Got an idea?

Hey Instructables, I'm a freelancer doing an article for a magazine on clever, fun ways families can save money. (Not the usual boring coupon-clipping stuff). I'm looking for ideas that are fresh & relatively easy—toys, things for a home, etc. Share your ideas, and get credit for them in the piece. No kidding. Thanks!!

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I've Got an IDEA !!!!

Hey everybody !!! this forum will be the best all over. we will be discussing about all the new ideas and old ones. pooling resources from all over the world. have ideas or need some for a new project........just head here and discuss it all. taking ideas from everybody make the best instructables ever. meeting on this forum to be held every sunday. head over for new ideas or just revamp u'r old to be the BEST!!! it will be...............let me here it LEGEN..............wait for it...................DARY !!!!!!

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Ive got this stubborn laptop...? Answered

 I got a oder of donated computers a while back, and one of them was a VAIO laptop (YES, a VAIO!!). Its one of the big ones. But anyway, its missing a CD Drive, and the HardDrive. I replaced the RAM and checked everything else I checked. It will power on, but the processor wont put out any heat, and the screen wont turn on. I swapped processors on it for another one, a intel vs. the INTEL Portable it had. The power and battery is working fine, as well as the RAM, and processor. I'm just stumped as of now on what's wrong. I haven't worked with Laptops much, mostly Desktops (I have 4 custom from scratch sitting in the room now). Any ideas Instructables? You're the kind of people I like. That and Yahoo Answers deleted my question...

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Got any ideas???

I was wondering if anybody has some drawings on how to make an gas/gun our a.k.a air gun.Gas chargers.These gas chargers show at the link above are all i can get at Iceland, They do not sell air guns in iceland.And it would not hurt if this gun could shoot multiple shots from the same gas/cream charger.So i ask: Got drawings???

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I got an idea

How about we have some sort of Instructables year end awards and or hall of fame? Rate this forum if you think its a good idea. Something like this: Hall of Fame: One induction per month, selected by Instructables staff. Users to be considered must be nominated by a minimum number of people (7 for example) Year End Awards: Awarded at year end. Users are voted on, however there are first nominated for certain award by a minumum number of people (7 for example) Suggestions for awards: Coolest Most Helpful Most Popular Most Dangerous Funniest Hall of Famers recieve no physical prize, but are allowed to add their instructables to Hall of Fame group, and may recieve special avatar (see Kiteman) Year End Awards recieve t-shirt (maybe) and special "medal" placed on their orangeboard

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Instructables got Talent

Hey, this is just an idea but how about a contest called... .... Instructables Got Talent!! Any ideas?

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Got stuff, need ideas!

Hi everyone!  I work in industrial bearing distribution, and every now and then something falls into my lap that I get to play around with.  Today we got a bunch of bearings back that had been made slightly different than the customer had requested.  So, I've got a big box of these things.  There's nothing wrong with them, it's just that the little tapped holes are slightly misaligned and can't be used in the original application.  They are designed to press lightly onto a 5/16" shaft.  The tapped holes are 6-32 thread.  Also, I can easily get cheap 5/16 shafting and I've got a crate full of 5/16 single split and double split shaft collars. My question is, what would you do if had all of these little guys?  I couldn't bear to send them all to the steel recycling place, as they're perfectly good bearings and pretty neat to boot, but I'm not sure what to do with them.  I thought I'd throw it open to the group--any ideas?

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I've got a "what is it"? Answered

Help ! This has been in my garage for years-what the heck is it ?

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ive got a super old jigsaw

I have an old jigsaw aperently my great grandfather used when he was young or something anyway im just trying to find out more about it. sears roebuck model 110.0401  .  so far im unable to find anyting anywhere on the internet anyone or anything that knows about this thing. not that im so much looking to sell it or anything i would just like to know more about it.. exactl how old it is and whatnot. so if anyone knows anything it would be cool to hear about it. ty

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Ideas for a creation?

Hi all, I've got an opportunity to lay hands on this sweet wifi webcam: Thing is, I've already got one monitoring my 3D printer, and I'm not exactly chomping at the bit to spy on my roommates when I'm away.  I've got a couple ideas about what to do with it, but I thought I'd throw it open to the community:  got any cool ideas for interesting ways to use/alter/hack/repurpose something like this? Currently I'm considering tearing into it and using the remotely controllable pan and tilt motors to turn it into a mars rover for my house, possibly fitted with a laser to annoy my cats.  What do you think? Ian

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my idea

So ive been thinking about an idea. the idea are these little robots that connect together by magnets and then build other robots also when there are two or more connected it can walk and build more. the only problem is, i have no idea how to do this. so if anyone can help me with this please contact me. also if this already exist please tell me. dont take my idea

