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Ok i want to get a new mp3 player but my little sister has i tunes can i use a diffrent provider such as napster , amozon , best buy walmart or zune cast or do i have to use i tunes if so can i have multable acounts one one computer so i dont have to sort throug my sisters music to find what i want we have to share a computer as of now also i will not pirate so dont even sugest it

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Itune codes?

This may be stupid but... Anyone have itune card that can give me the code? If you do I will sub 5 all of your ibles fave all of your ibles or anything else you want. thank you

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iTunes problem

This has NOTHING to do with instructables but i figured theres alot of smart people out there willing to share their wisdom with me. I cannot connect to the iTunes store but i can connect to the internet (CLICK!!) just like that. it says my network connection has timed out

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iTunes controller?

I'm not sure if I was searching for the right key words, but I was planning on building a desk with all of my computer components built into it, save the monitor keyboard and mouse, and I wanted to make like a little controller for iTunes that controlls random, repeat, next song, previous song, pause, and play. Like, would it be possible to take apart a spare remote control and use the circuitry and buttons from that to do it? Is it even possible? Also, this will be on a Windows 7 PC

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iTunes help? Answered

Hey- random question out there but i have a quick question. Can i share my iTunes with more than 5 computers? I have read a few papers saying you can only authorize 5 computers to use itunes (for your account). We have 3 computers so far connected to iTunes, but i want to use a computer upstairs with it, and i also know we will be eventually expanding to more than 5 computers. I was thinking of using a hard drive transfer (as we have no internet jack close upstairs, and its not wireless so we cant use home sharing easily. i do have a 50 foot Ethernet cable that would work. hehe), and just copying the entire itunes library to a portable hard drive, copying it over to the computer, and selecting it from the library in itunes (would i have to authorize to use it?), and going from there. Its a mac-windows transfer, so not sure what would happen there.  I was thinking after transfer (and possible authorization), could i just de-authorize the computer, and still play the music?? Is it legal?

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iTunes to Arduino

I was wondering if someone could help me find a way to display the name of a song currently playing on itunes with a scrolling 24x6 led display. im thinking of using the display from this instructable it is coded to accept serial text input and display it on the matrix. my question is: how can i retrieve currently playing song's name and output it via serial to the arduino. btw, i know oe or two people have asked this before, but they were on macs and used AppleScript, which i cannot use because im on a windows pc

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iTunes suxxors

I'm just going through my music now and I removed my entire library so I could go through my music and delete duplicates and whatnot without iTunes shitting itself because it's missing files. For this example I'll use my Tupac Shakur discography as an example. I had downloaded two Tupac discography's to go through and mix and match them (Example: Albums I don't have, or one discography has a high bit rate version of an album then what's in my music folder). That all done and said, which took a while, I dragged just my Tupac folder (updated one) into the itunes window, it says I have 1.83 gigs of music (remember just the Tupac stuff) yet the finder says the folder weighs 2gigs exactly. There's quite a difference between 1.83 gigs and 2, roughly 240mb or more. Anyone else notice this problem with their library, another reason to hate apple more? All together my music folder reads 9.96gb but in itunes it only comes to like 6.52 something? I call fuckin shenanigans, anyone else? Grab your pitchforks...

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Itunes is stuck?

Apparently my itunes refuses to work for me anymore and I cannot access my 20 gig music collection. It opens for like 5 seconds and then just locks the entire computer up and I have to force it off. Oh yeah and it's a ibook G4 has anyone had any similar problems?

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zen v and itunes

Hello. i have a zen v plus and i really dont like the software it came with it. i prefer iTunes, but iTunes cant sync with other mp3 players. is there any software that anybody knows of that can sync the zen v plus. i have windows vista. I'd use windows media player but i dont like it.

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Itunes Music Gone?

I got onto Itunes yesterday, and I noticed that a lot of my songs were missing. They were just completely gone. Should i sync my ipod, and put the songs back on, or try to do something else? Help? The same thing happened to my father, who I share the account with. We have not updated/downloadedany new versions of anything on Itunes recently. Help?

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itunes help please?

I have alot of music in my iTunes library, the problem is that all of my music was stored in folders on my desktop before i added it to my itunes, so now i cant delete the folders without messing up my itunes would it work if i backed up all of my files to a disc and deleted the folders and THEN restored all of the music with the backup discs?

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How to podcast on Itunes?

There are a few "How to Podcast" ibles, but none tell you how to get it on Itunes. I think I've managed to do it, but it still hasn't shown up on Itunes yet. Anyone want to make a video-Instructable? As just telling people what to do wasn't very helpful.

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itunes video help.

