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I need to know how to build my engine

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jet engines

Hey! i want to built a gas jet engine without the turbocharger! can u help me with combustion chamber and inside shaft ! and one more question! how to convert the power of a jet engine in speed!?

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jet packs

Does anyone have any experience making a small jet pack, one which would power a skateboard?

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Fighter Jet

Hey all, check out my modern fighter jet, I've had it built for a couple of years but modified it several times. Features: Folding landing gear Wing lights Engine Retractable Chainguns Please comment on what you think KSM

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jet engines

Um yeah just like that guys picture but without the weird background or the guy on the board

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Cheap Jet Engine.

What Jet engine can I build for $50-$200 in price? And that is small? it could be any type of jet engine, I just want to start building one.

Topic by koolsk8ter111    |  last reply

Tiny Jet Engine

How can I make a jet engine that is realy tiny? I heard about this so called pen jet, can someone make an instructable, if there is one like that,? Or can you tell me how to make something tiny?

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ink jet printer

Help, I want to make pillows for my kids with pictures of their dogs.  I cannot find any place in Phoenix that has ink jet printers.  What can I do??? Cyndie

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Jet Engine Problems? Answered

I have been building a mini Jet Engine.  I have a VERY STRONG electric fan for the compressor.  Outer shell is made of sheet metal.  The fuel I have been trying to use is gasoline.  The intake is about 2.5 inches across and about 3 inches in it begins to close up to about 0.6 inch diameter where the air is compressed and mixed with fuel before being burnt.  The problem is that its starts but it explodes.  Is it too much fuel, to much compression from the compressor, to small of a diameter for the combustion chamber and exhaust or something else completely?  Haven't done much with jet before so any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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Turbine Jet engine...? Answered

If the intake turbines' speed is regulated by the compressed exhaust over the rear turbines, would it be more effecent to have 2 props in a row, or a single large one at the rear of the engine to control the rotation speed?

Question by shawneegeek    |  last reply

Pocket Jet Engine

Where can I find The metal pen barrel and parts, for the pocket jet engine?

Topic by koolsk8ter111    |  last reply

jet spec answer?

When jet spec says the hole area should be a certain size on the flame tube does it mean all of the holes added up or each hole?

Question by mdsmith87    |  last reply

Jet car for sale

Take a look at this eBay item - a Fiat 500 with a dirty great jet engine in the engine bay!;=300125561164&fromMakeTrack;=true&ssPageName;=VIP:watchlink:top:ukIf any of you buy it, let us know how you go!

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Jet engine parts

Hi Guys Can anyone please help me. I have recently purchased a few parts for a jet engine off ebay as a possible project but can't find what engine they may have came off.  The combustion chamber is different to what you see in smaller rc jet engine. The turbine wheel blades are dove tailed like on bigger jets and the compressor wheel has an inducer of around 95mm. I would imagine if this could ever run again it would produce a serious amount of thrust. I have uploaded some photos and would be grateful of any help.  

Topic by hughes674  

how to make a jet Engine?

Hi i wanna know how i can use nano tech to improve a jet engine?

Question by paymanf    |  last reply

ink jet printer to cutter?

Ive got an ink jet printer that bust on me a few days ago, and ive always wonered if it would be possible to replace the ink cartrages with a cutting blade and use it as a vinyl/cardboard/anything else you can think of cutter. my school had a vinyl cutter which i used a lot, but i dont have access to that any more. the only problems i can see are things like "how can i get the blade to come off the paper between letters etc? how would it cope with changes in direction? could it be programmed to follow a line instead of the side to side action?" if this wouldnt work, anyone got any other ideas for a cocked up ink jet printer? shame to waste it. attach a laser?? lol. a really budget laser cutter. could the motors and rails be used for anything else? its got a scanner attached too, but i cant think of a use for that, other than turning it into a SAD lamp (seasonal affected disorder). i think it would be bright enough. ideas?

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A jet engine powered gokart?