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my new idea

Tthis is what i have been thinking of: a quick howercraft with it not being too wide i mean it to be thin to be able to stop and to be powered by hidrogen(might make this cause ive got some partners  from my job (its an ungovermental ecological orgaization)) but i dont know how powerfull of an engine do i need

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whos got what slingshot

Ive got a Barnett Cobra

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Gift Ideas

Gift ideas? My little brother loves Nintendo any craft I can make for him? My sisters birthdays is coming up (its on NewYears Eve) And my boyfriend...uh I'm clueless about, I just know not to get him anything pink or easter purple..or hello kitty (or Halo Kitty)  Idea exchange? I Got my sister a mist machine for christmas I thought it would be great for their parties and great in general (10 bucks at Family Dollar)  And I just got Photo Frames for my parents :| Any better ideas?  Thanks!

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any ideas?

Dang, i got nuffin. ok, i need a new idea for a new 'ible. my hobbies and interests are: simple computer operations (up to the upgrading ram point), basketball, music, games, humor, and crude weapons for starters

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Ideas Please

Help! I have got a whole lot of 0.22" bullet cartridges (i do small bore) and i need an idea for an instructable on them. And by lots i mean unlimited. Seriously

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MP3 Ideas?

I just got a cheap 128MB coby MP3 Player.And i wanted to know if anyone had any good ideas,wether it be hacking it somehow or jut changing the case to somthing crazy(Really wanna do that).Here is a picture of it.So,any ideas?

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tv ideas

Im planning on buying a 42" plasma on black friday and i want to do something any body got any ideas on what i could do with its some kind of custom stand, tv cover, lights, ect. any thing.

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Idea to improve

I got a idea to improve ibles.... I always liked that you can ambed ibles by adding ?embed=flash at the end of the url, but what I don't like about the flash player is that you can't change the size (I also tried by modifying the HTML). It would be awesome if you guys could make that.

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whats some good ideas for instructables? Answered

the title says it all. ive got a couple of ideas but i dont think there very good.

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ideas for mugs?

So, I've stumbled across a load of old mugs (about 200) in a primary school near where I live. They said I could do what I want with them as they didn't know they had them and are surplus to requirement. They are made of china and all have saucers, (pics to follow), anyone got any ingenious ideas for them?

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Challenge Idea

This challenge could start the day after the elections.I was just looking at How to build a parabolic reflector by Tool Using Animal.Which got me to thinking it would be fun to see what every body can do with the corragated plastic spam and clean up the neighborhood at the same time.First time I tried to include links. Hope it all looks right. A preview option would be nice.

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Ideas that never quite got finnished....

This topic is intended as somewhere to abandon ideas we can't seem to get to work. Fully auto k'nex guns, new designs, ect. If you finnish someone else's project or take inspiration from them, please post props. Have fun, Snipe

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Anyone got thoughts on this instructable idea?

I own a foodsaver with those airtight containers. The rubber piece came off the other day and got me to thinking. Almost any container could be used by drilling a hole in it. Maybe someone could come up with a DIY to make containers that work with foodsaver or those Zip pumps that take the air out of containers. Those pint containers that come with Chinese food might work. Or Tupperware or Ziploc containers would do also. I just have the idea but not the talent to do it. I'll leave that to others. ha ha.

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I'm Back! and got some ideas

Well thank TheDunkis he kinda inspired me to come back (and when looking through his things gave me an idea to revolver v2 - which i should have been working more on)so yeah good to be back and outa school with no homework...wait... aw **** i gota read 500 pages of american gods before jan 10th. - thats not a problem though.well ill be working for the new revolver cyas

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"Costume" Ideas

So, my school football team is the Patriots. I'm looking for some ideas on what I can do to make a better costume/whatever. I wanted to make a 300 style red white and blue helmet to wear, but that proved to be pretty tricky. (I did see the boba fett helmet ible) I have been using a towel, but I'm going to make a better cape A stadium horn is on it's way from ebay I paint my face/use colored hair spray already Got any other ideas?

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Ideas for minecraft?

Well I've got minecraft but I dont play online so, I usually like to build cool things to mess with like connecting islands via an underwater railway. However I'm running out of ideas of things to build. Post ideas of things to build below or post cool screenshots of things you've built and I'll add them to the idea list. Ideas: -Build a glass ball filled with lava in the sky. -Use binvox to convert 3d objects into minecraft schematics. -Use the new note blocks and create a circuit system that plays "The Entertainer."

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So I've got this brick...

