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Electric Instrument

So I am a big fan of music, making and listening to. i like to make instrument also because i like the though of making something pleasing to the ear with my bare hands. I also am interested with electronics. So in conclusion i thought i would make a thread were you can post you ideas and answer questions about audio based technology

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Musical Instruments

Anyone here play an instrument?

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what instrument is this?

We all know girls just want to have fun, but from 1:00 to 1:50 what is the instrument that has its own solo? there is a bet on the answer going. but i think its a xylophone but a run through google shows no answer anybody know so they can help me out?

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a instrument of my own...

Ive been listening to quite a bit of 8-bit sounding techno and such. And i really wanted to know if there was a way to make a computer keyboard make diferent pitched "beep" and "boops" of sorts. is there anyway to do this?

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Homemade instrument website

Hi there, hope you don't mind me linking to my website full of the weird/cheap homemade instruments i've been tinkering with for the past 2 years or so. I love to make new things from old things, so most of what I do comes from re-cycling, re-purposing and using scraps of materials. the website is here:  i'm hoping to put up more tips and tutorials on how to do certain things when it comes to amateur lutherierery. If anyone has questions or queries about any of it, i'd love to try and help out!

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Homemade Custom Instruments?

Ok, I have a question. If my friend and I began to build unique cigar box, tin, and slide guitars, would people buy them? We would make them with much more craftsmenship than the ones I have previously build. We would take our time and do our best to make them playable guitars. Would anyone out there contemplate buying one for mabe $35-$50? They would be  similar to the links below. Also, we would probably sell through craigslist or ebay, maybe even using youtube or instructables to get the word out. If you are interested, contact me because we will be making these plus other products.

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some new and advance instrumentation project on which i can work.?

Any instrumentation project. any advance instrument whose principle is applicable . the instrument should make the work of people much easier..

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How do you make a clarinet mouthpiece?

The image will help give an idea of what it looks like. Be sure it works by inserting a reed in the mouthpiece and blowing in it. Thanks for listening!

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Will this experimental musical instrument work?

So I got this brilliant idea to try and make an instrument out of PVC that can play two or maybe three notes at once. Problem is, I don't know if it will work. The sax mouthpiece would produce one note and the two recorders another. Will the recorders even make noise from the air that it gets from the sax mouthpiece? Or should i just ditch the sax mouthpiece and have the two recorders being played? Even if it did work, I would only be able to play a really simple song with only three harmonized notes.

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new/strange instrument ideas

I am starting a band somewhat ethereal and experimental ( think sigur ros meets nine inch nails). I like interesting instruments and strange sounds. Any ideas?

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Rock Music on Classical Instruments?

For our spring orchestra concert at my school, I convinced my teacher to pick an arrangement of 21 Guns by Green Day as one of our pieces. Why pick 21 Guns over Don't Stop Believing? Because I like it better. THAT's why :P So...I was wondering. Has anyone else played an EPIC rock/punk/alternative or just something totally UN-CLASSICAL on a classical insturment? Perhaps something as awesome as a Green Day song? I play violin btw xD

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Instrument Topics of All Kinds

Hi all! I'm new here...nice to meet ya'll! I think I get how this site works, and it seems really awesome! Who needs the DIY network when you have a whole online community :D Anyway, this forum seems to be for sharing personal endeavors, correct? Well there's this blog. It's not completely's a company blog. It has SO MANY how-to posts about mainly reed instruments, reed-making, and all sorts of things. That makes it relevant to a niche community, which may or may not be here on instructables? I just hope there's some oboist or bassoonist out there that I'm helping by posting this :] It's called the Midwest Musical Imports Blog. Yes, there are a couple self-promoty type posts on it (it's a company blog, afterall). But a majority of it is how-tos and instructions and such. Am I right to post this here? Please tell me if I'm in the wrong! Thanks everyone! - J. Doorn

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A Question about music instrumental

Hi I want to make a device that have 1 input of microphone jack and have 2 output,one for headphone and second for microphone again (so i can connect it to computer for recording).Why ? Because when I enable the function on Adobe Audition CC (Program of Computer for recording) that I hear the microphone voice on headphone,It is a kink of disorganized I mean that the voice on headphone has delay about 1 second or less than 1 second but it make Confuse a person.So I think that when the voice come on a device and it mix and shoot on headphone directly it will not delay and it must shoot the voice on 2 outputs, one for headphone and second for PC for recording.I know that it is the Audio Mixer works but Audio Mixer is a little bit expensive and I think that is it possible to make this device at home ???with Best Regards ...

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Help selling unique instruments?

