We have four old Nutone intercoms installed in our house without a master station. The intercom speakers say 3.2ohm on the back and connect with 3-wire. Is it possible to hook these up to an old receiver?

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Can someone help me with an intercom system ?

I am disabled and mostly bed ridden and I need to learn how to build an intercom, one for outside the entry door and one by my bed so I can communicate with them before I have to get up and unlock the door. Can someone please show me how to put one together on the cheap. Thank you

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what is the cheapest method to make an intercom to communicate between ground floor ? Answered

How to make a local intercom to communicate between ground floor & 3rd floor in our apartment with actual telephones but without telephone line.  Is it possible?  If so please let me know the method in detail

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Making A Intercom System with parts around house. How can I get it to work?

I want to make a 2 way intercom for my door so I dont have to get up and open the door when someone wants to talk to me. I have alot of parts I just need to know how I can make it work. So any Idea how I could make one? I got a microphone and I got plenty of speakers. Here is my preferred way I want it (If Possible). I want to be able to use my microphone to talk and have a speaker for listening, while on the other side of the door I want 1 speaker to be the Microphone and speaker with a button that switches between the microphone and speaker.

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radio shack 3 channel doorbell/intercom wireless signal doesn't reach inside home, how can I rig it?

Radio shack 3 channel doorbell/intercom wireless signal doesn't reach inside home, how can I rig it?

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Intercom landline phone network?

Hi, me and my friends would like to get an answer of how we could make an intern network with tree or more landline phones.

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Is it possible to make a wall outlet intercom system?

I have seen many systems where you plug some boxes in the wall, and you can talk. Is it possible for me to make something like that myself?

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Intercom radio network with tree or more old landline phones?

Hi, me and my friends who live at a bording school, wold think it was a lot of fun, if we could make an intercom network so we could speak with each other, we have thought of making the network with tree or more old landline phones. anyone got some suggests?

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I would like to install or have a CB radio installed in my truck Answered

But I would like to know what type of radio I should get and if that one has a bullhorn function, I have a F250 super duty turbo diesel 2005 lariat crew cab long bed

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Need help to hook up a TELEPHONE to computer SPEAKERS ,( or any other kind of speakers) Answered

I am working on an intercom system for the house, we have an extra unused phone line that i've closed the circuit on and energized so that the phones worked when they are plugged into the secondary jack. My plan is to go and get some junk phones at some sort of thrift store or something, and plug them in to work as the intercoms. Unfortunately with the set up that i've got, the speakerphone option doesn't work. So instead of using the speaker phone, I want to hook up the intercom telephones jacked into the secondary line to a seperate speaker to make a finalized intercome assembly. I've got clear sound on all of the phones and I have solved the interminable spontaneous ringing question, and now the only thing that i need to be able to do is to hook up the telephones to a speaker, any kind of speaker, but preferably one of the satellite computer speakers. I would like to know if this is even possible, and if it is it would be great if any answerer includes some suggested materials (if needed) and the procedure suggested for connecting the phone line to the speakers I would try this myself, but I have just spent over eight hours simply going through a trial and error to get the phone line energized in the first place. (by the way was instrumental in that) I simply think that this way, any answer would be more expedient than my own slow methods of clueless experimentation Thanks in advance

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in house/property phone to phone direct line

Anyone know of the easiest way to make a permanent phone to phone direct line. As in a phone from the back shed to the house. I want to be able to pick up the phone in the house or shed and have it ring on the opposite phone. any idea's?

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Building Intercome system help please

So i need to build a 2 way intercom system where you can talk live with 2 heasets to each other, with a added push-to-talk feature to talk to a 3rd headset. preferable it all needs to be wirless.. does any one know of a current devices that can do that, or how do i go about building my own?