Hey guys/girls, I need some assistance. for my Year 10 metalwork major, im going to attempt to make a jet engine powered gokart. I need some assistance with the plans for it. I need to find a way to make a gokart frame, acceleration and brakes, and a working jet engine powerful enough to propel the kart. any ideas are welcome, no matter how weird :) cheers 

Question by Shadowwalker2551    |  last reply

old ink jet printer?

What can be made out of an old injet printer? it doesnt print and give the age to much to have repaired shurley it can still be used for some thing else ?

Question by Eyewondery    |  last reply

My other cars a Jet !

I just wanted to say SOMEONE HAS TO MAKE ONE OF THESE :DAt first glance, this looks like a very well-to-do neighbourhood. One in which Formula One racing cars, private jets, speedboats and the kind of equipment that any fledgling rock band would be proud of are left lying around in the garage.In fact, these utterly realistic images are printed on plastic sheets which are stuck on garage doors - the latest craze for home owners who want to not so much keep up with, as totally freak out, the Joneses.The weather and fire-resistant prints are designed to disguise that boring, flaky, greying metalwork. Held in place by industrial strength Velcro, they are easy to change and virtually indestructible.Source

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DIY water jet engine?

Hello. Me and couple of my local DIY buddies are also big fans of fishing. Because we are all students and can't drop 1K+ on normal outboard motor for our tiny aluminum boat, we are thinking on making our own. What we have here is a 200cc lawnmower engine. Because we don't wanna get into business of making our own gears we are looking for ways to implement water jet system. The problem is we just can't figure out what is gonna do a good job of being our turbine. Any suggestions? Does anyone know if the intake half of automotive turbocharger is gonna for pumping water?

Topic by Kizzmansky    |  last reply

Ink jet phot transfer

Ok so I am doing a project it and looking for a nice way to finish it off. I have this part down pretty good... I have laser printed photos use acrylic medium to transfer the photo to the wood. Then I put some mod podge gloss coat over it. And this looks fine. But... I have recently been interested in using a product called "glaze coat" it's a 2 part epoxy that is used for thinks like counter tops and stuff just gives it a nice hard crystal clear glossy finish. But I'm worried that it might destroy the pictures in the wood if I use it. Any ideas or experience doing this.

Question by Sscarey04  

how does a jet lighter work? Answered

hey im wanting to try and make my own jet lighter but i dont know how the main turbine part works. if someone coud post a few pitures like the shape of the blades the layout of them and how the gas and air mixes that would be a big help thanks    (^_^)

Question by rug    |  last reply

Homemade Jet Truck with 2700 HP

Jets keep getting added on to other items. Just a few days ago it was a bike and now it's a truck. This combination weighs in at 6,600 pounds with 2 occupants and still takes 8.5 seconds to hit 60 mph, but just think of the looks on other drivers' faces when you fire it up on the highway. Jet Truck

Topic by fungus amungus  

Simple Paper Fighter Jet (TURRETS!)

Check my first instructable out!

Topic by myselfandi    |  last reply

Jet Pack Speed Record Set

Over in Scotland, some crazy fellow has just set a new speed record for the jet pack at 61 mph. The official speed reading was done by some cops with speed guns apparently, although I'm sure the video evidence also helps. via Gizmodo

Topic by fungus amungus    |  last reply

Jet engine turbines - how they work?

Hi, I know how jet engines work except for one aspect and for the purpose of this question I'll use for the discussion so we're all picturing the same thing and because the illustration shows the engine quite simply. By looking at the picture, I understand that turbojet can't start itself, it needs 'spinning up' before it is ignited at which point it should sustain itself spinning and then provide thrust. I understand that because the turbine is spinning, the compressors at the front compress air into the combustion chamber, where fuel is injected and then ignited causing expansion, driving the rear turbines to drive the front compressor, and also providing thrust. What I don't understand is why the expansion in the combustion chamber isn't equally providing thrust in both forward and backward directions, and why it isn't acting on the compressors and causing them to be turbines just like at the rear of the engine.  What directs the expansion towards the back of the engine? and what stops half (or at least a large fraction) of it pushing back towards the front of the engine? I know rockets have an expansion but it's usually a tube with one end closed so all of the expansion is forced out of one end, but both ends are open on a jet engine? The question arose when I was looking at tin can turbines;=related and I was thinking how I would build a small one myself but I couldn't visualise why the combustion isn't pressing against both the front and rear propeller cancelling any rotation out, and providing equal thrust in both directions? Thanks for your time!

