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Irritating? Answered


Question by rickharris    |  last reply

Irritating Site PopUps

I quite like getting notiification emails and I often like to check out the featured article on the web pages but I sure as heck get extremely irritated that the popups appear so quickly and cover so much of the page that it interferes with my reading of the article. Can these be turned off/delayed? I understand the desire to market the tutorials to interested people but this is just darned irritating. BTW - this comment page hung for ages because of Google analytics - not very user friendly.

Topic by bnnorman    |  last reply

Another Irritated Customer!

Over the last few months I have experienced sporadic problems with being logged out in mid-session.  It is becoming worse.  Now pretty much anytime I do anything requiring a page refresh or change, I get logged out.  It took me three logins to get to this page so I could post this message.  Basically none of the Pro benefits are functional.  I cannot access PDFs, additional images, or much of anything which my Pro membership supposedly provides.  I am obviously not the only person with this or similar problems. Please resolve this issue or cancel my Pro subscription and refund my payment. I love the site but I don't love paying for benefits which I can't access!

Topic by branhamr    |  last reply

New home page design is irritating

It is very irritating to be looking at anything on the home page and have the page jump back upward every time the pictures at the top switch from one to another.  It makes it difficult to browse through the recent submissions or anything at the bottom of the page.

Topic by Babydanner    |  last reply

Still Irritated Only More So!!!

Apparently another problem is not being able to reply to comments. This is the fifth attempt to do so; this time I will try a new topic rather than a reply. When I reply, and click "Post", I get an "Oops, your session has timed out" message, and am dumped back onto the logon page - I believe that's the twenty-third logon today so far! There it says "After you log in, we'll send you on your way to: 'edit/post' ". I log on (again) and am taken to a blank page.  Let me add that one of these "time outs" occurred exactly 19 seconds after I had logged on! In reply to the comment from randofo - I am indeed using IE8, with internet security set to medium-high. Cookies are enabled. I have searched the forums and tried what "fixes" I found to no beneficial result.  One of those suggested removing all security, which I tried very briefly.  No help. I occasionally use private browsing mode, but not at In reply to caitlinsdad, thanks for the helpful comment. When a site charges for a service, they have declared themselves to be professional and need to accept those standards.

Topic by branhamr    |  last reply

Here are some opinions of what one person considered the TEN most annoying programs gotten from the Internet...

Tech Republic lists what it considers the 10 most annoying programs from the you take issue with any of them ? "...Here are just 10 of the guilty parties that try to do the impossible: to make us hate the Internet and wish it had never been invented — and which very nearly succeed. "HERE is the link to the blogOh and I forgot to mention the Top 5 worst downloads of the Spring of 2009 - blog...

Topic by Goodhart    |  last reply

K'nex: The bane of modern DIY

Okay, We all know that K'nex is fun, and nearly everyone remembers playing with them when they were young. BUT, I have found that nearly every time that I try to find an Instructable on ANYTHING half or more of the title results come up as something like this "Seuper-Ultra Awsum L33T K'nex thing". We all know that K'nex is fun, but is it really necessary, that every time that your 8 year old son, (or, 8 year old self for that matter) builds something out of K'nex that looks remotely like ANYTHING you go post an Instructable on it. Now, I am not trying to bash on K'nex here, in fact, I love them, but I hate when people think in is necessary to torment the rest of the world with their primitive creations. Then again, this is just my opinion, please post your own. Long days, and pleasant nights, Aztof Du'Reth

Topic by Aztof    |  last reply

WHY can't you edit your answers - really irritating!? Answered

I guess the title tells it all  WHY can't you edit your answers - It's really irritating!?

Question by rickharris    |  last reply

Irritation -- ads from the evil hang my connection

Every once in a while, I'll follow a link in I'bles -- to a forum topic, an Answer, a comment I received, whatever -- and the browser tab will simply hang. It'll sit there with the spinning dial for as long as I care to wait.I've deduced (from the nice cascade of "connecting to" messages at the bottom of Firefox) that this always and only happens with ads coming from I suspect those evil goons (they've been evil for about a decade now) are trying to acquire cookies, which I specifically disable. Their server (by design, presumably) continually requests cookies, hanging the user's interface, rather than properly failing out.My understanding is that I'bles doesn't (or didn't) accept advertising that required cookies. If that is still the case, could Staff take appropriate action on this matter? If not, just tell me and I'll turn on AdBlocking for anything from

Topic by kelseymh    |  last reply

So Much Irritated with This idiot Fingerprint Systems... is there any solution to overcome ?