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Diy Intercom/Two-way with Arduino

Hallo Everybody, Hopefully I am posting this at the right place!? I dont have alot of experience wih arduino, so thats why I am asking here and I hope that someone can help!? The Scenario : My Parents in Law have a very old and very load campervan. They bought themselves each headphones/Headsets with active voice reduction wich helps alot with the noise in the Van but they cant communicate with each other.... The headphones came with a cable sothat you can connect it to a mobile phone with speech function.(Like a Headset for Skype..) Now my quiestion : Is it possible to connect the 2 Headphones/Headsets to something that is mounted stationary (<12V)  in the campervan sothat they can also use the speech function on the cable/Headset to communicate? Would it be able to do with arduino? How? I would appreciate any information! Thank You Ps. Hope my english isint too bad....

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Pls let me know the cheapest way to make an intercom to speak between 1st floor to 3rd floor without a phone line. Answered

I would like to make a home intercom to communicate with my brother who resides in the 1st floor & myself in the 3rd floor in the same apartment.  It is costing us more to contact via our mobiles each & every time by our house members.  So, I have 2 old telephones with me & want to know the method to connect the same to be used as an intercom.

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How can one determine what ac to dc power supply to use on a device that was originally powered by a 9 volt battery?

I'm trying to make an intercom system using some arduino uno modules, and a wireless phone system. While the phones in the system normally run off of 2.4v 700mAh batteries, I want to simply 86 the batteries and use the arduino modules or power adapters to supply them. So what sort of power adapter specs (i.e. voltage and current ratings) should I use?

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Can we request an instructable? Helmet Intercom?

So i was wondering if anyone could create an instructable to make a helmet intercom system. I recently bought quads and its hard to hear eachother screaming at the top of our lungs. I know there are kits you can buy that fit two-way radios with Push-to-talk options, but I was hoping I could just make it considering the kits are EXTREMELY overpriced. I was thinking of buying a 4 pair of cobra walkie talkies and would need an easy to craft earphone, microphone and push to talk button that would plug into the walkie. Thanks!

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Two way intercom design for tele-operated robot

Hi,I'm working on building a tele-operated robot that will be able to send signals generated by moving your arms and mapping these to the robot arms. I'm looking to add an intercom system to the robot that would allow for the operator to speak into a microphone and come out a speaker on the robot and a microphone on the robot so send audio that someone speaking to the robot generates to the operator.I've currently been looking into VOX circuits and walkie talkies but all walkie talkies I have seen require both sides to use a headset. It would be fine for the operator of the robot to use a headset but it would be better for the speaker and microphone on the robot to be out loud. Does anyone have ideas about how this type of system could be implemented? Could I replace the PTT button on a walkie talkie with a voice activated switch kit available online?Thank you.

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How do I play anything I want over my school's intercom?

My school has their intercom set up so that any phone in-line jack can connect to the intercom except only the phones in the office have the ability to do it at the moment because the code to get on the intercom is page #00. So all i would need is the same kind of phone (Starplus Triad). Then I could do it manually in front of the phone but that leaves too much of a trace and not a good ally if I got caught standing their with the phone. My idea is to be able to wirelessly send a message via Bluetooth with my phone to maybe an arduino board or raspberry? and then trigger the phone code as well- all of which while it plays the message. Anybody got any ideas? -AND YES I do know this is dangerous and I can get in trouble but I'm quite technical about these things and am trying to eliminate all trace of it possibly being me. I will also add that I will use a voice changer when sending the messages. The messages would most likely have to be pre-recorded because I'm sure phones don't have the ability to send a voice-changed audio clip

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I need help creating a telephone network!

Hey! I was wondering if there's any clever people out there who can help me with my ambitious project. I'm doing some creative direction for an event and aim to create a telephone network within the venue. I want to put phones on tables and use the table numbers as the phone numbers... I also would like a way of recording everything thats said over the course of the night through the telephones? I have a very basic understanding of how these things work, I've made circuits before- but i am an artist, not an electrician so please be kind and explain to me like you would a child! I've got my hands on a load of old phones, so I just need to rewire them I guess?  Thanks!

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Need a device that would pair with my cell phone and allow me to talk using the motorcycle intercom system.

Need a device that would pair with my cell phone and allow me to talk on the cell phone using the motorcycle intercom system. Has anyone done this?

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Home automation: doorbell analog door phone intercom?