So heres the deal I have an Imac with Mac OS X version 10.4.10 installed a 800 MHz PowerPC G4 256 MB SDRAM. With itunes 7.1.1 installed. now don't get me wrong I love itunes and I couldn't even dream of moving all 80 + GB of music over to another music managing program, but ever since I installed itunes 7.1.1 Ive not been able to play any of the 40 + tv shows and movies that have been downloaded off the itunes store. :(, when you start the video it starts out really jerky and then it freezes then stops, but the sound doesn't skip at all whats happening ?¿? can this be fixed ?¿?

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iTunes file help. Can't find the files on my computer anywhere.?

The music that I download into iTunes shows up in the iTUnes program but I can't find it anywhere else in my computer.  Need to move these files.  The computer with the downloads is Win XP.

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lost i tunes library

I recently re -formatted my computer i now 1600 songs on my i pod that are not in my new library   solution without erasing?

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iPod to iTunes (Please help!!!)

Does anyone know how to transfer songs from your iPod to your iTunes??

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How can I fix this song in iTunes?

I recently bought a song on iTunes. When it began downloading, it would say "7.4/7.4 mb completed" but then start downloading all over again. It will continue to do this until a message pops up and says "error=1000 file may be corrupted". I have tried deleting it off the downloads but whenever I reopen iTunes, it comes back. How can I fix the song or delete it forever? 

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Ipod Classic shows in My Computer and Itunes, but I cannot find the list of contents in Itunes?

My Computer and Itunes recognizes my Ipod Classic, but Itunes will not show "what's on this device". I can download (audiobooks) and when I disconnect, they are on the ipod.  I just can't see or delete, etc. anything, because the contents are not showing in Itunes.  I have reinstalled the latest Itunes and restarted the Ipod.  Now what?  Thanks!!

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iTunes app not available in Canada? Answered

Why is it not available in Canada?

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Regarding the itunes ringtone capabilities... Answered

I've noticed you can create ring tones from your favorite songs in iTunes if they were bough through the iTunes store. I'm not great with computers, so please keep it simple. :) I want to know: 1.) Will it work on any computer? 2.) Cost? 3.) How do you transfer it to a phone? 4.) Can you put the same one on multiple phones for no extra cost? 5.) How's the quality? 6.) Is it only for the iphone? Or can I use it for my T-Mobile Gravity? Thanks for your input!

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What is the "other" bar in itunes?

 I recently got a new iPod touch 3g 8gb and I u[loaded 30 games and 40 songs because most of my songs are still pending. I noticed when I uploaded a video, updated apps and songs that there was this huge chunk of "other" in the itunes page. There is a photo down there. I have also read about it that I should get rid of contacts (which I have), notes ( which I have) Calender notes ( which I have) and album art ( which I also have). Recently when I synced it the songs were copying form my music into the Ipod for no reason. I have also read about "ghost data" which comprises of songs which do not show but are there... Help me please

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creating free itune account? Answered

can anyone help to get a free itune account I have a ipod and it is giving me licks to create an account I live outside USA please can some one help I tried looking at google for help can u help me please.

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Itunes album art HELP!?

I just recently got my first Ipod and I've got album art on itunes its self, but not on my ITouch! I cant for the life of me figure out Why! I've tried all kinds of tricks but I'm stumped!!

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I get iTunes account free.?

How to get iTunes account free?

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Free Videos for iTunes (and iPod)

Have been trying to follow the instructions for accessing free videos for my iPod, however, when I get to the screen that suggests I click on a particular part of the Google screen, it's not there!! Can you pelase tell me how to proceed? (underneath "Search" on your screen, are words that are not on my screen). In fact, this is all a bit tricky considering that I'm working on THIS screen and therefore don't have access to the screen that I had problems with- and which I now can't seem to retrieve.. HELP..

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Is there any way I can remove the iTunes store icon on the right hand side of the iTunes Library?

Is there any way I can remove the iTunes store icon on the right hand side of the iTunes Library? I am running windows 7. Thanks in advance.

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How do i download the itunes?!?!?

What can i do so i can download the itunes for free and not cost what so ever!!!

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I had to reimage my laptop and now itunes wont open?

When i try and open it, it says ""The file iTunes Library cannot be read because it was created by a newer version of iTunes." I'm a bit stumped, i was trying to download the newer version of iTunes onto my computer but i dont think i can download it if i cannot even open iTunes! Please Help!

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iTunes keeps "Re-buffering stream"?