Presently i am using Biometric system In Singapore and i got fixed by an Agency.. i am facing regular problems with that system, they are not responding well.. how can i approach for new one ?

Question by luciabenn    |  last reply

iPad App bug. The most irritating one. Please solve. Arrgh

I'm using the app on the iPad. Mine is an iPad Air 2, and the OS is 8.4 version. Whenever you try to click on the 'explore' dropdown on the top the app exits (don't know If it crashes. It just exits and I come to the home screen). It is the most irritating thing ever. I tried this when I'm Logged in, the app exits and logs me out as well. When I'm logged out, the app exits. This happens as soon as you touch the explore dropdown on the top bar. Please please fix it. It screws up the entire experience.  i can't really give you any screen shots since there is non error message. 

Topic by PankajU1    |  last reply

Method or option for switching off the Irritating Site Jingle on every tab when signed in

As an instructables user signed thus I know how nice Instrutables used to be with out this child like Jingle on every tab ! Where is the option to turn this auto play jingle off please?

Topic by T3DT    |  last reply

comments capchita won't appear? Answered

When i attempt to reply to comments and click "post" it says please enter the capchita thingy it still doesn't appear though even after refreshing!! irritating! 

Question by Tv one5    |  last reply

Why do my threads keeps hiding? THIS IS GETTING REALLY IRRITATING! Two new threads added.

A few times recently, I have posted forum topics and they have taken time to appear.For instance, I posted this electronics question about 15 hours ago as I type, and it still hasn't shown, despite adding a "bump" post myself.I have noticed other people complaining about this issue as well.Is there are bug? Or is it something else?

Topic by Kiteman    |  last reply

What is wrong with the picture editing textboxes!!!??? Answered

Nowadays, when working on an instructable, I get cryptic error messages when I put just a little more text than one line in a text box. This is extremely irritating!, and serves no purpose! The box then does not show up... I like to decide myself how to to do the layout of my instructable, and not be limited by someone elses' standards. This limitation degrades the site and should be removed immediately!

Question by BobS    |  last reply

Tiny capitalization request

Anytime you type nowadays, capitalization at the beginning of a sentance or paragraph is automatic. Except on the first letter of a comment on Instructables. It's irritating. Can you please fix it?

Topic by Brooklyntonia    |  last reply

sound is "jittery."?

Whenever i watch videos or listen to music the sound and image freezes then jumps for a split second, every 4 or 5 seconds.... do i need a new card of somesort or what because it gets irritating

Question by redsuit09    |  last reply

Removing Warts

Hi, I’m having trouble with a wart. The wart has been removed for awhile now, but my skin where it used to be grows back hard. Can someone please help me? It really irritates me.

Question by BubbaCaz    |  last reply

Device to shut down LOUD car audio thumpers??

Some of the "musick" is more than irritating, it is obscene and can stop a pacemaker. How can the public defeat the electronics by remote?

Question by drhall    |  last reply

Any Canadian war games? Answered

I've been playing a lot of Call of Duty, but I'm kind of irritated that there's nothing about Canada in it. Does anyone know of a video game where you play as Canadian forces?

Question by Bartboy    |  last reply


Okay I was wondering what would be a good material to use that won't be irritating to the skin. I was thinking of using the same stuff that they used in the;_medium=tetrisice_leader but I would want something a little more tough what should I use

Topic by general-Insano  

Make some noise with 110v sensor

I have a presence sensor 110v (lights a lamp) and I need make some noise too. I already insert one ac adaptor 12v with a resistor anda a pc speaker and make a irritant noise, anyone have othe idea thanks

Question by Melara    |  last reply


I have a problem with spam i have been recieving. i have been getting mail from somebody who has managed to give it MY address, and it has no actual unsubscribe link. this is illegal in many ways and is an irritation to me and probably any other person who has this problem. please advise on how i should try to fix this problem.

Question by mettaurlover    |  last reply

Is there anyway I can get my (custom firmware) PSP to use a TV as a display?