Answer doorbell with home phone: I would like to create a setup in which a visitor rings the front doorbell that rings our home phones.  When we answer a phone it will act as an intercom so we can communicate with the people outside the front door.  There is no doorbell system in place so I am essentially starting from scratch.  I'd prefer doing this in an "analog" fashion since we are in a rural environment with unreliable power and no cell reception.   Basically, I want to know if there's an easy/affordable DIY alternative to the several hundred dollar door phone systems I see available for sale. I would also like to install a remote electric door strike so I can lock/unlock the front door via our landline. New phone shopping: I need to buy a new home phone system anyway, since my mom only uses the speakerphone on the handsets and callers complain they can't hear her well.  Features I'd like: --Power back-up operation (handsets work even in a power-outage) --"Eco-Mode" where it consumes less power when you use it closer to the base --Excellent speakerphone on handset --Long battery life out of charger --Lightweight, easy to hold/grip handsets with large easy to press buttons and clear display There's several Panasonic models I've looked at that seem to fit the bill.  I'll admit I was initially tempted by the new Vtech video doorbell phone, but there's many characteristics about the actual phone/handsets that would make it difficult to use. I wondered if getting a Bluetooth-enabled phone would be advantageous if a handsfree calling device could be connected, just like in the car but for the home phone.  But I don't know how to do that, if it's possible. Just thought I'd mention the new phone shopping in case someone has any advice on best selections based on current home automation desires.  

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How to make an electron gun? or generator that generates negative ions Answered

I'm designing an ion thruster and i need an electron gun to ionize some gas,  The ion gun must have less than 220v input or so 

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can a a cell phone be made into a walkie talkie?

I was thinking can a cell phone be modified into a walkie talkie ive got 4 or 5 old cell phones i know the power wattage is low but is there a way to retinker it into a walkie talkie? or a wireless intercom?

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Phone to audio connector?

 I wanna rick roll my school, and our intercoms work with phones...i need to build a jack where i can plug my ipod in one end, and plug the other into the this possible? 

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I want to install my own home security system with cameras, keypads, electronic locks...? Answered

Building this massive fence around my buddy's house and it's going to have an electric opener on the driveway gate, so it will already need a keypad for that, but there will also be a smaller gate that I'd like to put an electronic lock on and have a keypad for that too. I have seen sone keypad intercom systems that tie into your phone system and let you open the gates from the phone and even forward to your cell if you aren't home and let you talk to whoever is at your door. I was wondering if there are any security system installer or enthusiasts in the community that could point me in the direction of some resources, websites, or brands for security system components and accessories and whatever you need to tie them all together. We are in a pretty rural area so I am not really worried about the window sensors and that whole side of it, though it might be nice to have the option later. What I really want to do is to have cameras in addition to the keypads and intercoms on the driveway and walking gates. I also want the info to be really easy to access from anywhere in the house, I.e. intercom piped into the phone as I mentioned before, as well as the video on the computer over the network and hooked into the cable so it can be seen on any tv in he house. Bonus if I could view/hear/control the equipment with my smartphone or computer at work. Basically what I need is like the K-nex of security/home automation electronics.

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How do I pair two blue tooth enabled devices that werent meant to be paired?

I want to pair a headset with a small speaker so that I can speak into the headset and through the speaker over a distance, kinda like an intercom system or a one way walkie talkie. So I could put the speaker in something, for ex,  like a trash can and trick people into thinking someone is in it.

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Novice here. Send a "gate open" signal from indoors? A gate closes access to the driveway leading to my little guest house.

