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How many instructables can I enter into one contest? Answered

I only know that I can enter more than 1 instructable in 1 contest, but is there a specific limit?  I am also aware that even if I enter more than 1 instructable only 1 of them can win.

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what is an intructables patch? Answered

I was looking around and i realised that when you go on the profile of people u have subscribed to, it has a button that says to send a patch... i was just wondering what that meant

Question by the poodleo    |  last reply

Printing Instructables intructions?

It seems every time I try to print instructions or download in PDF form all that happens is I am ask to sign in.  I'm already signed in.  Anyone have an answer?

Question by lkrn13    |  last reply

Intructable deleted itself

Hey, Recently i made an instructable called Codz30's Guide to Sparkler fun, I published it and was given a link for it asweel, like normal. After a few days i noticed it hadn't been index'd yet and when i checked just today, it wasn't under my published instructables nor my unpublished. I still have all the pictures etc in my library Any ideas?

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i can not publish in instructables

I canot publish  my new project

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Published Intructables Count Is Incorrect

At the time of this posting I should have 19 published instructables but the count shows 9

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why did you make intructables? Answered

Why. what motivated you

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how to cloes my intructables account?

I'm done with the internets. How do I close my account? Cheers!

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Will someone make a nitefinder minimization intructable?

I plan to do a minimization for my nitefinders.

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Login problem on intructables app (ios)

Im having problem "logging in" on instructables app on ios.,I encounter this only with the last app update.,Everytime i tried to login directly on instructables app,i was diverted to safari app in instructables login page.,& tried to login there.,but it fails.,And last night i tried to login using my facebook account,i successfully login but with a different user name and not my instructables pro account.,i tried to report it & email a feedback.,but no reply and not resolve at this moment.,Is there anyone encountering this kind of bug on instructables App?,im looking for a a fix for this after i updated my app.,tried to uninstall,rebbot & reinstall the app yet the problem still exist.,Luckily i login using chrome on instructables webpage & made a topic here.,Hoping someone could assist me on how to fix this.

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H E L P! Password troubles with this site

I have had troubles with password resets. i am ranting about this because your password re-set tool is off. every time i login i have to reset my password because it says my password has been changed. this happens even if i sign out right after i created a new password. this has happened constantly for the past week. i love this site but my tolerance is being cut short. please email me at or at least leave a reply so i know someone even reads these.  if your tech support contact me or lose a few instructables in the making if this isnt fixed soon. ill explain more if i get at least 1 reply from a pro member or an administrator or from tech support. i was using google chrome o/s windows 7 for everyone else with this problem. i fixed it by the help of someone below. sorry cant remember your name. i fixed it wb going to the tool icon drop down menu>history>edit history>delete all browsing information>check mark all boxes> enter>re-login should work =]

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Can we eventually like intructables comments? Answered

Then good comments would be seen more! 

Question by Houdinipeter    |  last reply

How do you become an intructables writer?

Im curious as to how one would submit their own how tos or in my case how to ebook to instructables.

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Is there anyone who knows of a Cold Frames Intructable?

Just looking for various designs and ideas to come up with some for a perma-culture installation i'm in the process of creating. Need something as a starting nursery

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Cannot find my intructable (dog wheelchair)

Hello again, can you help me to fix the filter, I cannot find my link or search to my instructable, how to make a dog wheelchair, thanks so much.

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Translating topics from intructables for my site.

Hi there! is it allowed to copy some topics and translate them into my language and post them in my blog? do i have to provide some reference link or i can translate anything without problems? can i use same pictures as used in the topic?

Topic by dilll1990    |  last reply

What is Bridging?

I'm new to Intructables and new to electronics and i'm curious of what bridging is? lol

Topic by Ziegbod    |  last reply

Someone copied my instructable and taken part in same contest

HelloI submitted my first intructable Make Compact LED Lamp (CLL) from a Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL) on 2nd June 2009. Link to my intructable is also taken part in contest Get The LED Out. Today while I was browsing entries for that contest, I found an entry which is a COPY of my intructable. Link to that instructable is some differences are there in both instructables. That person submitted instructable on 11th June so it indicates it might be a copy of my instructable.I wonder how judges allowed that intructable to enter in contest.What to do now?

