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domo kun costume

I got the urge today to be domo kun for halloween.. but I couldn't find any good Ideas... anyone wanna make a domo suit?

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Northern tier

Some pictures for linuxmom, who requested them

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How can we spread the truth about how screwed up America is? (or other countries)

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Make a super awesome collaboration!!!

Does anyone have an idea for a cool airsoft collaboration?

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Revolution art

So, anyone have any new generation, revolution inspiring art? here's my stab at it.

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youtube live

You guys should have watched youtube live, if you didnt you should check out beardyman and flutebox on youtube , cuz it is crazy

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What airsoft guns do you have? I am getting a echo 1 g36c and I have a cheap springer

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Coming out of the closet

Hi, my name is jake, and I am openly bisexual, and I was just thinking, there should be an instructable on "coming out of the closet" because that is a serious issue that is difficult to address, so, does anyone have any ideas?

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