IO Error

     I recently went to upload some images and every time I tried to upload it said "IO Error". What does that mean? How come I can't upload? And how do I fix it? I am currently using a Windows 7 PC and I do have a HP printer hooked up if that helps any? I appreciate the help. Thank you.     KneXtreme

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iOS App

I don know about everybody else but i strongly beleive that Instructables should creat an app for the iOS platform. I have been on instructables for a couple years now and love it, but i cant always access it because of blocks on my schools wifi. I would even purchase an app if instructables made it. I know others would too.

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IOS 10.0.2

Hi I received IOS 10.0.2 overnight for my iPhone 6.  I notice when using my mobile to share an instructable via email, the message window opens and I hit 'Send'.  However the window stays open, and acts as though no button has been pressed.  I hit send a few more times, with nothing happening, then tried to cancel.  I saved my message as draft, but the window remained open.  I then chose to delete the message...and the window stayed open.  The only way out of this window was to kill the app. I then had a bunch of messages arrive in my destination all of the messages were correctly sent. It seems that the app needs an update to close the message window once an action (send, save as draft or cancel) is pressed. Regards Shane

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IOS and Instructables

Hey was up guys, I know this may be too much to ask but.... CAN THERE BE AN INSTRUCTABLES APP?????? So many times I have wanted to make an instructable on my iPad or iPod, but I can't because firstly you can't choose the files (like photos, videos and links) and secondly when you go on the instructables website on iPod or iPhone, the text is either zoomed in or out so u cant read it. If you were to make one it would be a whole lot easier and there would be a lot more instructables being made. Just think about it, if u just brain stormed and wanted to make an instructables, you can easily start one and you can then either choose photo, video or take photo, video. This would be a bunch helpful. If you cant do it then that's fine, but if u were to do it, I would buy it for how ever much it would be. Thanks

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Is there an "Blob" game that someone can actually enjoy playing online?

I recently thought it would be fun to try some of the blob games like Agar.Io or Nebulous. But of course once you got tired to play against stupid CPU opponents it is time to battle some real people. Well at least that was my initial thought. Funny thing is that when the game starts you have people who, within seconds gain at least 5 times your size making it impossible to gain anything. The term unfair comes to mind quite quickly, even more so if you enter games that go on forever - you start as nothing and the entire screen is already covered by blobs thausands of times bigger than you. After two weeks I am now removing these uselss games and at least won't be bothered with useless ads after every game I lost as it gets annoying too. So the big question: Is there actually some online dot game with a chance to play for more than 30 seconds until being eaten?

Question by Downunder35m 

Does anyone know if an IO-bridge module is a microcontroller, or just a bridge to the internet?

Would you need an additional microcontroller, such as an arduino, or could you control servos and lights directly from the IO-Bridge module?

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November 2014 Build Night with

#BUILDNIGHT NOVEMBER BUILD NIGHT We are partnering with, who make a development kit for amazing connected products, for our November 2014 build night. Check out some of the amazing projects created with the Spark Core here. Sign up to participate in the build night and we will ship you a package that includes: (10) Spark Cores (10) Spark Buttons: a new shield for Spark with LEDs, 4-way clicking like a game controller, acceleration and temperature sensing. See photo of the new board below! (2) Maker Kits 30 SPACES AVAILABLE Deadline to sign up: Wednesday, October 8. Accepted spaces will be notified by Thursday, October 9. Read our FAQ to learn more about the Build Night program rules and how to make the most out of this event for your space. HOW TO PARTICIPATE Host a Build Night: pick a time in November to host a project build night using the Spark Cores and Spark Buttons. You can host multiple build nights during November to work on your projects. Post 2 Instructables: post 2 Instructables using the Spark Cores and Spark Buttons. Not posting these Instructables will affect your chances to participate in future build nights. Brownie Points (not required): after the build night post a forum topic on Instructables about your event. Include pictures, stories, etc... Here are two examples from past build nights: Noisebridge and Makers Local 256. We may even feature your photos on the homepage. REWARDS: If your submitted Instructable for this event gets featured by one of our editors we will send you an Instructables Prize Pack which includes: Instructables t-shirt, stickers, and patches!! This forum post has guideline for posting a feature worthy project. Be sure to let people at your event know so they can win a prize pack! Limit 3 per space - first projects submitted with have priority. RESOURCES Spark Tinker App Instructables App (for documentation during the build night): iOS and Android JOIN US ON SOCIAL Twitter: @Instructables, @spark_io Instagram: @Instructables Tag your posts: #BUILDNIGHT #INSTRUCTABLES SIGN UP: Fill out this form

