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IR Receiver

I recently ripped apart a Sky+ box that was out of use. Of course, it contained many parts. Quite a few tact switches, a few LEDs, a lot of capacitors, lots of resistors. One of these parts was a little metal cube with a black sphere protruding from the front of it. This is the IR receiver for the remote. I wish to incorporate it into another project. The first problem is I don't know how to use it. It has 3 "legs" - 3 metal contacts. The second problem is I can't easily experiment with it as I inadvertently destroyed my breadboard earlier. A new one will come as soon as I can manage, but until then..... My question is this - any ideas how it would be used? Thanks in advance,     ~H4ZZ

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IR Cake.

Hello, Some friends asked my wife to do a birthday cake for a girl of eight years. With her ‹age she is crazy about princesses. Well, what came to mind was that despite having done many projects with Arduino i had never applied electronics in a cake. So we decided to join forces and add some light (RGB LED) and movement (DC motor controlled with an L298) to the cake. Here is the link to the video:;

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Can I use an IR receiver for a low voltage application (1 1/2 - 4 volts) - (1- 2 amps)?

I found one with the proper voltage but is .6 mAmps

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IR Sensor?

I have a pair of IR sensor, can you help me to find which one is transmitter and receiver. 

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what can I do with an ir receiver? Answered

I found a fully working ir receiver. What should I do with it?

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How to connect IR receiver ?

Is this an IR receiver ? If it is, how can i connect it to a (or a few) LED's so that i can turn on the LEDs remotely? Please help, Thanks fujiapple

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IR receiver and output over short distance

  I want to set up a short distant IR sensor(<1"). I just want it to register when something is between the two items. Its a pretty simple circuit I just have no experience with optical receivers. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks  

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How to make a simple IR remote and the Receiver circuit?

I have an Pot with dc motor (i dont know how they are named). I want to command the dc motor to go the volume up and down. What i need and how i do it? Please help !!

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How can I receive IR signal and send it trough wires? Answered

 I want to place a device inside a close enclosure. The device in on warranty, so I don't want to take it apart. The device works with a remote control, so I was wondering if there is an easy way to mount another IR receiver that  will pick up the signal and sent the to a IR emitter via wire. I can't place the device close to one of the sides of the enclosure and open a hole for the IR receiver.  I hope make sense what I'm trying to do. Thank you for your help in advance.

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What would be the best IR receiver for 980nm IR laser 0-15KHz

Dear enthusiasts, please help me out. What would be the best IR receiver to use for detecting signal from 980nm IR laser 0-15KHz. I'm going for distance here. 200 meters is more or less the goal. The further the better. Ambient light might also be an issue as this is to be done outside in possibly sunny conditions. If anybody has any ideas or suggestions please, throw them out here. Thanks.

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Does anyone Identify this IR Receiver Component?

I recently disassembled a stereo receiver (rx-4010r) and I found this ir receiver, and I would like to to control it with my arduino. Can anyone help me get the datasheet, or suggest what are the connections?Thanks, Ariel.

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IR distance sensor?

Hi, im looking for a way to detect distance (around 4 feets) using IR. basically a person will carry the IR transmitter and walk around until he comes across an IR receiver. the receiver is connected to a buzzer  where the buzzer will emit louder sound as the user getting near to the receiver.  can this be done by using ir transmitter and receiver led? any other better suggestion is welcome thank you for your reply 

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How to check, if the IR sensor (from remote control) is working ???

Hi ... I would like to ask, how I could check, if the receiver (for remote control) is working. I bought on Ebay a used SCART FREEVIEW adapter ... but unfortunately it doesn't work (properly). I'm able to power it up, to see a picture = big logo IKASU. And at the beginning a small pop up menu appears and ask me, if it should start to check for channels. After few seconds it disappears and that's it ... I can't do anything else. There is just the logo :( I check the cables, of the receiver - there are fine, not broken. The RC seems to send signals as well (checked with camera if the IR led lights up). Do you know, how I could check, if the IR receiver works ??? There are 3 pins going out, from the receiver.

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How to make a IR transmitter and receiver for DC motor?

I want to make a IR transmitter and receiver for DC motor.

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Remote Control

Hello people! I was wondering if anyone knows how to hook up a computer to a remote control from a bluray, so I can do stuff with the commands from the remote.

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need IR transmitter / receiver projects .. Answered

HI I need a project using IR transmitter / receiver interface with pc that whenever there is a cut or an object disturbing the transmission between these transmitter and receiver sensors, PC should show message according to the situation of these sensors and that will happen using the parallel port  if anyone have tried something like this or if you know a site have projects about it please help me, I've never done projects using the parallel port  

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Wire IR remote directly to the receiver?