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Someone copied my intructable.And taken part in same contest in which I took part.What to do ?

HelloI submitted my first intructable Make Compact LED Lamp (CLL) from a Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL) on 2nd June 2009. Link to my intructable is also taken part in contest Get The LED Out. Today while I was browsing entries for that contest, I found an entry which is a COPY of my intructable. Link to that instructable is some differences are there in both instructables. That person submitted instructable on 11th June so it indicates it might be a copy of my instructable.I wonder how judges allowed that intructable to enter in contest.What to do now?

Question by electrosam    |  last reply

Is anyone catalogging these? Answered

It would be awesome to have all the Intructables in "The Ultimate Do-It-Yourself Handbook"-type thing.

Question by pneu6    |  last reply

Suggesting Contests? Answered

I really want a contest to come up like backyard conversions. Is there a way to suggest that to Intructables?

Question by connoboarder    |  last reply

Pictures will download in pdf

Does anyone know why the picture won't download in the pdf intructions? I am using Safari. Thanks

Topic by dnmonsen    |  last reply

Wanted intructable - "Convert an Aquarium Air Pump into a Vacuum Pump"

Hey all - Wanted intructable: "Convert an Aquarium Air Pump into a Vacuum Pump" I know this is pretty simple - probably... as well to add to that a mod... "Convert a Aquarium Air Pump into an Adjustable Vacuum Pump" I'm trying to build something else and would like to see how this is done - i have one shot at one Aquarium air pump and don't want to mess it up. Plus i'd like to know how to regulate the vacuum  - make it with adjustable vacuum pressure if possible - if i even really need to or at least regulate the vacuum pressure so it is not too much if it is after built. I'm sure i could do a google and find all the parts - thinik tank it out and build it... but if you know already how to do it - makes things a tad easier for me. The instrucable even easier to avoid mistakes. thanx - chase -

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My intructable isn't showing up in the contest, how can it get votes if it's not posted?

Please check out my instructable on customizing your own guitar. I put my instructable in before the deadline. Why isn't it showing up? Seams like if you can't get them out there then you should have a day between entry deadline and voting. Maybe it'll be in there today?

Topic by Vintiquities    |  last reply

Are Instructables advertisments random ?

I always thought it would be awesome to see one of my Intructables  at the home page. Are these chosen by ratings or added by the creators ?

Question by Quest for Questions    |  last reply

Notes on Instructable Photos

When there are notes within a photo of an instrucable, if the note box is too close to the bottom of the picture, it is covered up by the intructions or other parts of the instructable.

Topic by tdc2202    |  last reply

Cant see my projects on firefox

 When i  sign in to intructables  and click on my projects it goes to the main sign in page like i never signed in....

Topic by coolbeansbaby68    |  last reply

Amazon $1000 gift card wtf!

Why am i getting a scam amazon pop up every time i open the intructables web site?

Question by Donutlou    |  last reply

Defence Mechanism

This is a simple structure that goes across your door and if some one walks threw the wire(fishing line)it lainches at that person. There are 2 guns that shoot on on each tower.!@#$%$%& check out my other knex intructibles &%$%$#@!

Topic by RunningBrave    |  last reply

3d printing contests?

Hey I have always wanted a 3d printing contest to show off some of my things that im making( have not made intructable for them yet but im planning on it)

Question by connorm1440    |  last reply

Save button not working

It won't let me save a Photos instructable, and it will not lets me upload pictures in the instructable uploader, I have to upload via my library. This means I cannot publish, please help!

Topic by TheFoofinator    |  last reply

Website help

Does anyone get logged out of intructables everyone once in a while? I don't mean while you're on it, but like when you go to open it, you have to log in again. Well it does that to me, not all the time tho.