I’m completely new to making electronically operated devices. I can't interpret and translate the existing rf signaling instructables to my situation. I’m also completely new to your impressive Happy to be here. The situation: On a shared property stands a main house and a little guest house. Both are served by a single driveway. Access to the driveway is restricted by a gate. The main residence (not mine) utilizes 1. a remote control and 2. a drive-up keypad to send the "gate open" signal. (Aside: the drive-up keypad is paired with an intercom. The intercom serves the main house only. My guests, or delivery drivers, must telephone me to alert me of their presence at the gate. To open the gate for them, I must exit my little guest house residence, walk the length of the property, aim my remote control, line-of-sight, at the gate and depress the button on the remote control. The gate opens. I make the return walk to the entrance of my residence. This poses two problems: 1. guests and delivery drivers must wait while I make the journey out of the house, to the end of the property and 2. I must make this journey through inclement weather and nighttime darkness. My first goal is to achieve an indoor located, or a just-outside-the-front-door located, "gate open" signal sending trigger. I've read that wired signal sending performs more reliably than wireless, due to the abundance of potentially interfering wireless device traffic. I dunno. My second goal is to give my guests and delivery drivers a two-way voice communication "intercom" specifically with persons in the guest house. This communication device must be unobtrusive in appearance to be appropriate-enough to stick onto the drive-up keypad & intercom to the main house. A device operating as communication to the guest house belongs alongside the intercom button to the main house. That's so my delivery drivers don't buzz the main house, unnecessarily bothering the owners. That has happened. Makes me cringe. There must be many methods by which to solve the two challenges: 1. a guest house located, “gate open” signal sender. The signal reliably reaching the end of the property and aiming at the gate, and 2. a guest house located, two-way voice communication something. I’ve seldom even peered into interiors of electronic devices, and am confessing my entire ignorance of electronic signaling. Since I embody the least informed and least experienced person possible to achieve these to goals, it seems to me the simplest to assemble and test is the best, and that I begin with challenge one. I appreciate you for your time in considering how best to recommend I proceed. I'm in the dark. If you are very swift of mind and short of time, perhaps take a pass on this one. I need a most elementary, every little step described, no steps missing or out of order, type of response. I’m a neurodivergent individual. I’m good with it. And I will convey, from within my areas of creative visual fluidity, instructables in gratitude for yours, and for fun. And when other participants request guidance that I can offer, I’ll do so.

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Can my walky-talkie take 5 volts? Answered

I have a set of walky-talkies, and they have horrible battery life, so I was planing to use them as intercoms, one getting power from my usb port, one getting power from an mutilated cellphone charger (both 5 volts). my Walky-talkies are meant to use 3 AAA batteries. (4.5 volts). is this setup possible, or will it ruin my walky-talkies?

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I need some idea's for a project. I have a broken ipod i want to use. everything in the ipod works the files are just messed up. So i have a click wheel, hardrive, screen, and whatever else is in an ipod mini! Some friends and i are also throwing around idea's about a senior prank of sorts at our school and if we could use this to "brodcast" stuff over the intercom, or use the camera's or control lights or sumthing!!! we would love it!!! so if you will please let me know what you think

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Can someone help me build this LC resonant circuit? and explain it to me Answered

"An LCR circuit 1 is comprised of a capacitor 3, inductor 5, transformer T primary winding 9 and resistance 11 connected in series. It is assumed that the electrical conductors connecting the various circuit elements and forming the inductor 5 and primary winding 9 are perfect conductors; i.e., no DC resistance. Resistor 11 is a lump resistance equivalent to the total DC resistance of the actual circuit components and conductors. The inductor 5 is wound on a core 7"

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What to do with a Vialta Beamer video phone?

So years ago before broadband internet, Skype, and video conferencing for free, there was a thing called a Beamer video phone which used your landline telephone line to do video conferencing between 2 people. So my mom bought 2 of them, mailed me one, and we tried to do video conferencing between PA and FL, and needless to say, it was terrible.  Video was choppy, etc, everything you would expect for video trying to go over a landline phone circuit.  I would sell it on eBay, but it doesn't look like anyone is buying it, so rather than have it take up any more shelf space, I'm trying to figure out what else I can do with it.  I haven't taken it apart yet, but it looks like a 3" LCD screen with a little web camera on it and a microphone, and some kind of circuit board.  The housing is actually very pretty (see picture) with it's glass outside. So what can I do with this thing?  Can I build some type of open source wi-fi video conference station using skype?  Or some type of in-home intercom system with video? The possibilities are seemingly endless, any suggestions are welcomed!!

