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Japanese Glass Float

My dad is going to give me a glass float (which will be called a glass ball from now on) but I need to make something to hold it so that it doesn't get broken. I'm not quite sure how big it is exactly, but it's definitely bigger than a volleyball. Anyway I have absolutely no idea what to make for it. I want something that will look good but not cost too much. So... Any ideas?

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Crazy Japanese translator

I was on a website about a rubber band gun, translated from Japanese. The translator made just a few errors. Here are some of my favourites: Rotating cam also be involved in no one's fingers, so ATODZUKE cover. (saying that there is a cover to stop fingers being caught in the mech.) The Ministry of institutions mainly composed of cypress and Chinese are veneer (saying that the gun is mainly made of cypress wood and a chinese veneer) magic tape, toothpicks (several pieces in the parts list, meaning cellotape and 1/4" dowels.) To repair a broken bone is fine, and should be completed in the re-creation of her that the P211 is TANDEMUBARERU II. (saying that the faulty gearbox will be repaired and presented in a new version.) PRA's board to improve slip silicone oil is not convenient to wear. (this one really made me laugh; it means that an attempt to make a better lubricant failed.) Open hand and the guard cells under the cover of the box will appear. (pull back the cover and you can see the batteries) Funny!

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Sky Lanterns, Japanese Lanterns?

This is a request for an instructable on how to build inexpensive, easy to pack, easy to use, high flying sky lanterns. I have a now 15 year old niece who has been sick most of her life and will be at the Mayo early this summer for an opperation that will either kill or cure her. She's going to be in rough shape for a couple days before and a couple weeks after the opperation. She loves the art of fireworks but I can't provide that for her in Rochester. I'd like to have a few evening lantern launches for her to lift her spirits and give her something to look forward to in the midst of her serious tribulations. I've bought two boxes from Skylighter. They are a great company. I've always had positive experiences in my business with them. Unfortunately they have been out of the white Sky Lanterns, and their Lanterns are a bit smaller than I would like. I've seen tube shaped lanterns on youtube but I've not seen directions on how to make them. I'd like to make biodegradable/safe lanterns. Please Help Glad to be a new member here.

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How to make a Japanese kimono?

I need measurements and detailed instructions. Pictures would be extremely welcome.

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Japanese editor have a problem.

It seems like the editor have problem in Japanese site. I can create an instructables and steps(add step), but couldnot edit a step. When I select a step, it apear an intro page. English site is ok for editing a step. Please fix it.

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Japanese editor have a problem.

It seems like the editor have problem in Japanese site. I can create an instructables and steps(add step), but couldnot edit a step. When I select a step, it apear an intro page. English site is ok for editing a step. Please fix it.

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Japanese tyre ski-jumping

Having seen a few good videos contributed by fungus I thought I'd add this one: happens when you roll tyres down a ski-jump?How fast do they go, how far do they get?L

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Newly hatched Japanese Quails Answered

My quail eggs have hatched but 50% of the baby quails cannot walk.  Their legs stick out from the side of their bodies.  They seem healthy but craw around the brood box. The good ones can walk on the straw covered brood box.  They just cannot stand Any ideas as to what has happened?

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Instructables in Japanese Advertising Magazine Kohkoku

Instructables, The Cart Bike, 5 Minute Chocolate Cake, The Inverted Bookshelf, and Survival Bracelet are all prominently featured in the April 2010 issue of Kohkoku, a Japanese advertising and lifestyle magazine.

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I predict the Japanese Dog-aclypse.

Have you seen what Japanese pet owners do to their dogs? Any minute now, I expect to read on the news that every dog in Japan turned, as one, and chewed off the hand that dressed them!

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Looking for Japanese Soaking Tub plans

I'm thinking about building a Japanese Soaking Tub when I remodel my bathroom this Spring. I have a general concept of how it should be built, and I'm thinking I'll probably go traditional and use cedar to build it. I'm looking to see if anyone has some good build plans for a soaking tub, specifically how to seal the tub so the water stays in the tub.  I tried uploading a picture to give you some idea, but it doesn't want to work, here's the link of the style of tub, first picture. source:

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KenKen - Another great Japanese puzzle

KenKen is a new kind of logic puzzle from Japan by Tetsuya Miyamoto, who thought people were being failed by conventional methods of teaching. This is set to be the next sudoku The instructions are simple. These are for the puzzle in the second picture. All digits from 1 to 4 must be used in every row and column (no diagonals). The thick lined box has the target number for the values to reach in the thick box - one digit for a normal box. the symbol next to the value required is the only mathematical function you can use. Thick boxes that take up one normal box and have a a value - well, that value goes in that box. rules may differ slightly answers in picture 3

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anyone know how to build a japanese pagoda?

Anyone know how to build a pagoda? not a model but a actual building, I saw one that was a yard shed and it was neat. I just wonder if anyone knows how to build one.  thanks... Oh, and pics are a big help... thanks

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How do I get rid of Japanese Beatles?

I have a garden and would like to git rid of them w/o pesticides. Does someone have a homemade recipe? Thanks.

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Makers, but not as we know them....