Hello! lately i have had a lot of troubles with iTunes, mostly it doesn't want to load or won't allow me to purchase things. i've tried reloading Itunes twice and that works for a day or two then its back to not working. i have got the latest version and a good internet connection. the most common problem lately is when i try to listen to a preview of a song it will play it for a few seconds then stop and say "opening URL Re-Buffering Stream" and that happens on every preview I've tried? it continually does it, saying that every few seconds... it worked fine yesterday and i was able to listen to previews without any trouble but this morning its back to the Re-buffering thing? i don't really want to call Apple help as there doesn't appear to be a section for this kind of thing and they ask for personal information... has anyone else had this problem and know how i can fix it? thank you! from AAG

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How do I burn DVDs onto Itunes? Answered

Ive asked everybody I know and still haven't got any real answers.  So, How do i burn DVDs onto Itunes?

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How do I play a Windows Media audio stream through iTunes?

The stream is located at

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I need an iTunes-style database solution for all my videos...

Hello, Newby to Instructables, read about it in the newspaper today.  Looking forward to some help/input on this project of mine... I have a huge (and growing) volume of video media. pushing 5 TB, and I'll be buying another 2 TB drive before autumn.  Now, having all this media at my fingertips on my PC without having to rifle through my DVD library is great, but it's only half the battle.  What I really want to be able to do is search through all my videos and TV episodes with the same ease that I go through my music library in iTunes. So, what I need is some way to list each video, and list each "tag" that applies to that video (SciFi, TV, comedy, romance, etc., you get the picture).  So, Excel serves well enough for that part, though I'm not married to it as a long-term solution. And, Excel fails completely as a searchable database, where I can just type in, say, "SciFi" and get the database to present me with every single Start Trek, Stargate, B5, etc. TV episode and movie that I own. So, can anyone suggest a program that would already be able to do this for me? iTunes itself isn't a solution, because although I could  make a plethora of empty MP3 files, import them into iTunes, and assign all the metadata I want to them, there wouldn't be anyway to click on the empty MP3 entry and have the movie/video pop up and play. Also, my videos are either direct DVD rips or mkv files, so I can't import either of those into iTunes either. Thanks in advance!

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Delete those unwanted iTunes songs from your computer

Please keep ion mind I am a complete newbe with Perl. I keyed in the Perl script(?) to do exactly what the title says. I down loaded and installed ActivePerl, Then downloaded EnginSite Lite Perl editor. When I click on the "Run" and "Out Put Warning" I am getting errors on the print statements: example - print("-I-: XML file: $xml_file\n"; -. I believe I have done a careful character by character comparison and found my typing bugs. Could someone point out what I might be doing wrong. I am running this on a PC not a MAC, but I don't think that is an issue at this point. I have not tried compling yet.Many many thanks in advance.

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How do you change iTunes music into music you can put on a MP3? Answered

I got an MP3 for Christmas and I know how to change format by burning  a CD{wrest of problem in next sentence}. Also when I try to burn a CD most of the songs won't burn. Please can someone help me I want to have it done before school starts again{ long bus ride is at least 45-60 minutes long}. I don't know if it matters but I have windows and,and my MP3 is a Sandisk sansa clip+. I have included a picture of what it says and a picture of the MP3. The first one to respond and have the correct response to work I will subscribe to. 

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how do i put music on external hard drive with itunes on a macbook with os x?

I hav macbook with os x   not the snow leopard. im a novice computer guy at best. i hav a my passport essential external hard drive 1t. my goal is to hav my music n video all on external. thanx

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Anyone know of some professional DSP Software for mac os x?

Does anyone know of really good dsp software for mac os x? I tried iwow plugin for itunes but it added a nasty crackly sound in the music, almost like it was lower bit rate (Resampleing it?). I've got a nice stereo, a decent mac, and good cables, so I wanna be able to tweak my sound. Any ideas? -Punk

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how do i make i tunes run from music off a flash dirve? Answered

I put all my music on a flash drive, how do i make i tunes recognize the flash drive as the default place instead of shared?

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what are the steps to make a free account for itunes?

What are the steps to make a free account for itunes

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Mp3 players (except ipods) and itunes synchronizing software?

I was wondering if i can synchronize my mp3 player with itunes and not use the drag and drop utility

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how to get itunes free id?

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Can I convert movies from Apple iTunes Rentals? Answered

So, to get right to the point, was just wondering if  I could in any way convert movies from Apple iTunes Rentals. Not really that good with this sorta things so I figured I should ask for advice from someone who's already familiar with Apple itunes and with how to convert movies from Apple iTunes Rentals. Any suggestions guys?

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How can I get info from my ipod touch 4 to itunes? Answered

I have an ipod touch 4 and i downloaded a bunch of stuff from itunes and then my itunes account was just wiped out and none of the music is left. The music is still on my ipod Touch but is there anyway that I can get all of my music from my ipod touch to itunes?

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how to open an itunes account for free?

I bought an ipod shuffle but I dont know how to open an itunes account without costing me any money.

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