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Arduino Jam Belgium

Come to the first Arduino Jam @ Timelab Ghent Belgium. From 3 february to 5 february you can join to jam with your arduino. With a maximum of 30 makers, we are going to make a few crazy projects. We don't know yet, what kind of crazy stuff you can come up with.  48hours of sleepless Arduino fun.  The Timelab is a fully equipped fablab with 3D printers, lasercutters and much more of tools you don't have at home. So subscribe here and join our quest for the most crazy arduino project of 2012. All the projects will be documented on instructables and the winner will go home with lots of arduino shields.  You can find the links to the 7 projects here. Thx to our sponsors: Capgemini  Ledsee timelab AppSaloon

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Speech-jamming gun

Are there any instructables available when it comes to "Speech-jamming guns"? Like this:

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CD Drive Jam

 How do i remove a CD thats jammed/stuck in my mac book?  It keeps trying to eject every minute.

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If you like Pearl Jam.....

Pearl Jam lovers get ready to be jealous, because..... I'M GOING TO PEARL JAM IN AUCKLAND ON FRIDAY!!!!!! thats all for now, If we get pics I'll post them here.

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Making candy from jam? Answered

Hi! Since I'm not very proficient in food making yet, figured it would be wise to ask for advice. Issue: I have many jars of various jams because grandparents make some every summer-autumn season, yet I only consume it once a week on my binge day and even then there's only so much of it one can eat. Preferred solution: I intend to make some sort of candy from the jam. Most likely something jelly-gummy like, maybe dip that in chocolate/mix some nuts in or do whatever else comes to mind. Basically solidify the jam. So how do I go about doing this? Will adding a lot of gelatine do the trick or should I reduce moisture content too? If so, how? Any other suggestions and bewares welcome too as well as other ways of using jam in bulk! Thanks, Raitis

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how to download MIDI Jam?

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F150 Door Lock Jammed

My driver's side door lock is jammed, what would cause that and how do I fix it?

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How to jam a wireless camera?

Hello, I am using a wireless camera connected by coaxial cable to my computer but it still is interfering with my internet router as they both work on 2.4 Ghz. Does anybody know how to jam the camera signal? i was thinking of covering the camera antenna with foil. Regards  

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My lexmark 2600 printer jams?

My lexmark 2600 series printer feeds paper about 1/2 way and then pulls one side of it down and jams. I press the paper feed button but it still jams.

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Follow up on the Arduino Jam Belgium

Arduino Jam was an 48 hour event held at the timelab in Ghent, Belgium. 18 jammers started friday the 3th of february with a brainstorm session. The only restriction they had is that the projects needed to be powered by Arduino. 7 projects emerged from their brains. They teamed up and started on their projects to make their ideas come true.   Here is an overview of the projects: - #1: Xtreme Buzzwire-4-2  article on hackaday - Reversed geo cache with only direction no distance. - Nipkow pong & RGBCMY resolution test & 16 million color nipkowduino - Kinect face follower - Duck n jump Tv out game - Bleeber - A physical layer between data and action - Capgemini sound to light modulator Thanks for our Sponsor who made this Jam possible:  

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Arduino Jam 2012 Landing Page

Arduino Jam was an 48 hour event held at Timelab in Ghent, Belgium. 18 jammers started friday the 3th of february with a brainstorm session. The only restriction they had was that the projects needed to be powered by Arduino. 7 projects emerged from their brains. They teamed up and started on their projects to make their ideas come true. *   #1: Xtreme Buzzwire-4-2 *   Nipkow pong  & RGBCMY resolution test & 16 million color niptokowduino *   Kinect face follower *   Duck n jump Tv out game *   Bleeber - A physical layer between data and action *   Capgemini sound to light modulator Thanks to our sponsors that made this event happen:

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Cassette jammed in VCR--what next? Answered


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Advice needed to fix a jammed seatbelt

Hello to anyone reading this, I have a jammed seat belt in a 1998 Ford Taurus, and I was looking for some help with fixing it. I've seen videos on youtube that offers an all-in-one fix for jammed seat belts for various car models (including ford), but I'd like get some opinions here before I consider using the video's steps. I've included a picture of the jammed seat belt. Any help would be most appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Anyone got any original Jam Tart recipes?

 I have this food technology assessment and this is one of the topics can anyone help me out?

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How do I make cheap jam?

I'm looking to make little pots of jam as a wedding favour. Ideally it would be affordable and in season if possible (I'm getting married at the end of June). Although, it would be easier to make the jam well ahead of time. So, I guess what I'm looking to make is cheap but interesting and delicious jam.