I was just wondering if there was any selection of cables (and homebrew software) which would allow me to output to the TV. My friends enjoy watching each other play Patapon, but looking over shoulders is irritating after a while!

Question by Cheshire Swift    |  last reply

How do you drop a 14 volt DC source to a lower voltage?

This is for a fan inside my older stereo that I just replaced. It is quite loud and irritating spinning as fast as it does. I previously ran a 12 volt DC fan off of a 4.5 volt DC source and it was quieter and slower. So how can I lower the 14 volt DC?

Question by jmscfrk    |  last reply

I need a non-toxic, preferably natural adhesive that is water soluble to stick something onto the skin

Hi all,  I really need your help. My son has a dress up party and is determined to stick this prop to his body. It is not heavy but I need an adhesive to stick it to him that ideally would be water soluble and not irritate his skin.  Is there anything anyone can think of? Thank you so much Eliza 

Question by devilgirl84    |  last reply

Get logged out switching between mobile and desktop views.

This is using my Android tablet, using the default browser: If I copy/paste normal links into the address bar, or follow links from collections, they switch to mobile view. If I then request the desktop, I am immediately logged out, and have to log back in. Since I tend to do that a lot, from forum topics and PMs, that's quite irritating...

Topic by Kiteman    |  last reply

How to quiet my neighbour's loud music?

My next door neighbour has a bad, annoying and rude behavior playing his music loud while I'm sleeping fairly early in the morning and in the evening, around 8 or 9, when I'm trying to relax. I need a device or a circuit to disrupt the sound momentarily or that will deliver a low but irritating high frequency squeal to transmit via his stereo speakers without hurting him or his equipment.

Question by Jmeister    |  last reply

Why doesn't i' remember my login status, anymore?

For the last couple of months, I open my bookmark, see that I'm logged in (avatar in the upper right, with the "You, Inbox(0), Shortcuts, Logout" menu.) Then I click on one of the I'bles, and when I get to its page, I'm logged out. This used to be sticky.  What happened? I'm having it happen in IE9 and Firefox 7.0, on WIndows 7, and in Firefox 7.0 on Ubunto 10.04 and Ubunto 11.10. It's irritating.

Question by jdege    |  last reply

Solar page ad takeover.

The "Solar" projects page is pretty much a Chevy Volt advertisement.  A video about the Volt is set to auto-play for every "page" of instructables... of which there are only 5 shown.  I understand that websites need ad money to survive, but when those ads dominate the page and hinder the user from accessing site content it borders on ridiculous. When I click next page I'm greeted with the same giant, auto-play video ad and only 5 instructables.  I find this irritating. -Tom

Topic by tomzook    |  last reply

What is party foam machine fluid made of?

I made my own party foam machine and have been searching online how to make the soap fluid concentrate (not the dish detergent recipes as it can harm eyes and irritate skin) with no luck. Some examples: if you could offer any help, would appreciate it!

Question by thatskindacool    |  last reply

How to make sterile saline for contact lens storage

It would be amazing to learn how to make sterile saline solution for simple contact lens solution. Most commercially available contact lens solutions have harsh detergents (granted, to keep bacteria at bay), and they are expensive and irritating. I've been using plain sterile saline for years without issue but it's just salt and water - can't somebody tell us how to make it for free?NOTE: Nevermind. I just saw this crazy letter. I will stick with store-bought.

Topic by bergersworth    |  last reply

Craftsman Adds

Hey all, This comment is directed specifically at the people who run I really enjoy the site and I spend countless hours browsing through the projects. I recently noticed that the website is starting to have craftsman adds all over it. I understand that sponsorship is great to keep the site up and running, but please dont let the adds bloat the site. Its really irritating to log into the site and have a little animation of a palm sander running around on the screen. Keep the adds if you must, but please dont bloat and commercialize our great little site. Thanks, C.Y.

Topic by deadburdock    |  last reply

Computer monitor help!

The story is my 6 month old computer monitor is playing up and I need advice on what to do. The ploblem arised about a week ago and has persisted til today.  When I turn the computer monitor on, instead of the usual flash of the Acer logo it repeats 18 times!  This number remains constant and is bloody irritating.  Also when the computer is on it periodically flashes no signal (when there clearly is a signal) for about a minute and then refreshes the monitor and repeats.  Even whilst I am writing this it is there. What should I do? replace the screen or something else? HELP!?

