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iPod Touch

How do you jail break the ipod touch 4th gen? (newest one). And what exactly does jailbreaking do? please answer. thanks

Topic by stevenh429  

ipod touch

Can any one make honus's solar ipod charger make a new one because his was bad

Topic by Sean_Voodoo  

ipod touch

If anyone wants to trade i have 50 dollars worth of itune cards if anyone wants to trade add me if you do :):):):):):):):):):)

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iPod video to iPod touch

Hi.Hello.Hey.What's up?Anyways, has anybody seen that hack for the iPod video?It changes everything up, and it has an iPod Touch theme, except no touch screen and stuff.It's on YouTube and stuff, but I don't know how to do it.I saw it on craigslist...-Click.-

Topic by GorillazMiko    |  last reply

Ipod/ Ipod Touch Games

List your best, paid Ipod Touch games here! (I have A lot) Mine are: Super Monkey Ball Supermonkey ball 2 Jellycar Jellycar2 Tap Tap Revenge (1,2,and 3. Riddim Ribbon Rolando Rolando 2 Streetball Lightbike Shrek Karting IShoot Cooking Mama Monopoly: World Edition Madden 2010 Top Gun Let's Golf The Sims 3, World Adventures 2XL Supercross Peggle Angry Birds Pocket God Bloons TD MX Mayhem Monster Trucks Nitro Wheel of Fortune Topple Topple 2 Pac Man Remix Paper Toss World Tour Moron Test

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ipod touch or ipod nano?

I am going to buy a new ipod because my ipod broke last week. I dont use apps all that much but i do sometimes. I like how you can use the nano as a watch too. Should i get the ipod nano and maybe carry around a computer or psp Or  pay extra and get a bigger device?

Question by connoboarder  

Ipod touch for droid

Would you guys consider a ipod touch for a droid a good deal. The ipod has a 40$ case and is a 8gb.

Topic by silentassasin21    |  last reply

ipod touch authorisation?

So my friend gave me this ipod touch with all his stuff on it but he left to go to america nd im in australia but i rly want to get his apps off onto my comp but when i sync it it sais that the following apps need authorisation. does anyone know how i can get authorisationwhen i cant access my friend?

Question by knexcthulu    |  last reply

Ipod touch 5

So all the talk and youtube videos are making apples ipod touch 5 look amazing. With 5 color choices, a-5 chip, siri, better battery, better cameras, and so much more it is got to be great. So i say all that to ask when it comes out "Will you buy it".

Topic by ThePregergater    |  last reply

ipod touch tricks

I think you got it.

Question by vee-man.mol    |  last reply

Broken iPod Touch

I have a 4th Gen iPod with a cracked screen (corner) and it's lock button isn't working. The iPod can still be used and does turn on. I would like to see if anyone would be willing to buy it. I may be able to post an image.

Topic by brokenipod4thgen    |  last reply

iPod touch glitch Answered

Hi, I was wondring what is wrong with a ipod touch 4g that suffered minor impact trama (no cracks on lcd or screen). When you press the lock button, the screen turns on, but it has a lot of white thin lines going down it and the picture looks distorted. You can unlock it, but it still has the lines and the screen is still distorted. Can you tell me the physical problem and solution please?

Question by jbaker22    |  last reply

Jailbreaking iPod Touch 4G ?

Is there a method for jailbreaking an iPod Touch 4G that will NOT leave an iPod unable to update via iTunes?

Question by RogerP44    |  last reply

Wanting a Broken iPod Touch?

Hiya, I'm looking for any broken 3rd or 4th gen iPod Touches.  I'm only in need of two, as I'm trying to learn to repair electronics.  They can have almost any issue. Thanks

Topic by Corrytonapple    |  last reply

iPod touch mount for tripod?

 Looking to mount a new Apple touch on a camera mounting bracket. So ... no gooseneck extention -just a sinple right angle bracket of some sort. I might be over-thinking this - but thanks for your assistance!

Question by clintbradford    |  last reply

Help with iPod Touch Storage?

I have an iPod Touch(4th gen, 8GB) and I've noticed a few discrepancies in the storage. When I add up the space taken up by my 'stuff'(apps, music, etc) I get about 1.6 GB, but the thing on the iPod say I've taken up 3.4 GB. Is this normal, and if not, what can I do about it?

Question by black hole    |  last reply

Shortcut issues on iPod Touch

I'm using new iPod Touch to browse the site (yay, Kitewife!), and I've discovered that the "shortcuts" tab doesn't work properly.  As soon as I tap the tab, the drop-down menu appears, but before I can select an option, the page jumps directly to the page for customising that same drop-down menu. This isn't a bug, as such, but it does reduce the functionality of the site on mobile devices, a that's a huge slice of the audience these days, on quite probably a disproportionate slice of the "first visitor" market. (I don't know if this is an issue on non-Apple devices, maybe somebody could check and add a comment?)

Topic by Kiteman    |  last reply

Is the ipod touch worth the cost? Answered

I'm trying to do everything I can to get money for one and I was wondering if it's worth the time.