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Jammed locking type RCA Audio Interconnect

Hi  I have these Straightwire Rhapsody S RCA interconnects . They have a threaded sleeve over the RCA plugs. Mine are totally jammed !!! and any attempt to turn them is loosening the RCA plug on the AMP itself !!! the RCA plug is supposedly Gold - meaning gold plated copper mostly the sleeve is nickel looking  I tried pliers ! no avail ! Help!!! thanks  NEO

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Convert jam khm600 haze machine to wireless

Hi I have a Kam KHM600 Haze machine which currently has a wired controller. I would like to convert it to wireless operation. Does anyone have any advice on how to do this?

Topic by Chrisg54  

How to fix jammed Dvd/Cd drive F?

First my drive did not open so I repaired it using the paperclip method BUT did not turn off the PC. Now every time I boot up, the drive makes a repetitive jerking sound and I have to push in the already closed drive to make the noise stop and enable the  PC to boot.  IS there something I can do to fix it? Tks

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Can I use teeny jam jars for candles?

Ive got some teeny 'wilkin and sons' glass jam jars and think they would make really cute candles. though im wondering if they would be too small to be safe. i would most likely use a soy wax as it burns at a lower temperature and maybe a thin wick to keep the flame small. the jars are about the size of a tea light (though the opening wont allow to fit one of those in). anyone got any tips?

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CD changer in my Subaru is jammed. Can it be repaired?

I have a 99 Legacy. The stock sound system is an in dash 6 CD changer w/ AM/FM and Cassette. It was modded by a previous owner to accept MP3 or other external source via, I think, the cassette circuitry. Anyways, the unit sounds fine, but it came preloaded with 6 CDs that are apparently stuck inside the unit. I'm a bit unsure as to how to proceed to remove them without causing damage. I don't really care about the CDs themselves, just to protect the unit. Thanks in advance, Jim

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Jamming in Paradise (Puerto Rico) - an invitation for musicians and artists to visit

I live in a little piece of paradise, in the forested mountains of Puerto Rico.  Unfortunately, I don't find many musicians near where I live to improvise music with.  Since I have a guest house for visitors, it would be nice to import some musicians to fill it once in a while.  Also artists and other creative people to play with.   I mostly play tootophone, latabonkers, and a variety of other musical instruments I make.  (Search Instructables for tootophone and latabonkers.)  I lean toward improvisational jazz, but can improvise along with just about anything.  I have some recording capability.   Let me know if you might be interested.  

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Does anyone know a jamless red rod knex magazine for a repeater? Answered

Does anyone know a jamless red rod knex magazine for a repeater? Clip size doesn't matter, and it isn't neccesary to be removable. If it uses a pusher then don't post it in your answer.

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Is there any way to mod an Air Blasters Tommy 20 to keep it from jamming? Answered

Okay, I recently bought a Tommy 20 (what was I thinking?) to decorate/mod and make a "needle rifle" out of it with green LED darts (haven't made any designs for those yet) and so I took it home and tested it out. The results almost made me cry. But I figured that I could find a way to fix my problems. I opened it up (my dad doesn't know, shhhh!!!! It's my gun anyway), and I wrapped rubber bands around the drive wheels. It helped a little, but I'm still having problems. The darts aren't being pushed out of the holder far enough, and the ones that don't catch end up getting stuck and causing a huge jam up. Is there anything I can do to the mechanism that pushes these wretched darts forward push farther? Is there a cut I can make in the plastic that lets the darts not jam up? Should I keep the rubber bands on, or even-glue them on? What should I do (I just want it to shoot and not jam-I could care less about accuracy).

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Is it the recycled-content paper that's making my printer jam?

It's an HP Deskjet 3740--a cheapie, yes, and about 5 years old. The paper is 35% recycled from Office Depot. Is recycled paper known for jamming printers, or is this my imagination?

Question by joescratch    |  last reply

Is there any way to disrupt or jam the am /fm radio station .

Hi, I have a new neighbour and despite pleading, he puts his radio on outside our bedroom window. Is there any way to disrupt or jam the am /fm radio station so when he puts it on we can disrupt the signal. Maybe he would get the hint that the radio no longer works from that window and he would move it somewhere else. Please can anyone help?

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Two ibles tabs open, and Dead object jams browser

See the screenshot. The message below (Type error: can't access dead object) appeared in the instructables tab after I accessed a forum topic in another tab. The pop-up completely jammed my browser - I could not close the pop-up (it popped back up instantly), and I could neither close the tab nor even close the browser through normal routes (corner-X, Alt-F4), all I got was a blink of the screen, a warning tone and the pop-up back. I had to shut down and start again.

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for a jam jar pulse jet what percentage dopes the methylated spirits have to be?

. I've ordered some at 10% is this enough?