Question by Tombini    |  last reply

Anything but Knex...

I understand that knex are kinda cool and they have their place here on instructables. But to me it's getting kind of ridiculous. Just trying to browse through the instructables and find a useful one is pretty difficult now. I find a few useful ones here and there but in between them all are knex instructables. I think it's rather irritating to have to scroll past hundreds of instructables all for a different way to make a knex gun. Is there any way to browse with everything but the knex instructables? To be fair.. yes i'm exaggerating it's probably more like a 50/50 knex/non-knex ratio.

Topic by daemonkrog    |  last reply

How can I change the sensitivity on a 360 controller for the pc?

I'm trying to play fps games (Marathon with the Aleph One game engine) on my computer using joytokey and a wired 360 controller. Unfortunately, the sensitivity is so high that by accidentally tapping one of the joysticks, the game responds much faster than i want it to. That, and the joysticks don't always go directly to the center, so after i press the joystick one way and I release it, the controller keeps going that way. It's really irritating, and i can't seem to figure it out. Thank you to all who read and respond.

Question    |  last reply

I think I inhaled a bit of cement dust...

Although I did my mixing outside (on a semi-rainy day) and held my breath while pouring the cement powder, I think I might have inhaled a tiny bit. Not a lot, but enough for a bit of coughing afterwards. The coughing is over, but my throat now feels slightly sore, but not bad enough that I want to contact a doctor. Mostly just a bit irritated, that I hope will pass. But can I eat or drink anything that might help this pass quicker? For lubricating the throat or something. Or will it go away eventually?

Topic by Mikki G.W    |  last reply

Commenting Issues/Bugs

There is always a problem which happens to me, and I guess some other members of the Instructables Community too.  When I try to post any comment on any instructable, I have to press the "Post"/"Reply" button at least twice, before the comment is posted. Does anybody else have this problem? Please fix this as soon as possible, because it is quite irritating. Here are some of the speculations; 1) I am currently using Windows 8.1 Pro 2) I am using Internet Explorer 11 3) This happens with every, single project that I try to comment on Thank You in advance.

Topic by akshat21045  

Will this circuit work?

Ok, so I'm building a giant led array and I'm running it off of a PWM chip and a few shift registers. Given the number of addresses and variables I need for each one, I'm guessing that the micro running the show won't like that too much and will be a bit slower than I'd like, and i'm not sure if it will be slow enough to cause irritating visual inconsistencies. This got me thinking, how did tube TVs do it? They had phosphors that slowly released their charge and therefor looked alright. Thats how I arrived at this circuit. Will it pretend to be a phosphor well enough or will it need something different?

Question by The Ideanator    |  last reply

Safe and Sound

Hey homeboys and girls. This is Bilal checking in from Eric's dining room table. So it's true, I did have a bit of trouble with Airport Security. They made me miss my flight checking out all my crazy scary gadgets. It would be irritating but hey, I'm sure loads of people haven't seen a metronome before. Gasp! It ticks! Arriving in SF would have been quite unsatisfactory without a brief car chase so thankfully security obliged us with a short run with their tiny electric cars. Never fear, Eric, Christy and I made a swift getaway to the hills. Go Volvo go! -BG (thanks for breakfast Eric)

Topic by lamedust    |  last reply

Is it possible to feel a zap from a watch battery and LED?

Here's the setup: one LED with its leads tied by conductive threads to magnets which stick to a watch battery, in contact with skin for multiple hours.  I had somebody say that this somehow was zapping them (enough to leave a rash).  Is this possible?  I've handled lit LEDs with watch batteries a lot (even underwater) and never felt a thing!  No spark, no zap, no shock, nothing.  So have I just been lucky?  Can this setup actually zap you enough to feel it, or even irritate your skin?  Or was the zapping perhaps an allergic reaction to the nickel magnets which was mistaken for being sparked?

Topic by aliasjanedoe    |  last reply

my rabbit is twitching her fur/skin?

The other 3 she lives with (one of the three is separted from them) arent twitching, im pretty sure rabbits dont just twich their fur just to do it, i sure it's cause something is irritating her skin. is there anything i can do at home to stop the iritation?i checked her fur and from what i can see she doesnt have anything in it. they live out side in a large hutch with a long run and it,s the middle of winter so i thought everything should be dead.  what can i do to help her?