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IOS App?? explore Crash

Hate to beat a dead horse but, can we at least fix the IOS app to make it usable? If you don't know what I'm talking about download app and tap on explore. You only have to try it two or three times before you delete app. Seems to me many potential contributors to the DIY community will move on after discovering that such a great database is impossible to explore...wait where did it go? There it is...expl..whoops..screw it. 

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iOS app redirects login

I can't sign into the Instructables Apple iOS app from my iPad, with my account credentials.  Each time I click on anything to do with account, login, or settings, it redirects and opens the Instructables site in the browser. After I enter the account info into the browser and log in, I am still not logged into the app. Repeatedly I have tried different methods of connects, but still have this issue.  Has anyone else had this issue, found a work-a-round, or knows what the problem is? 

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Is there an IOS app similar to sketchup?

I'm looking for an app to draw out plans for woodworking projects in 3D. Similar to sketchup, need to create to scale with measurements and be able to accurately align and position elements. Any help much appreciated thanks.

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Instructables iOS App Released!

The Instructables iOS app was just released in Apple's iTunes Store.  You can also find it by searching for "" within the app store.  The free app helps you find inspiration by browsing all the Instructables, and then share your projects by creating and authoring your own Instructables.  All from your phone, you can take pictures, organize your pictures into steps, add more information, publish, and enter contests.  You can even start an Instructable on your phone, save it to your Instructables account, and finish it on your computer.   The best camera is the one that's already in your pocket, and we're really happy that the best way to document and share your projects is now there too!   We also have an Android version that we're currently testing.      Download it and let us know how you like it.  

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is it possible to downgrade a ipad2 wifi only running ios 5.0 to ios 4.3.3? Answered

hello all i have a conundrum i have recently purchased a ipad 2 wifi only version that came with ios 5.0 (non beta) i wish to downgrade it to ios 4.3.3 for jailbreaking ect. i have tried using the tiny umbrella program and have modified my hosts file numerous times but have received error code messages 3194, 2005 and 20 i am running a windows 7 operating system and would really like help doing this as a incentive i will give whoever answers the best a custom patch and my undying gratitude thank you fidgety2

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App update for IOS 11? When?

When is there going to be a new app update. This is how I logon to view projects?Alvench

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Dr Fone android use for iOS??

Hi, I'd like to know if Wondershare Dr.Fone for android can be used for iOS devices, and vice versa. I don't know if anyone would actually be able to answer this, but if you can it would be helpful.  Thanks in advance  super_me

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iOS does not upload the new instructable

1. What Operating system the device iOS 10.3 ipad & iphone 2. Browser information including version number, if you're using the mobile app include app version number. App version 2.64.5 5. steps to reproduce, Write a draft, save to instructables. Results in  "Error ! Please use an allowed HTTP method!"

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Need ideas for iOS game creation

Hey everyone I really need your help with a winner iOS game idea! i have made many games in the past but ended up scrapping those ideas because they just weren't good enough and wouldn't make any money. I create 2d platformers or RPGs, at the moment I can't make 3d games. But if you could help me with game ideas that would be very helpful and appreciated, I would also leave your names in the credits of the game thanks.

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iOS controlled arduino guitar pedal

Hi everyone !  I was looking to make an iOS controlled guitar pedal (using and arduino uno !).  First a very simple one, like an overdrive or a distortion, and later something more complex ! Who could help me ? I managed to create the overdrive with this instructable and the distortion with this one I don't know how to use one of those pedals and to connect it to an arduino uno and then to be able to change the settings (like being able to change what we can change with the buttons of the pedal) with a very simple iphone app (through wifi or bluetooth, probably with an arduino shield) If anyone could give me a lead ...  Thanks for taking the time to read me and for your help !  Merry Christmas ! 