I have a 5.1 Skpeaker system and the remote is busted.  The Sub enclosure only has a power indicator light and the IR receiver. Would it be possible to either manually increase the volume and bass or somehow connect the remote via cable to the receiver?

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How to make a circuit with an IR receiver turn on with an infrared remote control?

We are currently having a Research project in our English class and we thought it would be nice if we tried a research regarding electronics because me and my parter are both interested in electronics.  However, we are both beginners when it comes to electronics. Is there anyone who can help us with the following: A. Building an IR remote that can send a signal to the IR receiver to momentarily turn on (kinda like a push switch) B. An IR receiver that will be connected to a circuit to allow it to momentarily turn on or off based on the actions of the IR remote C. A fabric/system that could give a sudden "shock" to the holder when turned on kinda like the gag shock pens. D. Schematics for the IR receiver circuit I don't even know if this project is plausible but if anyone could help, we extend our deepest gratitude :)

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RF to IR conversion?

I have a RF remote on my motorised theatre screen, i want to control it from my universal remote but it doesn't learn RF. Is there an easy conversion from the RF remote and receiver to IR ?

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Infrared transmitter and receiver

I want to make a gadget which sends a few kb of data via infrared and also receives data via infrared with a timestamp. However, I am stuck as I have only used arduinos before and I have to design a circuitboard which I have never done before, with PIC microcontrollers (must be cheap ones). I need help a) choosing a microcontroller and b) assembling all the components into a circuitboard (ir transmitter, receiver, microusb port to transfer data to pc, battery). Gadget will eventually be portable so make everything light. Thanks Khalid

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What do you think of this USB Infrared Receiver idea? Will it work?

I have been wanting to build a USB Infrared Receiver because I do not have a serial port, and I do not want to use a USB to serial. What do you all think of this idea?

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IR (infrared) "motion detector" of sorts, need help please

I am looking to build a sort if motion detector that works with 2 IR emitters, 2 IR receivers and a motor, the emitters and receivers would be  in 2 seperate circuits and lined up with eachother  (the emitters constantly on) and when the link to the receivers was severed (for example by someone standing between the emitter and receiver) the motor would rotate, if the left emitter-receiver combo was disrupted it would apply positive voltage to the motor and if the right emitter-receiver combo was dusrupted it would apply negative voltage, is this even remotely possible? Firezone

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design a simple IR remote transmitter & receiver

i want to design a remote controller & a remote receiver system  

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IR Switch. Will this work? Answered

Hi Guys & Girls Obviously, i am new to this and my electronics knowledge is very limited. Let me first explain what my desired outcome is and then proceed with the questions i have. In the schematic below i connected two circuits that i found. One is a infrared receiver and the other a flip flop. With that, the following needs to happen : when the user presses a button on a IR transmitter aimed at the receiver circuit in the schematic it is sent through pin 3 to the flip flop circuit which in turn puts the relay in a (permanent) ON state. When the user presses the same button again, the process is repeated and puts the relay in a (permanent) OFF state. So bottom line a 1 button/channel IR press on press off switch to switch my 12v circuit on/off. Here are my questions: 1. Is the receiver circuit correct as i have drawn it i.e. will it work? 2. Is the flip flop circuit correct as i have drawn it i.e. will it work? 3. Where i have the red circle : 1. Is the connection between the receiver and flip flop circuit there correct? 2. Do i need another resistor there? 4. Do i need a “floating resistor” as a R5 around the relay and how does the practical application of this look (on all the diagrams i look at it’s drawn around the relay going from an input to an output on the same wire......does that mean that on the pcb it will run parallel between the “pos+ and neg-“ going into the relay?) 5. Is my relay connection correct within the blue circle? 6. All and all, put together will my circuit work as expected? I know there are probably a whole bunch of ways to achieve the result i am looking for and being a noob, this might be the most impractical(i don’t know), but the reason i went this route is because i have these components available to me and if at all possible, i would not want to go and buy other components. Thanks in advance for any help provided. I find it much easier to learn by building the circuits and then seeing with a multi meter etc. what the effects of each component is than reading through all these books and trying to cram everything into this thick skull of mine  Schematic Component Values : R1 = 220k ; R2 = 100k ; R3 = 10k ; R4 = 10k ; R5 = ? C1 = 1uf ; C2 = 0.01uf ; C3 = 10u Rx1 = Any tsop/similar U1 & U2 = 555 timers

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Can anyone Identify this IR Receiver Component?