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How do I make a knex gun w/ a mag that won't jam? Answered

When i try to make a gun with a mag it always ends up jamming because the barrel is slightly to big and I can't find an easy way to solve my problem.

Question by MrSillyGuns    |  last reply

Is it possible to make a gadget to jam mobile phones being used in ones presence?

Thanks for the replies guys but I was serious! And I don't give a MONKIES ...///// if it's illegal!!!

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Open Hardware Toolchain Survey

I'm not sure how many instructables readers/authors identify with the open source community, but what you guys are doing in terms of publicly documenting hardware projects is awesome and makes your perspective especially valuable.  The Open Hardware Toolchain Survey is an attempt to uncover a basic list of user/developer requirements that can be contributed to the documentation discussion and, ultimately, lead to a new generation of collaboration tools.  I would like to personally ask you to take 10-15 minutes to add your perspective and/or pass this request along to anyone you think might be interested. The compiled results of the survey will be made available and will also be used at the OSHWA's DocJam. Not sure if I can post links but you can just google "wareium survey" and it will be right at the top. Matthew Maier

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Has anyone hacked a bread machine controller circuit?

I've got an old Breadman (TR333) bread machine and it's still chugging along.  The newer models have more useful programs (like Jam and Pasta) but have horrible flimsy baking pans.  What I'd like to do is reprogram my old solid bread machine to do these new programs.  I've seen the hacks to roast coffee in the bread machines but I don't think they mess with the controller circuit.  I think they just re-wire them to mix constantly and point a heat gun at the beans.

Question by tewharau    |  last reply

How can I unjam this? Answered

I just did something very idiotic--I jammed a piece of PVC piping onto  my drill. I have no idea how to get it off. I have already tried pulling and prying on it as much as I could, and I even grabbed the PVC and gunned the drill. How can I free my drill?

Question by Shagglepuff    |  last reply

Knex B.M.P. 41 Mk1 (Bullpup Machine Pistol)

This is my new idea of a bullpup machine pistol. It is really cool looking and awesome. But sadly it jams up whenever you try to fire it; let alone load it. If anyone can make this from the pics, and not make it jam up; show or tell me =D

Topic by beanieostrich    |  last reply

Salted Sha1

Does anyone have c code for salted sha1 or a hashing program that run in dos mode??

Topic by jam BD  

sidearm of mine

This is some handle loaded pistol I made today whilst I was in bed 'ill.' Yes, it occasionally jams, but the power makes up for that.

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Anyone want to earn some money by making an fm jammer for me?

I would like one these to mess with the people at my shop. If anyone is interested, email me @

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For Custom-Design Everything

Check out this site for practical products with awesome designs! Updated regularly.

Topic by grooooovy  

Home recording and playback studio

So ive played guitar/bass in the past but have recently switched to drums the past year. I would like to put together a recording system that would allow me to not only record guitar/bass onto my computer but also allow me to output those recordings to their respective amps simultaneously for playback. I have a buddy that plays guitar so would like to jam out with a bass line as well or when he's not around I can jam out to both. Any ideas of equipment /software that might be needed ?

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WiFi Jammer

Alright, I have this friend of mine who is really into pranks, and loves messing with my computer and the computers of his college roommates, so I'm trying to come up with a way to jam his WiFi to get back at him.  I'm not planning on doing anything illegal with it, just trying to mess with him and get him back for all of his shenanigans. Haha To be a bit of help, I have heard/read on google that it is possible to jam a WiFi signal (which usually runs at 2.4 GHz) with a modified cordless phone, also running at 2.4 GHz. Any ideas? Thanks!

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How do I fix paper feed in fax /printermachine?

HP Officejet 7310xi doesn't feed without jamming using upper feed tray. Should I wipe rollers with alcohol?



I have a 1980 Qld ambulance - which has a lot of rust in the floor - walls and roof of the cabin - I was wondering if anyone had any tips for taking the rust out apart from using oxy and jam cans. Cheers

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Knex Side arm

I'm looking for a easy to build knex gun that has a mag that don't jam easily and uses NO Yshaped connectors or 'HANDS". Post a link or write the URL PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ

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how to avoid damage to ground from trashing fruits ?

We have a grapes tree in our garden. the grapes are at their peak now (if left on the tree they will begin to spoil) the grapes are salty like hell and not edible but perhaps can be used to make some jam or something else parents say trash them - no time to bother making the jam + dont know any friends who do either i see a problem with it - trashing them means trashing the minerals from our garden ground. won't it degrade the ground ability to grow stuff ? how to avoid it ? or does trashing them actually help remove excess salt from the ground ? (is the problem with the ground or with the tree itself ?)

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