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Can't get to You page on iOS

When browsing from mobile Safari on both iPhone and iPad, when you touch the You drop-down and try to select one of the options there, the menu just vanishes, and you end up somewhere else (like the Tech Shop), in my case. I tried multiple times. Very frustrating. This is why I was unable to redeem my Pro code on a mobile device.

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Login problem on intructables app (ios)

Im having problem "logging in" on instructables app on ios.,I encounter this only with the last app update.,Everytime i tried to login directly on instructables app,i was diverted to safari app in instructables login page.,& tried to login there.,but it fails.,And last night i tried to login using my facebook account,i successfully login but with a different user name and not my instructables pro account.,i tried to report it & email a feedback.,but no reply and not resolve at this moment.,Is there anyone encountering this kind of bug on instructables App?,im looking for a a fix for this after i updated my app.,tried to uninstall,rebbot & reinstall the app yet the problem still exist.,Luckily i login using chrome on instructables webpage & made a topic here.,Hoping someone could assist me on how to fix this.

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Instructables iOS App Crash on me!

Hi, I started working on an instructables on my instructables on my iPod Touch 4, from Febuary until almost the end of March. My instructable was almost done, just one more step to go. Every step has a lot of photos that was taken with my iPod Touch. Last time I worked on it was when I tried to save the instructable on to my device, and it seem like it did not save to the device properly. I did turn off the iPod and turn it on, since then I was not able to open instructable app. any more. What I ment was I can touch the instructable app., the app. start and loading some stuff, but after a while it crashed! See the attached videos. The first one, after I open up the app. I did not even do anything It crashed. The second one I open up the app. then try to touch the share icon, it then crashed! I don't know what to do right now.  The worse thing was I did not have the backup of the instructables. And I did not save it to my instructables page either!(my bad, I should have done so, I thought it was only one last step left to do and would post it as soon as it done! I guess Murphy's Law just hit me!) I thought about delete the app on my iPod, then download and install a new one from app store. But I afraid that I would lose my instructable that I was working on on the iPod! May be I already did! Or if I have to wait until the new update is available, to see if it works and be able to access to my instructable?????

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Native iOS and Android App Retirement

Hello Community! In an ongoing effort to make sure that Instructables is able to focus its product development efforts where they count most for existing an new authors, we are officially retiring our native iOS and Android apps. Note that this does not affect mobile web. I expect continued investment in mobile technologies for years to come, but we will focus on the experience of people using Instructables through their mobile web browsers, rather than through downloaded apps. For those keeping score, this isn't exactly news. We have not released new versions of either app in over two years, and they have become steadily buggier and buggier during that time due primarily to changes in their respective environments. Android 2 and iOS 5 were current when we released them originally, and Android 7 and iOS 10 are very different beasts. Simply keeping up -- even without adding anything new or fixing any bugs -- requires a constant investment of development time from Instructables, and prevents that time from going to projects with greater impact. The original purposes for the apps were: 1) To lower the bar to Instructables authorship by providing direct access to upload photos taken on smart phones 2) To improve the browsing experience by making it faster Since they were released, mobile technologies have progressed to the point that #1 is no longer a concern. Our mobile web editor already has full support for uploading images directly from your phone. #2 is also coming into striking distance soon, as browser manufacturers begin to standardize their implementation of offline content for mobile web sites, sometimes referred to collectively as "progressive web apps". We'll be watching these technologies closely, and we'll be among the first to speed up your browsing experience with offline components when cross-browser solutions become available. We have already developed (and will continue to expand on) Accelerated Mobile Pages, which mean we display nearly instantaneously when you tap an AMP result on mobile from Google. You can identify these pages via a lightning bolt in mobile search results: In short, the reasons that we developed the native apps no longer apply, and we're dropping support for them in favor of putting those energies where they are able to have greater impact for the community: Mobile Web. The apps will soon be removed from sale from their respective download stores. For existing users who have downloaded these apps and are using them currently: feel free to continue doing so, though we would urge you to upload your Instructable Drafts to the website as soon as possible. While we don't expect the editing process to break, no support is available should you experience issues in the future. You can also use the apps to browse Instructables, though I believe there are already some issues that have started adding friction to this experience. Thanks, all, for your continued support of our vibrant community! ~Devs

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Send audio with arduino through bluetooth to an IOS and save it in the App.

I have an arduino board and I need to capture audio with a mic, send it through bluetooth BLE and receive it in an IOS App to save it in the iphone or Ipad.