Question by fireblast_1212    |  last reply

iPod Touch 3.1.3 jailbreak!!!?

Hi. My jailbroken iPod Touch recently went into recovery mode and I had to restore it to 3.1.3:( Is there a jailbrake for it????????????? (its a 8gig 1st gen)

Question by chrizw123    |  last reply

IPod touch and iPhone games?

Question by chrizw123    |  last reply

IPod touch to external monitor?

I'm building an all inclusive ipod touch case, including solar panels, external speaker, stylus, rechargeable battery, etc. However,  I was looking at an 8 by 4 inch monitor that would enable me to at the very least watch videos on it. I'm sure it's possible, because the touch has cables capable of taking its 30 pin signal and converting it to rca for connection to a standard tv. The real question then I guess would be, is there any chance of me being able to hook it up to a touchscreen one and/or be able to have it display the springboard instead of just dedicated video out signals. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

Question by ShiesTech    |  last reply

iPod Touch Rail Mount

Hey!I got a Roland V-Drum kit last year and there's an aux input for mp3 players. I use it with my iPod touch to play along with songs.My problem is, I rest my iPod on the control module and not only does this then block half the controls, but it sometimes falls off with furious drumming.So I though to myself, I wonder if I can buy a rail mount so I can have a cradel attatched to the stand. I knew you could buy motorbike iPod cradels, but all of these weren't wide enough to accomidate the 35-40mm diameter of the stand. So I thought about making one.But I can't come up with any ideas.The stand I have is this: the drums though... I wish)The rail mounts I have been looking at are like this:;=21Any ideas guys?

Topic by Tibboh  

The jailbroken iPod touch question

Does an iPod touch have to be jailbroken to have Cydia installed in it? If you respond, I will tell you why I am asking this question. If you do respond, actually answer the question or ask me a question or leave a comment that actually has to do with this question. Thank you for your answers. (I know that is an iPhone in the picture, but that doesnt matter)

Question by account3r2    |  last reply

Amiga games for Ipod Touch?

Helo everyone, I am glad to have found this community.Is there anyone that have developed or knows where to find an app for Ipod touch with the games of the old amiga? Games like locomotion,gals panic etc I loved those games! thanks

Topic by debbjeFromYoutube    |  last reply

Error "the ipod "ipod can not be upgraded because an internal error occured"?

Well as stated above I get an error whenever I try to upgrade my fourth gen ipod touch, I have tried with too computers both running itunes 10.5. Help?

Question by ElvenChild    |  last reply

Looking for BROKEN Ipods

Hey im looking for some broken ipods preferably nano or classic any gen I am working on my ipod repair skills as well as how to make cool/funky jewlery out of parts that are too far gone (fried/wet motherboards, shattered LED's ect"  Id like to get them for free if possible. Ill pay for shipping and throw in 5$ or something for your trouble. If its in pretty good condition ill pay a bit more for it. Im a college kid just trying to build up some repair skills before classes start in the fall so please not redic numbers price wise please? iv got to feed myself too.  :)

Topic by Jberts01  

Does the ipod touch have a mic? Answered

If not, can you use the mic on the headphones that have a mic on them?

Question by JellyWoo    |  last reply

Is It Worth it to jailbreak my ipod touch? Answered

 I want to know if i should jailbreak my ipod touch, i have version 3.1.2. If one of you guys think it's worth it can you send me a link to a video or a tutorial on how to do it? Thanks. 

Question by Seleziona    |  last reply

Ipod touch or Nano second gen.? Answered

I have a perfectly good ipod nano 2nd generation but my brother is getting an iphone and wants to sell me his ipod touch for 50 dollars. Is it a good enough deal?

Question by Wafflicious    |  last reply

my ipod touch wont turn on

My ipod touch wont turn onto a working stage it will open to the apple when it goes reall bright then after it goes darker it just turns off again so i cant conect it to itunes because it isnt running and i have also triesd wake and home button and like every combination if you can help thanks

Question by billbobaggens    |  last reply

My ipod touch won't restore...

I PHONED APPLE AND MY IPOD IS BROKEN! I HAVE TO PAY $200 TO GET IT FIXED! Well, I was trying to fix my syncing problems, so i put it into recovery mode, and hooked it up to the computer. I pressed restore, and I thought it was going to work until it said "preparing ipod to restore" or something like that. And then an unknown error occurred, error 1611. I tried restarting the computer, and i reinstalled iTunes. Nothing is happening or changing. Help please!

Question by Seleziona    |  last reply

Good iPod touch/iPhone games???

Hi!! I need some advice on what iphone games i should get:):):):) Price isnt an issue;P

Question by chrizw123    |  last reply

is it posible to put dvds on an ipod touch?

I have some videos i want on my ipod touch and was woundering.

Question by bluegorrilla    |  last reply

How to Find your iPod touch? Answered

A friend of mine lost his iPod. He never put a tracker on it. Is there a way to track it? Wil a store give the ip address? 

Question by jbaker22    |  last reply

Troubleshoot iPod Touch 4th gen?