Hi, I have been doing some desoldering to get hold of components and I have got myself the IR Receiver pictured. This is labelled as the annotations show, 4524C, M and C, and on the reverse says F2. This component was taken from a water damaged Canon MVX30i, but I would like a datasheet for the component found. Can anyone help me find a datasheet for this, or suggest what the four connections would be? Thanks, AMouse197

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PC IR Mouse/Controller

Hello everyone! I'm looking to get some advice on how to build a Wii-style controller for my PC. What I want to get it to do right now is just to move the cursor around on-screen, however I want to eventually turn it into a gun-style controller for use in shooter games. Anyway, I was wondering what the best way would be to track the movement of the gun (i.e. aiming). My idea was to use IR emitters in the controller and place 4 receivers at each corner of my monitor, which would all be hooked up to the Arduino. Then, I would use the data from the receivers and the strength of the signal on each receiver to calculate that into a position on the screen. The main problem is that I don't know how to measure the signal strength from each receiver, or even if this is possible. Also, if anybody has a simpler solution (other than buying a controller   ) please post. I sometimes like to over complicate things  

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How to program the decoded data received by an IR sensor in arduino?

I need to use the decoded data to turn on/off LEDs. I already have the command and control codes of the IR transmitter I am going to use. IR sensor is TSOP1738 and transmitter will most probably be a remote using RC5 protocol. The thing is I dont know how to program the decoded data from the sensor. This data is need for me to turn on/off LEDs. Its like if switch 1 in the transmitter is pressed LED1 should glow. If pressed again it should be off. Likewise for 3 or more LEDs. I am using an arduino board with ATMEGA8 on it.

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I have an IR Detection problem on my TV and remote.

I got a new/used TV from someone and the TV works great but when I use the remote like the volume works but the channels won't. Some other button controls work but some others don't. How can I check the TV IR Receiver to see if it is receiving all the IR commands?

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How to log the data that comes from an IR receiver on an arduino?

Write me some code so that I can see what an IR receiver i pulled out of a toy says to my arduino, so I can tell what my TV remote is saying. I am then gonna connect a light switch to it, so when i press an unused button on my remote, lights go off. Also, Im not sure if where to plug the data pin into. Honestly, im not sure which one it even is. i jst am gona gues which until it works. Any help there would be apppreciated. A pic of the IR receiver is attached.

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infra red light switch?

Has anybody got any ideas on how to make a switch with an infra red light and a receiver, like when you interrupt the beams it switches on?

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What is the best code approach to add infrared control to an existing program?

I designed a scrolling message board that is PIC based. I have also written separate code to decode an infrared signal. What is the best way to add the infra code to the message board software. Should it be interrupt the scrolling message every time a character is receiver by the IR receiver? The are 32 bits that need to be decoded each time a key is hit on the IR transmitter.

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Can I have help understanding this schematic? Answered

I am in the process of building an infrared motion detector. I've finished the infrared transmitter but I haven't been able to start on the receiver yet because the schematic has confused me. One part of the circuit, on the lower-right of the corner, appears not to be connected with the rest of the circuit at all. Until I understand how the two parts interact with each other, I can't continue building. I am still something of an amateur when it comes to solid-state circuitry; maybe someone who's more experienced will know what this means? Thanks. 

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InfaRed (IR) Motion Sensor

So...If I buy an IR Emitter LED and an IR Receiver LED ...and put them face to face...and get power to each of them....Can I somehow create a motion sensor out of that? For example, if someone walked between the 2 LEDs, it would trigger lights to go on. Is that possible?

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IR remote control color change LED - how small is possible?

Hi.  You know those LED candles and such that come with a remote control to change their color?  I'd like to do this with a necklace.  I'm wondering how tiny a light and receiver set-up can be?  Thanks.

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How can i receive two different signals from IR leds, would i need to change the voltage of the reciever also? Answered

I need help on making a program for a stamp preprocessor with two if the els statements for two different IR leds.?

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I have a LED i cant light, no matter what. It has a little black dot in it. What kind of LED is that? Answered

Appearance: It is a common 5mm, transparent case, LED, being different from all others only by having this very tiny square dot over its anvil, kind of covering the reflexive cavity where the semiconductor (i don't know which) gets lit up. Other: I could not light this LED whit voltages from 1.5V to 3.5V. =O It came out of a photocopying machine, and was paired with an IR LED in some kind of emitter-receiver set. Other components of this set were a pair of smd resistors and a smd trim pot. Would it be and IR receiver or photodiode? UPDATE: I've took some photos of the mysterious LED. BUT, as no macro-enabled camera was available, i had to do the ghetto-way of photography. Soo: i have photos of it compared to the IR LED, and some photos of both anvils (IR, unknown), at 200x magnifying. Here they are. BTW, i hadn't tested the suggested circuits yet. =(

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accident prevention

I am selecting my final year project which is an eye blink detector and accident prevention in that i want to use IR moudule(transmitter and receiver) but i have doubt that can IR light penetrate through human eyes if is so it may harmful so is there another option instead of IR led light?