Sometime last year I received a brick that is very special to me. It came from the outside of the old technology wing of my school when they were knocking it down to make way for the new building, and I have a lot of great memories from those rooms. The only problem's a big red brick. Its only current function is as a doorstop to my bedroom which I stub my toe on each time I enter. I'm growing sick and tired of it but I don't want to get rid of it either. I figured I might do something crafty with it instead, but unfortunately other than the creative application of paint and glue to make it a less-than-charming piece I can put on my shelf, I'm drawing a blank. Does anyone have any ideas?

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Ive sold my knex.

Well yes, ive finally sold my knex after a month or two. for those of you who are curious, i got €220 for them. out of the money, i am going to buy an airsoft m14 and other airsoft equipment. i will most likely stay active on this site, but i wont be on it as often as i usually would. ill really miss all of the people who ive got to known and talked to over the years. peace out.

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Idea for an instructable!

So as a general class rule in the computer labs we cant have popcans. One of my teachers let my class have them...untill earlier today when somone spilt their can on one of the computers, resulting in no one being able to have pop cans in class =(So I got to thinking, there must be a way to make a lid for a pop can. Maby like those sippie cups that we no doubt all used as children, or just some way to make a removable cap that you can open or close (like they do on alot of water bottles). I'm sure there is probably some way to make one but i'm unsure how. I thought this would be a great opportunity for somone to write an instructable, so I figured i'd post the idea. Anyone have any ideas on where to start?

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Taxidermy idea

For a while I've asked that when "the cats" die I can have them to turn into Davy Crockett Hats, with the tail hanging down at the back. This is because: -They have nice tortoise-shell fur -What else do you do with a dead-cat -How many Davy Crockett Hats have you actually seen? When I was discussing this today, I was asked about the cat's head... which gave me the idea of having the head and paws on with an mp3 player and speakers in the front-paws. So you'd have an Mp3 Cat Hat, that looked like you'd got a cat clinging to your head, with it's front paws in your ears. It's a bit mad, but I think someone would buy one. Maybe mouse-mouse-minded people might make one? Or it's a knitting/crochet project. L

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group idea

Hi, I'm Tieguy, I've been thinking about creating a group that would bring developers, musicians, programmers, inventors, people who are interested in games and robotics and any forms of geek together to work at common causes. For example, if someone came up with an idea for a game or application but didn't have a certain skill or equipment that it would require they could come to the group and ask for help, or if someone wanted to learn a skill they could ask someone in the group to give them a few pointer. I came up with this because I've got thousands of ideas for application, inventions, games etc. but half the time i don't have the resources or skills to make it a reality. Anyways, I was wondering if I created this group any one would consider joining. If it became popular enough I would go on to creating a website. please post any comments.

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Lightning Sword idea....

Hi iv been wondering... what happens if you put a taser attached to a metal rod and is constantly charging? would it turn into a lightning blade/sword/rod that when you wack/slash someone, they get the pain from the hit and the shock? anyone know if its possible to make one of these?

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Great ideas!!

Hey guys, I've got to do a project for school that needs to be fairly large, and the time limit is now until around next October. Basically I have to be able to present something, not necessarily something actually built but maybe something planned or designed, etc, along with an essay and a few other science fair type things. I have a couple ideas for stuff I want to do, but one problem is that anything I do has to relate to a couple different "Areas of Interaction", such as say, community and service, human ingenuity, health and social education, and environments (meaning any interaction between people to people, people to animals, people to earth etc.) Some of my ideas include learning animation, like CGI stuff in movies, designing and building my  own guitar from scratch, throwing a band together and writing, recording and editing my own songs, or  maybe making a short film..not really sure so any help with idea generation and going about doing some of these things would be greatly appreciated :)

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Laptop mod ideas...?

Im new, so if this is the wrong place for this topic im sorry. :( Im just looking for ideas for my laptop mod project.. there are tons of PC tower mods out there because its super easy to tap into the power and there is enough room to move around in there, no so much with laptops.. Iv been stuck with painting it or painting it.. Any ideas out there for me?

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Lyric ideas....

