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Hi, just checking this place out.

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Greetings from eastern Maine in grid FN64.Have been a ham since the mid 80s.Currently hold a General class & will testing for Amateur Extra this fall (07)Only one article posted but hope to do a few more. all..FN

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Intro disappeared

I just noticed that all the Intro text disappeared from So it's looking kinda silly with a couple of pictures and jumping right into Hardware Assembly. Is there an easy way to get it back, or do I have to try to recreate it from scratch? Thanks!

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Disappearing Intro?!

I am working on my first instructable, and I am having major problems. I downloaded the Instructables app on an iphone, so that I could take pics on there, and I am doing the rest on a mac. I already had done the intro and was half done with the next step. I was taking photos on the phone, and then saved what I had done on the phone to When I logged in on the computer, all the pics and text for the intro was gone, and the first step had been marked the intro. In preview mode, the first step's title became the ible's name. After I recreated the text from memory, I worked some more and almost had the first step done, and then in almost the same way, it happened again. This time, I could not upload the pictures to the internet, because every time I clicked on the "save to" button, It would say "preparing upload", for a couple seconds, then the screen would go black for a split second, and return to the home/apps screen. I checked on it on the computer a couple minutes later, and it was not saved to the most recent pictures I had just tried to save, but other than that, it was ok. Now, about 5 hrs. Later, I Log on and the 1st step has become the intro, and the intro is gone. Luckly, all that text is still on the phone, so I can read-and-type it back to what it was. The intro pictures are saved onto my mac's desktop, so I haven't lost those, but I will have to recount the pieces on this K'nex instructable. Please help, either tell me what not to do, or maybe I have discovered a bug, but I hope this does not happen again. Also, this is most likely a bug: Whenever I am taking pics on the instructables app and I take more than two, once in a while it will flick to the home/app screen and I have to reopen the app. When I do, those pictures will not be saved on the phone, app, or camera roll. 

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Youtube Intro

Hey, it's ManVersusCraft here and I would like to reach out to you guys. I am looking for an introduction to my YouTube channel. It will be at the beginning of every video and I will do a separate video showing off the intro and giving credit to whom made it. So, if you would like to send me an intro (Minecraft related, and non copyrighted music. All original!) than please e-mail me with the intro at   REMEMBER this is for Intro entry's only, it is a specially made account for this only! If you don't know me check me out on YouTube at Thanks!

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News Intros?

Hello my name is Uzi Cohen I am News intro type of person. For over a year I been planning to make a satire newscast of the following programs. The Situation Room(CNN), NBC Nightly News, CBS Evening News and Piers Morgan Tonight. Another thing I would like to create is a the Lower Third that CNN Currently uses. The links most sites have is the previous CNN lower third used before 2009. For this question I would like to get a perspective from someone that knows how to make one.

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News intro?

So i have this school assignment where i need to record a fake news report and send it to the teacher. For the video i would like to have a news intro but cant find any good templates to use. the programs i have installed are after effects and blender if anyone finds a good template can you send me the link? Any other suggestions?any other programs?

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Intro to MITERS

Here's a nice introductory video for MITERS, the MIT club that Eric, Tim Anderson, and the Squid Labs team used as their clubhouse/home base for building awesome things while at MIT.  Looks like people are still learning new things, and making good use of the tools and shop space.

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Aryana - Intro

Hello everyone.I am new here on instructables. I am mosaic and ceramic tile artist, and will post more on those arts later. Ok, now I put up my first one & I really want some critical feedback. It is Designing a Mosaic For my next instructables, I want to do more intricate proceedures- so I need to know if my process images/notes are good - or do they need work?

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What's an author intro? Answered

What exactly is an author intro and how do you write it?