Ok, I have a question. If my friend and I began to build unique cigar box, tin, and slide guitars, would people buy them? We would make them with much more craftsmenship than the ones I have previously build. We would take our time and do our best to make them playable guitars. Would anyone out there contemplate buying one for mabe $35-$50? They would be similar to the links below. Also, we would probably sell through craigslist or ebay, maybe even using youtube or instructables to get the word out. If you are interested, contact me because we will be making these plus other products. We may make guitar hero ukuleles, guitar pedals, and nixie tube clocks.  

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5 gallon bucket acoustics

Hello, I have made a bass out of a 5 gallon bucket and I was wondering how to improve acoustics without a microphone or sound system...

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Finding a certain size case

Anyone know where i can get a case (empty or made for it) that is 24"X4"X4"? cause im trying to restore an old metal clarinet and the case that came with it is shot. anyone know where i can get that size case (if so, with a bag built into it or some kind of compartment inside the case)?

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What Instrument do you play? Answered

I play the tenor saxophone.

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Has anybody heard of a video series called handmade music? Answered

Hi, I was wondering if anybody had heard of a instructional video series called handmade music. It is about making musical instruments yourself. I have looked everywhere including rapidshare youtube. thanks

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What Do You Play

I just thought I would start off this by asking the members of this group and any others that are reading this what instrument they play or like and why? I play the tenor saxophone (first chair) at my local high school, where we have one of the top jazz bands in the state if not farther out. I've been playing tenor since the end of 5th grade, I am currently in 10th. This means I've had some time to practice.

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What instruments do you play?

What instruments do you all play? i play guitar, piano, and used to do recorder.

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The Reactable - A collaborative electronic music instrument

I was watching current earlier on and found this pod:The reactable is a collaborative electronic music instrument with a tabletop tangible multi-touch interface. Several simultaneous performers share complete control over the instrument by moving and rotating physical objects on a luminous round table surface. By moving and relating these objects, representing components of a classic modular synthesizer, users can create complex and dynamic sonic topologies, with generators, filters and modulators, in a kind of tangible modular synthesizer or graspable flow-controlled programming language.The video won't embed, but it's pretty awesome: Current PodThe project's official website is here.The software is open source, although I can't see many details of the hardware.

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is their any instrument based on radar with robotics?

Is their any instrument based on radar with robotics?

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Mathematical formulae and wind instrument help.? Answered

Is there a mathematical formula for the arrangement of hole on a flute or better a recorder. In addition has anyone every tried to make a saxophone mouthpiece   ? I am interested in trying to make a DIY version of a Xaphoon

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Acoustic instrument with added speaker in the Body?

Hi... :-) I am in a mariachi band and play an acoustic instrument called a guitarron. Sometimes at gigs it is too noisy or too large a venue that it is difficult to hear the acoustic instruments and singer w/out mics and would like to try and make my guitarron into a portable speaker system which has ample space to add hardware. I am looking forward to reading all the fantastic, innovative ideas (even the sarcastic with, if any), but would like to:  *Keep the weight at a minimal level (as I will be carrying my instrument)  *Allow inputs for a mic and 1/4" jack (1/4" my guitarron has thanks to an "instructables user", which works great!)  *Allow for mp3 input  *Battery powered, if possible Also the speaker will have to be small to fit through the sound hole, but if needed for better, louder sound I can make an opening to the body to allow for a larger speaker. And if anyone has any other suggestions or a similar idea to what I want to achieve, please post it... Thanks to all who have taken the time to read my project idea!!! Hopefully it is possible and not too far-fetched...

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how do i make an instrument out of junk with different timbres (sounds)?

How do i make an instrument out of junk with different timbres (sounds) for a school project? i was thinking a shoebox with elastic bands and a rainmaker attached. and maybe some sandpaper i can scratch... 

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Steampunk Harp

Anybody seen any of these or care to make an instructable for an orchestral steampunk harp? As cheap as possible, but decent sound quality, please.

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Position lock free stop seam type hinges

I am working on mechanical hinges. It's a case design for mobile along with hinge.i need some input regarding position lock seam hinges like the one shown in attached images/i am designing this case for ipad/tab.How exactly these hinges works ? and i need internal 3d model of these hinges? how exactly it look from inside? and what is prefered manufacturing method for making these type of objects ?

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Lute making problems?

