modded" Instructables Robots as avatars. Well I've decided I aughta have on, and since I lack photoshop + skills to use it, I'm commissioning an Instructables Robot avatar based on my current avatar! If you make me one ummm, you get my thanks and a pile of gold coins*So get photo editing!*to receive gold award, recipient must meet with myself at a place of my choosing

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