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my Intro disappeared

Help, I spent hours writing my latest instructable including a detailed intro, and when I went back to look at it the Intro says Null, whereas before it described why I wrote the instructable, materials, time, skills needed etc.  Is there an Instructables person that knows what went wrong? I did not delete the text.  I guess from now on I'll download the pdf when I finish a version.   thanks for any help, Kathleen

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Simpsons Intro in LEGO

Worthy of $40 in a competition, apparently.

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Lost Intro text

The Intro text for my instructable TRON inspired glow in the dark drinks has vanished. Did I accidentally delete the entire step or is this some sort of bug?

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Intro text not on PDF?

I just purchased a Pro account and noticed that generating a PDF leaves off the text in the 'Intro' section.  That does not happen on the 'View all steps on one page' option.  Is this a bug?  Is there a work around?  It certainly leaves out a lot of very valuable information in the Instructable. Thanks

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Spanish or French | Intro to Metalworking or Intro to Engineering and Tech.?

Ok, so it's that time of the year - picking 9th grade courses. I'm signing up for all gifted (higher than honors) academic classes, but am stuck on my electives.To get into universities and colleges in Georgia, I have to take 2 sequential years of either French or Spanish. My mom says Spanish is easier, like I'm sure most people would. I don't really care about speaking fluently in either language; I just need to go to college.What would you say would be the easiest to get through?So, I guess all of y'all know that I aspire to go into the mechanical engineering field. High school is a good place to start out, but I've come upon another bump in the road: Should I go with the metalworking classes, or the engineering (and technology) ones?I've always wanted to be able to weld, and I'm sure that's a major skill when it comes to engineering. Classes that my future school offers include Intro to Metalworking, Arc Welding, GMAW and GTAW (which I won't take), Intro to Milling (which includes using a lathe and a CNC machine), and a sheet metal class. The engineering class covers things like CAD, CAM, CNC, robotics, audio and visual productions, and other technology things.I think the metalworking would be best for me - I'm more of a hands-on person; i.e., I like tangent things, not doing "theoretical" things on a computer, though I know all of the CAD stuff would be very useful.I'd like to take all of it if I could, but that's only possible by going to summer school (which costs $180 per class).Any help would be appreciated!

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Photos for 'Let's Make...' intro

Hello, On the main page, large photos alternate with the words "Let's Make..." for various projects. I am curious about the image shown for the word 'clay'. I've scrolled all the clay contest entries, and clay Instructables, but cannot find the particular project for the photo. Help? Many thanks!

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My instrcutable's Intro is missing

When I look at my intructable, and click intro, it stays on the first step. I can't find the intro at all. Also when I download the PDF and look at the table of contents, the first three items (title, intro, and first step) all have the content of the first step. So the title and the intro are also missing from the PDF. 1. I published it via iPhone app, and looked at in the Mac desktop browser. 2. iPhone Safari, Mac Desktop Chrome 3.

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Intro picture too dark

My instructable is published now but the picture I see when I click on Explore=>Recent is very dark. When I open the instructable the picture is right. Here is the URL: Thank you JRV31

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Instructables with the best intro picture

Which Instructables have your favorite intro pictures?I'm partial to:'s-Dice-Cube/

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add images to a guide intro

I've made a guide and I need to insert two images in the intro. When I create the guide I'm able to insert images, also more than one, but I don't see them in the preview. Maybe I can insert only one image which goes as the cover of the guide? Thanks!

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Intro content replaced by code

I tried to add new photos to a published instructable and now the text for the introduction is replaced with code that starts. {"context":{"footer-robot":{},"you-image":{},"spinner": Is there any way to get the content back? I'm Using Firefox 42.0 on Lubuntu The URL is Thanks

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Intro and Step #1 on same page = weird?

I guess this isn't a bug, as it works as planned, but I do find it personally annoying that the Intro and Step 1 are on the same page, but there are separate thumbnails at the top for the respective sections.   When you click on the step 1 thumbnail, it just jumps down. I like clicking through the thumbnails as a way to see the overview of the project, and I always have to skip that step #1 box. I would personally put the intro + materials on the first page, then the start of the procedure (Step 1) on the next etc.  I don't consider the materials to be a "step".  Maybe it's just my OCD acting up.  Anyone else?