Japanese technology companies are renowned for their innovations. But, really, what completely new products have come out of Japan in the last decade? It seems that Japan has lost its creativity, and slipped into serial innovation, producing upgraded versions of established sellers (sounds like Apple?). There are Makerspaces, but not as we know them. Tokyo is home to a Makerspace stuffed with a 1bn yen ($8.5m; £5.5m) worth of equipment, but it's behind serious security and costs $250/month to be a member. It's more of a tech start-up incubator than the Makerspaces we know in the US & UK. I know Japanese makers exist, they had their own Makerfaire, but the stuff they make is subtly different.  It's "finished".  Every hobby 3d printer, drone or CNC machine I have seen has had exposed workings, loose wires, visible guts that you can see doing stuff.  Duct tape is a styling must.   Japanese projects have hidden internals, sleek, professional-looking enclosures and casings.  Even one-off projects look like they came from a warehouse with another ten thousand stored in crates. I'm not saying this is a bad thing.  It's just a different aesthetic (me, I like seeing stuff do stuff, rather than a polished case flash an LED to tell me it has finished silently doing hidden stuff), but where does it happen? Do all Japanese Makers have professional-quality workshops hidden under their bed? Does anybody know?  Do we have any Japanese makers here to tell me I'm wrong?

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Can someone set me right with this Japanese naming? Answered

I have a sword and want to call it death princess, does that make it's name Shini-hime or  Shin-hime, or is it something completely different?

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I want to make a homemade Japanese room screen but don't know where to start ?

I want to make a homemade Shoji wall decor but I don't know where to start?

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Where do I get a Japanese Pull Saw? Answered

For some of the Insructables I've seen for tools they have put "Japanese Pull Saw" I dont know ewhere to get one and I really want to make the Portal turret Please help, Thank you... Your Friend, Atlas Portal 2

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Nankin Tamasudare

I would like to know how to make the traditional Japanese Storytelling Mat known as Nankin Tamasudare. I wanted one for myself but for some reason they are priced at hundreds of dollars here in the USA. They can only be found at sellers of "magic supplies". Here is a link to what I am talking about Can anyone help? Ed

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does anyone know how to build a kotatsu?

Just wondering if there's anybody out there who knows how to build a SAFE version of one. i'd like my house not to catch fire while i'm being eco-conscious. thanks!

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Weird junk characters in Firefox?

So, I have this annoying problem with Firefox... As I browse the web, opening and closing tabs, I get an accumulation of (Japanese?) characters all over the tabs at the top of the screen.  It starts with one or two, but soon builds up to obscure the tabs, so that I can't find the Xs to close tabs, or even switch between them (see the screenshot). The characters occur no matter what websites I do or do not visit. It eventually gets to the point where I have to close the software to get rid of the mess. The problem has persisted through uninstall/reinstall of the browser, and the only add-ons I have running are a dictionary and McAfee site advisor. Yes, I know I could just switch to Chrome, but FF is my favourite browser. Anybody know a cure?

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How do I make a mural-size picture on a cloth curtain?

I want to outfit my open closet (81x77in.) with a curtain of Hokusai's "The Great Wave off Hanagawa". Since my searches for an existing product have proved fruitless, is there a DIY method of doing it cheaper? I don't have very much artistic skill and I don't know if a printing service would do curtains when it's not actually artwork I own rights to.

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What do the symbols on the head of Japanese cartoon animation mean?

While watching some Japanese cartoons on TV, I always noticed that some symbols appear on the head of the characters. Sometimes a sweat drop appears when they are aggravated or embarrassed. Sometimes I have seen what looks like crosses, periods and other symbols and shapes. Since I am not familiar with Japanese culture, can someone explain me what these symbols mean? Thank you.

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cosplay costume (for women)

Dear everyone In the month July of this year, there is a japan expo with a comicon expo in Paris. For that I would like to make my own cosplay costume (or maybe a kimono). Does anyone have experience with making cosplay uniforms? Thanks in advance :D

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3 Way outdoor joint

Hi I am looking at designing a garden structure which uses large timber sections and etched glass. I have a concept that I quite like but I am unsure about the best way to joint the uprights and joists. I want to try and keep the joints quite traditional and honest and reduce the reliance on glue. I have attached a diagram of the end of one structure. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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Anyone have any experience with KEI Trucks (Mini Trucks)?

I know this isn't really an instructables-type question, but I respect the opinion of a lot of people onn here and wanted to see what people thought. I'm looking ahead to when I'm ready to get a new vehicle, since KEI trucks are street legal here, and are highly fuel efficient, I was wondering if anyone has any experience driving them on a highway? I put a lot of kms on every day, so highway travel is a must. I know they are good at low speed, but I was concerned about them maintaining say 100-110km/h (62-68mph). Can anyone give me advice on this? Wondering because price of gas here just hit $1.44/L (approx. $5.44/gallon) and its only going to go up between now and summer...

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Does anyone here speak or read Japanese? Is anyone interested in obscure foods? Answered

I'm trying to find information about preparing "tonburi" or "caviar of the field" from the seeds of the kochia plant (Kochia scoparia), and I can't find any English sources, and can't even parse the Japanese results and then translate them.