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how to maintain the intensity of IR at long distance and make it directional

We are trying to make an infrared shooting game which includes a transmitting gun and a receiving everyone knows IR is not directional so at long distance it will diverge but in shooting game we need a pointed IR beam. is there any technique implement this?? we need help..! :(

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ATtiny85 IR USB receiver that works with any IR remote!!

Hello everybody, I have made my own USB IR receiver using and Arduino to program the core of the project which is an attiny85. I dealt with a lot of issues and got desperate as well trying to put it together. After many hours of study and research on the Internet I came up with a solid procedure to make it work. Now I enjoy my own receiver that I can program to work with any remote. The procedure is not easy, so I made my own guide for future reference that evolved into an instructable to return to the community of makers and developers part of what I have got from them:\

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Arduino IR remote to set a value

Hello, I'm new here I'm using an Arduino UNO with a VS1838B IR receiver and a remote control, I can receive signals perfectly and decode them, but I want like if I press a button, it's value goes to a variable, example: if I press "button 5" then an "OK button" a variable A=0 become A=5.  Thanks

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In a simple ir module using ir transmiitter and ir receiver to detect an obstacle , why black bodies are not detected ?

I have observed that black objects are not detected as ir rays are absorbed by the black object also the cicuit does not work when sunlight falls on it?how can i solve this problem?? please help ?

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Ic for ir base automation ?

Hi I want to make a 4 relay controller with ir . That means I want to control 4 relays with ir based remote control I have see some modules from internet but the ic name is removed. I want a Ic ( not micro controller or maybe a Attiny 85) to read different signals from ir receiver and trun on and of the relays. So please give me circuit with ic name. Thanks   

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What is the most basic IR Emitter/Receiver and/or PIR module Analog 10 led circuit?

What is the most basic PIR module basic 10 led circuit? I have tip31's, many different size resistors,iIR Emitters and IR Receivers also PIR module with white dome 2 adjustments, on 12v?

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How to stop false triggering in an 4017 IC based IR switch circuit ?

I have found out this schematic for an Infra Red Switch that uses the 4017 counter IC .I have followed this schematic properly ,but the problem is, when ever I turn on the power, the circuit automatically tuns on even if there are no infra red signals received by the IR receiver. To stop this false triggering I have tried to connect one end of a 100nf (marked104) disc capacitor the reset pin(pin15) and the other end to the ground but it does not seem to work.I am new to electronics and just understand the basics of it .I am unable to find out the cause for this .Please help.

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Ir remote that activates 3 leds.

Hi, guys. I need some serious help. I need to build the following device: Remote control Ir transmitter with 3 buttons. Each button activates different led of different colours 1 button) red 2 button) blue 3 button) green A receiver device that acts in a different way for each button 1 button) red led lights for 3 seconds and there is a beep.  2 button) blue led turns on and turns off only after 5 minutes. 3 button) when third button on remote is pressed, then on a receiver device green light turns on, and turns off when the button is released. Also i need IR beam to be as thin as possible. On a distance of 1-10 meters its diameter must be something like 30cm. Is that possible?  Also how can i restrict IR beam to work only up to 10m distance. Also the problem is that i am restricted to 15$ budget, cause i need to build  60 pairs. If this is impossible for this budget i need the following: Remote control with 3 buttons. 2 buttons activates corresponding led for 3 seconds. third button activates third led only when pressed. The same thing with the IR beam diameter.

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How to send numbers over IR with Arduino

Hey! When I buy a cheap remote from the store, and I run a IR receiving sketch, every time I push a button I get a series of numbers e.g. 1259575. Now I now how to receive IR. But how do I transmit a number through IR? Every where I go it is outdated and doesn't work. All of Ken Sheriff's stuff is sending special Sony, Panasonic and othercompany's codes. I just want to send a number. I just want to hook up an IR LED to Arduino and have it flash a number! Simple, right? Thanks!

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Why my remote controller doesn't work? Answered

Good evening at all! I've a remote controlle which IR led still always turn on. When I press a button (e.g. power on) the receiver (a digital tv receiver) doesn't work. I've tried to clean up the button contacts with a drop of nail polish remover, I've changed batteries, but nothing! What can I do?

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