In my engineering class in high school I am being tasked to create a lute as a final senior project. I have done some research in to making a lute and have found a lute CAD generator which has helped me so much I'll be using a CNC to create most of the parts. The issues I'm running into currently are: what thickness and type of wood should i use for the body creation, and how should is keep the wood i place after its steamed and formed?  thank you 

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Cool Vibraphone Project - selling partially completed project and parts

I've gotten halfway through this project and my son has lost interest Would like to find a good home with someone interested in completing it. Frame is built, PVC tubes cut and tunes, metal bars cut (but not tuned). Have all remaining parts. High quality project, over $1000 in parts cost. Make me an offer - I need to get this stuff out of my garage. In San Francisco Bay area, California

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Hi all. I live in Spain, where lack of earthing and other circuit protection for musicians is a real issue (as I am sure it is elsewhere too), especially when playing live when little attention has been paid to such necessities, and where the lack of earthing causes mayhem with the sound, leaving the guitars and mikes dangerously exposed to any electrical faults which might arise. On a recent visit to South America this came to a head for me after a disastrous live gig where I was almost electrocuted, and where the live sound was terrible due to lack of earthing, and I decided to seek help in designing a system for musicians to prevent injury or death.  So after some time spent researching on various online forums, I designed a prototype which I was using during my stay in South America, but I never managed to get beyond that point for lack of materials, and I have the same problem here in Spain. The other problem is that I had to use the materials available to me, which were more suitable to the US systems than the European ones, but that is a minor issue as the circuit breakers are probably the same anyway. However the quality and finish of the materials is questionable.  So what I could do is describe and photograph what I have put together, in the hope that someone will be able to help me find a way to house it all in a compact professional looking container. Please be aware however that it is in a very crude form at present, although it does what it was intended to do - if water enters any of the wiring one circuit breaker cuts the current, and if there is a short, another circuit breaker kicks in. It is basically the same system currently used in buildings for circuit protection, but adapted for portable applications.  Then I have a makeshift earth which connects to the earth lug of the plug adaptor, and this is connected to a metal pipe or tap, or whatever can be found of that nature which runs to ground to provide an earth for the system. This was not always possible, but certainly when it did work it reduced the 50 cycle hum which played havoc with the sound of the audio system and reduced the tingling in the guitar strings enough to be able to play.  Originally, I intended  incorporating this isolating system into a typical guitarist's floor pedal board, but that did not work out because this system is more than a little unwieldy, although I am still up for that idea. I have never tried to do an instructable, but I think that this is vitally important to musicians, and could certainly save lives, and so far I have seen nothing of this nature on the site and feel that it is crucial that someone provides this information. So......anyone interested? I am basically seeking those of you who are more technically skilled than myself, and with more ideas of how to actually fabricate the sytem. It is really pretty basic - what is important is that it should be light, portable and easy to set up quickly. The wires are a problem, because they need to be sufficiently thick to carry the necessary current rating for the equipment connected to the circuit - basically all the band equipment, or at least a guitar rig.  Thanks for your time.

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What musical instrument(s) do you play?

What instruments do you play? How well? What inspired you? ect.

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Music made from ONLY Carboard Instruments

What can i say, I love this type of thing.

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What are the instruments used primarily in Medieval-style music and what are modern sound equivalents? Answered

When I say sound equivalents, I mean what instrument sounds most like it, not like "this instrument is closest to another because it is in the same class." I am asking because I want to synthesize the instruments for a movie soundtrack. Also, if someone would suggest a (free?) imitative synthesis generator vst (FL Studio compatible?) plugin, I would be willing to listen!

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is it possible to turn a morse code sender into a electric instrument...

Is it possible to turn a morse code sender into a electric instrument... by using a 1/4" inch jack and momentary switch? Maybe with a battery pack attached and a few resistors?

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What is the best way of making an electric instrument?? Answered

I am making a musical instrument for a school project and i need something to adjust the volume and/or pitch, but i don't know what to use. I am only 13 so i have little resources and no money to spend so i was considering using a single wire and a guitar pickup (not actually a guitar pickup, a speaker backwards) and i want to know what the pros and cons of this method are and whether or not there is a way of making a dimmer switch. Thankyou in advance. P.S. Once i have a good idea i am going to plan it and take lots of photos and if it works i will post an Instructable. P.P.S. Everyone in my form at school is saying there making a rainmaker and guitar with elastic bands so I'm gonna really enjoy seeing there faces if this works!!! P.P.P.S. Should i have written P.S.S. and P.S.S.S etc.?

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Are there any instructions available to making your own Chinese musical instruments, namely the Guzheng?

Although I don't know how to make one myself, I just love the sounds the Guzheng produces and I was thinking of learning to play one but... the instrument titself seems expensive to even purchase so it kinda made me think and am now wondering whether anyone could simply make their own Guzheng? If is anyone has built one from scratch and for themselves can you share the instructions, on how to build one, with others?

