Instrutables HELP!!!

Can someone pleaes help me and my ideas i have some the just need revised.

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Hi I have issued an I'ble this afternoon but since, I have lost it. It says 22 (the correct number) in the "YOU" interface but my profile displays only 21 (see pic). I am using Firefox53 on W10. does the same with edge. cleared cache with no success. Can you help? thx B.

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Why wont it show my instructable

I tried to add my instructable to this contest and it wont show but it says it has so please help

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My Instrutable is not showing up!!!

HELP! I published my first instructable today and its not showing up!!! i don't what is wrong!! HELP

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how to I change my instrutables profile picture?

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I submitted my instrutables into contest but it isn't showing up?

I submitted my instrutables but it isn't showing up? It said pending, but now says no entries.. Anyone have an idea as to what is going on? Thanks!

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Instrutions on how to brew and make a good american beer?

Please email me at if any kows where any info is at

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Can anybody help me find an idea for an instrutable? Answered

Hey I'm not really the type of "thinking" guy as you can see. Just to let you know I'm looking for a "thing" that does not involve too much circuitry or electronics. I'm leaving the rest to you ;) Thanks in advanced! 

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Instrutables "Suddenly" appearing in "Unpublished" box when you publish them and logout and then sign back in...

I have been noticing my 3 'ibles keep appearing in "Unpublished" box after I submitted them and logged out and logged back in at a later time... Does anyone experience this or know about this bug... Or Have I Been hacked or what?!?

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Help page: author, the answers

Q1. How can I change password? A1. Press setting then click, password. Q2. Why is my instrutable is not update? A2. Because, it take time to update your instrutable. Q3. I want to make new group but where? A3. Click on, Submit, then click on, Make a new group, but make sure you don't have the same name of the group as the other group.  

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knex rifle search

I am looking for a knex rifle or sniper rifle that has a low piece count and step by step instrutions.

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Who Do You Think Is Best And Why

Put the name of the instrutable and the reason why you think its best.

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what does subscribing to someone mean? Answered

I'm new to instructables and i was just wandering what it means to subsribe to someone?

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Snap fastener struggling with williams combination pliers for snap fasteners.

Borrowed them from a friend and the instrutions are lost, any tips?

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Published Instructable Not Appearing in 'Recent"

Instrutable published 6 hours ago (just before site update?) is not present under 'recent'.

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Where can i buy a cutting mat? Answered

You know those green/blue/black grid mats in lots of instrutables? i need one. where can i buy it?

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How do I report a user that is posting spam \ inappropriate instructables that are not instrutables?

This user: is posting inappropriate content. They show up in my RSS feed and I do find them quite distracting and offensive. How do I get this user banned?

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a propper knex luger!!!!

 this is my knex luger.i felt like making one because i gat a airsoft luger and i thought it will look and feel like the real one so here it is.If you want instrutions i will post it so comment and subscribe please

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Method or option for switching off the Irritating Site Jingle on every tab when signed in

As an instructables user signed thus I know how nice Instrutables used to be with out this child like Jingle on every tab ! Where is the option to turn this auto play jingle off please?

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instructable page doesn't load

Hello friends, I have such question - when I try to load Submit instrutable I have got error that this page cannot be loaded - all other pages wok fine, but not this. And it is very sad, cause I cannot submit my instructable. Regards

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[help] Error message !

Hi, I was creating a new instrutable when suddenly this error occurred when I was uploading 3 pictures. I was working on my laptop with Windows 7. browser: Chrome (version it's the most recent) Please help me, I can't even delete the instructable. thanks in advance

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Images did not post with my new Instructable, why?

I posted an instrutable and used pictures from my Flickr account and also from my computer.  The pictures did not show up in my posted work.  The files were listed before I posted the final work, but no images showed up.  What is wrong? 

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The Christmas Special 2010. [Paper airplane]

In this special, you will make a paper airplane that are: Tough Water Proof Ice Proof Snow Proof Mud Proof Made out of Foil Strong A glider Fire Proof [Option] paper airplane. To enter this, just put a picture of it outside in the snow or inside and put some bit of comment about it as well also put your paper airplane instrutable web address. Make sure it's flys, glides and works for lasting months or more!