Topic by FreddyA17 

iOS App: Explore Drop Down crashes app

IOS 9.3 ipad air instructables app when I attempt to use the explore drop down on the main screen, the app crashes. thanks

Topic by Marcos El Malo 

how do upgrade the ios on the first gen ipod touch?

I have the first gen ipod and was wondering how can i upgrade the ios so that i can play more games

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iPod Touch 3G updated to the iOS 5 Beta 1 Touch Screen Won't work? Answered

I have upgraded my iPod to the iOS 5 Beta 1 and for the first day it was fine until the touchscreen stopped working.  Should  I downgrade?

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How can I enroll in the iOS Developer Program without a credit card or a bank account?

I currently have the ability to buy a prepaid debit card and I have a PayPal account.  Any help/ideas?

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iOS 9 makes the whole user interface zoom in. Any suggestions?

I have an iPod touch 5g and after I upgraded it to iOS 9 it has been buggy and frezes all the time. Among the newest and most annoying bugs is this zoom thing. I read many online articles abouta similar bug for iPhone up graders from 5c or 5s users, and one of them said it zoomed in 1%. I have considered downgrading to iOS 8 since I can no longer update the software. I like iOS 9 so if there are ANY suggestions or fixes, PLEASE tell me! Also, is jailbreaking an option? thank you :)

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Can anyone help me jailbreak my ipone 4s? it's running ios 9.3.1

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Instructables Classes on iPad? iOS App Removed?

I've enrolled for a class and wanted to view it on my iPad (my preferred method for viewing video content). However, following any class link off the main site shows only a blank page. I went to the App store hoping to download the Instructables App I'd read about, but that seems to have been removed from the iOS store (at least in the US).  Is it impossible to use Instructable classes on the iPad? I'm on an iPad Air 2.

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123D Design for iOS update out now!

What's new: * Color! Set colors for your design. Defined colors will appear when the model is opened in 123D Design web and desktop tools. * Dimensions. Tap on an object to display its measurements. *Create image snapshots of your design that you can email, share, or save to your image library. * Contextual menus appear with a long press on parts or on the canvas. * Insert parts by dragging and dropping to the canvas, or double tap a part to drop it at the origin. * Lock or unlock objects in the workspace. * UI improvements and bug fixes.;=8

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Instructables android (ios) app - improvement ideas

I'm making this topic in order to make people come forward with their ideas for improving the instructables android and ios app. So if you have any ideas for improving the app functionality, overall space requirements, app features or anything else please come forward. As a start I would like to name a few features: - I would really like a "clear cache" button and an option to cache to a SD card; - I have no idea if this is done, immediate project updates between the app and online profile of the user that is logged in; - immediate comment updates when someone comments on a project and all relevant project updates (e.g. when a project is featured), also definable by the user; - a popup that comes up when you press back button on the main screen stating "press again to exit". That is all from me now. I'll be back with more ideas (I think). Join and let's make the app much more user friendly and customizable.

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instructables iOS Crashing on me! (Part 2)

Nine days ago, I posted on this forum about the instrucatbles App. that crashed while I was working on my iPod Touch 4, here. I decided to erase the instructables app. from my iPod Touch 4. Then download the new one from app store. And I tried to edit my instructables "A Journey of Palm Arduino Kit", (The same instructable that I had the problem on my iPod which I recreated on my PC). that I saved in my instructable page. I was able to edit  other instructable that I created earlier. (See Video) But when I tried to load and edit the "A Journey of Palm Arduino" it crashed, as appeared on the video. So I just want to let you know that the problem still exist, even though, I used a newly download instructables app. I was not sure that it was the content of my instructables or there was a bug in the app?

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How do you have 5 UIViews in one NIB file in the iOS SDK 4.3?

I have tried numerous ways, but have had no luck.  Any advice for an iOS developer n00b?

Question by drmjj55 

Browsing by categories crash

When I open the app on my iPad (iOS 10.0.1) the app just crashes to the home screen. This goes for pressing both the top menu and the drop down menu. My app version is the newest version (2.64.5)

Topic by GuestPolis 

Adding a LINK on Instructables and comment section via PC & iOS

I'm still having trouble adding a Link on instructables,Any help would be highly appreciated..Im using Chrome on Windows 7 PC.,and if ever putting a link on Instructables via iOS App would be great..