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Boy inventor re-imagines doorbell, gets VERY rich!

A 13-year-old boy from Croydon is set to make hundreds of thousands of pounds after inventing a doorbell that calls the householder if no-one answers the door. The boy entered a school "Dragons' Den" type contest, and ended up with his idea in production.  Orders made so far should earn him £250,000 ($411,000).  Three of his fellow contestants ended up with full patents on their ideas, and one other is negotiating with a Chinese manufacturer to get his idea on the shelves.  That boy is only twelve! Dubbed Smart Bell, the device came about in response to a competition hosted by Rook's London school. The contest, however, necessitated a working prototype. Rook's parents passed the plans along to a family friend, Paula Ward (crowned world's top female inventor of 2004 at INPEX), who sent the plans to China. Less than a year after its development, major U.K. retailers have signed up to sell the Smart Bell, which will retail for £40, or about $66. The Smart Bell has a built-in SIM card and other cellular technology that will call the owner's phone. The unit also produces some subtle white noise that mimics the effect of an intercom.

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Using a Rhino FXS Analog Chanel bank to actuate a relay

Ok so i've got a VOIP system that's connected to a Rhino FXS Chanel bank  that's used to control our overhead paging system. From the Rhino we go to a Volcom analog adapter to a Volcom Stacker unit (echo cancelation). Every once in a while this system will "lock up" and just throw static over the paging system (and even more rarely someone will put the overhead paging system on hold which pumps our hold music over the intercom system) combat this i've got the Rhino, the adapter, and the stacker pluged into a surge protector so that when the "abnormal condition occurs" we just flip the switch on the surge protector and it drops the whole system. then we turn it back on and all is well.This works great but the system is in a remote location in the facility so it takes a bit of walking to get to it. What i'd like to do is try to hook up a NC relay between the surge protector and the wall and have an open channel on the Rhino actuate the relay to basically turn the power off to the system any time you dial a specific extension.According to the datasheet the Rhino itself has a line current limit from 18ma to 45ma and it emits standard telephone line voltage....i can also configure the ring i can probably set the ring duration long enough to actuate the relay before it cuts the system off (which would then return the relay back to closed)i'm having trouble finding out what the actual output voltage on the analog line and a general lack of schematics to try to make this workso...if anyone wants to have a little fun attempting to design a relay that can be actuated by a telephone...please reply

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Buy / build a headphone and microphone single jack headset?

Update: Is this my answer;  Buy this four pin splitter, and rig a set of headphones and say this mic to it? Hi all, I've bought this bluetooth communications headset for my motobike helmet and the audio is woeful. It's cheap so that's to be expected. It includes this microphone and headphone (headpone? :/ ) headset for music and comms with another bike / pillion. It is threaded inside the helmet and plugs into the bluetooth unit. The unit uses bluetooth to connect to an audio device (my phone) and another bluetooth unit, switching pretty nicely between audio and intercom speech.  The headset jack has four pins and functions fine, albeit with very bad headphone quality. So I'd love to replace it with a better but still cheap set.  These yellow headphones (which you'll note my dog was kind enough to modify for me) work wonderfully when I plug it into the bluetooth unit. It has a jack with  three pins. But it lacks a microphone. There are more headsets like it at the local shop for about $10 that play music at a surprisingly good quality. Can I make that yellow headset work with the bluetooth unit by adding a microphone? I'd need to strip the speakers out so I can wire it up inside my helmet and add a mic, by wither buying one or stripping it from the headset. I tested my old iPhone headphone set (four pins and an in-line mic) with the bluetooth unit but it played only from one channel (left or right only) and the mic didn't work. This four pin splitter with an in-line mic is available at a local shop but I'm skeptical if it will work since the iPhone set failed. I would be great if there was one which does. I do have a soldering iron and a multimetre but I haven't used it yet and am a noob at electronics. I'd rather buy a splitter if that's an option, but I will do whatever I need to in order to get this working nicely, including cutting off the old speakers and soldering new ones on. Here's a (lame) photo of the iphone, headphone and stock headset jacks. Thanks for the help! d

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