The music that I download from my computer and iTunes to my iPod disappers from my iPod when I connect it to the  computer. Is there a way to keep that from happening?

Question by 1KingDavid    |  last reply

Is is possible to Un-Jailbreak an iPod Touch?

If I ever get an iPod Touch, I may want to Jailbreak it, and I want to know if the Jailbreaking process is reversible at all.

Question by Foaly7    |  last reply

My ipod touch won't turn on.

I was making an ipod charger instructable, it used 4 AA's. I tested it out and now my ipod wont turn on. I tried every combination of wires, because they had weird colors. I read an ipod takes 12 volts, and has a voltage regulator, did i fry something else?

Question by XOIIO    |  last reply

my ipod touch wont turn on?

My jailbroken ipod touch wont turn on!!! i downloaded an app from cydia and restarted my console to try it out and would not turn on.ive tried charging it to which wont work.please help me!!!

Question by kalebbean    |  last reply

Geeky ipod touch 4g case? Answered

I might get an ipod touch 4g soon, and being the scratch-hater that I am, am looking for possible cases. I know I can get a reasonable case for 5$ on the internet, but im looking for something really awesome. Has anyone found/know of any ipod cases that are really geeky? Like that have circuit designs on the back or a blown view of electronics? Thanks in advance- Astroboy907

Question by astroboy907    |  last reply

18650 iPod Touch 7805 Charger Answered

If I had 2 18650 batteries (3.7V each in series = 7.4V) could I use a 7805 and a female usb connector to make a cheap iPod charger (iPod Touch)? I know that the 7805 will provide 5V @ 1A but is it efficient enough to charge the battery up a good amount? The last one I made I used a 9V battery (big mistake) but it just drained the ipod battery :( My question is do 18650 batteries provide enough current to charge an iPod Touch?

Question by Mdob    |  last reply

Ipod touch 4g wifi problems? Answered

Well, I got my new ipod touch 4g a few days back, and the WIFI connected and worked fine for a few days, until today- thats when the trouble started. Now I cannot get a wireless internet connection. The ipod recognizes the wireless network, and even lets me connect to it. But when I connect to it, and open safari (or another internet app) it will not load anything (safari says its not connected to the internet). Everything worked fine yesterday... I did not change anything (but there was a 20 minute power outage today). My sisters ipod connects to the network and runs perfectly though... and its the same model. Ended up with a temprary fix by re-routing the ethernet through my computer to WIFI... If it helps any we have an apple router :) Thanks! Astroboy907

Question by astroboy907    |  last reply

What jailbreak is better? (iPod Touch)

I am looking to find out what jailbreak is better. (For iPod touch)(3rd Gen) • Unteathered- Spirit-  • Teathered- Blackra1n- Please leave an answer if you have one. Also feel free to comment or question me.

Question by account3r2    |  last reply

Can you make an Ipod Touch? Answered

Is there a way to make an IPod Touch It would be amazing there was!

Question by BuilderLoon    |  last reply

I want broken ipod touchs

Hey if any one has any broken ipod touchs can i have them ....... message me

Topic by the iron engeneer    |  last reply

apple ipod touch or android tablet

Anyone out there,,, do you have anything in mind to create something with a spoil Apple Ipod touch or an Android tablet.?

Topic by msufian    |  last reply

Zune battery to charge ipod touch?

My plan is to build a minty boost using a zune battery instead. I'm pretty sure i know how to implement the zunes battery to power the LM 7805 5 volt regulator. I need help with being able to chare the zune's battrery... A 3.7 volt Li-Ion Polymer battery. I want to use usb for this. Only trouble im having is how do i get the batter to stop charging when it is fully charged? it has 3 pins; P+, P-, and HDQ. I take it the HDQ has something to do with my problem. also seeing how the minty boost is 3 volts at 500MA my 3.7 volt should work fine as long as i keep the current at 500MA right? Also, I have a Tri-coloed LED (RED, GRN, BLU) I'd like the Red to show up when the zune battery is running out of power and the blue for when its charging the ipod., and green to be on when the zune battery is charging... I know to charge the zune battery isnt going to be far off from how im charging ipod batter with the zune battery. I know this is probably alot to take in so thanks for any help.


Instructables iPhone\iPod touch App

         Okay, so i have an iPod Touch 4th gen, and i would like to use instructables on it when i am away from my PC, so i have downloaded the Instructables app from the app store, and frankly, im not satisfied :P the available app, only alows you to see the featured instructables on the main page, and nothing else. i would like an app that alows me to search, view, and upload ables, from the comfort of my smart device....          It would be nice to have an application like that. So, thats one request put in from me, for a better iTouch instructables application.                                                                                                      Thx in advance (i hope)                                                                                                                               Regards,                                                                                                                                FrozenIce                                                                                

Topic by FrozenIce    |  last reply

WANTED: brocken or working ipod touches or any other touch screen device

I could use any thing with a touch screen.  in the Connecticut USA area. things can be shipped

Topic by jibbers75  

Is the Ipod Touch 3rd Generation any better than the 2nd generation?

What are some good apps for the ipod touch?

Question by sammychow4    |  last reply