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Pro can't enable 'author intro' tick box

It's not as if I've got anything interesting to say, but when I tick the 'author intro' & click save settings, nuttin' happens.Error in page says:Line:484Char: 3Error: 'feedBack' is undefinedCode:0URL:'m using IE 6 SP2 on winXP.

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CRASHspace Group Roll Call!

Welcome welcome CRASHers and other maker people to our hacker space group! This is the time to introduce yourself. Tell us a little about yourself and about what you like to make/hack/disassemble. I'll go first. My my name is Barb, and I'm your humble admin. I've been a member at Crashspace since early 2014, and am systematically conquering all tools the space has. At the time of writing, I'm very much into 3d printing on our Bukito and Bukobot. I also like woodworking, Arduino, electronics, paper, sewing, and plenty of other media. A recent project I'm proud of is my Hexachord, a giant 6-chambered, motorized, rotary string musical instrument. Also, meet the Crashspace mascot, Sparkles, a magical (and functional) soldering unicorn. Sparkles likes heating things up. ;)

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Star Wars intro by Saul Bass

What if one movie intro was reimagined in the style of another artist? In this case it's the style of the late great Saul Bass who did many amazing title sequences like Vertigo or The Man with the Golden Arm.This is cooler than Episodes I, II, and III combined.via Drawn! And then there's the deluxe remix version as well.

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Why do I get the intro text on all my steps?

On my post ( all the text in all the steps is the text I put in for the intro. I tried re-edits, but it always reverts back.   I used Chrome and IE browsers and got the same thing. I'm using windows 8.

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Hi, I'm new to instructables. Introduction.

Hi, my name is Adam Solo. I'm new here at, great site by the way, full of useful information. I also have a website about how to get things done. I will promote by providing a link in my site to Cheers Adam Solo --------------------------------- Site:

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The intro text in my Instructable got deleted and replaced by the word null!

So yeah. I had an unpublished instructable and when I checked back to complete it, the Intro text was deleted, leaving only the word "null" behind! All the other steps were still alive and in one shape, but the intro... Man, I worked like 40 minutes on that! Does anyone know how this could happen, and how I can fix it, or prevent it from happening again?

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Can't publish, can't add text to intro...

I find it so difficult to post on Instructables. I have all my info loaded, and I keep getting the message to add text to my intro... however.... I can't add it... I get the window, but there is no option to edit? Help!?!

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An Intro to Photoshop: My Tutorial List and Suggestions

Edit: I have moved this from photography to Tech because you have to have a computer, which is tech, and Photoshop or Gimp (not tech, but software). If you think I've put this in the wrong catagory, please suggest the correct one in the comments. I would put this under a software tab if there were any. Would any one be interested if I made photoshop tutorials based on ideas given in the comments? Ex: Make a retro background for (insert college of choice). Ex: Make a B&W; poster for an upcoming event, grungy I would then (possibly, depending on feedback) make a tutorial of how I made your suggestion as well as post a high resolution finished product. I'm self taught in the art of photoshop so I am by no means a professional. I've added a few of my recent works just to give you an idea (I got the second idea from a tutorial...) Also, if you feel you have or know of a good photoshop/gimp instructable, feel free to suggest it and I may add a link to it in the main thread. CURRENT INSTRUCTABLE TUTORIALS -Photoshop 101: What You Need to Know! (goes over the basics of Photoshop, includes the use and description of many tools) -Photoshop Basics: A Building Banner (goes over the basics of photo manipulation and techniques, includes detailed instructions on how to use more complicated tools)

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Why can't I drag my intro photo? Answered

I did publish my instructable BUT it will not let me drag my intro photo.  I dragged all the other photos.  What's the deal? 

