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hi new looking to get into the lost wax process

Hi new looking to get into lost wax process but need to know what equipment i would need and where to look for it and what is the stuff called investment that is poured over the wax and flowers ? is that plaster of paris?

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i am trying to make a pice of jewlery fior my gf its from the ted dekker sereir the circles please help?

Ok so heres the deal.  My girlfriend really likes this series and wants a pendant, theres picture here somewhere or should be rather.  but getting back to the point i need help i have some ideas but im not sure how to make it it cant be out of glass because i dont want it to break on her

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Is it true if you wear copper or brass long enough, you will stop turning green?? Answered

It was said long ago to me that "Your body will become saturated and will no longer turn green if you wear copper long enough." Is there any truth to this? Thanks

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I am looking for a very easy and detailed explaination of how to bezel set a semi precious stone. Can anyone help me???

I recently bought a few stones that i thought would look very nice in a necklace. I was thinking I would like to try to bezel set them myself.I have seen a few explainations but i feel like they just dont say enough. I need to know exactly what tools i need and how to make the setting as flawless as possible. I am a bit o.c.d. and it will bother me. If someone can give me details without missing a step, I would be very thankful.

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about how much does sizing a metal link stainless steel watch at a jewlery store? Answered

I got this watch for christmas from amazon and I am wondering how much it costs to size it because it is way to big for my wrist.

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Collection Help

Hello, I need help collecting things for my rainbow loom fun collection. I will be collecting from now to 1/31/14. if I do not have enough I will say so on my orangeboard and will continue to stretch the date until I  collect enough instructables. please leave a comment saying something like  "I think some of my instructables will help your collection". again, I need help collecting rainbow loom instructables for my collection and I will be collecting until 1/31/14. If I do not have enough instructables I will extend the date and will say so on my profile and orangeboard.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     please help me collect instructables for my collection.                                                                                         thank you.

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Help needed

I am creating a collection called the rainbow loom fun collection. I will be collecting until 1/31/14 but, if I do not collect enough instructables  I will extend the date. If you want to find out if the date has been extended you can look at my profile and orangeboard. If you would like your rainbow loom instructables to be added to my collection please say so.            Please help me collect instructables for my collection.        THANK YOU!!  you will help me a lot.   

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punk/goth style of clothes

My style of dress is what you could call a combonation of punk and goth. i like doing things like making my own clothing and jewlery, by following inctructables of course, but there is not a lot that fits my style. if making clothes is something that you do well please make an inctructable on punk/goth clothing.                            thanks.

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ring sealing?

I like to make my own jewlery, and i like to make rings. but for the life of me i can never seal the gap between the metal to form a nice solid ring. doe anyone know a site with instructions? is it a term i dont know that as a key word would get me results? sorry for lack of grammer correction im typeing faster then normal and im strapped for time thank you for any help  update, i should have said mostly use steel as a medium, silver and gold is a bit out of my price range, but  do have silver solder lead free. the help so far has been great thank you all so much.

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Looking for BROKEN Ipods

Hey im looking for some broken ipods preferably nano or classic any gen I am working on my ipod repair skills as well as how to make cool/funky jewlery out of parts that are too far gone (fried/wet motherboards, shattered LED's ect"  Id like to get them for free if possible. Ill pay for shipping and throw in 5$ or something for your trouble. If its in pretty good condition ill pay a bit more for it. Im a college kid just trying to build up some repair skills before classes start in the fall so please not redic numbers price wise please? iv got to feed myself too.  :)

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Flashing L.E.D plates to get kids to eat their food.

I was sat in a caf'e earlier , and there was this todler sat on the table next to me. Her parents were trying everything to get her interested in the food but she was having none of it. So I had this idea for an instructable, a plate which you serve meals to your todlers,that you turn on and it flashes multi-colour lights.Possibly even through shapes of their favourite sessamee street charachters. It would need to be washable and could possibly play a tune like a jewlery box. Although it may be better to make a base mat with the leds and sound box and use the weight of  a see through plate to operate it. That way you could just wam the plate straight in the wash and not have to worry about electronics getting damaged.

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