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how to make a paper lantern?

Preferable japanese lantern that illuminate lights? with many creases and folds? 

Question by yoonju    |  last reply

change language

I have Japanese mac computer. second life is run under the Japanese language. how can i change the language in second life?

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How hard it is to learn an oriental language? Answered

I would like to learn Chinese or Japanese but I wonder how difficult might be to learn a language with a different alphabet.

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Gundam Helmet

I've already started working on my Halloween costume, which is a scaled down version of a giant Japanese fighting robot otherwise known as a Gundam Suit. I've finished everything except the helmet, which I am having serious trouble trying to build. The attached image is what I am trying to replicate. If anyone can post pictures or make an instructable and link me to it, it would be appreciated. Thank you! -Tomcat94

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Can you do a 16 strand beaded kumihimo braid? Answered

I have made 8 strand beaded kumihimo on a kumihimo disk.  I was wondering if it is possible to do a fully beaded 16 strand braid and if there are any tutorials?   I have searched and haven't found anything so far. Thank you for your time :)

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Miracle Gel Saves Egg From Fall, Amazes Japanese TV Hosts

The egg drops 22 meters and doesn't break. It manages to stop within a few millimeters, too.

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Yosh: A japanese exclamation meaning "Yes!", "All Right!" or "Okay!", Yosh!

Topic by Xarkumetru  

i kendama do you

First of all woah im gone like 2 months and you have put categories. in the forums. really nice guys keep up the good work. now on to the topic. ok so i just picked up a yomega starcatch (yomegas term for kendama) and i have seen some videos of people doing crazy things (me i can only get the 3 cups but i have goten the spike 3 times. for a first time kenama(er?) what do you recomend to start doing this.

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Katana in progress

I'm forging my second sword of the summer this one wont come out as badly as my other one because I'm putting lots more time into it and much better materials. Progress report 1 1. exploded view! 2. different exploded view 3. my custom tsuba 4. custom habaki (that I want to paint gold or put gold over the steel) 5. I don't know the name of this but it holds the handle together 6. the forged end of the tang. 7. view of the back of the handle and blade. 8. frontal view of the blade obviously it's not sharpened...

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I suck! Please help me make some decent Yaki Soba! Answered

Could someone post an instructable or link or just type out instructions for how to make some good yaki soba? I have tried once in the past but it didn't turn out well, probably because I did it wrong. Please include what kind of noodles, what kind of sauce or how to make sauce, and the right way to fry it.  And if you post a like, please only do that if you have actually tried the recipe, because I tried a random link before and it didn't taste good. Thanks Whoever!

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Gripping your Bokken

Hey you sword gurus of I'ble. I have a question, is it appropriate to cover your bokken's handle ( gripping it ) with coverings like tape, cloth or something like that? I mean I saw this on an anime called shaman king, where a character named ryu covers his bokken handle in cloth to have a better grip. I tried doing that, and it works. Now, what I am asking is that is this allowed? I mean will you get scolded at by your sensei or something in aikido or kendo practice for doing that? because people very rarely give their bokken a grip job, so would it kill the ' traditional ' wooden sword look? thanks in advance. P.S: I just finished making a nice, homemade bokken, so expect a bokken I'ble from me anytime soon!

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Can someone help me name my new swords? Answered

I have two new swords, they look very similar, one is a ninjato or shinobigatana and the other is a tanto, I need some names for them, I already have the name Shinihime (death-princess) for another sword, so I was thinking the japanese words for one and two or long and short. Can anyone help me here?

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Lost In Translation ロスト·イン·トランスレーション

ロスト·イン·トランスレーション I have taken it upon myself to translate one of my Instructables into Japanese. Has anyone else translated one of their 'ibles into another language? I would appreciate feedback (LINK). Here is my original Instructable (LINK). I used Google Translate and feel that I had a pretty good interpreter, please share your experiences here. Thank you, Tater. P.S. I plan on translating more, based on your positive feedback.

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Post your Manga (^_^)

Hi everyone! I just wanted to start a place where people can post and view their manga style drawings. You can post your work no matter what your ability :)   Looking forward to seeing the pics :D -chrizw123

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What are easy recipes that can be prepared in seven steps; without a stove or microwave?

It's for a class project where I have to teach a "how-to" in japanese. It has to be at least seven steps. It would be easier if the recipe is simple and doesn't involved a stove, microwave, or anything that is hard to carry to school.

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Anyone got instructions for making a quail plucker?

 for plucking coturnix (Japanese) quail

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How to make deco clay at home ?

Japanese craft clay for flower making

Question by Art for life    |  last reply

how do i make a sword?

A traditional japanese sword like the one on kill bill

Question by sojconsotmhg    |  last reply

Doe anyone know how to make a custom waffle iron?

 I am just trying to make the metal plate/die I want to make a Imagawayaki mold here are some japanese imagawayaki makers in the future i want to make a taiyaki mold.

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How thick is a katanas blade closest to the handle and how thick is it 1.5 inches from the tip?

How thick is a katanas blade closest to the habaki and how thick is it 1.5 inches from the tip?

Question by the_burrito_master    |  last reply