Topic by Mr.Devious    |  last reply

Indent and link not working properly

I am using Internet explorer and while working on my intructable I could not use the indent or the link buttons in either the old or new uploader. Thanks for all your hard work! sunshine

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Is it just me or does anyone else find this in bad taste for instructables to post? IMO it should not be allowed and find it crazy that intructables would post this to the G+ communities.. This is just My Opinion and wondered if anyone else thought the same thing..

Topic by DELETED_fahqinstructables    |  last reply

Hey im new :)

Hey im new guys :), im intrested in rubberband stuff, so...yeah. Does anyone have an rubberband gun intructable? not a lego rubberband gun, one made from wood, a repeater rubberband gun weith a cog n stuff. Well that all :)

Topic by QueroAlpha    |  last reply

Member page buttons just refresh the page.

For some reason, all of the buttons just refresh the page. The "next" button to view more more intructables refreshes the page, as well as all the other buttons on the page. Anyone else seeing this?

Topic by kcls  

Virus on Instructables!

There is an instructable that will install a virus when you click to open it!  It is titled "How to get a free Itunes account (without using a credit card).  Written by Efrum.  Do not click on this intructable!! ****Please post all new virus reports on the new official virus problem topic here!****

Topic by wkumtrider    |  last reply

INSTRUCTABLE not showing up?

My intructable was puplished 6 hours ago and is not on the homepage under recent tab but i have received views from my followers what do i do should i wiat anylonger or report it to instructa?

Question by Tom Howbridge    |  last reply

New Instructable Added, New Members

New Instructable posted on making rubber stamps. Working on intructables on the following projects, Cuerda Seca Tiles, Colored clay vase, Ceramics Basic projects. New members, I am trying to add you, but my member manger has a bug. Will keep trying, thanks for your patience. Candy

Topic by CandylandCeramics  

simple blinking LED switch?

I know little about how to make circuts and the like, so I come to intructables, wondering how to make something like this: You flip an on/off switch, and in stead of having the LED just stay constantly on, it starts to go on and off about once a second.(Half a second on, half a second off) If that made any scene, please answe

Topic by Bradley1000  

how to make a small vibrator turn with music

Hellow everyone im very much interested in making a small phone vibrator motror turn with most of you will be aware of the adult vibrators that can be connected to ipods and it will vibrate with music beat.i have tried connecting the audio jack lines to a motor but the power isnt that good to turn the motor any ideas or intructables is highly appreciated regards kalaminja

Topic by kalaminja    |  last reply

Can't view pictures. :( Answered

Can't view all pictures. I mean i can't switch between the pictures that below the intructions, when i click on their thumbnails nothing happens. It worked fine before and then it just stopped working. Only happens when im logged in, but if im not logged in it tell me to log in instead of switching pictures. I tried using different browsers but all have the same problem. Does anybody know what might be the problem?

Question by utk4    |  last reply

When making instructables, if you have more than 10 steps what happens to the remaining steps?

 I just published an instructable which had 11 steps.  The 11 show at the top, but when looking at the steps down the page, only 10 show.  Did i do something wrong? is there a limit? or is there just something up and I don't understand what it is?  Thanks!

Question by barefootbohemian    |  last reply

Why is my published ible not appearing?

I published an Intructable several days ago but it's only visible via my personal page - not in the "Technology" or "Electronics" categories which I chose. (I realise this question has been asked here before but all the topics are years old.)Have I tripped the filters or has it fallen through the cracks?The title is "Oscilloscope in a Matchbox" but it's not found by a search for "Oscilloscope"..All the best,Peter

Question by Peter Balch    |  last reply

Scrollbar text boxes

I have just started making a few Arduino Instructables and am wondering how I can put the scrollbar text boxes like at Step 15: Program of this Intructable I do not have Pro membership. Also is there any way to post formatted Arduino code within the Instructables. Hopefully someone might be able to help me with these questions, thanks Pedro.

Topic by pedro147