Got bored and I thought this sounded pretty cool. What do you think? Superficial agony, mutilating shockwave, Flamboyant Armageddon will never behave, scintillating ball of fire, shimmering sea disappears without desire, pseudoscientific forumula, Timewave-zero is true.... Day after day, night after night, with much research it proves no one is alright... Pseudoscientific forumula, timewave-zero is true, This ball of fire has come out of the blue Awoken from self-destruction Realistic power reduction Nevertheless memories fade Anxious tempting till' the next day Breathless exhaustion, cannot breath Trapped in a jail cell, try to leave Never surrender, throughout this fight, But to think again, I just think I might. Today, I will learn against my will, This battle will cause a void to fill

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Headphone idea

I have a pair of headphones as seen by the freaky looking girl below (I got it off the site, that sure as hell ain't me). These are exactly the same model as what's in the link, but theres a couple things I wanna do to better suite me. First off, I think these are intended for kids? They don't sit on my head normally because the head strap is a little short (any ideas?) but they sit with the headband hanging off the back of my head just as good.They may seem fairly "crappy" and the speakers they included with them are shitty, just normal headphone speakers, maybe a little larger than average but nothing special. I wanted to up-grade the speakers with something maybe a little bigger (the ones in here sound pretty okay tho). I tried to see if these small surround sound speakers I had would fit, and the magnet is about 1cm too deep so that's out of the question unless I want to remove a whole lotta plastic with my dremel.So I had a second idea, what about using pager/cell phone motors (would ps2 controller motors work? I have lots of those) and either having them receive the signal directly which I'm sure wouldn't do much unless it was a small pager motor with a small voltage requirement. But, what about a simple circuit, kind of like this mod which uses the sound output of a PSP to drive a circuit that uses "seperate" voltage (ie battery pack) to drive the motor to the sound.My general idea is to have a pair of headphones that feel like you have a giant subwoofer strapped to your head. I know it can be done, I know the circuit isn't that complicated, but probably has enough parts, can someone help me get a jump start on this? I'm sure modifications to a pair of headphones is fairly straightforward. Also any suggestions on a new type of speaker that I could install would be appreciated.

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ideas of things to post

Hello there! its been a while since ive been on this site and im looking for things to post, so i decided to make a forum where if you want me to make/post stuff you can leave your idea in the description area below, NOTE: i would most likely only do things involving knex, legos, or basic instructions via text and pictures

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ive got a 6.3mm steel ball what calliber is that?

I really need to know how to work out the calliber of something

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ive got a msi 785G-E53 MOTHER BOARD?

Ive got a msi 785g-e53 motherboard it was working perfectly but than suddenly it went dead i opened it and checked the power supply but noting wrong there a buddy of mine told me to remove the 4pin connector to see if it will run and it did but as soon as u put back the 4pin connector on the PWR1,EN-10 Nothing works help me please is there any way i can repair it as this is a gift from my dad help will be greatly appeciated thanks 

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Music Video Ideas

I wanna do a music video (I'm bored lol) for like an annoying song, got any Ideas for songs?

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Any Good Ideas?

Has any one got a really good weapons I can put on my battle bot?? 

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Humane Trap Ideas? Answered

Okay, so we've got critters in our attic...Probably Wolf Rats or something....I've tried using a large bucket with a board ramp. On top of the bucket I've got a towel laid across the top. For bait, I've used bread with peanut butter. My trap idea just doesn't seem to work.... The animals steal the bread without fallin' in ! They're smart .... Any other ideas? Thanks! :)

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Humane Trap Ideas

Okay, so we've got critters in our attic...Probably Wolf Rats or something....I've tried using a large bucket with a board ramp. On top of the bucket I've got a towel laid across the top. For bait, I've used bread with peanut butter. My trap idea just doesn't seem to work.... The animals steal the bread without fallin' in! They're smart.... Any other ideas? Thanks! :)

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diy tin ideas

Anyone got any ideas for a diy tine im making to solve little jobs around the house any ideas are helpful?

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Batch Program ideas

Hey everyone! ive made only two batch programs, as you may or may not know. i need ideas, anything that you suggest, i can make!! (no moving games, cant do that) but anything else you want me to make, i can and WILL program it. its your chance to express yourselves, i need ideas!!      *dont give simple ideas, i like chalenges ;)

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cctv camera ideas

Hey guys i recently got a wireless cctv camera with infrared led for night vision. just after some ideas for mods or uses?

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Homemade sports cars? Got any ideas?

I want to build a sports car, Everyone (Kurtis,Crosley,etc.) did it in the '60s, why can't we do it now? Anyone got ideas? I might have an engine to a Datsun 280z, but it might be too rusty. I still need ideas for fuel injection/ignition.

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Got an idea no printer who can help

Hey just been looking at the page and see how you help people, I have an idea but I'm in a small town without the help if you can help I can be reached by my email for the complete details. If it's goes well we could partner up. Thanks

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Anyone got some creative fencing ideas? Answered

 i'm looking to plant an herb garden in my yard, but my dogs are absolute rascals.the bed has a small cement ring around the base, so i'm not worried about them digging under, but i need a clever way to keep them from trampling the herbs. any suggestions? i'm dirt poor, so cheaper is better, but it's in the front yard, so i suppose it should look nice, too.

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