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Feature request: multi-language versions of the same instructable

We miss out a multi-language feature in instructable. Some people creates copies of the same instructable in other language and other transalte each step of their instructables. It will be great, once you have entered an instructable in English, to add the same text and notes in other language. So when other person visit your instructable, he will be able to choose the languages. Also, someone that likes so much another author's instrutable could be able to translate it to other language...

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Can't access my unpublished Instructable

I went to work on an Instrutable tonight that I began earlier this week. I clicked on the unpublished tab and it tells me I don't have any unpublished instructables when the tab at the top indicates I have two (which is correct). When I clicked on the published tab I got the same message about not having any instructables even though a 50 is displayed in the tab. Something is amiss. I have lost a rare (for me) opportunity to make some progress on documenting a project. I'm bummed. Please fix.

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100 Instructables!!! What should I build for #100?!?!

100 Instrutables!!! Three years in the making, but its finally coming, which is why I'm leaving it up to you guys, my subscribers, to decide what I build next!!! It has been a crazy three years, so to give back to all of you awesome people, I'm giving you guys a chance to vote on what I build next!!! Thanks for all of the support, and there are many more K'NEX guns to come!!! -The Red Book of Westmarch

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How do you all become so knowledgeable about electric and computer technologies?

Circuits and semiconductors and transistors and capacitors all confuse and intimidate me so... :-\ I want to know how to turn a walkie-talkie into a communication jammer like in Fringe or create an X-ray machine from an old tube TV like in Burn Notice. Ultimately I'd like to become an FBI agent or CIA spy, but I've gotta start somewhere, so asking how to do electrical engineering on Instrutables is the first place to start I'd imagine.

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Gift Exchange

           My skills include: Welding, Origami and General crafting. clipped from Google - 6/2010 I would be making the Heart out of bicycle chain and a Christmas ornament out of bicycle chain. I do not have an instrutable for that yet. This would be considered small or even very small. Since I had short notice about this contest this was the only instructable I have. I'm will to receive a smaller or larger size. I cannot think of anything I would not like. Since my package is small I can ship out of the country

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It's really sad that instrutables is beginning to let advertisers "sneak" onto their site. It was such a beautiful idea to begin with and now I see more and more advertisements labeled as instructables.  PLEASE go back to everyday people sharing useful instructions instead of Charlatans spreading their own self-aggrandizing products.  Instructables, you WILL begin to lose your fan base unless something changes. I've seen it to many times in the past. Sites that start out with good intentions but eventually succumb to the almighty dollar. I know bandwidth isn't cheap and We don't mind the adverts on the edges but, PLEASE watch out for shameless self promoters. Watching With High Hopes, Me

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Playstation 3 Info

So yes, my dad has said he will choose the PS3 as the free gift. So as you see im Estatic! I thought I might aswell get some info about the console, from gamers like yourself on instrutables. Just answer the questions: What is the best game to get on a PS3? Any regrets on buying it? ( e.g would of chose a different console, not worth it) Is it backwards compatible with other PS2 games ( if not is there a way to make it?) ? ( Im getting the 40gig - the only model available ) Which console do you think is going to win the next gen war? ( xbox has put up a good battle but the PS3 is picking up speed fast!) List of ps3 Must haves!!!? please. - Baron

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Instructable Not Showing Up In Searches

   Hello, I have made an Instructable here out of Marshmallows: (    It is a sort of Pyrotechnic Putty that I have made for use as a easily mold-able solid state fuel, I know that it has probably been caught up by the automatic filters, but it is almost 11:00 Am here in Michigan and it still has not cleared...   Does anyone know what hours that the Employees over at Instructables work..? Otherwise should I not expect it to be approved before a certain time, or is this happening because over the weekend their Instrutables HQ gets a little backed up, by the new Filter Catches, and their just getting to it..? Also if an Instructable was rejected is their anyway for me to know? Email, Notification (Ect..?) Thanks, -Shaye

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help me please . i beg

Hi i got this one from dealextreme. please some one help i know u answered few things but i don't know what u mean by setting the freequences there is a guide on instrutable site but thats for att/ other usa network settings there is no setting posted for fido/rogers network this is the link where i bought the cellphone blocker. and this is the website that has the guide for this exact blocker how to tweak the settings but those settings are posted for usa carriers like att/ and other so thats where i need help. i hope some oen can help me here as i have heard there are lot of experts around this site who knows many things thanks.