Topic by arichardson    |  last reply

what drives the compressor in a jet engine? Answered

Does a motor or something drive the compressor in a jet engine.

Question by Tawhid K    |  last reply

A cheap gas turbine jet engine.

Where can I find a cheap priced rc or small gas turbine jet engine?

Topic by koolsk8ter111    |  last reply

jet engine with out combustion chamber?

How much thrust will I get if I remove the combustion chamber from a jet engine and replace it with increased compresion

Question by Robinson ruiz    |  last reply

Does anyone have a "Instructable" for a Pulse Jet?

I'm looking for a simple tube/pipe Pulse Jet to build.

Question by MK1Jack    |  last reply

How to make a jet-powered kettle.

How cool is this - Sky TV's Colin Furze (and colleague of Instructabler Solex) has built a kettle powered by a pulse-jet engine! He's even raced it against a standard kettle: Awesome!

Topic by Kiteman    |  last reply

dry out jetted tub pipes

How can I dry out the pipes in my jetted tub after use to keep them from growing??  I'm thinking maybe using an old computer fan blowing into the intake would be enough...???

Question by richardtdy    |  last reply

How to make a mini jet engine?

Hi Everyone, I have seen on YouTube (and here on instructables) how to make a small jet engine from a few parts..... I used a metal tube and put  standard lighter nozzle on one end and drilled a couple of holes in the middle. When I lit it, all i got was a regular flame out of the end. I know I'm doing Something wrong, I just don't know what. Can someone please shed some light on this? Thanks in Advance!!! Mr. Electric

Question by Mr_Electric    |  last reply

HP Laser jet 4 installation? Answered

Dear All I have an old printer HP Laserjet 4 model C2001A (please see photo) and have a problem when installation it to my computer windows 7 ultimate .Because I cannot found my model C2001A on list of (INSTALL THE PRINTER DRIVER) before and after UPDATE. So please help me to know what I can do for get rid of this problem, I hope you understand my question and help me Thank you very much                                        Best regards                                          lam

Question by lam    |  last reply

How can I make a pulse jet engine but not from a glass jar? Answered

I see pulse jet engines made from glass jars all the time and then i see the ones made of metal on youtube and stuff that actually have soe thrust and i have been wanting to make on but I can not fin plan for one so if someone could help me out i would greatly appreciate it.

Question by Clayton12345    |  last reply

Can you make a small soda can jet? If possible can you show me how to? Answered

Not very a complicated one. Something you can make out of stuff that you have at home.

Question by Aron313    |  last reply

hey would anyone please post how to make a mini jet if so it would be very helpful for a projet i'm working on.?

The reason i need to know is not for an rc jet it's for a projet. the projet is very secret because when you invent something trust no one especially the web al  anyone needs to know it has to do with flying.

Question by toxin14    |  last reply

can people download insturctables?

Is because every time i click at download it takes me to this link thats say "wanna go premium or already a member" and im already singed in and it seams you just want me to spend money

Question by Zeabase    |  last reply

i'm searching some high sensitive metal like mercury if you know some other please share ?

I'm searching some material in which a very heat can flow with out destroy  the metal

Question by maheshs3    |  last reply

how do dust affect my performance in my computer?

How can i explain this factors which affect my computer! 1.Excessive temperature 2.Human being 3.Power outrage 4.Corrosion 5.Viruses 6.noise 7.Dust building up

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does any one know where to find a jet lighter that is not on the internet?

I need a jet lighter, but I do not want to buy it off the internet.

Question by creator 1    |  last reply

l love mobiles

it was a huge round one..purple

Question by lovegumm    |  last reply

how to make a remote controll boat ?

How to make a boat engine

Question by heads187    |  last reply

how to make an rf remote controller?

How does a rf remote works imean its principle and how to match transmitter and receiver

Question by avinash reddy    |  last reply