Question by four bunnies    |  last reply

how can i get my acer aspire 10 to connect to home network? it connects to other wifis but not my home network

Ok so i cant get my acer aspire 10 connected to my home internet iv tried so much and nothing helps it connected to a friends wifi in seconds and it just wont connect to my home network and im clearly using the home network right now to post this so its obviously working my cell is connected to it too so its just very irritating please help me i am loosing my mind :S

Question by leeann.swaggz    |  last reply

How can I fix the Drag and Drop functionality of my PC? Answered

Recently my computer has decided to stop allowing me to use drag and drop (dragging a file across the desktop, Dragging clips around in Premiere etc) It happens randomly, and there is no obvious cause for it. It can be fixed by relogging, however this solution is rather irritating. I've noticed it affects programs such as Illustrator too, whereby it gets stuck on one tool, and I cannot change it, I'm not sure if this problem is directly related, but it started at the same time. Again, restarting the program fixes this. I've never had this problem before, and I'm totally stumped at what to do to fix it. Any Ideas?

Question by cosgrove    |  last reply

How to connect a PS2 to an old tv

I'm new to Instructables and not sure if i'm posting in the right area. So,i do not mean to irritate anyone. Anyway, i have an old tv with only an antenna jack in the back and wish to connect my PS2 to it. I have tried already using a tv adapter used for the atari and a rca splitter. I connected the video and left sound to one end of the splitter, and plugged the other end into the coaxial plug for the atari. I then screwed the atari adapter to the antenna jack on the tv. I get a distorted image on my tv in bright colors, but no sound. Any ideas or tips on building a converter or adapter would be great.

Topic by Rivka    |  last reply


Woohoo! I'm in possession of a weapon that I can slip past security!A man in New Zealand chucked a hedgehog at some punk and got arrested for assault with a weapon. Quote: "It hit the victim in the leg, causing a large, red welt and several puncture marks," said Senior Sgt Bruce Jenkins, in the North Island town of Whakatane. If convicted, he could face up to 5 years in jail.Read full story here: me hippy anti weapon freaks! 'cuz irritate me and I'll throw this adorable spiky creature at you!!yeah, that's my pet African Dwarf Hedgehog Sir Danny "Spiky" Norman Shanksalot

Topic by KentsOkay    |  last reply

I have quit energy drinks, cold turkey. Now I sleep a lot more....

My goal was to save money, and lose weight. It's working on both fronts, but now, other aspects of my life are being effected. I find myself constantly tired, focus is slipping easily, and I'm much more irritable than before, which is quite a feat I was hoping it was just a chemical dependency, but I'm almost 2 weeks without now. Safe to say, I'm viewing this as an addiction. I get in light exercise all through the day, I eat healthy and light (and often), but still feel fatigued... Any non caffeinated suggestions on how to boost energy?

Question by poi_pai    |  last reply

the speaker on my iHome is squealing. MAKE IT STOP!?

I recently acquired an ihome from a friend. the reason he gave it to me (like so many others) is because I am fairly handy and people know I can fix stuff, and this particular device emitted an irritating squeal. when you turn it on, it has a (fairly loud) high-pitched squeal that sounds not unlike a simple square wave. it doesn't really fluctuate, it just squeals. it doesn't go away when the volume goes down, and when you play music it seems to intensify. does anyone know what could be causing this, and how I could get it to go away? (if all else fails I might try adding an inductor to block the high frequencies.)

Question by codongolev    |  last reply

A Small but useful little suggestion...

Quite often, while browsing sites, I read, then discover: "Oh my! The author has included a link! What a delight!" Then I click the middle mouse button on that link to open it in another tab, to check out. Well the problem is, when I middle click links on Instructables, it opens in the same tab, so I have to press the back button, reload the page I was on, go to that link, then right click "Open In New Tab". Well this isn't really a major problem, I admit, but it's sure a little bit irritating when I forget to right-click "New Tab". I tested this with other browsers, and it's only Google Chrome with the problem. (As far as I know) By the way, great site, keep it up!

Topic by DELETED_lxnt    |  last reply