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How do you make a pressurized 2 litre coke bottle instrument

I have found this video on youtube of this guy who made an instrument out of 2 litre soda bottles. He says he drilled a hole in the cap and put a tire valve through the hole. Then he used silicone to seal the hole, screwed in onto the bottle, and pressurized it. Then he hit it on his hand and other various objects and it produced a very clear sound. I have tries to recreate this, pumping my bottle up to 120 PSI with no results. I noticed that he is from the UK and that his bottles were shaped differently than mine(from America), being more of an hourglass shape. Would this have any affect? Also i noticed that when i was doing it that there was a lower PSI(somewhere less than 100... mabye 80ish?) where i could hear a faint sound similar to in the video. Is it possible that I missed the correct PSI?

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Does any one have, or know where to find, how to build your own alphorn?

I've always wanted one, and sure as heck am not going to buy one. I don't have a lathe, so thats out as well. I've considered pvc, but i dont know.

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Trumpet cleaning question Answered

Alright, I own a cornet (which is basically a shorter version of a trumpet), and I wanted to know if it is safe to clean it with water or handsoap. I am not trying to make my instrument all nice and shiny, but I just want to clean all oil off of the valves and slides, so would it be safe to just use water and handsoap? Thanks in advanced

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Can someone tell me a good site to get the notes for recorder to any song for free?

I searched and searched for it but i could not find the right thing

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Does anyone know how to fix a tuba lead pipe brace?

I play tuba and a lead pipe brace came off. does anyone know how to fix that?

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When playing an acoustic guitar, where/how should you place your fret fingers to eliminate the buzzing sound? Answered

I'm beginning to learn how to play guitar and I am using a regular old acoustic guitar. However, when I try to play chords, the notes seem to buzz. Where and how should I be placing my fingers to eliminate this buzz?

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Value my 12 string guitar please?

I recently got a second hand Takamine En 10-12, I struggle to play it so would like to sell it, It has a a damaged neck where it was stood on by previous owner but it doesn't effect the playing I think its more crushed and cracked than snapper, and it is electro-acoustic but the pre amp does not work. I am looking for a rough valuation and where the best place to sell it is Thanks

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I'm selling build your own mini synth kits

Hi, I'm selling kits of an Instructable I made to build your own synth. The EM-Tronic: This kit provides you with the components and instructions that you need to build a small handheld digital synth. All you need to do is build the kit and find an enclosure to fit it into. I'm selling them on Etsy: Here is the Instructable if you want to build your own: Cheers, Brian

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What makes an electric guitar sound like it is suppose to. Answered

I recently got an electric guitar and am trying to learn to play it. The problem is even when I run it through an amplifier it still sounds just like an acoustic guitar. I am not sure what I need to do to make it sound like an electric guitar. The amplifier I amusing is not desighned for an electric guitar it is just a small, general purpose amp that is powering a small five inch speaker. The guitar is a strat style. I am wondering if maybe normal electric guitar amps have a small synth in them to make it sound electric but am not sure. I would apreciate any help anyone can give me with this problem. Thanks.

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Feedback-Clarinet Bike Concept

Not sure which forum this would fit into most effectively so I placed it here. I have quite a significant number of junk clarinets and I am looking to make/decorate a bicycle with them. It would clearly not be safe to make the frame from clarinets so I was thinking Id build it off of an old, black frame. The question comes down to construction. I am not sure how I would go about doing it. The inside of a clarinet is too narrow to slide down a bike's frame even if you could get it there. I considered drilling out the middle then cutting it in half in an attempt to affix it to the frame, but Im not sure. The other consideration was to remove all the metal pieces from a clarinet and attach them to a black frame in a manner reminiscent of clarinets. I also considered a variety of accessories, reed themed basket, clarinet-bell horn, etc. Any thoughts on the concept, additional ideas and/or ideas about the construction. Thanks!

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How can I create a musical instrument out of junk?

It's a project for physics, and it sounds impossible. I also have to play it in front of the class and have a written component with an explanation on what resonance is occurring. No electric instruments. Objectives: 1. Construct a musical instrument out of junk and common materials such as plastic pipe, wood, glass, metal scrap, etc. 2. Demonstrate and explain physics concepts inherent in your instrument. Rules: 1. The instrument must be able to play an octave in tune to receive a B grade. The A grade is reserved for truly amazing instruments in terms of thought and construction, so my challenge to you is to WOW me. 2. The instrument must be able to play a song. Songs such as “Mary had a Little Lamb” or “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” are not adequate since they do not include all the notes in an octave. 3. No Kazoos, Jew’s Harps, Pop bottles filled with water, musical saws, washtub basses etc. When in doubt – ask. 4. This is a high school level assignment, so I am expecting high school level (or above) projects at an appropriate level of difficulty. 5. Grading will be based on • # of notes played • ability to make your instrument resonate • appropriate difficulty of the instrument construction • your song of choice in an auditory presentation to the class and an explanation of the physics behind your instrument • creativity of course. Stringed instruments must have more than one string.

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