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Intro step text disappears from published instructables

A few days after publishing an instructable I checked back to find the text from the intro step was missing. There is no way that I deleted the text by accident, as I did not edit the ible between it being fine and the text vanishing. The pictures seem to be unaffected. This first happened after publishing this ible in December and it just happened again with this one today. In both cases I replaced the text, which so far hasn't had any problems. What's going on? I often put important information in the intro step and having it disappear is pretty inconvenient. For anyone else who runs into this problem I was able to find the text using the history tab when editing.

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Not sure if there is an intro forum so I posted here

I posted this in the pro section as well under the "welcome" forum, not really sure where it belongs. . . Hey guys, I just wanted to introduce myself to the community here, and shoot some ideas off of you.  I have been a lurker going on a year now for instructables, and I decided to join when my friend submitted a project.  He did the Pallet Playhouse where he built a playhouse out of used pallet wood.  If you haven't seen if, I would suggest a quick look he did a good job on it! For me, I think I have decided on what I want to do, and I wanted some suggestions from you guys in terms of what I could do for my project.  I want to build a system to connect ski boots to skis and recharge the heaters on the boots via solar power on your skis.  Now, I am not sure of the surface area of solar cells that I would need, the power the boots usually run off of, if it is better to just buy an existing system, or if I should put in some kapton heaters and a control system, and do the board design myself.  I have seen even etching for board designs here, so I could theoretically do this very cheap in terms of monetary cost if I wanted to go that route.  What I am looking for is going through a good cost breakdown analysis, what my budget in time and money is, and what is doable.  I am pretty handy, and will mess with anything I can get my hands on, and I have a fairly high learning IQ so I would be able to replicate most of the instructables here just to give you an idea at what I could do. So here is what my ideas are initially.  Taking an existing boot and battery system, disconnecting the existing battery pack, putting on my own battery system, and using the solar power to top off/charge the batteries. . .or using the solar power to power the batteries.  I still need to see what the power requirement is for existing boots, and what the maximum power output per ski would be if I had solar cells on the ski, what to do with the excess power, if there is any, how to handle the overflow power, waterproofing the system etc, but I think it is doable.  I am unemployed, and I have a business that I am planning, but I am awaiting loan approval from the bank, so I have a few weeks of free time soon.  I was thinking of some cool projects to do, came to the sight and thought of my own.  I figured this would be a great project to learn some stuff about ee, since I am a me by trade.  Anyhow, I love the site, wanted to introduce myself, and if you have any ideas of suggestions, please let me know. Cheers, Michael

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What is a good intro project for learning how to work with LED?

I love light!  I have tons of LED ropes and light sets.  But I want to learn to do some things myself.  I have no experience with LED's at all but would love to learn how to create my own displays.  What would be a good project to start with no previous knowledge?  Thanks

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Why cant i begin my instructables with a title and intro?

I cant even add a title because it says, "There's been a problem updating your Instructable [object Object] error Service Unavailable". How do I fix this?

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Free GFX, Youtube backgrounds, avatars, Youtube intros + More!

Hey guys. I know you havent seen me around here lately and that is mostly due to me losing motivation for knex, which is basically all I did on this site, and decided to give up on it. So anyway, you're probably here because you read the title. Well for a few weeks I will be doing free GFX, YT Background, Avatars and Mor for all you 'Iblers! So anyway, there is a catch :P All you have to do is subscribe to my youtube channel. It only opened a few days ago and I need some subs to at least start off. So all yopu need to do is sub to me on youtube and comment below telling me what you want, and what your youtube username is, so I know its you. PS. If its a YT Background or an YT intro, it wont be amazing (but it will still be good) as alot more work goes into that than lets say, an avatar. My youtube! So anyway thats about it. Hiyadudez, out. The picture below is just something I made for my friend!

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I'm a TA for an Intro to Biology course. Are there any small scale, simple experiments I could do to get them excited?