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need shsh blobs for ios 6.1.2 for ipod touch 4g?

I accidentally updated to ios 6.1.3 on my ipod touch 4g and I need to downgrade my firmware to 6.1.2 to jailbreak. I downloaded the 6.1.2 shsh blob from cydia but ifaith says that it is invalid. the only valid shsh blob I have is for 6.1.3. I have read many articles of how to downgrade but I have never saved shsh blobs before because i never knew about them. Can someone give me a direct link to download some or give me advice as how to get valid ones? thanks.

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Apple Touch Icon

Could you include an Apple Touch Icon on the website? I know Instructables doesn't have an iOS app. Primary reason being that you want to focus on the website. I fully support that. I would like to add a shortcut to Instructables (my feed) on my iOS devices and I would like the bookmark to have a proper (Apple Touch) icon. Just because it looks nice and I think it would support Instructables' web app approach. Thanks.

Topic by pietervankessel 

Will jailbreaking my ipod touch allow me to get apps that need a higher iOS to run? Answered

Hi, I have a second gen ipod touch. Latley I have not been able to download any new apps because it says I require a greater iOS. I am not going to buy a new ipod that I payed good money for just because apple want people to spend more money on a new devise as part of there marketing scheme. Anyway, my question is that if I jailbreak my ipod is there a way I can install new apps? Or is there another way of installing a greater iOS on my second gen ipod? Thanks, David.

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Can't Sign-In Using My iPad Air in Mobile Safari

The iOS Instructables app directs me to the sign-in page in mobile Safari to sign-in, but the page won't recognize my taps to enter username and password.  I'm using iOS 9.3.

Topic by hartpete 

How do I login to the Instructables iOS app if I used my Facebook ID to create my original account?

There's no Facebook login option in the mobile app.  And when I try to enter my Instructables user name and my Facebook password to login, it just says "Sorry, we can't find that account, or your password didn't match.  Please try again!" What am I doing wrong?

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Multiple Arduino Uno I/O ports driving relay Answered

Understand that the Arduino Uno can output a maximum of 40mA each from its IO port. I used 2 IO ports each (4 in total for switching) to drive a 80mA relay. In this case, the Arduino Uno is powered by USB, which draws up to 500mA. It worked and it was left to switch for a few minutes on pulsed 10 seconds interval. However, the Uno board heats up to around 50-55 degrees centigrade. Will this damage the board?

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Unable to Update Settings

I'm using Mobile Safari, iOS 9.3 on an IPad Air. I've tried other browsers. iCab Mobile DOES WORK, so I was able to change my password after a password reset. i don't see anywhere in the iOS app to change settings, either. Thanks

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What happened to the mobile app?

It no longer will sign in, and isn't in the appstore. What happened?

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What programming tools are needed for an Arduino + Android (+iOS) project?

I'm starting a project where I interface arduino board with some other (environmental) sensors as a standalone hardware. But I'd like to report the sensor readings to a smartphone client through a webapp. Also would like to control the arduino hardware remotely from the smartphone clients (app). I know I have a lot to learn so I don't what to waste time on irrelevants. What programming tools do I need to learn (backend and frontend) to do this project? The client-side (iOS, Android) app only receives reports and do not use any phone hardware features. So I'm not sure if Java would be required. I currently program in Python + web dev using HTML + CSS.

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New Commenting Bug

Did the change to comments affect commenting on Apple devices? I have both an Ipad mini and an Iphone 5 on ios 7 that have trouble commenting. When I leave a comment, the grey pop-up appears and says "missing comment text," even when I in fact did type something. The only ways I can comment now are through my "discussions" page and the ios app, which doesn't let me reply, either. I will repost this in the "bugs" forum as well. This comment was typed from my Ipod touch that runs ios 6.1.5 and still can reply. But the change is good in part, I used it to italicize words in this comment. :)

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how to increase i/o pins in arduino

I am working with an ethernet shield project. i need more i/o pins for my project.  My need may increase upto 1000s too. using one ethernet shield connected to a single arduino board has only 14 io pins. using MUX will not be use ful for my project. Please help me with solution for this.

Question by ananth raj   |  last reply