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Anyone know how to make a Knex Semi Auto trigger lock system?

Well I've been looking around, and I've got to say, I'm not the best Knex builder around. here's the deal. I've been trying to make a bolt-action/ semi-auto Knex gun for some time, and I just can't seem to get the Trigger mechanism to work. I want a trigger system like just like ZKAR's gun or some other gun with a real trigger. U see I need a trigger to make sure the firing pin doesn't go off (duh) so is there anyone out there that would be able to make an instructable about making a trigger? mind the fact ONLY the trigger not the rest of the gun. but beggars can't be choosers so yeh XD. I just need a good instrutable explaining how the trigger works and how to make one. I use like the first Generation Knex set, the set that still has the chains (FYI) so I might not have all the pieces. but heck! I have all the standard ones. THANKS PEOPLE!

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Quality control

First, let me just say how much I love really can't remember....not one single time this year, not checking in here for even ONE SINGLE DAY!! It is my go-to place!! That said, I've kinda been thinking about the amounts of digital "clutter" that exist here. Now, I myself have only put up two I wouldn't claim to be a MAJOR contributor, by any definition...........but what I mean is....... there are some instrutables here that are just junk!  Some kid zipped in here 4 years ago, put up something he (so-called) "made" with a piece of notebook paper and and a photos or the photos are garbage, and he hasn't been back since. A few bad ratings, and a couple of bad comments....and that's it.  Has anyone ever discussed any sort of "juried" process after awhile?  I dunno.....maybe it's a bad idea, and god knows my work here isn't Smithsonian quality material, but I did put a'lot of thought into it, and I love the community here! I just think if something has less than two stars after 3 years and all the comments are should maybe be removed. Such an action can be announced, maybe, or voting or something. .....just food for thought. C

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Marketing Instructables

This site is the business activity of Instructables Inc, and as such has to turn a profit (or break-even at the least). I don't know how the books balance or who has how much equity in Instructables Inc, but we do know that paid memberships (Pro accounts) have been introduced as an additional income-stream. Current Pro users number just over 600, so small money so far.A lot of complaints have been made about Pro membership, mainly in relation to what will be denied to free members, but also with regard to perceptions of an "us and them" division.If the site can successfully sell memberships and attract advertising revenue / sponsorship, it would not be necessary to annoy / nag free members by denying them basic features they won't or can't pay for.This is it: How can the site better market what it has to attract paying users willingly, and maximise other sources of income?E.g. gmjhowe's suggestion of Testimonials ("awesome" E Wilhelm)E.g. changing the Pro badgeE.g. changing the "recent Pro users" on the front page ("interesting idea" E Wilhelm) taken up unless it's just coincidence that it appears to be that wayThis topic is for constructive ideas around the introduction of new features and increasing site revenue, not for complaints (there are plenty of other topics for complaints)Personally I think the marketing of Pro accounts could be improved in some areas?L

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How did you find ?

- How I found Instructables ? and what was the first Instrutable I visited ? Wall-E Robot was the first Instructable I visited and I found it on a Persian technology website . There was a link to here , and that was the first time I visit ! When I visit that Instructable I enjoy from it very much , but that was so hard for me to make a Wall-e Robot ! So I went to Instructables home page and open other Instructables projects . "Build the Starship Enterprise from useless office supplies" was the second Instructable I visited . I make it very soon but I don't know what is the avail of this Instructable ! Then I understand all of the Instructables are not useful for me ! - Jan 10, 2009 I back to after my school and then I signed-up in Instructables . That was my start ! - Without any doubt , is my favorite website . - Why ? When I found this website I couldn't take high-resolution pictures , I couldn't speak English well and don't know many things about cookery , LED , DIV and etc . Instructables increase my knowledge about many sciences and it's continue yet ... . When I visit a new Instructable , it teach me many things and when I do the steps , it make me more expert . Instructables is a big school for me . Now I can take high-resolution pictures and my English increase much (but is not complete yet !) The photos of my first Instructable made with Macromedia Flash (now is Adobe !) . I don't know how are the contests . so I couldn't add this to a contest . I was in Instructable many times but after two months I left it (because I was darned on Instructables) ; and after a few month I back to Instructables again ! Also I referd I share my adventures in , so please let me know how do you found and what is you comment about this website !

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