I'm a TA for an Intro to Biology course. I always make Oobleck to get them excited on the first day. Are there any other small scale, simple experiments I could do to get them excited? Thanks!

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Instructables APP for Android (on Nexus 7) - All I get is the intro pictures.?

Just installed the Instructables App on a Nexus 7.  All I see is the four intro pictures "Explore, Share, Make".  How do get past these and navigate to the site?

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Instructables APP for Android (on Nexus 7) - All I get is the intro pictures.?

This topic was originally posted in "answers: technology" I was asked to post it to this forum as well. Synopsis of problem: I had just installed the Instructables App on a Nexus 7.  But, all I saw was the four intro pictures "Explore, Share, Make".  Could not get past these and navigate to the site. I have the 2nd generation nexus 7 running android v4.4.2. Tried tapping the screen, resizing, sliding, and nothing. It would just move between the above mentioned images. Discovered if i logged into the instructables site via chrome, and selected the app to display everything afterwards, it worked.  Basically, it would not let me do anything if I initiated the app first. Once I got past my initial login via chrome I could return to app to login, navigate, etc. and the app appears to work fine.

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The new editor is playing up again and need some help

Hey guys, The new editor is playing up again, on one of my instructables, The Plasma Speaker, I edited a few steps and after I saved and previewed, all the text on the intro bit disappeared. I did NOT edit the intro. Because I have been away for a long while I don't remember what I put in the intro, and I don't have any PDF's to backup my work. :( Does anyone happen to have a PDF of the plasma speaker that I could use to restore the intro? It will be greatly appreciated! :)

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Cannot View Images in an Instructable

When viewing an Instructable, if an image is shown in an earlier step, you cannot view it in a later step. This Instructable is a perfect example. All the pictures are included in the Intro, and when you click on them in a later step, they won't show up unless you click the picture in the Intro.

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New Editor Header 3 Formatting Bug

I'm writing a new Instructable using the New Editor, and the formatting on my intro page keeps reverting to an incorrect formatting. I start off with one sentence written in normal text formatting followed by a couple of line breaks. Then, I have the word "INTRO" in Header 3 formatting followed by a line break then a line in italicized normal text. After a short while,  the word "INTRO" will change to normal text formatting and the line break will be replaced by a space so that the following italicized normal text line is next to the word "INTRO". I've tried correcting this several times, and it just keeps eventually reverting back to the undesired formatting. I have similar formatting in other parts of my Instructable, but this is the only place I've noticed this change occurring. Before and after pictures are attached.

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The worlds most confusing album?

I have a CD by the artist Styx. The album is called Paradise Theater. Read this confusing puzzle thingy:A.D. 1928 = Rockin the Paradise introA.D. 1928 = The Best of Times introA.D. 1958 = Variation of A.D. 28A.D. 1958 = Outro to Half penny, Two penny.??? Why ???

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Electronics and Microcontroller guide?

Is there a a basic intro to electronics and microcontrollers? I know about the basic components, but no clue about microcontrollers =) Thanks!! Wes

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Cant get to steps

When i click on an istructable, i cant get to any of the steps. only the intro. This is really annoying me and it worked a few weeks ago.

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Entire Step deleted? iPhone/online back and forth creation

Anybody have this come up: I am working on an Instructable, going back and forth working from my iPhone app and online, saving it to always, and I just signed in online and my entire Intro and pictures are just gone. The Intro was saved on my iPhone app, but the other steps are not there so I have a sort of workaround. Is this a known glitch??

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How to you start a collaboration?

My addition to the project been recognized by the other author within the intro text, but I wonder if I can be listed as Co-author.

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I was looking at a couple of older instructables...

Something funky was going on with the intro image notes. See here and here for examples. Is this a glitch? Or did this used to be a feature?

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How do I make an Instructable???

I added my intro, but my computer won't show me the Add Step button. What do I do?

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